Burlington Police Department

  • Agency: Burlington Police Department
  • Address: 311 Cedar St.Suite B, Burlington, 98233 WA
  • Chief: Bill Van Wieringen (Chief of Police)
Phone: 360-755-0921

Burlington Police Department is located at 311 Cedar St.Suite B, Burlington, 98233 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Bill Van Wieringen. The Burlington Police Department phone number is 360-755-0921.

Burlington Police Department News

Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us of the importance of service. "We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or size of our automobiles rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to mankind".

Attempted Robbery At approximately 0230 on 01/08/18, Burlington Police were dispatched to the 7-11 on Burlington Blvd. for an attempted robbery. The suspect entered the store brandishing what appeared to be a silver colored pistol, approached the register, and made his demand. The suspect was described as a white or Hispanic male, approximately 5’ tall, heavy set and wearing all black clothes. He had on thick, dark framed glasses. The suspect was last seen leaving the store on foot. Though there was damage to the till during the incident, the suspect did not get any money in the attempted robbery. Thankfully no one was hurt during this incident. If you recognize this person from the video surveillance or have further information about this case please contact Burlington Police Department at (360) 755-0921. Reference case # 18-B00143

Our hearts and prayers are with the Pierce County Sheriff's Office team and family of the fallen officer.

As 2017 comes to an end, we reflect on the year passed and look to the year ahead. This past year has brought challenges, successes, changes, new partnerships and growing friendships. We have been thankful for the opportunity that our community provides us every day, to serve. We look forward to the opportunities this next year brings. We also look forward to the chance to serve you, our community; with the very best we have to offer. Thank you all for your continued support in helping keep our Burlington and Skagit County community one of the greatest places in this country to live. We hope you have a safe New Year’s Eve.

"Today we celebrate that Officer Joshua H. Elf has served our City for 24 days in a row and it is now time for him to go. To where he will go you may ask? Well that is a simple one really, he must complete his task. He was sent here on a special mission from Santa himself to be the most observant of all of the Elf’s. He brought many smiles and joy to all and has responded very diligently to every call. As he leaves the office and packs his odds and ends we can’t wait for his return when he brings more elf friends. We can not wait until next December when he will again return as a BPD member."- Chief Mike Luvera

The 2017 Shop with a Hero crew. It was A great day with some pretty awesome kids!

Planning Today Officer Elf visited Planning and permits at City Hall and learned what it takes to be able to hang drywall. He saw all the maps and large blueprints and even a bowl containing some good peppermints. All in all his time with the planning department was a blast but the end of the day was coming up fast.

Fire Marshall Today Officer Elf went to speak with the Fire Marshal he learned how he must be very impartial. He learned about smoke detectors and how to be a proper inspector. He was shown burned out power strips and they talked of ways to be safe and many other tips

County Pros Today Officer Elf went to see the county courthouse he was sure to be quiet just like a mouse. No court was in session so he couldn’t hear a good confession though Elf did have a question. He walked across the street and the County prosecutor he did meet. He asked so many questions about crime he looked at the clock and noted he lost track of time.

BEHS Today Officer Elf visited Burlington Edison High School and upon arrival he didn’t feel so cool. To fix that issue he went and saw the school nurse just to make sure it wouldn’t get worse. He had an upset tummy from eat all of the candy which was really yummy!

LU Today Officer Elf visited Lucille Umbarger School and he thought to himself this is quite the jewel. Officer Elf started walking the hall and met a giant new friend hanging on the wall. He thought that speaking to the students was very prudent. The kids were all excited and happy to see Elf so much so he couldn’t even contain himself.

HR Today Officer Elf went to the Human Resources office at city hall oh my goodness did he just have a ball. They spoke of good qualities and most of their policies. Though Officer Elf had a great time he realized now he had to go back and fight some crime.

Our thoughts and prayers to these Bremerton officers, their families, department and greater community.

Buildings and Grounds Today Officer Elf went around and stumbled upon employees from Buildings and Grounds He watched as they worked oh so very hard to clean up the Senior Center’s courtyard. Officer Elf sat on a beam and posed for a photo with the entire team.

Holding cell Today Officer Elf inspected the holding cell he thought that they were quite swell. He looked through the small window in the holding cell door and saw a cabinet with a very small drawer He went to the cabinet and had a seat thinking of all the great people he’s had a chance to meet.

Westview Today Officer Elf visited Westview Elementary he spoke with the staff who was quite complementary. They told him that they love his badge, handcuffs and duty belt which elf thought was super heartfelt. The staff also had a quilt that they wanted to show and Officer Elf posed for the photo.

Records Today Officer Elf met the department’s records clerks where he learned how their filing and computers work. He liked all their decorations and their holiday style but mostly he like how they met everyone with a smile.

Evidence Day Today Officer Elf learned how to package all the evidence to prevent damage. He was shown how to tape, mark and tag before putting it all into a bag. He also learned about the importance of mastering this performance.

This is a drill!!! Burlington High School is doing a lock down drill. We are happy to be a part of this important safety drill to keep our schools safe!

Sunrise over Burlington this morning. Having a patrol car as an office may be a little cramped...but you just can't beat the view from the office window. Thanks for sharing Officer Grant! How's the view from your office?

Parks and Recreation Today Officer Elf went to the building for Burlington Parks and Recreation, which just happen to be at the old Police station. While there he got into a big bowl of candy and after eating it all he no longer felt dandy. He talked with employees and asked them all, what’s this game that he heard of called Flyswatter volleyball. They told him about all of the programs they run and the work that they do to keep our parks beautiful and fun.

**********UPDATE Dog is now with SPOT********** Do you know me? I was picked up near the Burlington Jack in the Box on 12/10/17. I am sporting a collar but no tags and I am not chipped. If you recognize me or know where I live, please call the Burlington Police Department at 360-428-3211.

Legal Today Officer Elf, walked over to the legal office all by himself. He met with the city attorney and all of his staff then posed with a gavel for his photograph. Officer Elf learned about all of the law which truly left him confused in awe!

Cascade Mall Today Officer Elf went to the Mall, to check out the Christmas tree he heard was tall. He looked at the lights and fancy decorations they were so shiny that he even lost his concentration. He saw lots of people doing their shopping, finding the gifts that they would, on Christmas be swapping. When he was about to call his visit a wrap, he turned and saw Officer Murdock sitting on Santa’s lap. He knew this this moment would surely not last, so he took a quick picture before it had passed.