Eau Claire Police Department

  • Agency: Eau Claire Police Department
  • Address: 721 Oxford Avenue, Suite 1400, Eau Claire, 54703 WI
  • Chief: Jerry Matysik ( Chief of Police)
Phone: 715-839-4975

Eau Claire Police Department is located at 721 Oxford Avenue, Suite 1400, Eau Claire, 54703 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Jerry Matysik. The Eau Claire Police Department phone number is 715-839-4975.

Eau Claire Police Department News

The Eau Claire Police Department employs numerous military veterans. These veterans have admirably served their country both domestically and abroad, and joined the law enforcement community to continue serving on the local level. ECPD realizes the assets these men and women are to our community. One of these veterans is ECPD Officer Wayne Bjorkman. Bjorkman grew up in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, and felt emboldened to enter the army after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. Bjorkman was following in the footsteps of his grandfathers: one served during World War II and the other served during the Korean War. Bjorkman stated military service and patriotism runs deep in his family. "If your country needed you, you went." After September 11, Bjorkman did not hesitate about entering the Army. Bjorkman recalled telling his parents the night of the attack that he wanted to join the Army and defend his country. Bjorkman spoke with an Army recruiter and enlisted in October 2001. Bjorkman explained there was a waiting list when he signed up; hundreds of Minnesotans and thousands of Americans wanted to go and fight for their country after just being attacked. After Bjorkman enlisted he traveled to Fort Benning, Georgia, for basic training, infantry school, and airborne school. Bjorkman chose to become a paratrooper because of the experience and excitement it offered. Bjorkman was then sent overseas. He spent 8 months in Germany before being deployed to Iraq in the spring of 2003. Bjorkman directly participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom by serving as an infantry man. As part of the infantry, he participated in foot patrols, raids, and convoy security. Bjorkman served for 16 months in Iraq and returned to Germany in July 2004. Bjorkman stayed in Germany to help train new recruits and upcoming officers who were being sent to Iraq. In the fall of 2004, while in Germany, Bjorkman received an Expert Infantry Badge award for his service. Bjorkman left the armed forces in January 2005. After leaving the Army, Bjorkman spent time traveling the United States performing numerous jobs and attending college. Bjorkman spent time riding bulls, working as a hunting guide, and training horses. He also met his wife during this time. Bjorkman remained in contact with the comrades he served with in his platoon; many of them had been or were entering the law enforcement profession. This passion to serve also resonated with Bjorkman and he chose to enter the field as well. In January 2012, Bjorkman was hired by ECPD. Since that time, Bjorkman (and his now family of five) have lived in the Eau Claire area. Bjorkman believes his military experience translated well to his role as a patrol officer in Eau Claire. Bjorkman said the tactics he learned have helped him feel more secure and confident when handling emergency calls in Eau Claire. This has allowed him to take a leadership role during some of these incidents to ensure a peaceful resolution. In addition, his experience as a veteran has helped on numerous calls in which veterans have been in need of assistance. Bjorkman has been able to effectively speak with veterans experiencing mental health issues. The bond between veterans has allowed him to obtain individuals’ trust and get veterans the help they need. Bjorkman believes this bond between veterans spans over numerous generations. When Bjorkman first left the Army, speaking with veterans of all ages helped him transition back to living at home. It also added an additional bond between him and his veteran coworkers. ECPD has numerous officers and civilian employees that do, or have, served in the armed forces. We appreciate all they have done, and continue to do. We thank all veterans for their service this Veterans Day. (Police photos by Travis Dewitz Commercial)

Happy Monday: Come to work to find an email scam in my inbox!!! FYI convincing email scam being circulated. Email appears as if it is from Apple regarding your Apple ID. We clicked on the link and the site looked legitimate, but then it asked for DOB and Social Security number! We did some digging and looked back at the email. After checking things further, it is clear it is a SCAM. Pay attention to details (bad grammar, asking for personal information, checking in with the legitimate apple site, etc...!)

