Verona Police Department

  • Agency: Verona Police Department
  • Address: 111 Lincoln St, Verona, 53593 WI
  • Chief: Edward E Moffett (Chief of Police)
Phone: 608-845-7623
Fax: 608-845-0960

Verona Police Department is located at 111 Lincoln St, Verona, 53593 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Edward E Moffett. The Verona Police Department phone number is 608-845-7623.

Verona Police Department News

It’s that time of night!! #NightlyLockUp Make safety a priority for you and your family. Remove your valuables, lock your vehicle, take your keys. Always check to make sure your garage door is closed. Collectively we can prevent crimes of opportunity. Remind your family, neighbors, and friends!!

VPD is checking in for the #NightlyLockUp reminder! Are your valuables out of your vehicle? Are the doors locked and keys with you? Is your garage door shut? Don’t be a victim. You have the power to prevent crimes of opportunity! Spread the word!

Over the last several months, the Verona Police Department has received an increased number of reports of theft from autos, automobiles being rifled through, and burglaries to garage areas. In almost all of these reports, the vehicles/garages were left unlocked/opened. These are crimes of opportunity. Please do your part to ensure you remove valuables from your vehicle, lock the doors, and take the keys with you. Don’t allow you or your neighbors to be victimized. Spread the word! #NightlyLockUp

Our first official Verona Police Department K9 cards have arrived!! In the near future, our patrol staff will have a supply of these cards to hand out. Don't hesitate to ask an officer for one, when you see them!!

It has arrived!!. . . on the coldest day of the year! :-) Even though we don't plan to start utilizing our new neighborhood electric vehicle until spring, we're happy that it's now under our roof. The NEV was made possible through a grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. The vehicle will primarily be used for special events, but is street legal. A special thanks to Kyle Kahl with Disch Auto for helping us get it unloaded!

A huge thank you to Dr. Smith from Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center in Middleton. The training he provided our staff will allow us to better treat our K9 partner, Drea, in the event of an emergency!! Thank you to Kathryn Larson with WKOW 27 for the wonderful story

Media Release - 12/20/17

Thank you, Dr. Kalstrup and the rest of the staff at True Veterinary Care, for taking care of our newest officer!

Alcohol-related crashes killed 143 people in Wisconsin last year. We’re trying to save lives and prevent injuries. The Verona Police Department is participating in the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” traffic safety campaign from December 15 through New Year’s Day. Please drive safe, sober, and alert.

Media Release - 12/13/17

Found Dog! This dog was found near Paoli St. and Bruce St. in the City of Verona. It is a female dog with a red collar, but no tags. If you know the owner, please contact the Verona Police Department at 608-845-7623.

At approximately 12:15 p.m. the Verona Police Department was dispatched to the Verona Area High School for a disturbance. The several officers who responded found a large group of approximately 60+ students with some posturing to fight. The Verona Area High School initiated a lock down and some of the agitated students were removed from the group and later released to parents. The investigation is ongoing.

The Verona Police Department is participating in the Blain's Farm & Fleet Kids Helping KidsToy Drive in Verona. Donate a new, unwrapped toy and Blain's Farm & Fleet will match it! We will be there until 7:00 p.m. tonight. Please come out and make a donation as all donated toys go to local children.

*****UPDATE***** the person in the photograph has been identified and his family members have been located. Thank you to all those who shared the information. The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying a man found at 8254 State Highway 14 in the town of Cross Plains this morning. The man was found wandering the area just before 11:00 am; he is disabled and unable to speak. He was wearing scrub-type pants, a blue t-shirt, and just one slipper. The man appears to be in his 20’s and is about 6’1” tall and about 200 lbs. Deputies transported him to a local hospital. He did not appear to be injured. See attached photo. If you know him, please call the non-emergency number of the Dane County Communications Center at (608) 255-2345.

Are you or someone you know interested in a permanent, part-time office position? If so, the Verona Police Department has an opening in our business office!! Our business office staff is group of fun, hardworking, energetic professionals that support the day to day functions of our police department. Those interested in applying to work with this wonderful group must have materials returned to the Verona Police Department by Monday, December 4th at 4:30 p.m. A link to application materials is in the comments below. Contact Business Officer Manager Holly Nilles at (608) 845-0924 if you have any questions. Come work with the best!!!!

The Verona Police Department wants to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

***ATTEMPTING TO IDENTIFY DOG AND OWNER*** The Verona Police Department took a report of a dog bite earlier today near the intersection of Basswood Ave and Nine Mound Rd. The person walking the dogs is described as a white female, approximately 40 years of age wearing a dark colored long coat. The female was walking two dogs; a small black dog and a white/golden spotted dog approximately 2' tall wearing a blue warmer style vest. There are no malicious actions that occurred, we simply need to speak with the owner to verify the dog is up to date on vaccinations. The injuries sustained by the victim are minor. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Verona Police Department at (608) 845-7623.

Earlier tonight, Kelsey, Abby, and Kelly, with the Verona FFA, dropped off over 8 lbs of cookies!!! The girls mentioned that cookies were also given to staff at the Verona Fire Department/Fitchrona EMS building. Thank you Verona FFA!! We appreciate your support!!

The schools on lockdown this morning in the Verona Area School District were all in the City of Fitchburg. All is quiet in Verona. Please contact the Verona Area School District if you have any questions.

Alternate Side Parking November 20th-April 1st The City restricts on-street parking between November 20th and April 1st of each year to help facilitate snow removal by the Department of Public Works. Per Ordinance 10-1-29, no person shall park any vehicle between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. on the even numbered side of the public street on odd numbered calendar days, and on the odd numbered side of the street on the even numbered calendar day. If you are going to park on the street, determine what the date will be after midnight and park on the corresponding side of the street, i.e. an even calendar date = even numbered side of the street. The pictures attached help provide a guide on how to park. The ordinance is posted at the main entrance points to the City and can be found on the City of Verona webpage. Please share this information with family members and guests to prevent them from receiving a parking citation. Contact the Verona Police Department at (608) 845-7623 with any questions.