Hoquiam Police Department

  • Agency: Hoquiam Police Department
  • Address: 215 10th St, Hoquiam, 98550 WA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Hoquiam Police Department is located at 215 10th St, Hoquiam, 98550 WA. The Hoquiam Police Department phone number is 360-532-0892.

Hoquiam Police Department News

DETOUR...SORTA-KINDA The water line work on the east side of town continues, but part of the detour has been removed to allow for traffic to go straight on Simpson at the base of the bridge. We understand the left lane on the bridge is not being opened at this time because there will be more closures on Simpson Ave soon as the contractor has to cut across the road again. Below is an update on the closures and detours planned: JEFF MYERS, Chief of Police Tomorrow, one lane of traffic on Sumner will be closed for trench preparations and the east lane of Ontario will be closed for storm water construction. Normal eastbound traffic on Simpson will be restored back to two lanes on the eastside of the Simpson Avenue Bridge. On March 9th, the east lane of Ontario will remain closed On March 12th, one lane of traffic will be closed on Sumner at Ontario for paving, the east lane of Ontario will be closed for paving and one lane traffic on Simpson at Ontario will be closed for saw-cutting. From March 13th-March 30th, barricades will be re-installed at bottom of Simpson Avenue Bridge to direct all eastbound traffic down Port Dock due to construction on Simpson from Ontario to 27th which will require both lanes of Simpson to be closed. Simpson will be open to traffic from 22nd to 25th during this time, but the detour will be in place to avoid truck traffic problems. As soon as the intersection of Simpson and Ontario is paved around March 30th, Simpson will be restored to normal traffic from 22nd to Ontario. Traffic will then be detoured down Ontario while the remaining waterline work is completed. For additional details, feel free to contact Brian Shay below. Brian Shay City Administrator City of Hoquiam 360-538-3983 bshay@cityofhoquiam.com

23rd St. is now open for northbound traffic crossing Simpson to Sumner Avenue

MURDER CASE SENTENCED On Friday, February 23, 2018, Kirsten A. O'Hara, age 31 of Hoquiam was sentenced by Superior Court Judge David Edwards to the top of the standard range for murder in the first degree. O'Hara was sentenced to 344 months in prison after pleading guilty to the murder of Robert H. Harmon, age 95, at his home in Hoquiam on July 9, 2017. O'Hara was Harmon's next door neighbor and was stealing and forging Harmon's checks until she was discovered. O'Hara admitted she killed Harmon to cover up the theft. Judge Edwards commented he would have sentenced O'Hara to life in prison, so she would never be out in society, if he had the ability to do so. Judge Edwards could only sentence O'Hara to the maximum allowed under state sentencing guidelines for the crime, which was a little over 28 1/2 years in prison. I attended the sentencing on behalf of the department and sat with Mr. Harmon's daughter, Kathleen. Although this sentencing brings some closure to this terrible crime, it does not relieve the grief suffered by Mr. Harmon's family in this loss. I wanted to share the victim impact statement which Kathleen submitted to the court and was reviewed prior to sentencing by Judge Edwards: Trying to put my feelings down on paper has been an impossible task. The shock, disbelief, hate, love, loneliness I feel is overwhelming. My father always met Mike and his friends for coffee every morning at 6:00. At 9:00 he was at my house putting pellets in my stove, playing with my dog and sometimes telling stories of his life. I still look for him. All I think about now is how dad was murdered. He’s dead forever. The man I still counted on is gone. The 100th birthday party I wanted to plan is gone. The strength in my life is gone in the time it took you to stab and beat my father. His death is forever. The hardest thing I have ever had to do was make arrangements for him. You beat him so badly; stabbed him in the face and neck. I couldn’t go see him, hold his hand and say goodbye. What kind of person could do that? You need to be in prison forever. What’s to say when you get out, you won’t do the same thing to someone else or me? I’m afraid. You shouldn’t be given any chance. You didn’t give any thought to what you were doing to my father—a 95-year old man. The man who raised me. The man I loved and respected. In order to live a worthwhile life, you have to have a place in your heart for family and friends. Kirsten, you have shattered my life; killed my favorite person. I’ve lost the day-to-day things, simple ones--the sparkle in his eyes, his smiles, laughter, the love in his heart. I can’t forget unlocking the door at my dad’s the day Mike and I found him. Opening the door and seeing all the blood pooled in the bathroom, blood all over the floor in front of me. Blood spattered on the walls everywhere. I remember the horrible things I saw. It haunts me with sleepless nights and nightmares. The fear and the pain he must have felt while he was fighting for his life. I can’t get over you just locked the door behind you when you left my father’s home. You had just fought with and killed my dad. My father was a kind and giving man. He deserves justice done so he can rest in peace. I’m his voice and eyes now. I hope you have to pay every day for what you’ve done. Most of all, when you close your eyes at night, you’re haunted. You see his face and you never forget what you have done. All I have left now is a small bit of ashes. -Kathleen I appreciate all the hard work by our investigators as well as the assistance we received from our fellow law enforcement agencies who provided resources, crime scene techs and detectives on this case, especially the Washington State Patrol and Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Department. I am so sorry for Kathleen's loss as well as everyone who loved Bob. JEFF MYERS, Chief of Police

