Sedro-Woolley Police Department

  • Agency: Sedro-Woolley Police Department
  • Address: 325 Metcalf Street, Sedro-Woolley, 98284 WA
  • Chief: Doug Wood (Chief of Police)

Sedro-Woolley Police Department is located at 325 Metcalf Street, Sedro-Woolley, 98284 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Doug Wood. The Sedro-Woolley Police Department phone number is 360-855-0111.

Sedro-Woolley Police Department News

This morning, around 0400 hours, a SWPD Officer recognized a vehicle in town that had been involved in a Whatcom County Burglary. The vehicle attempted to elude Officers at high rates of speed through residential streets and alley ways. The driver and a passenger of the vehicle fled when the vehicle apparently began to have engine issues, but were apprehended and taken into custody by Officers. No injuries were involved despite the suspects’ recklessness, and they will be charged accordingly. Thank you to the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office Deputies for lending assistance during this incident.

Yesterday we reached 7,000 likes. We as a department started this page in an attempt to have a new/ current way of communicating what we are doing and what has been happening around Sedro-Woolley. It has given us a direct way to inform people of any ongoing emergencies or possible safety issues. The page has also given us a chance to show SWPD Officers for the humans they are and not the robots we can be portrayed as being. We are very thankful for the support this community has always given us and work every day to earn that support. In a city of about 13,000 people, it feels pretty amazing to have so many interested in what we are doing. If you know someone who may be interested in our page, please share. With the success of this page we will be testing the idea of branching out to other forms of social media. If you have any suggestions for the page, please send us a message. Most of us are old enough that social media is still a foreign language.

A couple of weeks ago Sergeant Eaton gave a tour of a SWFD truck and a much cooler SWPD Patrol SUV to a very special young man, Lincoln. During the tour Lincoln invited Sergeant Eaton to his upcoming Police Birthday party. This Sunday Sergeant Eaton made good on that RSVP and brought a few friends along too. I'm pretty sure the Officers enjoyed the party more than Lincoln. Happy belated 4th Birthday Lincoln. We will mail you an applications for SWPD in about 20 years. Thank you to Lincoln's mom for the use of the pictures.

The 4th of July is right around the corner and the city is preparing and eager for this year's Loggerodeo Parade and all of the surrounding events. One event to look forward to is the aerial fireworks show at Riverfront Park the night of the 4th. Which, this is a reminder that the Fireworks Laws are the same every year and can be simply stated, “If it goes up or blows up, it’s illegal” inside the city limits of Sedro-Woolley. Here are a few things to keep in mind this year when it comes to fireworks: • Firecrackers and bottle rockets are always illegal in the City of Sedro-Woolley. •Sparklers and other firework displays that don't go up or go "boom!" are fun and allowed. • Aerial displays in neighborhoods are not as grand, tend to set things on fire, and annoy the neighbors (particularly neighboring Vets with PTSD), scare pets, and attract the Police. Instead go watch them at the park. • If you decide to set off illegal explosives in your neighborhood, expect to lose all of your fireworks and receive a Notice of Infraction from the Police. • We already know that you went to your favorite fireworks stand (probably in town) and bought all of these explosives that are illegal, and now you will have no where to set them off...they are still illegal in town. Please be safe and considerate, and have a great fourth.

On 06-24-18 at about 1600 three Sedro-Woolley Officers responded to a suicidal subject in the eastern part of town. A male subject was suicidal and had injured himself causing a laceration to his head which was bleeding heavily. A family member had also taken a firearm from the subject prior to calling 911. Officers arrived and the subject refused to leave the residence or let them inside. He was now alone in the residence. Officers attempted to deescalate the subject by talking through a metal screen door. The male subject exited the back of the residence while checking Officers locations. An Officer attempted to physically restrain him but the subject grabbed the smaller Officer and pulled the Officer inside. The Officer and the subject now fought inside the residence. The other two Officers on scene came to the back and assisted. They were able to secure the subject into handcuffs. We are extremely relieved to say no Officers were injured in spite of the assault. The subject was transported to an area hospital for treatment. He will face charges for assaulting the Officer once he is released. The Officers and their uniforms were covered in the subject’s blood. They will receive treatment because of the possible exposure. These Officers went to help the subject and instead he attacked one of them. In Police work you never know what call will be next. I’m thankful for the high quality Officers like these three here at SWPD.

Shout out to the Burlington Officer with baking skills. I’d say she killed it. Evidence of this art piece will not be around long.

On 6/22/18 SWPD assisted Dept. of Corrections in apprehension of DOC offenders in the 900 block of Jennings Ave. Three arrests were made and no one was injured.

Update: Power is restored. Thank you for your patience. Update: SWFD is on scene and advised the source of the fire was due to a squirrel. The squirrel did not survive. No human injuries reported. ETA of power being restored is still unknown. A transformer at the Rita St and Woodworth St substation is still on fire. This has caused power to be out to the majority of town. At this time we don’t have an ETA of when power will be restored.

On 05-27-18 Sedro-Woolley Officers were dispatched to an assault complaint in the area of Metcalf St and State St. A male victim was seen being assaulted and that victim was laying in the street. SWFD, MED 1 Staff and SWPD Officers contacted the victim, who denied being assaulted and refused medical treatment. The victim of the assault is a homeless male who is well known in the down town area. On 05-28-18 a SWPD Officer on patrol located the victim in an alley south of the of 300 block of State St. The victim was found unresponsive and transported to Skagit Valley Hospital. The victim was later sent to Harborview Medical Center for further treatment. Since that time Detectives have been investigating the assault. This has included locating multiple videos of the entire incident and interviewing witnesses of the incident up until the victim was found unresponsive. Detectives have located a vehicle related to the incident and have identified all parties involved. At this time the case remains under investigation as the treatment of the victim continues. We are unable to release further information on this case at this time pending charges related to the assault. The Sedro-Woolley Police Department will continue to seek justice for the victim of this assault. We greatly appreciate the community support for SWPD, and more importantly support of the victim and his family.

