Centralia Police Department

  • Agency: Centralia Police Department
  • Address: 118 W. Maple St, Centralia, 98531-0609 WA
  • Chief: Robert Berg (Chief of Police)
Phone: 360-330-7680
Fax: 360-807-6210

Centralia Police Department is located at 118 W. Maple St, Centralia, 98531-0609 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Berg. The Centralia Police Department phone number is 360-330-7680.

Centralia Police Department News


PRESS RELEASE CONTACT: Detective John Panco 360-330-7680 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Centralia, WA On February 27, 2018, the Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team with the assistance of DEA was actively searching for Daniel C. Miller twenty-seven years of age from Centralia. Miller was located in the parking lot of Motel 6 located at 1310 Belmont Avenue, Centralia, Washington. Miller attempted to flee in a 2005 Saturn exiting the parking lot towards Belmont Ave. At this point a DEA agent was entering the lot. Miller’s vehicle struck the vehicle driven by the DEA agent. The DEA agent along with a detective from the Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team exited their vehicle and ordered Miller to stop. Miller backed up and attempted to flee south through the Motel 6 parking lot and at one point striking a second vehicle occupied by another DEA agent. Miller’s vehicle continued past the vehicle driving up onto the sidewalk, through the parking lot and driving over the grass strip between the Motel 6 parking lot and Lum Road. Miller continued north on Lum Road eventually driving in to the Lakeside property. At this point he exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Centralia K-9 Pax conducted a track and Miller eventually surrendered in the 2000 block of Van Wormer without incident. Miller was booked into the Lewis County Jail on two counts of Assault 2nd Degree. Agencies assisting with this incident were the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office, Chehalis Police Department and the Washington State Patrol.

Applications due March 2, 2018!

We still have plenty of room! Please get your applications in. You don't want to miss the K-9 demo with Chief Nielsen in the bite suit!

The cold weather shelter needs more blankets! You can drop off blankets in our lobby and we will get them to the cold weather shelter at the fairgrounds. Thank you so much for your help!

PRESS RELEASE CONTACT: Community Service Officer Kyle Stockdale (360) 330-7680 SUBJECT: Centralia Combatting Auto Theft (CCAT) Program FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CENTRALIA, WA In keeping with one of its Strategic Plan priorities of enhancing proactive and preventative policing strategies, the Centralia Police Department is proud to introduce the Centralia Combatting Auto Theft (CCAT) Program. Over the past year, the department has been making a concerted effort in working with community members to reduce crime. Property crimes, including auto thefts, are plaguing communities across the nation and our state. Over the past two (2) years, the Centralia Police Department has taken an average of 105 auto theft reports per year. Many times, vehicles are stolen hours before the victim realizes their car has been taken. Unfortunately, officers may pass by a stolen vehicle during their patrols and without a report in the system, have no idea the vehicle is stolen. The CCAT program will allow Centralia community members to register their vehicles with the department and give consent to allow law enforcement officers to stop their vehicle(s) between the hours of 1:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M., based solely upon the vehicle having a CCAT sticker in the back window. There is no cost to join the CCAT Program. The program is available for any Centralia area resident to register any of their vehicles in the program. However, Centralia Police Chief Carl Nielsen identified the top five (5) most frequently stolen vehicles and strongly encourages anyone who owns any of those listed vehicles to take advantage of the free program. Top five (5) most frequently stolen vehicles in Washington State: 1) 1997 Honda Accord 2) 1998 Honda Civic 3) 1999 Ford Pick-up (Full Size) 4) 1994 Acura Integra 5) 1991 Toyota Camry *Information obtained from the National Insurance Crime Bureau Chief Nielsen stated, “This program will provide law enforcement officers another tool to help reduce auto theft in our area. It will also give our community members some reassurance that if their car is stolen, it may be recovered quicker and increase the possibility that the thief will be apprehended.” Chief Nielsen also pointed out that these types of programs are what community policing is all about – the community and police working together to make Centralia a safe and healthy place to live, work, and visit. The CCAT Program will be available to Centralia community members beginning Tuesday February 20, 2018. For information about how to sign up for the CCAT Program, contact Centralia Police Department Community Service Officer Kyle Stockdale at (360) 330-7680.

