Edmonds Police Department

  • Agency: Edmonds Police Department
  • Address: 250 5th Ave N, Edmonds, 98020 WA
  • Chief: Al Compaan (Chief of Police)
Phone: 425.771.0200
Fax: 425.771.0208

Edmonds Police Department is located at 250 5th Ave N, Edmonds, 98020 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Al Compaan. The Edmonds Police Department phone number is 425.771.0200.

Edmonds Police Department News

"Edmonds had everything I needed to begin the transition to a department ready and waiting. It has been as low stress and smooth as a process as I could ask for." Contact Public Safety Testing now to become eligible!

"When I came in for oral board with Edmonds, everyone was especially welcoming and made me feel comfortable. This was a great representation of the department and made want to work for this agency more so then the other agencies I had applied for" Visit Public Safety Testing to begin.

Great news. We found out missing 100 year old last night. He is safe and sound.

Help us find Roland Meyer. 100 years old. Rolled away from the 7200 block of 212 ST SW around 1:30pm on a motorized scooter. Last seen wearing an orange polo shirt. We want to check on him and make sure he’s ok. Call 911 if you see him.

"The department as a whole made me feel like part of the team, not just a student officer." There is still time to contact Public Safety Testing and become eligible for this event. We will begin pulling scores and contacting applicants on May 7th but tests from 5/11 will be eligible was we be filling 32 interview spots.!

Look what we found! Thanks to an astute hotel clerk in Everett, we found the car from the burglary two days ago. This afternoon we found the burglar that was in it... He will soon be rooming at the Snohomish County Jail. Thanks to everyone that submitted a tip.

Vehicle Vs. Train Collision last night at 8:48pm. Railroad AVE & Dayton ST. Driver-76 YOA Edmonds woman, tried to beat the train. Went around crossing arms and got stuck. 25 YOA Edmonds woman in passenger seat. Slow moving train hit side of car. Minor injuries only!

This is the suspect vehicle from yesterdays burglary. 2011-2013 Hyundai Sonata. We think it has an Arizona plate. Note rear wheel on the drivers side. Looks like a "donut" spare tire.

Help us ID this guy! Burglar from yesterday. Broke into house in North Edmonds around 10am. Got out quick when alarm went off. His get away car is pictured in the post above. http://www.edmondswa.gov/police/anonymous-tip.html

2 Hour Standoff this morning: Started about 6:30 am. Suspect was armed with a crowbar and threatening to kill motel residents. He even broke into a room to go after someone. When we arrived, he had retreated to his own room and set about destroying the place. That is a hot water heater and stove you see in the photo, along with the toilet he tore up and threw out the window. He also threw tools at our officers as they took cover behind cars in the parking lot. Along the way, he stripped his clothes off. The suspect armed himself with 3 different axes and a knife, threatening to kill our officers. We had a crisis negotiator trying to work with him to give up. We were finally able to subdue him using two heavy duty, rubber projectiles. Once in custody, we got him to the hospital right away. He will be booked into the Snohomish County Jail (after his hospital visit) for a variety of charges: Felony harassment (threats to kill), assaulting an officer, felony level malicious mischief (property damage).

Pedestrian Saftey Emphasis Next Week! Our traffic unit will be out in force as part of a Target Zero grant. The first part is Education. They will be handing out flyers on April 2nd Downtown and on Highway 99 on April 3rd. The week of April 8th-12th the enforcement component takes place as they watch the same locations for violations.


Preparedness : Because sometimes the fight with #windows10 gets ugly. Policecareers.edmondswa.gov

Public Safety Testing has exams on April 3rd in Lynnwood and April 7th in Burien. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get qualified for our event. Here is an example of what to expect from us: "At the time I was applying to Edmonds PD, I was fielding multiple offers and in the interview process with many other agencies, one of which was far ahead of where Edmonds PD was at that point. I turned that agency down because I was impressed with the thoroughness of the Edmonds PD background investigation process and knew that if they treated every hire in the same way my application was handled, I would be working with people I could trust. Looking back on the time I spent in hiring, through academy and FTO, I knew I made the right choice." Officer Josh Hwang - Hired January 2015

Great visit from the Edmonds Police Foundation and Hazel Miller Foundation! Together, they funded the purchase of our new firearms simulator. We put the simulator on display for them. Pictured from left to right are: Nancy Borylla (Police Foundation) Renee McRae (Hazel Miller) Jack Loos (Hazel Miller) Tomas Todd (Police Foundation) Bill Nelson (Police Foundation) Chief Compaan The mural to the left was done by artist Andy Eccleshall. His work can also be seen at: Andy Eccleshall Fine Art

We are hosting a major hiring event in May! Public Safety Testing has multiple test dates coming up. Schedule your exam with them today to be eligible for our opportunity!

We’ve updated our training room thanks to The Mural Works, Inc. and lots of effort by our own staff. We host training for our staff, city staff, and outside agencies. The room is also used for many meetings and other civic functions. This is its first major upgrade since we moved in here in 2001.

From our friends at Shoreline Police Department

Master Yoda and his three Padawan Learners: Officer Robinson, Officer Falk and Detective Morrison. (Sergeant Barker behind the camera) Under his watchful, 800 year old eyes, they are reading to the kids at Chase Lake Elementary tonight. May the Force be with them, and the kids...those Dr. Seuss books can be real tongue twisters.

Another work of art going in the building, courtesy of Andy Eccleshall Fine Art. This badge will be the backdrop to our training room. Stay tuned...we will post the finished product when he is all done.

Still looking to fill two current vacancies with more to come and Public Safety Testing has several test opportunities coming up!

On the morning of Saturday March 3rd, the Edmonds Police Department became aware of concerns that a young male was stopped while running down the street by one of our officers. Social media posts asserted that the stop had been racially motivated and these concerns were forwarded to our Mayor, City Council and some local media outlets. We immediately launched an investigation into the matter, met with the family involved, and worked on this throughout the weekend. The male high school student making the claim has since recanted. He admitted to his family and the investigator that the incident did not occur and that no Edmonds Police Officer stopped him. We have since been informed that the mother has retracted her original post but, as is the case with social media, the potential damage done to our reputation quickly extended beyond her original post. In response to this incident Edmonds Chief of Police Al Compaan has made the following statement: "First, these disheartening and specious allegations have no basis in fact; they are based on a story made up by a young man late for soccer practice, apparently utilizing Edmonds PD as his scapegoat. Second, it is frustrating and disheartening when some members of our community allow themselves to rush to judgement, impugning the integrity and reputation of our professional and dedicated public safety members who serve this community 24/7, a reputation built on integrity and trust. This troubling chain of events is a clear reminder to us all: A lack of factual information combined with heightened emotions often result in erroneous conclusions and rarely lead to well-reasoned outcomes." Even though it is frustrating to expend city resources in investigating incidents that never occurred, we understand that people make mistakes, especially young people. We understand and respect that these types of concerns are important to every resident, as they are to us. Our agency, like the community we serve, is diverse in our makeup and we value the high level of support that we receive from the public.

We had visitors today! Korean Consul General Lee Hyung-Jong and his delegation stopped by for a tour. He met with Chief Compaan and Officer Justin Lee this morning.

It took a while, but 3rd Avenue is back open!