Update from MVPD

Starting yesterday, the intersection of Jameson St and 4th St is now a 4-way stop. Failure to stop at a stop sign is a traffic infraction with a penalty of $136. More importantly, there is a large amount of pedestrian traffic in the area. Even with school out the area is used heavily by kids.

It’s hot out there and official summer is still a few days away. Don’t leave children or dogs in a vehicle, not even for a minute.

Many studies show the importance of an active father in a child’s development. To the people out their filling that role, today is your day. Happy Father’s Day from SWPD.

Update* Road way is open Blocking MVC on HWY 20 at Trail Rd. 2 of the 3 lanes have now been reopened. The westbound turn lane from HWY 20 onto W state St remains closed until the tow arrives. No reported injuries.

An incident on Thursday demonstrates a perfect example of why SWPD has a specialized position for Commercial Motor Vehicle Officer. Yesterday, Officers were dispatched to a trailer which had come loose and slid away from its semi-truck on Township St., just south of SR 20. Thankfully there were no injuries despite the roadway being busy with people going to work and school during the morning commute. In a combined effort with SWPD and WSP commercial motor vehicle investigations, the truck and trailer were also found to have numerous safety issues that included defective brakes, a steering column out of adjustment, and deflated tires. The truck and trailer were taken out of service until the critical deficiencies were repaired.

Each Sedro-Woolley Police Officer and staff member has a flag on their right shoulder. This represents the importance of the rights and freedoms given to all of us. It is also worn with deep reverence of those who have fought for those rights and freedoms. Happy flag day. Update* My apologies, I thought this was more common knowledge then it appears to be. According to the Department of Defense and individual military codes of conduct, our flag worn on the right shoulder is to be facing with stars forward followed by the stripes. I have heard it suggested to think of the flag patch solely as a flag moving forward and not just a patch. The flag is always to be moving forward and not going back as in a retreat. In Law Enforcement we do not have choice to retreat away from the danger but we must instead move towards it. It is a great honor to wear our flag and I appreciate that people care to make sure we are wearing it appropriately.

Washington State Patrol and other LE Agencies are in the area of SR 509, Pierce County/Tacoma area, after reports of multiple vehicles being struck by gunfire. No injuries have been reported. Please AVOID THE AREA.

Well played Bothell PD, well played.

**Update: Roadway is open. **Update: We are unsure how long the road way will be closed because of the pole. Prior to striking the pole the suspect vehicle struck another vehicle after failing to yield after a stop. The suspect vehicle then accelerated away from that collision and struck the light pole. No injuries have been reported but the driver of the suspect vehicle is being processed for DUI and will be booked into jail. He will face several charges related to the driving and then attempting to flee the scene. A small white dog ran away from an involved vehicle. If found please call 911 and an Officer will return it to the owner. Please if you have been drinking, don’t drive. This could have been much worse and we are thankful no one was injured. **Update: Light pole is damaged and leaning over roadway, west bound traffic to Cook Rd exit, and southbound traffic from Edward R Murrow Rd. will remain closed until PSE assessment. **Update: driver in custody for DUI Vehicle versus pole at Cook Rd roundabout. The road is closed in the meantime while Fire and Police process the accident.

Sedro-Woolley is a unique and special town, which supports and celebrates their next generation as they complete their childhood accomplishments and goals and graduate into their adulthood dreams. The Sedro-Woolley High School graduation is tonight at 6pm, please be aware of the sounds of celebration coming near the high school stadium, as families and students gather to commemorate each student's success. Please be understanding and mindful of traffic and parking issues around that time. Also, the SWPD will be providing a Police Escort out of town down Metcalf St., to Ferry St. and then to SR 20. Please expect intermittent siren chirps and blue lights during this transport. On behalf of the Sedro-Woolley Police Department, we wish a hearty congratulation to the Sedro-Woolley High School seniors on your graduation and are wishing you good luck for the new beginning in life. May you reach all your goals. You are all brilliant, able and ambitious.

We at SWPD greatly appreciate the support and assistance we have received here on our Facebook page. We started this page to show what we have been busy working on. In return we have received so much more. Our missing person from last night is a great example. We received over 16,000 views to our post because of the support and shares of our post. Even with Police Officer math skills, 32,000 eyes are much greater than the 4 eyes of the Officers on duty. He was located directly because someone saw and shared. Thank You, we cannot be effective in Law Enforcement with out your support!

*Update: Mr Wigren has been located safe. Thank you! *Update on clothing: blue hoodie, grey pants with black stripes down the sides, navy blue Nike sneakers SWPD is requesting assistance in locating 37 year old Domanick Wigren. Domanick is mentally disabled and wandered from his home in the 1200 block of Warner St. on June 6th around 8pm. He was last seen wearing a blue jacket with blue pants and blue shoes. If you see or know where Domanick is, please call 911. Thank you.

*Update: dog reunited with owner, in record time! Mini Schnauzer found in the 400 block of Warner St. If this is your dog please call 360.428.3211

May we never forget the day many normal men saved the world.

SWPD RECEIVES GRANT AWARD TO PROVIDE HUMANE CARE FOR FERAL CATS IN THE CITY If you have feral cats in your neighborhood and are willing to allow trapping on your property please contact Officer Carr directly at (360) 855-3211.