Safety City is a learning event for Lewis County Kindergartners, organized by local law enforcement agencies. The purpose of Safety City is to teach small children about pedestrian safety, bike safety, railroad track safety, water safety and what to do in case of a fire. They also learn Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMT's are here to help. Sergeant Croy and CSO Stockdale took part in guiding children through the different stops and answering questions. Thank you for representing CPD!

Great Job Team!

We are proud of our team and their passion to raise money for Special Olympics!

With the clouds clearing, the overnight temeratures will be dropping. The cold weather shelter will be opening Friday night for four consecutive nights.

Please SHARE this post to help us spread the word! The Centralia Police Department’s Citizens’ Academy was implemented in 1997 to promote positive relations between police and the community. The objective is to provide citizens with the opportunity to get an inside look at how your local police department operates. The selected academy attendees meet from 6:00-9:00 PM on Monday evening for 8 consecutive weeks. You will learn more about various operations of the department as well as the challenges that law enforcement face in today’s society. Officers and civilian personnel present on their specific areas of expertise. Through education, hands on experience and interaction with Officers, the goal is to create a foundation of responsible well-informed individuals who have the potential of influencing public opinions about police practices. Academy participants will gain an appreciation of the problems and challenges facing law enforcement today. They will have the opportunity to offer comments, ideas and solutions to problems that we all share within the community. Follow link to print application. Fill it out and return to CPD no later than 2/20/2018. Class size limited to 30, so apply now! http://www.cityofcentralia.com/Page.asp?NavID=117

Our next Citizens' Academy will begin on February 26th and run for 8 consecutive Monday's ending on April 16th. Space is limited, so get your application in as soon as possible. For more information and to print the application visit our website. http://www.cityofcentralia.com/Page.asp?NavID=117

Here is the CPD January Newsletter to keep you in the know.

Officer Ruben Ramirez introduced his new K9 partner Pax at the City Council meeting on Tuesday. Pax is a 15 month old Belgian Malinois. The team has completed their certification and are now protecting the streets of Centralia and greater Lewis County. They will start Narcotics training in June.

Our hearts are heavy this morning waking up to the news that a Pierce County Deputy was shot in the line of duty last night. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of our LE brother, his agency and all of those who knew him. Even in our grief, the Centralia Police Department, will continue to answer the call.

She's lucky to be alive, but her life will never be the same. Please don't drink and drive. The life you save may be your own, a friend, a neighbor. It's just not worth it. Please celebrate responsibly. Have a designated driver.

Many Officers and Volunteers we're out early Saturday morning to shop for families in need. We would like to thank all of you who braved the freezing temps to come out and make a difference. We literally could not do this without your help. And a special thanks to the Ramirez family for leading the effort year after year!

The blanket box got buried last week! We have had so many donations that we had to move half of the pile out of the lobby. If you need a blanket... I don't care who you are... Come get one! If you know some one who needs a blanket... come get one. Please help us ditribute to those in need. And if you have a blanket to give please keep them coming! Thank you donors for your generosity and compassion.

The Lighted Tractor Parade is this Saturday at 6:00 PM. Here are some tips to keep it fun... ~Please remember that parking along the route will be unavailable from 4:00 - 8:00 PM. Vehicles get towed every year, (at owners expense), so plan ahead. ~Do not try to drive thru barricades! The road is closed for pedestrians/spectators safety prior to the event. ~Please keep an eye on your kids. During the event, please keep them off of the street. They get so excited and want to move closer, but especially the corner of College and Tower can be dangerous. Be aware of whats coming and get out of the way. After the parade it's cold and dark, and lots of people leaving at once, so hold their hand on the way to the car. Please make sure we all have fun this year! See you there!!!

We are finally getting a repreive from the rain, but that means much colder temperatures. The cold weather shelter, at the north end of the fair grounds, will be open every night this week. Please help us spead the word.

Quite a few donations have come in! Thank you to all who are helping the homeless with warm blankets. We will be delivering blankets to Salvation Army as well as keeping a few here for people to pick up as needed. Please keep them coming!