McFarland Police Department

  • Agency: McFarland Police Department
  • Address: 5915 Milwaukee St, McFarland, 53558 WI
  • Chief: Gregory W Leck (Chief of Police)

McFarland Police Department is located at 5915 Milwaukee St, McFarland, 53558 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Gregory W Leck. The McFarland Police Department phone number is 608-838-3153.

McFarland Police Department News

On November 15th, the Department held the dedication ceremony for the McFarland Law Enforcement Memorial. We were overwhelmed with the amount of support from our fellow law enforcement community, and the McFarland community as well. The memorial is and will always be a public monument of honor, and is not only intended in remembrance of Officer Copeland, but also as a dedication to those who have lost their lives in the service of their communities, those who inevitably will in the future, and those who have served and continue to serve today. It is the culmination of many months of work by not only McFarland Police Staff, but many other as well including the McFarland Public Works Department, the McFarland Village Board, McFarland Village Administration and Pechmann's Memorials of Madison. It was with great pride that we placed this final, public symbol of closure for the Department and community. Chief Sherven

Last night there were several burglaries throughout the Village. All appeared to be random and not targeted. In every instance but one, the suspect(s) gained entry by opening unlocked car doors and accessing garage spaces by using the garage door opener in the vehicle. The only exception was one in which entry was gained through an unlocked garage service door. The message is this...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE lock your car and house doors each night. Make it a nightly routine to check every door and window of everything you own to make sure they are locked, and put inside anything anyone left outside laying around during the day. Many of these types of crimes can be prevented by making access to our property more difficult. It's important to understand that while McFarland is generally a very safe community, we do border Madison and do experience more than our share of drug-related crime than some of the communities that are not contiguous with Madison do. Randomly entering unlocked vehicles and garages and taking whatever can be sold is a very common way in which drug users support their addiction. Thanks everyone! Chief Sherven

On Wednesday, November 15th the McFarland Police Department will conduct the unveiling and dedication ceremony of the McFarland Law Enforcement Memorial. The ceremony will take place at noon in front of the Municipal Center, located at 5915 Milwaukee St. McFarland WI. The ceremony is open to the public, and all who are able are encouraged to attend. For more information regarding the memorial, click the link below.

Halloween 2017 is almost here! While the Village of McFarland typically does not set specific trick-or-treat times and prefers to leave this to parent's discretion, we generally recommend 5:30 p - 8:00 p. Have a safe Halloween! McFarland Police Department

Reminder!!! Our Explorer Doughnut Sale is today inside the McFarland House Cafe. Hope to see you there.

The McFarland Police Department and the McFarland Police Explorer Post would like to thank all the community members that donated items and money to "Stuff the Squad" at Pick N Save today. With your help we were able to raise 657 lbs of food items and $588.00 for the McFarland Food Pantry!! Another display of our community coming together for a great cause.

Week 2 of the McFarland/Monona PD Community academy is in the books. In week 2, students learned about the defense and arrest tactics utilized by police officers. They also observed demonstrations of some of the protective equipment the officers use, including OC Sprary and the Taser. Next week, the students will observe demonstrations from both Monona and McFarland's K9s. Pictured below is good-natured photo of Sgt. Jacobsen applying an escort hold on School Resource Officer John Miller (McFarland PD). Both instructed at tonight's session.

Red Ribbon Week - October 23 - 31 The McFarland Police Department, in conjunction with the McFarland RADAR Coalition, will participate in the annual Red Ribbon Week event by wearing ribbons on our uniforms. The event is intended to bring increased awareness of the destructiveness of illegal drug use. For more information, click the link below.

The McFarland Police Department will be hosting a Stuff The Squad event. Our goal is to collect non-perishable food items for the McFarland Food Pantry. When: 10/14/2017 Time: 12-4pm Where: Pick N' Save in McFarland Look for our squad car, donate non-perishable food items, and help the McFarland community!

Today, my officers learned of the story in the below link. They immediately began collecting business cards, a department challenge coin and a K9 Boris stuffed dog and sent them to this family along with a nice letter. Proud of my Officers! Chief Sherven

ATTENTION KAYAK AND CANOE OWNERS: Per the request of the Public Works Department, this notice is posted. Owners of kayaks or canoes stored at the Yeager Rd. public locking racks that do not have permits should be advised that beginning early tomorrow morning, the Public Works Department will be cutting locks and removing those items. Permits may be obtained until 8pm this evening at Village Hall. As is posted at the site, all unregistered kayaks and canoes were to be removed no later than October 1st. Please make every effort to remove your items tonight if at all possible. This has been posted on the Public Works and Village FB pages for some time. Chief Sherven

Had a great time at week one of the McFarland/Monona PD Community Academy last night! Chief Sherven (McFarland PD) and Chief Ostrenga (Monona PD) presented on department structures, training, current topics in law enforcement. Great conversation and lots of good questions. Looking forward to next week!

