Lake Stevens Police Department

  • Agency: Lake Stevens Police Department
  • Address: 2211 Grade Rd, Lake Stevens, 98258 WA
  • Chief: Randy Celori (Chief of Police)
Phone: (425) 334-9537
Fax: (425) 334-9842

Lake Stevens Police Department is located at 2211 Grade Rd, Lake Stevens, 98258 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Randy Celori. The Lake Stevens Police Department phone number is (425) 334-9537.

Lake Stevens Police Department News

Great time downtown

Lake Stevens Halloween festival

Looking forward to seeing all the kids tonight at the Halloween Festival and Costume walk!!

A tough part about thanking people and groups is the mistake of leaving someone out. Yesterday I thanked all those involved in the fatal accident on 20th SE. My huge error in not including the Lake STevens Fire Department. As always, these incredable men and women showed the professionalism and hard work I know them for. Thank you LSFD

I want to thank all of the first responders (LSPD, Marysville, and State Patrol, Monroe PD) who assisted with the tragic fatality accident this morning, as well as the Public Works crew. These are very complex investigations, and this investigation will continue for some time. As a side note, I want to thank Officer Irwin, who took some time to help out, as put by this e-mail I recieved this morning: "Due to this mornings tragic accident on the corner of 91st and 20th a lot of kids on our block wouldn't have made it to school. I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to the Lake Steven's Police Department. THANK YOU OFFICER IRWIN who is by far one of the coolest and down to earth officers I have gotten to know, for thinking about all of the kids who live on 88th, I'm positive you made their day by giving them a ride to school today! When they would have had to walk soo far out of the way to get there. Thank you for everything you do and going above and beyond ! You are amazing!!"

We are at the scene of a three car fatal collision on 20th St Se/91St Ave Se. Two other occupants of one vehicle were transported to local hospital. Other occupants involved were not injured. Marysville PD and WSP assisting us with investigation. Road will be closed 2-3 hours.

The LSPD will be rolling out our traffic action plan, moving foward. The way it will work is: 1. We will look at our list of traffic complaints. 2. We will pick several, and place our traffic counters in the area, to see if the data matches the complaint. 3. If the data shows a problem, we will post the area on facebook, and then our Traffic Officer will work the area for a period of time. 4. We will post the results of the area worked. We have already been working numerous areas, and have completed numerous traffic studies. I appreciate the work our Traffic Officer is doing in responding to citizen complaints of traffic issues.