Sedro-Woolley Police Department

  • Agency: Sedro-Woolley Police Department
  • Address: 325 Metcalf Street, Sedro-Woolley, 98284 WA
  • Chief: Doug Wood (Chief of Police)

Sedro-Woolley Police Department is located at 325 Metcalf Street, Sedro-Woolley, 98284 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Doug Wood. The Sedro-Woolley Police Department phone number is 360-855-0111.

Sedro-Woolley Police Department News

FREE CITIZEN WORKSHOP: RESPONSE TO ACTIVE THREAT/ACTIVE SHOOTER What is an Active Threat? -an ongoing violent act where the motive of a person is to kill and/or harm as many people in as short a period of time as possible. What should you do if you are a citizen caught in the area of an active threat/active shooter? What can you expect from first responders in a situation such as this? On Thursday, March 1st from 6pm-8pm the Sedro-Woolley Police Department will present a classroom based training on the Citizen Response to Active Threat/Active Shooter. This training will not make you a Ninja or a Navy Seal. But it will give you information to gain a mindset that may keep you and others around alive if you find yourself in an Active Violence or Active Shooter situation. Officers will be available after the training for a Q&A, and also for any one-on-one conversations. We appreciate the gravity of the current political atmosphere, however please note this class is not intended to be a political forum but rather a public safety course. Where: Sedro-Woolley Municipal Court Room, 325 Metcalf St. Sedro-Woolley. Enter on the south doors. When: March 1st, 2018 Time: 6pm-8pm, doors will open at 5:30pm Seating will be limited. We ask that you reserve your seat by calling 360-855-0111. Or you can also email your request to: We hope to offer this class again, depending on the interest taken for the March 1st class.

MVPD is hiring

Message from Chief Tucker: Many of us are listening to or watching reports of the horrible attack in Parkland Florida where 17 people were killed today. Every time something like this crashes into our lives, we are left asking why and what can we do to protect ourselves and those we love. I can tell you what we are doing right here in our little slice of the world. 1. Pretty much every Officer and Deputy in the County has had training for responding to an Active shooter. 2. We have been training and preparing, for more than a year now, in the Rescue Task Force (RTF) method of pairing Fire and other EMS people with armed Police Officers to treat and evacuate the wounded while an Active Threat is being stopped. 3. All of the Schools in the Sedro-Woolley School District, from Samish to Big Lake have received training and preparation for an Active Shooter or some other major threat to the Schools. We are following an established protocol for handling these situations and we are training our kids on what to do in the event of a threat. 4. Many people in the public are attending Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training to better their own responses to emergencies. 5. We have an incredible School District full of people who are dedicated to keeping our children safe. They are watching for signs of trouble and reaching out for help in managing problems as soon as they pop up. 6. We have a Juvenile Justice system that concentrates on helping families get their children back from the brink of disaster by providing counselling, intense family therapy programs, constant communications with schools and anyone who’s life touches students to identify where to apply help. 7. We aggressively take action when someone reports a threat to shoot up a school or blow up their School. When we get those complaints, we check to see if it’s a realistic threat, we assign a Detective and that Detective runs it to ground, along with any other school personnel that can help, it’s an all-hands effort. 8. This is our highest priority, any threat towards a school, church, business or any other gathering of people will pull out all the stops and we will do everything we can to stop or minimize the threat. 9. We are working on some training or community workshops to provide information to people as to what they can do in a crisis. Look for that later this year. Finally, we need your help, the saying, “See something, say something” sounds hokey and cliché’ but it really means something. If you see something, tell someone, chances are you aren’t the only one and your information could change our world.

Very sad news out of Florida. At least 17 killed in another senseless act of violence against kids. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, other students, staff of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the surrounding community. Our thoughts are also with the first responders who ran at the gun fire and the investigators who will be living this scene for the days to come. Words cannot express our frustration in the continued violence and the sadness for those involved.

Update*** Roadway back open to normal traffic flow. Thank you for your patience. Blocking injury collision at N Township St and McGargile Rd. Please avoid the area. If picking up students use Fruitdale Rd or Carter St to access the Middle School and Evergreen.

Thank you to the group of kids who let Officer Cates and Sergeant Eaton join in the pick up basketball game at the Skate Park. No pictures this time but we did have a lot of fun.

Sedro-Woolley Cubs beat Mountlake Terrace last night with last second shot. Great job representing SW Keenan Hofstad. GO CUBS!

This afternoon SWPD located poultry running free in the area of Hwy 20 near the Police Dept. While SWPD is ok with free range chickens, this isn’t exactly what that definition normally means. Chickens are required by Municipal Code to be in a fenced area. Please help us get this pair home. If your birds please call 360-855-3211.

Very Sad Update***: An Oglala Sioux Tribal Police Officer has been killed while investigating a domestic disturbance this evening. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in this incident. Three Police Officers murdered today. Prior Post: Today 2 Westerville, Ohio Police Officers were shot and killed in the line of duty. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Westerville Police Department, the family/ friends of these Officers and the Ohio Law Enforcement Community. On average every 53 hours a Police Officer in the United States is killed in the line of duty. We unfortunately are beating that average. In February we have lost 7 Officers in the first 10 days.

Found on 02/09/18 in the 1000 block of Wicker Rd. If this is your pet, please contact 360-855-3211.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Colorado Springs community and Law Enforcement. Tonight one Deputy was killed and 3 Officers shot in the line of duty. Tonight El Paso County, Colorado Sheriff's Deputy Micah Flick was struck by gunfire and killed. He leaves behind a wife and 7 year old twins. Already 9 Officers have given their lives in the line of duty since the beginning of 2018.