THREAT FOUND AT HOQUIAM MIDDLE SCHOOL On the morning of Tuesday, February 27, 2018, Hoquiam Middle School staff found a note scrawled on the door of a classroom making a threat against a specific teacher. There was a second threat left on a white board in the same classroom. Hoquiam police officers and detectives are currently at the school working with school officials, including Superintendent Mike Villarreal, to investigate the threat. Out of caution and to give time for officials to investigate the threat, the school district decided to cancel all classes and activities at Hoquiam Middle School for the day. Other district buildings were placed into lockdown, but only as a precaution as there was no threat directed to other locations or persons. Detectives are currently working with the principal to review school security video of the building during the time when the threat may have been written. All such threats are a serious matter and must be investigated. Unfortunately, many children lack the emotional maturity to recognize the gravity of such a threat as well as the serious impact and consequences. In the current reality of school shootings and violence, all students, parents and community members are encouraged to always report concerns or threats so they can be investigated. Anyone with information regarding the threats left at Hoquiam Middle School in this case should contact Detective Don Grossi at 360-532-0892 x 295 or dgrossi@cityofhoquiam.com. You can remain anonymous if you wish. JEFF MYERS, Chief of Police

Wendy is a rockstar dispatcher and part of our Law Enforcement family.

We have received many calls from concerned parents regarding a Facebook post that has been shared multiple times regarding Lincoln Elementary School. We have investigated this thoroughly and determined the original post was referring to Lincoln High School in Tacoma. The Tacoma Police Department was contacted by HPD and confirmed they were already aware of the post and are actively investigating the information from the original post.

We have received reports of a post on social media claiming someone was going to go to Lincoln school and shoot it up. This was a Lincoln school in Tacoma. Our officers have contacted Tacoma PD and verified they have handled the situation.

Just a reminder when approaching an intersection where the traffic light is not working, treat it as an uncontrolled intersection please and thank you!

DAYTIME BURGLARY INTERRUPTED On Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 1100 hours, Hoquiam officers were dispatched to a property in the 400 block of South Adams Street regarding an interrupted burglary. The fenced location is used to store vehicles and vehicle parts associated with a nearby auto repair facility. A friend called the owner of the property at about 1045 hours to advise there was a male inside the fenced area with an older model Toyota 4-Runner. While waiting for the owner, the friend took a cellular phone photo of the suspect and vehicle. When the property owner arrived, he parked his vehicle at the entrance of a chain link gate and contacted the 44-year old Hoquiam man inside. The suspect claimed he had permission from the owner to go inside to get some tires for his 4-Runner. The victim told the suspect that was not true as he was the owner and had not given him permission. The suspect quickly returned to his vehicle and attempted to exit the property. The victim feared the suspect was going to ram his vehicle parked at the entrance, but instead the suspect swerved around the victim’s vehicle, drove over several large tires and then crashed through a six foot by ten foot section of chain link fence. The section of fence was stuck under the 4-Runner as the suspect drove from the scene. The victim called 911 and followed the suspect until he stopped in the 100 block of Airport Way to try to dislodge the fence section. Bystanders were going to help, not knowing the suspect had just fled a burglary; but the victim showed up and told the bystanders of the crime. The suspect then drove off again and was last seen northbound on US 101 from the city limits. The victim noted four tires had been removed from a vehicle parked inside the yard, but the suspect apparently had not had a chance to load them up before being discovered. Officers canvassed the area for the vehicle and located it abandoned on Fairfield Acres Road off US 101. A canine search of the area was conducted but the suspect was not located. The vehicle was impounded and transported to the Hoquiam Police Department where a search warrant was secured; evidence inside the vehicle helped to verify the identity of the suspect, in addition to the cell phone photo taken at the scene by the witness. Over the weekend, Patrol officers attempted to locate the suspect to no avail; the case has been turned over to detectives. JEFF MYERS, Chief of Police