Fact: An average person has 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on their head. Fact: Chief Gerald Staniszewski as of this morning has zero hairs on his head! To thank ECPD staff for helping raise over $3000 for cancer awareness, Chief Staniszewski and Deputy Chief Matt Rokus shaved their heads!

Message from Chief Staniszewski regarding the April 8th officer involved shooting at the Westwinds Apartment parking lot involving Gregory Kever. A copy of the Eau Claire Police Department Administrative Review document and other associated documents, including Officer Konkel’s dash cam video, can be obtained on the Eau Claire Police Department Media Release webpage at the following link: http://www.eauclairewi.gov/departments/police-department/newsroom

The situation on Seymour Rd. has been resolved. One person is in custody. Will have additional details on incident later today. Thank you for your patience and support!

The situation on Seymour Rd. has been resolved. One person is in custody. Will have additional details on incident later today. Thank you for your patience and support!

ECPD is currently on scene in the 3600 block of Seymour Rd. Numerous officers are on scene. Public safety is our #1 concern and the incident is contained to this area. Please avoid the area and be patient with our officers. We will update as soon as possible.

It's residential Trick or Treating time in EC. BRING ON THE CANDY!!!! 🍭🍬🍫🍭🍬🍫🍭🍬🍫🍭🍬🍫

It may be cold but Downtown Eau Claire rocks! Trick -or- Treating is happening downtown till 5:00. Come out and see us- we are dressed as Police Officers!

The Eau Claire Police Department utilizes our Facebook account to create relationships and break down barriers with the community that all of our officers and staff are dedicated to serve. We post to educate, inform, create transparency to what we do, and when needed - ask for help. We understand that what we do in our community cannot be done without THE community. This is why we post information like Brenden Felton's case on our Facebook page. We, in conjunction with Brenden's family and friends, want to find Brenden. During the evening of 10/28/17, the Eau Claire Communications Center received a call from a citizen regarding Brenden. Our officers contacted and ultimately arrested Brenden for criminal damage to property; he was then transported to the Eau Claire County Jail. Felton was released from the jail later that evening. After his release, the officer who had arrested Brenden stopped and offered Brenden assistance. Brenden refused and continued walking. Since that time Brenden’s family and friends reported him missing, our investigators have worked to collect evidence, conduct interviews, view public space camera video and conduct searches. We are currently working with the Eau Claire Fire Department to search the river. We continue to ask you, our community members, to work with us to focus the effort toward our mutual goal - to find Brenden. If you have information please call 715-839-4981.

ECPD, along with family and friends of Brenden Felton, need your help! Brenden F. Felton DOB 3/6/1992 was last seen on October 28th. ECPD responded to a call for service that involved Felton. Felton was intoxicated and was subsequently arrested for criminal damage to property. He was brought to the EC County Jail. Felton was released from the EC County Jail that same night and was last seen walking north on First Avenue from Lake Street at approximately 10:25pm. He was wearing blue jeans, a two toned gray hooded sweatshirt and a red undershirt. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the Eau Claire Police Department at 715-839-4972.