Today at about 1450 Sedro-Woolley Officers were dispatched to a subject brandishing a large knife in the area of Metcalf St and Northern Ave. Officers were given a description of the suspect and that he fled from the area after threatening 2 males. Officers were contacted by an off duty SW Fireman who observed the suspect in the area of Puget Ave and Waldron St. Officers contacted the suspect who was still armed with the knife. The subject initially did not follow Officers commands. Officers continued speaking with the suspect and were able to gain compliance detaining the suspect. The subject was found to have severe mental illness. He was later transported by family to receive mental health treatment. This was a situation that could have ended very differently. We are thankful for the quick eyed SW Fireman and that the Officers were afforded the extra time to communicate with the suspect, instead of being forced to take physical action to make him and others safe.

Update: Thank you for the help, Dog has been returned to the owner Found on 02-05-18 at Winnie Houser Park off Rhodes Rd. If your dog please call 360-428-3211 and ask for a Sedro-Woolley Officer.

I’d like to take a moment to fulfill a request I received while pulling into our back parking area this afternoon. An elderly female approach my patrol vehicle and asked me to pass along her thank you to Officer Pierce, Officer Rogers and our Code Enforcement Officer Carr. The women was almost in tears as she explained that this morning her yard flooded with water and the water began to pour into her basement. The Officers saw the flooding and took it upon themselves to fill sandbags and fill the code enforcement truck with them. The 3 Officers then delivered the sandbags and place the sandbags around the women’s home. This is the kind of service we strive to give every day. Great Job Officers!

***Update: The water over HWY 20 at the trestle has cleared. With this wet weather expected to stick around through Tuesday, Sedro-Woolley is experiencing some areas of urban flooding. We currently have water over the roadway under the railroad trestle on HWY 20. The city has provided sand and sandbags at the city shop on Alexander St. Just bring your muscles and a shovel.

***Update: Sedro-Woolley Police Department extends their deepest gratitude to the neighboring Law Enforcement Agencies that assisted during this incident; our thanks go out to the Burlington Police Department, the Mount Vernon Police Department, the Skagit County Sheriff's Office, the Upper Skagit Tribal Police Department, and to the Washington State Patrol. ***Update: Subject has been identified. Law Enforcement has cleared the area. The vehicle involved in the eluding is in SWPD custody, and the subject no longer poses a danger to the public. The subject was initially contacted by Police for driving in the wrong lane on Collins Rd. at a high rate of speed and nearly struck an Officer in a patrol vehicle. The subject stopped briefly, but then fled again at a high rate of speed towards Kelleher Rd. and struck a guard rail. The subject fled on foot and Law Enforcement from multiple agencies flooded the area. On 1/25/18 around 1941 hours, SWPD were involved on an eluding near Cook Rd. & Collins Rd., the subject involved crashes and then ran on foot. Multiple agencies have responded to the area to assist in the subjects' apprehension. Please avoid the area for the time being.


Thank you to the Skagit Valley College Criminal Justice Club for inviting Officer Wilson and Reserve Officer Belt to speak at your meeting today. Officers enjoyed meeting students and having a Q&A with potentially the next generation of law enforcement. #skagitvalleycollege #criminaljusticeclub

On 01-22-18 at about 2103 Sedro-Woolley Officers responded to the report of a vehicle prowl in the area of Hyatt St and N Reed St. A witness had seen a subject inside of a neighbor's vehicle. That subject fled the area as the witness called 911. SWPD responded and located a subject matching the description of the person seen inside the vehicle. This subject attempted to flee from Officers but was detained without any injuries. Items were recovered from the subject that had been taken from inside the vehicle. The subject also had current Misdemeanor warrants for his arrest and also a felony DOC warrant for Escaping Community Custody. The subject was later booked into Skagit County Jail on the warrants. The subject will receive new charges related to the theft and vehicle prowl from tonight. Thank you to the watchful neighbor, as Officers were able to get into the area quickly and locate the subject with the detailed information provided by the caller.

Sometimes timing is everything and today Officer Rogers got the day right for this little guy. We love these kind of contacts too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AADEN!

TRAFFIC ADVISORY Expect delays in the area of HWY 20/ Moore St and Township St during the beginning of the work week as work is done to the sewer system in the area. The work is planned from 7am-4pm on Monday (22nd) and Tuesday (23rd), possibly Wednesday (24th) depending on weather/ progress. Flaggers will be directing traffic during the partial closures. The area will still be open to normal traffic but congestion and delays are expected. Other roads that could be effected are Metcalf St, Northern Ave and Waldron St. Picture from Google.

Friday was a great night for Sedro-Woolley High School. SWHS staff and students won this years Chickenfest. That was followed by the SW Boys Varsity basketball team beating Burlington in overtime 58-56. Fun to see so many people show to support the SWHS Girls and Boys Varsity teams.

The attack on a Police Officer is an attack on the community that Officer serves. We honor Deputy Daniel McCartney today and celebrate his life.

SWPD has had an increase in mail theft or mail tampering complaints since the start of the year. To help prevent yourself from become a victim of mail theft, practice awareness of suspicious activity around your and your neighborhood mailboxes, also some may also choose to invest in a locking mailbox, install security cameras to deter theft, and/or track your expected packages... which USPS has a new and free notification program available to the community, called "Informed Delivery". It is really kind of awesome and did I mention free? And please report anyone loitering or behaving strangely around your mailbox; if you see mail theft in progress or believe your mail was stolen, call 911 to report this.

Great words from a great man. Today we recognize Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrate the life and legacy of a man who brought healing and hope to America. We also commemorate the values he taught through his actions — the values of truth, justice ,courage, compassion, dignity, humility and service.