McFarland Police Department

  • Agency: McFarland Police Department
  • Address: 5915 Milwaukee St, McFarland, 53558 WI
  • Chief: Gregory W Leck (Chief of Police)

McFarland Police Department is located at 5915 Milwaukee St, McFarland, 53558 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Gregory W Leck. The McFarland Police Department phone number is 608-838-3153.

McFarland Police Department News

MEMORIAL DAY PARADE ROUTE INFORMATION I'm hoping to clear up some confusion regarding the Memorial Day Parade route. The parade does indeed start at the same location as in previous years and travel along the exact same route, WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION: Due to construction on Farwell St., the route officially ends for public viewing at the intersection of Farwell St. and Taylor Rd. No spectators will be allowed to view the parade along Farwell St. west of the intersection with Taylor Rd. Please note that the parade entries will continue down Farwell from this intersection so as to access the American Legion building on Burma Rd, however the parade is officially concluded at the Farwell/Taylor intersection. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VIEW THE PARADE ALONG FARWELL ST. WEST OF TAYLOR RD. An Officer will likely escort you from the area if you do. Chief Sherven

REMINDER TO KEEP YOUR BOATS, VEHICLES, HOUSES, ETC. SECURED, AND TO ALWAYS KNOW WHERE OUR CHILDREN ARE. Today, we responded to an incident in the Village in which two children were playing inside their family camper, which was parked in their driveway. Their mother was inside the house making lunch, and another vehicle was parked in the driveway. An unknown male subject (no further description available) attempted to gain entry into the camper. Fortunately, when the subject heard the children moving about inside, he fled on foot. This is an excellent reminder to always keep vehicles, boats, campers, etc. secured, and to really think twice about allowing young children to play outside of visual contact. This is something that we didn't have to think much about years ago, but unfortunately we do in our society today. Chief Sherven

Monday kicked off the nationwide “Click it or Ticket” campaign to remind drivers to wear their seatbelts. The McFarland Police Department will join forces with departments around the nation enforcing seatbelt violations during this campaign which runs May 21 - June 3. Residents can expect to see an increase in Police presence on the roadways during this period. One of the safest decisions drivers can make is to put on their seatbelt. Please help make our community safer by buckling up behind the wheel.

Upcoming event! The McFarland Police Department will be hosting the 3rd Annual Officer Ryan Copeland Memorial K-9 Golf Outing. It will be July 21st at Door Creek Golf Course. Below is a link to our Department Website, where registration material can be found. If you have any questions please contact Sgt. Job at 838-3151.

The McFarland Police Department would like to thank everyone that volunteered and sponsored this past weekends Bike Rodeo. We had a great turn out!!! Every year we help host this event with the McFarland Optimist club and sponsors in hopes of teaching bike safety. Thank you all again! See you next year.

This fictitious video produced by SandyHookPromise is a powerful reminder of the role we all play in keeping our children safe. WARNING: Some may see the video as unsettling, view with caution. SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING

For Public Dissemination The McFarland Police Department is looking for your help, in identifying a suspect from a robbery. On 4/22/2018 at approx. 10:50 Pm a suspect entered, Kwik Trip located at 4701 Farwell St. in the Village of McFarland. The suspect, pictured below, approached the cashier and demanded money out of the register. No weapons were mentioned or displayed. The suspect took an undisclosed amount of money and fled on foot from the scene. If you have any information about this case or the suspect pictured below please contact the McFarland Police Department.

Thank you to all of the volunteers that assisted with the Village Community Service Day this past Saturday! We had a great group of kids and parents assist with washing squads and sweeping the garage. After a tour of the PD and a look at squad car equipment, each of the kids received a stuffed Boris puppy. Hope to see you next year!

Upcoming Event!!!

Yesterday, during the inclement weather, the Village experienced a partial power outage. This outage caused the traffic lights on HWY 51 to stop functioning for a few minutes. We would like to thank all the drivers who drove cautiously through this area. We experienced no accidents. As a friendly reminder if you should come across traffic lights that are not working, a driver should come to a complete stop then proceed with caution through the intersection.