MAN ARRESTED AFTER DAMAGING OFFENSIVE FENCE ...This is what happened on the Riverside Bridge yesterday as asked by a citizen in the prior post's comment section... Yesterday afternoon, Hoquiam Police were dispatched to a malicious mischief in progress along the Riverside Dike. Off-duty Sgt. Brian Dayton was at the Levee boat launch when he saw a male subject yelling and jumping on the Riverside Dike walkway on the other side of the river. The subject, a 33-year old Hoquiam resident, suddenly grabbed and ripped down a large section of the railing between the walkway and Hoquiam River below before walking away. Sgt. Dayton called 911 and updated Dispatch while units responded to the Riverside Bridge to intercept the suspect as he walked toward downtown. Officer Luce and I had to stop traffic to intercept the suspect on the Riverside Bridge where we took him into custody without incident. The suspect is well known to local law enforcement due to extensive drug abuse and mental health issues, prompting frequent police contact. This suspect has been contacted by local law enforcement 33 times and has been booked 7 times into local jails. He was detained for a mental health evaluation on December 16th after smashing out the windshield to a neighbor's RV, barricading himself in his apartment, throwing bottles at officers and engaging in a standoff for several hours. Approximately a week earlier, on December 8th, he was arrested by HPD for walking down a sidewalk waving a knife. After his arrest yesterday, the suspect told us he had damaged the fence because it had called him a derogatory name. Apparently he felt the fence was offensive. The suspect was booked in the Hoquiam City Jail. The city Public Works crew plans to repair the fence next week. JEFF MYERS, Chief of Police

SUSPECT ARRESTED AFTER ASSAULT OF PATROL SERGEANT On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 1450 hours, Sgt. Mitchell was on patrol in the area of 7th Street near the bus mall when he observed a male subject lingering in the area. Due to afternoon vehicle prowls in the area, Sgt. Mitchell kept an eye on the male until the subject ducked in an out of several locations before running. Sgt. Mitchell circled the block, but the subject had disappeared. After checking the area, he suddenly located the subject between two buildings in the 500 block of J Street after the male had obviously jumped fences and ran through yards to escape. Sgt. Mitchell attempted to detain the male for trespassing near a storage shed in the side yard. Sgt. Mitchell was able to apply one handcuff before the subject started to physically resist. Upon the warning he would be tased, the suspect relented for a moment, but then suddenly spun around and punched the officer in the head. During the course of the subsequent struggle, the suspect was able to rip the Taser out of the sergeant’s hand as the sergeant attempted to control the suspect’s arm with the handcuff applied. A handcuff on one arm can be swung around and used as a dangerous weapon. As the struggle ensued, the sergeant continued to try to control the suspect while the suspect used the Taser like a hammer to hit the sergeant in the head. The suspect attempted to push over the sergeant, but the sergeant kicked and rolled to keep the suspect off of him. The sergeant attempted to grab the suspect, but he ran off toward a fence with one handcuff still attached to his arm. Additional Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Sheriff’s Office and State Patrol units responded to the area to search for the suspect. GH Transit was notified and Central School was placed in lock-down. Despite an extensive canine search of the area, the suspect was not located. Sgt. Mitchell was treated at the scene by the Hoquiam Fire Department for abrasions, bumps and bruises to his head, elbows and knees as a result of the assault. Sgt. Mitchell was not familiar with the suspect, but the suspect had dropped his backpack with personal items during the fight. HPD officers spent the night cross-checking names, aliases and Facebook pages until they were able to identify the suspect as a 19-year old Aberdeen transient wanted on outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants. On Thursday, February 8, 2018, Sgt. Mitchell was checking additional possible locations where the suspect may hang-out. The suspect was located at a residence in the 100 block of Eisenhower Street and arrested without incident. The suspect told detectives he was aware of the warrant for his arrest, but denied he had struck the sergeant when contacted. The suspect indicated he had cut-off and thrown the handcuffs in the river. The suspect was booked into the County Jail for felony 3rd degree assault of a police officer, disarming an officer, obstructing and resisting arrest, as well as the outstanding felony probation warrant. JEFF MYERS, Chief of Police