Even though Halloween is tomorrow, our guys won't be wearing their scary beards ‘til November! The day after Halloween, male ECPD employees start their month-long journey towards facial hair superiority. Or, depending on who you are, it’s a feeble attempt to no longer look like you’re still in high school. Officer David Chapin is one of 53 ECPD employees who donated to the American Cancer Society in order to join in on the event. In September and October, numerous ECPD employees, in collaboration with Chief Staniszewski and the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign, helped raise over $3,000 to support individuals affected by cancer. Cancer has been something that has directly affected Chapin's family. Both of his grandfathers were diagnosed with cancer and died from conditions related to their diseases. Although Chapin is healthy and had an athletic lifestyle growing up, he knows he is subject to the same cancer risks his relatives were. Chapin believes any type of cancer awareness fundraiser or event is beneficial: it helps with cancer awareness, prevention, and research. Although Chapin understands the seriousness of a cancer diagnosis, and the countless hours and resources put into fighting the disease, his goal is to try and have fun with the inter-office competition. The annual ECPD facial hair competition during the month of November started 5 years ago, and this will be Chapin's second year participating. Chapin grew up in Mukwonago, WI. He played hockey growing up and was a talented goalie. Chapin was awarded all-conference honors for 4 years and played for Team Wisconsin for 3 years. Chapin attended college at UW-Madison and came to Eau Claire after college. He was hired by ECPD in 2015. Chapin has greatly appreciated the culture of team work that law enforcement provides. He brings this concept to his shift and as a member of the Tactical Response Team. As for growing facial hair, Chapin is known for his baby face (and good sense of humor about it!). He stated last year he was a "few hairs away from a legitimate goatee," and is hoping when his beard comes in this year it won't be gray. Chapin indicated his wife also does not appreciate the facial hair; however, he has chosen to sacrifice his relationship happiness to support cancer research. Chapin recognizes he likely won't win the contest for who can grow the best beard, but is willing to give it his best try. The winner of the contest is allowed to keep their facial hair through the month of December. When you see our officers sporting a beard during the month of November, please remember it is all for a great cause! Photography by Travis Dewitz Commercial

Boo Fest at Festival Foods was awesome! We love EC - great participation and costumes. Thanks everyone for coming out in the cold weather to see us.

Boofest at Festival Foods

Halloween has started early at Festival Foods ! Come on out for Boo Fest- we may be the last stop in line, but first in your hearts. 🎃

Information for parents who are concerned their child may have been a victim of sexual abuse. Included is information on how to talk with your child about it.

Fact Friday: Today is National Black Cat Day! Our Community Services Officers have helped numerous black cats over the years with all of the animal cases they respond to 🐱

Information regarding a child sexual assault. We are currently still investigating and will be working with the Department of Human Services and the Child Advocacy Center to contact numerous families about their concerns.

Information for EC Residents and Visitors! Over the past week the ECPD has received numerous reports concerning individuals indicating they are from the World Mission Society Church of God. This appears to be a religious group visiting our area and trying to speak to people. They have been knocking on doors late at night, approaching people in stores, and approaching people in public parking lots. We recognize the group has the right to freedom of speech; however, if you are uncomfortable with them speaking to you, you can tell them NO and to STOP. You can walk away from them. If they come to your home, you do not have to open your door and can tell them to leave your property. If they do not stop, or leave your property after being told to do so, you can contact the Eau Claire County Communications Center at 715-839-4972. You can also contact us if you have other concerns or questions. We are encouraging people to take general safety precautions: be aware of your surroundings, have a plan to call for help if needed, be vocal and say what you are or are not ok with, utilize well-lit areas, and do not take items from people you do not know. (ECPD is also aware of recent reports from people believing they were approached by individuals associated with human trafficking. We do not have information this group is associated with human trafficking, or if individuals approaching others at local retail locations are associated with human trafficking. The ECPD in partnership with Fierce Freedom are asking people to not jump to the conclusion that an incident of being approached is associated with human trafficking. We want everyone to continually practice simple safety precautions. If you do have more questions regarding human trafficking you can contact Fierce Freedom.)

Please contact the ECPD if you have information related to this case. We are also interested in if you were at the park this past weekend and didn’t encounter the deceased rats- it will help us establish when this exactly occurred over the weekend.

Wanted Wednesday: 10-11 Tails! He is small but has a lot of love to give!!! Clarence was found on October 7th in the Halsey Street area, and was brought to the Eau Claire County Humane Association - ECCHA by our CSOs. He is believed to be around 11yo but is still very fashionable. Clarence is currently staying with a foster family, so interested families should apply online (http://www.eccha.org/) or in person to schedule a meet-and greet.

After seeing our story earlier today on female police officers Officer Roder decided he would try and be one. Come see him at Eau Claire Trunk N Treat event- here till 7:30! #blondeshavemorefun???