Scam Alert !! Today our department has received complaints from businesses, and individuals, who have received a phone call from subjects claiming to be from Alliant Energy. These subjects advised that they will turn off the power if they are not paid a set dollar amount. They are requesting payment via prepaid credit cards. A twist to this scam is the scammer supplies a number of 1800-213-6068 to call back. When a person calls this number, they are presented with an automated message stating, “You have reached Alliant Energy.” Further, when you speak to a person, they are well versed and sound convincing. If you receive a call like this, please do not send any money without confirming that it is actually Alliant Energy,

McFarland PD Is Hiring! Full-Time Confidential Administrative Assistant The McFarland Police Department has an immediate full-time opening for the position of Confidential Administrative Assistant. This is a rare employment opportunity, as the position was previously held by the same employee for the past 29 years, and is now open due to the retirement of that employee. Position hours are primarily Monday through Friday from 8am – 4pm, although these hours are somewhat negotiable. Click the link below for job description, application information and to read more about the position. Click below for more information. Come be a part of our team!

Good morning everyone. As some of you have already seen in the information sent out by IMMS Principal Aaron Tarnutzer, our department was involved in an investigation last evening that was initially reported as a possible threat to student safety. That situation was investigated and it was determined through interviews that no threat was ever actually made, rather it was an assumption that one student made in response to a particular music video that another student was watching. Discussion ensued between multiple students from there, and before long it evolved into the possibility of a threat. Despite the fact that it was determined not to be a threat, I do applaud students for reporting the situation to school administration. This morning, we received a call regarding a possible threat. Since that time, the Department has been working to verify that this call was indeed related to the incident that occurred last night, and that there was no secondary threat. While that would be unlikely, we cannot and will not just assume they are related, and we wanted to make absolutely certain that they were not two separate situations. We have confirmed that they are indeed the same incidents, and there is no secondary situation. The initial investigation yielded no indications of a valid threat, nor were any threats ever actually made. We have no reason to believe that students are in any danger related to this situation. Nonetheless, in a further attempt to put minds at ease, you will likely note an increased police presence on school grounds this week. Parents should in no way construe this as a lack of confidence in the findings of the investigation, rather as a gesture intended to help parents feel more at ease. On a side note, I very much enjoy the interaction that I am able to have with all of you on this page. I feel this is very valuable for all of us. That said, it is important for you to know that I am not always on Facebook, and so I would strongly encourage you to call 911 or the department directly to report situations such as these. This page should not be considered a reliable means of reporting serious, time sensitive or in-progress incidents. Thank you! Chief Sherven

Save the date!!! The McFarland annual Bike Rodeo is just around the corner.

Scam Alert:

Today McFarland Officers had the privilege to have lunch with our seniors at their annual St. Patty's Day gathering. Good food and good conversation. Thank you!

Today students of the McFarland School District, along with students nationwide, conducted a vigil in remembrance of the fallen students and staff in Parkland, FL. As requested by the students, the Department had a presence there to not only provide security, but also to support the peaceful and responsible manner in which our students chose to participate in the National Walk Out Day. The event went very well, and I'm proud of the manner in which our students came together to plan a well organized vigil. Unfortunately, in the midst of the event we received information that originated from a parent, was conveyed to school staff and ultimately to us of a potential threat involving a firearm specifically relating to the event. The Department took immediate action, discretely pulling aside a student (and out of view of the other students) whose name was initially mentioned as being involved, until the situation could be determined to be unfounded. There is no active threat at this time. I want to be clear that the student who was pulled aside was quickly determined not to be a threat in any way. It's important for our community to understand we are not a department that is going to just say "Oh, well...I'm sure it's nothing" when this type of information is received. We are going to act immediately and swiftly in order to do everything in our power to protect our children. I fully realize that this may not be popular with some parents, especially if the child pulled aside happens to be yours. Understand that in order to protect everyone's children, including yours, we have to take these situations seriously and act on the information. We cannot afford to simply dismiss it as a prank, and the information must be vetted out and swift action taken. Many times that information will prove to be unfounded, and in these situations it is unlikely that parents will be called prior to initially contacting the student, as time is of the essence. Frankly, this is the message that students across the nation are sending today. They will not accept "Oh well, I'm sure it's nothing" responses from their government . They want to be taken seriously, and to feel safe in their schools. We intend to do everything in our power to provide that environment. In today's situation, unfortunately the information changed hands several times prior to arriving with us. We support the "See something, say something" mentality, and encourage everyone to contact us immediately and directly with such information, as in this case we may have been able to vet this situation out prior to the event. While we understand that this approach may ruffle some feathers, it is necessary in the world we live in today and we as a department are prepared to live with whatever criticism may come as a result. Chief Sherven