After several years of service to his community, UW-Madison PD K9 Odin was laid to rest today. Our Department had the privilege to be part of honoring K9 Odin as a procession carried him from McFarland to Middleton. K9 Odin served his community faithfully, and we pause today to honor him for his service. Rest easy, Odin and thank you for your service. Chief Sherven and the members of the McFarland Police Department

September 25-29 is Operation Safe Stop week. The program is an education and enforcement effort between law enforcement and the Wisconsin School Bus Association, designed to promote awareness of the dangers of illegally passing a school bus that is stopped with flashing red lights and stop arm activated. Click on the link below for more information.

On 09-19-17, the Dane Co. 911 Center received a call from a driver indicating the occupants of a vehicle following them were threatening and trying to get them to pull over to fight. The caller gave dispatch the plate number, which the dispatcher ran and discovered that the suspect vehicle was stolen. McFarland Police personnel were dispatched. Moments later, a Dane Co. Deputy located the suspect vehicle at HWY 51 and Farwell St. and attempted to stop it. The vehicle fled, however the pursuit was terminated shortly thereafter due to the time of day and density of traffic. The suspect vehicle was located once again near the Curling Club on Marsh Rd., where McFarland Officers attempted contact. The occupants of the vehicle fled on foot. With the assistance of area departments and a few police K9 teams (including Boris) a perimeter was established and four of the five occupants were apprehended. The driver of the vehicle remained at large, but was taken into custody on the evening of 09-20-17. Officers located a box of .45 cal. handgun ammo in the vehicle, and through interviews and further investigation learned that the suspect that was not immediately taken into custody may have been armed. Using the K9 teams, article searches of the area were conducted but no handgun was recovered. On the morning of 09-20-17, another vehicle was reported stolen near the location the suspect fled. It was recovered near the suspect's home in Madison. The driver is currently in custody at the Juvenile Retention Center in Madison, facing numerous charges including two counts of Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Consent. Charges will be forwarded to the Dane County Juvenile District Attorney's Office on the passengers. All individuals involved were juveniles, and all Madison residents. The case remains under investigation. Anyone having additional information is encouraged to contact the McFarland Police Department at 608-838-3151. Chief Sherven

WELCOME BACK JASON! In March of this year, Officer Jason Onken left the McFarland Police Department after accepting a position with a law enforcement agency in another area of the State. Since then, he has elected to return to the McFarland Police Department and continue his service to our community. Today, Jason was sworn in by Village Clerk Cassandra Seuttinger, making his return official. The Department is proud to welcome him back, and looks forward to continuing the relationship we started with him five years ago. Chief Sherven

The McFarland and Monona Police Departments will be partnering to host a Citizen's Police Academy, beginning on October 3rd. The academy will run for 8 weeks, one night per week, and will cover a variety of police related topics. We are seeking participants to join us for the academy, which is open to anyone 18 years old and above. Click on the link below for more details and application information. Hope to see you there! Click on the link below for more info

As the first day of school fast approaches, the McFarland Police Department offers this safety message. Please click the link below to view.

On 08-11-17, Officer Schroekenthaler and Detective Klementz of the McFarland Police Department participated in the Cop on a Rooftop fundraiser for Wisconsin Special Olympics at a Madison Dunkin' Donuts location. The annual fundraiser generates donations used to support the many great events that the Special Olympics organization runs each year. Pictured is Officer Schroekenthaler with Officers from various area departments.

Officer Zietsma recently had the opportunity to meet and interact with some kids outside of Rock 'n' Rolz. The kids had some great questions for him, and enjoyed getting to try on some police gear.

Recently, there have been a string of Strong-Arm Robberies/Thefts taking place in the Village. Most have involved individuals selling cell phones via Craigslist. The perpetrator contacts the seller, sets up a meeting and the takes the phone from the seller and runs away. The McFarland Police Department has arrested and jailed the same individual twice in the past 7 days for these offenses, most recently last night. Nonetheless, the suspect will undoubtedly be let back out of jail within the next few days and may attempt these crimes again. We suggest extreme caution when attempting to sell items online, and remind residents that the Municipal Center lobby is offered as an online transaction "Safe Zone" where residents can meet individuals to conduct these types of transactions. More information on the Safe Zone can be found on our website. Chief Sherven

The McFarland Police Department welcomes its newest addition to the Department, Officer Bryan Wallace. Officer Wallace was hired to fill an existing vacancy within the Department. Below are photos of the swearing in ceremony. Officer Wallace comes to the Department with five years of Law Enforcement experience with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

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