WESTPORT CITIZEN'S ACADEMY Sgt. Jeff Salstrom and I had the privilege of speaking at the Westport Citizen's Academy last night. This Citizen's Academy is being hosted by the Westport Police Department and the Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office. The purpose of the academy is to share information with citizens about the inner-workings of law enforcement in our community. It gives citizens a first-hand look into many of the aspects of being a peace officer in our area. Last night, Sheriff Scott Johnson of the Pacific County Sheriff's Office related his experience of being shot in the head while working as a state trooper in Long Beach back in 2009. Sheriff Johnson shared the events of the night, the subsequent investigation and the trial- which is still ongoing due to extensive appeals. He also talked about the impact to him as a person, to his health and to his family. Sgt. Salstrom related the events of March 27, 2013 when he and Officer Phil High were fired upon by a suspect inside a home at 2801 Aberdeen Ave who was wanted on a felony real estate fraud warrant out of California. Sgt. Salstrom told his story with the assistance of an excellent Powerpoint presentation which included photos, clips of police radio traffic and video of media coverage from the incident. Although hit in the gunfight, Sgt. Salstrom worked to contain the scene and safely direct additional law enforcement resources. After an over 20-hour stand-off, the suspect, Rick Marlow, exited the house after it caught fire; he was killed by a SWAT team when he refused to drop his handgun. Sgt. Salstrom explained the events of that day as well as the impact to him as a person as well as his family. Given the recent death of our former HPD officer, Deputy Daniel McCartney of the Pierce County Sheriff's Office, last night was especially hard. Several photos from the scene of the stand-off included Officer McCartney when at the scene as a member of the Aberdeen Regional Crisis Response Team (SWAT). Daniel will always be in our hearts. We appreciate being invited to participate in the Citizen’s Academy and hope the information shared was informative. JEFF MYERS, Chief of Police

TRAILER FIRE- 400 Block Queen Ave Hoquiam Fire and Hoquiam Police responded to a reported trailer fire in the RV park in the 400 block of Queen Ave on February 5, 2018 at 1617 hours. There was a concern the trailer was occupied, plus the fire could be preventing a disabled neighbor from evacuating. Firefighters were able to enter the trailer and supress the fire; they confirmed no one was home at the time. Queen Ave was temporarily closed but reopened once the fire was contained. JEFF MYERS, Chief of Police

Found in the 1000 block of Washington Avenue. The pup is here at HPD!

Suspicious fire in downtown Hoquiam. On February 1, 2018 at approximately 10:30 p.m. Hoquiam Fire Department personnel were dispatched to a structure fire at the former Detour Bar and Grill, 708 Simpson Avenue. An alert citizen from the Emerson Manor spotted smoke coming from the roof and called 911. Hoquiam Police also responded, as well as a Rapid Intervention Team from the Aberdeen Fire Department. Upon arrival, firefighters observed smoke coming from the roof and heavy smoke inside. A second alarm was called, bringing additional personnel and equipment to the scene. Firefighters made an interior search and attack, quickly knocking down the fire. In the course of investigating the cause of the fire, suspicious items were found. One of the items appeared to be a failed incendiary device. The Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad was called to the scene to assist in the investigation. The WSP Bomb Squad examined the device and rendered it safe. The investigation is ongoing at this time. Officers and fire officials will be at the location throughout the morning. A preliminary assessment of the building found it to be structurally sound. Fire personnel estimate there is $15,000 damage to the building. The owner was notified and is cooperating in the investigation. Thanks to an alert citizen and excellent work by the Hoquiam Fire Department, the fire was quickly extinguished, preventing damage to the multiple adjacent buildings.

Yesterday we were invited to Central School’s Bear Festival. Their word for the month of January was courage. The students couldn’t think of anyone more courageous then Deputy Daniel McCartney, who was killed earlier this month while attempting to apprehend suspects who had just committed a home invasion robbery. The students wrote letters to Daniel’s family. The letters were given to Chief Myers so we can pass them along to the family! Thank You Central Bears!

