Bellingham Police Department

  • Agency: Bellingham Police Department
  • Address: 505 Grand Ave, Bellingham, 98225 WA
  • Chief: Todd Ramsay (Chief of Police)
Phone: 360-778-8800
Fax: 360-738-7322

Bellingham Police Department is located at 505 Grand Ave, Bellingham, 98225 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Todd Ramsay. The Bellingham Police Department phone number is 360-778-8800.

Bellingham Police Department News

The bag pipes playing during the practice for Deputy McCartney’s memorial service.

A few photos from Deputy McCartney’s memorial service in Tacoma. These are taken during the practice before the service. Our honor guard joined hundreds of other law enforcement officers from Washington, Canada and surrounding states to honor Deputy Dan McCartney’s life.

Today members of our Honor Guard and other agency representatives traveled south to honor Pierce County Deputy Daniel McCartney, his family and his friends. Deputy McCartney was killed in the line of duty bravely protecting those who called for help. This video is of the procession prep area.

Every month BPD sends Unclaimed and Seized property (RCW 63.32.010) to the Bellingham Public Auto Auction on the corner of Kentucky and Iron Streets. There is a Miscellaneous Items Auction coming up Saturday, February 3rd at 9:00 a.m. Check out their website for a complete list and photos!! We also send property to so check there too!

Friday we honored and celebrated Mike Onorato and his 16 years of volunteer service with our Retired Senior Volunteer Program. We hope you enjoy your new “retirement “ and thank you for your commitment to the Bellingham community!👏👏👏👏

We've had a busy past week and we wanted to share some events that highlight how we do our job, and how much it helps when we get tips from you all! This past Thursday (1/11) two suspects in the string of Sunnyland robberies were arrested. The third was arrested Friday! We had posted pics asking for your help- and you did help... all three juveniles identified and arrested within a week. Thank you! Shout out to our Detectives and Neighborhood Anti Crime Team Officers who worked together to identify and locate the suspects. Coincidentally, an officer saw the juveniles at the station and recognized them from a photo of a robbery he was investigating so they were arrested on that charge as well!👏 Early Saturday (1/13) morning Officers were called to assist with a domestic situation. Officers contacted a female and her small children who were having trouble with the boyfriend in the house. The male was intoxicated and angry at the Officer's presence. The male had made threats to the female, who was fearful of how the male was acting. The male threatened to harm the officers if they tried to arrest him. The Officers created space by moving to the outside of the residence hoping to de escalate the situation.. The male exited the house holding a knife and advanced on the Officers. He refused the Officers commands to drop the knife. One Officer deployed his Taser, but it had no effect. The second deployment incapacitated the male and he was safely taken in to custody, and booked on multiple charges. We are proud of the professionalism and training our Officers displayed in this very tense situation.👏👏👏👏👏💙 Saturday evening our Officers assisted the Sheriff's Office with a stabbing that had occurred just outside the city limits. Our Officer was first on scene and determined medical care was needed for the stabbing victim. The Officer quickly applied a tourniquet, some clotting gauze, and assisted with CPR until medics arrived. 👏👏💙 We work hard to serve our community well, and we appreciate that you help us when we need it! #committedtocommunity

Big shout out to Detective Bass and Officer Keller! Detective Bass noticed some suspicious activity near a car and called Officer Keller to assist. Closer inspection of the car revealed four brand new chainsaws in the back seat. Further investigation determined the saws were taken in a burglary to a business in Everson! Probable cause was developed, and an arrest was made for Possession of Stolen Property! 👏👏👏

Congratulations on your promotion Crime Scene Investigator Whipple! Your knowledge and experience will compliment a great team of CSI’s as you folks do the very important job of evidence collection at crime scenes. 💙👏💙


Love and prayers to the family and friends of Deputy McCartney and the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. We are so sorry for the loss of this hero who was killed protecting his community. “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down ones’s life for one’s friends.” RIP Hero. 💙

Hey, hey, hey....It’s our Neighborhood Officers promoting the Travel With Care campaign!Way to go Dante, Eric, and Sanitary Service Company, Inc. (SSC)👏👏👏

Do you recognize either of these individuals? If so, they are wanted for questioning regarding a robbery. Please call us at 360-778-8611 or via the web at to leave a tip.

Do you recognize this individual? If so, please contact us via our tipline at 360-778-8611 or online at *He is wanted for questioning regarding several reports of graffiti around Bellingham.

Many Congratulations going on around BPD! Chief Doll’s promotion started a ripple effect for others. We are proud to announce the following promotions: Detective Bo McGinty Corporals: Nelson Laughlin Holdridge Dykstra Elmendorf Starkovich Sergeant Johnson Lieutenant Cristelli Deputy Chief Grunhurd. Not pictured, but congrats to Crime Scene Investigator Whipple. 💙👏💙👏

Congratulations Italo Castaneda, Karnveer Hundal, Sahilpreet Kaur, Resleen Dhillon, Dorian Landry, Juanita Nunez, Gabes Giammusso, RexAndrea Juan and Raven Gardner for graduating from the Washington Law Enforcement Explorers 2017 Winter Academy!! #thefutureoflawenforcement #committedtocommunity

We currently have 9 Police Explorers at winter academy in Yakima, WA. They are working hard to graduate from basic and advanced academies as well as the academy police department. These are a few photos from drill down at evening formation.

Happy Holidays!

Way to go WhatComm! Another year, another Giving Tree at the dispatch center. Our dispatchers 💙 are amazing! Thank you to all of the generous people from all of the Whatcom County Agencies who participated - you all helped some folks feel the love of the Holiday Season.

Help us identify the subject in these photos! on 12/19/17 between noon and 1:45 p.m. a car was broken in to at a parking area near a Galbraith Mountain trailhead. Within a short time one of the victim's credit cards was used to purchase several thousand dollars worth of pre-paid gift cards at the Fred Meyer's on Lakeway Drive. Please contact our Neighborhood Anti-Crime Team at 360-778-8751 and use reference 17B69103.

Some photos from Shop With Your Cop from this morning. Thank you Walmart, Everett O Foundation, Savi Bank, Tiger Construction and Bellingham Police Association for your continued support👏💙

K9 Danek and K9 Destro both celebrate birthdays in December. Happy birthday! to our four legged partners.

Congratulations and welcome Officer Justin Gann! Today Officer Gann was sworn in as our newest Bellingham Officer. Officer Gann brings 10 years of law enforcement experience with him. We are excited to have Officer Gann on our team and we look forward to serving our community alongside him👏💙