Lake Stevens Police Department

  • Agency: Lake Stevens Police Department
  • Address: 2211 Grade Rd, Lake Stevens, 98258 WA
  • Chief: Randy Celori (Chief of Police)
Phone: (425) 334-9537
Fax: (425) 334-9842

Lake Stevens Police Department is located at 2211 Grade Rd, Lake Stevens, 98258 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Randy Celori. The Lake Stevens Police Department phone number is (425) 334-9537.

Lake Stevens Police Department News

LSPD just executed a search warrant 8800 block of 13th St Ne after a early morning arrest of a Lake Stevens subject who was in restricted from possessing firearms. No further information at this time.

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LSPD looking over students from around Lake Stevens School District. Very orderly and professional gatherings.

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The Command Team of the LSPD attended the Northwest Law Enforcement Command College last week. We remain commtted to leading the men and women of the LSPD, in service of the Lake Stevens community.

Overnight call to a subject possibly having a medical condition who was slumped over in a vehicle led to this..

Chief Dyer playing tic-tac-toe with some students, prior to the council meeting last night. Kids win!!

Lake Stevens’ Emergency Management Team training with @SnoCo_DEM. Are you prepared and is your neighborhood?

Two recent events have again highlighted the complicated issues surrounding violence in this country, specifically in our schools: • On Wednesday, February 14th, 17 students and teacher were killed, and many more wounded, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Florida. The suspect is a 19-year-old, who had been expelled from the school, and had a history of troubling behavior. • On Tuesday, February 13th, the Everett Police Department arrested an 18-year-old student, also with a history of troubling behavior, who had documented and planned for a school shooting. This arrest was made because the grandmother of the suspect contacted police, when she saw evidence of his plans. These events compel me to point out several things to the Lake Stevens community: 1. The Lake Stevens School District and the Lake Stevens Police Department are strong partners for the safety of our students. We are in constant contact with training, drills, security procedures, School Resource Officers, and school security staff and administration, with the sole goal of keeping our students and staff safe. 2. Beyond security at the schools, the Lake Stevens School District is also very proactive in trying to intervene when it looks like a student is experiencing problems, which might lead to safety concerns. They meet with police, mental health professionals, substance abuse professionals, public health officials, as well as others as needed. The partnering team will staff individual cases in an attempt to get the type of specific help that will impact safety in a positive way. 3. As shown in both of these cases, there were many signs that these suspects were headed in the wrong direction. In the Florida instance, many people are now saying they recognized troubling behavior in that suspect, but had not reported it. In the Everett case the troubling behavior was reported, and the Everett Police Department was able to take action to avoid an incident. There are many reasons that people do not become involved when they see, or hear, something that is troubling to them. I cannot stress enough that it is critical for all citizens to be an active participant when it comes to community safety. Sometimes, people do not want to get involved because they are afraid that what they saw or heard was not really what it seemed, or might be perceived as meddling or a minor issue. There are many times I have heard people say “I wasn’t sure if I should call. I know you are busy and I did not want to bother you”. I again stress that if you see something which makes you concerned for safety, then call. We will take every report seriously, and investigate any type of threat. If the threat or behavior turns out to not be realistic or credible, the fact that the threat was made at all is an indication of serious problems, which needs intervention to head off more serious problems in the future. If the threat is realistic and credible, then it gives us the opportunity to intervene. Our hearts go out to the families in Parkland Florida. This is a tragedy which no parent, brother, sister, or classmate should have to go through. It is up to all of us to do all that we can, by remaining vigilant and willing to get involved, to support our community’s children. The Lake Stevens Police Department employees, who are also parents and members of our community, remain dedicated to this task. John Dyer Chief of Police

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