Following his recent promotion to the rank of Sergeant, the Department congratulates Sergeant Jeremy Job. Job has been with the Department since 2014, and in 2015 committed himself to the difficult task of assuming the duties of K9 Handler following the passing of Officer Copeland. Job has done remarkable work in that capacity, and will continue to serve as the K9 Handler for the remainder of Boris' service life. Job joins Sergeant Joe Maurer and Sergeant Nate Jacobsen as the Department's third Sergeant, which is a first-line supervisory position that serves as shift commander, as well as other supervisory duties including employee mentoring and evaluation. Welcome to your new role, Jeremy!

ATTENTION GOLFERS! Initial information is now available for the 2018 Officer Ryan Copeland Memorial Golf Outing. Please click the link below for details.

The McFarland Police Department is proud to welcome Officer Bruce Grady to our team. Officer Grady was officially sworn in by Village Clerk Cassandra Suettinger on Tuesday, March 6th at a swearing-in ceremony, with several of his friends and family in attendance. He fills the vacancy created by the Department's request and subsequent Village Board approval of an additional police officer position in 2018. The Department is now once again at full staffing level. Bruce comes to us from the Dane County Sheriff's Office, and officially assumed his duties as a McFarland Police Officer on March 6th. Welcome Bruce! Chief Sherven and all the members of the McFarland Police Department.

On March 5th at approx. 9 am, the McFarland Police Department responded to a threats complaint at an area business on Triangle St. A male ex-employee had left a message indicating he was coming to the business to kill a former co-worker with a firearm. While officers were enroute, the suspect showed up at the business and proceeded to ram a parked vehicle with his vehicle. Officers encountered the suspect in the parking lot and took him into custody without incident. No weapon was located. The suspect was clearly suffering a mental health crisis and was held at the police station until arrangements could be made for secure detention and mental health evaluation at a local hospital. The District Attorney's Office will review the case for potential charges.

INTRUDER DRILL NOTICE MARCH 2nd, 2018 The McFarland School District and McFarland Police Department would like to make the community aware the McFarland High School will be conducting an intruder drill on Friday March 2, 2018 between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm. This type of drill is conducted annually at the high school. During the drill, you may notice a large police presence in and around the school. The police will be assisting with the preparation and evaluation of the effectiveness of the drill. Please do not be alarmed if you observe a significant police presence. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Lt. Brian Redman of Officer John Miller at (608) 838-3151.

SCAM ALERT On 02/26/2018 a Village resident received a package, in their mailbox, containing a check and a letter with instruction on how to cash the check. The resident did not know why they received the check and did not know the company it was sent from. Upon closer inspection of the package and check, evidence of a scam were located. This type of scam requests that you cash the check, return some money, and keep some of the money. Once the bank process the check, and it is proven fake, the person who cashes it becomes liable for any lost money. If you received an unknown check in your mailbox, and you don’t know why you received it, or there are specific instructions to send someone money for an unknown reason, please contact the McFarland Police Department.

Officer Joel Zietsma helping out with the "Booked For Reading" Program at the McFarland E.D. Locke Public Library. The winners of the grand prize won a ride home from school in a police car.