Yelm Police Department

  • Agency: Yelm Police Department
  • Address: 206 Mckenzie Ave SE, Yelm, 98597 WA
  • Chief: Brian Aussmess (Chief of Police)
Phone: 360-458-5701

Yelm Police Department is located at 206 Mckenzie Ave SE, Yelm, 98597 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Brian Aussmess. The Yelm Police Department phone number is 360-458-5701.

Yelm Police Department News

Please read and share this information from the Yelm Chamber regarding the Prairie Days Parade. This is a new route and the impacts will be different from previous years. As a department we have been planning for months to minimize negative impacts and to make sure this is a fun and enjoyable event for everyone who attends. City of Yelm - Government

"Chat with the Chief" is tomorrow (Wednesday) from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. at Mr. Doug's Restaurant. Bring a friend and take part in a conversation about Public Safety and other various City of Yelm related topics. If you can't make it and would still like to send a message or question to the Chief you can do so by going to the City of Yelm Website and clicking the link. City of Yelm - Government

This is week 3 of our countywide push to get citizens to sign up for our emergency notification system and SMART 911. If you haven't signed up yet just follow the link and spend less than a minute doing so. Tell your friends and family. Go to City of Yelm - Government

Sign up for Emergency Alerts and Smart 911. Thurston Alerts is a countywide Emergency Alert Notification System that is built to provide citizens with immediate notification of an event or pending event. City of Yelm - Government

Sign up to get important alerts!

Yelm Police Department is also present and taking part in the Tahoma Terra Community Family Fun Day Event along with SE Thurston Fire. We live in a great community!

Monthly Chat with the Chief is tomorrow (Wednesday) from 1:00 to 2:30 at Mr. Doug's Restaurant. Stop by and say hello or engage in a conversation about our city and police department. Everyone is welcome and the room is large enough to hold a fair number of people. Bring a friend and we look forward to seeing everyone. City of Yelm - Government

As the temperatures finally begin to rise from our long and wet winter, please be mindful about taking your pets with you when the weather becomes warmer. We are in a brief warm spell currently and have already received several 911 calls regarding animals in cars at various businesses throughout the city. We don't want to break windows on vehicles, and will take steps to locate the owner prior to doing so, however, time is critical and we will do what is necessary to save the animal. Enjoy the nice weather and allow your pet to enjoy it as well. City of Yelm - Government

Chat with the Chief is tomorrow (Wednesday) at Mr. Doug’s Restaurant from 1:00 to 2:30. Bring a friend and take part in a conversation about the community and the police department. We hope to see you there!

He is back! After a nearly two year stint with the City of Tenino Don Moody decided to come back and serve the community he started in nearly 15 years ago. We are more than excited to welcome Don back to our Yelm Family and the citizens should be as well. Don is an excellent officer who will begin his second tour with our department beginning tomorrow (Friday). Don received his official swearing in today with many officers present before he begins serving the citizens. Welcome back Officer Moody. City of Yelm - Government

This is an example of great teamwork between our citizens, Thurston County Sheriff's Office and the Yelm Police Department. City of Yelm - Government

Chat with the Chief is Wednesday (tomorrow) at Mr. Doug's Restaurant from 1:00 to 2:30. Joining the Chief tomorrow will be the City of Yelm Community Development Director Grant Beck. Bring a friend and enjoy in depth conversations and ask questions about city matters. If you can't attend the meeting and would still like to ask the Chief a question or provide a comment you can use the link on the City of Yelm website. Hope to see you there. City of Yelm - Government

All lanes of Interstate 5 both NB and SB have been opened! Please share the news and continue with patience until the backup can be resolved.

Please have patience this morning on your travels. This is a very sad and tragic event on Interstate 5.

See link provided by YCS. Our police department works 24/7 to keep our students and community safe.

School Resource Officer Geray reading to Southworth Students for Dr. Seuss Week. We love taking part in these type of activities with the Yelm School District to positively impact our youth. City of Yelm - Government

Yelm High School was placed on a lockdown earlier today for a concern that a student had brought a firearm to school. Police responded quickly and started an investigation. It has been determined that no firearms were brought to school. The situation involved two students over a relationship issue and no threats were made to the general student body. Officers will continue to investigate and follow up with any concerns until the investigation is complete. City of Yelm - Government

At the City Council Meeting last night we had the honor to recognize our Officer of the Year and Reserve Officer of the Year. These two individuals are excellent representatives of your police department and work extremely hard to make Yelm a safe place to live. Congratulations to Officer Chris Davis and Reserve Officer Joe Hiles.

Important information for anyone needing shelter in this cold weather. City of Yelm - Government FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Contact: Meghan Porter, Public Information Officer, (360)867-2097, or email at Thurston County Extends Hazardous Weather Response The “Code Blue” advisory extension calls for expanded shelter beds through Thursday ​OLYMPIA – The National Weather Service has extended the winter weather advisory in the Puget Sound area through Thursday, February 22. On Saturday, February 17, Thurston County Public Health initiated a "code blue" advisory through Wednesday, February 21. Due to extended cold weather patterns, Thurston County Public Health and Social Services is extending the "Code Blue" advisory to increase shelter capacity through Thursday, February 22, 2018. During this code blue activation period, expanded shelter options are available at Salvation Army and Union Gospel Mission for single men and women. In addition, First Christian Church in partnership with Interfaith Works will offer extra shelter capacity Saturday night. Volunteers and donations of blankets, coffee, creamer, cup of soups, and other snacks are needed. Items can be dropped off at First Christian Church upstairs after 6:00 p.m. Please email if you are interested in volunteering. Family Support Center's Pear Blossom Place is available for families with children needing shelter and Community Youth Services is available for youth ages 18-24. Background: County, city, and local advocacy and non-profit organizations have been working together as the Hazardous Weather Task Force (HWTF) for the past six months to develop a plan to address harsh weather conditions and the effects on vulnerable unsheltered populations. The HWTF developed the "code blue" model to be enacted during extremely cold or hazardous weather conditions. During a "code blue", organizations, including HWTF members, take special measures to keep people who are homeless safe by expanding shelter services to accommodate the increased need. The HWTF will assess the model used during this event to enhance the response in future events. For more shelter information, call Thurston County's Coordinated Entry Shelter and Housing Hotline at 1-844-628-7343.

The Yelm Public Safety Building will remain open as a Warming Center from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the remainder of this week. If anyone needs overnight accommodations or an emergency shelter they are encouraged to call 1-844-628-7343, Thurston County Family Support Services.

More snow on the way today. Please drive careful and give yourself more time. Reminder that the Public Safety Building is open as a warming center until 5:00 pm today.

Warming Center Update - The Yelm Public Safety Building is currently open as a warming center until 5:00 p.m. today. The building will also be open tomorrow (Tuesday) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. Additional openings will be considered based on the weather. Any individual seeking a longer term relief from the weather is encouraged to utilize the services of a full-service shelter. If you have any questions regarding the warming center or shelter locations please contact the Yelm Police Department. For 24 hour emergency shelter information anyone can contact Family Support Services of Thurston County at 1-844-628-7343.

If you have to drive please be careful. Slow down and don’t follow too closely. Roads will only get worse later today and through the night as temperatures will drop.

Be prepared for some interesting weather this weekend. Temperatures will drop considerably on Sunday with a potential for lowland snow after a very windy Saturday.