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS FORTUNATE TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY IN LUNCHTIME ROLL-OVER At 1206 hours on Thursday, January 25, 2018, Hoquiam Police and Fire were dispatched to one vehicle roll-over, injury collision in the area of the airport. Responding units located the vehicle, a red 2002 Honda Civic, in the 1000 block of Moon Island Road. Investigation determined the 16-year old driver, who only had his driver’s license for one week, was driving west on Moon Island Road at a high rate of speed when the vehicle traversed a large, deep puddle. The vehicle apparently began to hydroplane and fish-tail for over 300 feet before rotating off the road to the right. As the vehicle entered the deep gravel, the car rolled before coming to rest back on it's wheels. The vehicle suffered extensive contact damage and was likely totaled in the collision. In addition to the 16-year old Hoquiam driver, there were four passengers in the car, two age 16 and two age 17. All of the youth were apparently at lunch from Hoquiam High School when the driver decided to “mess around” and drove down Moon Island Road at a high rate, which witnesses estimated at 40-60 mph. It was fortunate the occupants only suffered minor cuts and bruises in the roll-over impact. There were checked at the scene by Hoquiam ambulance and later transported for medical care by parents. The 16-year old driver was not only in violation of his intermediate driver’s license restriction (no passengers under age 20), but he was also charged with Reckless Driving. The vehicle was impounded. JEFF MYERS, Chief of Police

Trying to take J street to avoid K street is not faster. There is a flagger stationed at 8th and K assist with the daytime traffic.

CONGRATS TO FORMER HPD POLICE SERVICES OFFICER WRIGHT! One of our own, Officer Tyler Wright, who used to work for Hoquiam PD in our City Jail as a police services officer, graduated from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission's Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA) on Thursday, January 18, 2018. Officer Wright left HPD last year after he was hired on the other side of Myrtle Street by the Aberdeen Police Department as a police officer. Several HPD department members made the trip up to the academy in Burien to see Officer Wright graduate after spending 20-weeks in BLEA and to congratulate him on the great accomplishment! Good job Tyler! Keep up the good work- we are proud of you! JEFF MYERS, Chief of Police

VEHICLE FIRE INVESTIGATION On Saturday, January 20th at 0018 hours, Hoquiam Fire and Police were dispatched to a reported vehicle fire at a parking lot of an apartment complex in the 400 block of Queen Avenue. The vehicle was reported as being unoccupied. As officers arrived on scene they noted the vehicle was fully engulfed. The vehicle, a 2006 Volkswagen Rabbit, was parked in front of an alcove with entrances to four apartments. The flames from the fire kept the tenants from exiting their apartments. Flames were close to the building, but did not yet cause any damage to the structure. Fire crews arrived and extinguished the fire which had already consumed the inside of the vehicle. It was a total loss. A second vehicle parked nearby suffered several thousand dollars in damage from the fire. Hoquiam Fire along with two Hoquiam Police fire investigators, who happened to be on duty at the time, investigated the scene. Several items/samples were seized as evidence. One of the items seized appeared to be from an ignition source which had been left behind by the suspect(s). Officers were later able to track this item to a flammable liquid sold at a local store, leading to the actual store it was purchased from. Officers learned from the female vehicle owner and her male acquaintance they had recently received threatening messages from another female. The messages were retained as evidence. The investigation continued later in the day and police located a 22-year old Hoquiam female at a Hoquiam address that had sent the threatening messages. One of the department fire investigators, Sergeant Krohn, obtained a confession and she was later booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail where it is expected she will be charged with Arson in the 1st Degree. Several more interviews were conducted revealing two more suspects who had knowledge or assisted in the commission of the crime. A 26-year old Aberdeen man had been picked up in Aberdeen on an unrelated warrant and was subsequently interviewed and provided a confession of his involvement. He was held on other charges and will be later transported to the Grays Harbor County Jail where he is expected to be charged with Arson in the 1st Degree. A 36-year old Hoquiam woman and ex-girlfriend of the victims male acquaintance, was interviewed and had knowledge of the crime but did not participate in the commission of the crime. The prosecutor will review the investigation and make a decision on if she will be charged as the other two with direct involvement. At the very least she will be submitted to the Hoquiam Municipal Court for the misdemeanor crime of Vehicle Prowl.