Eau Claire Police Department

  • Agency: Eau Claire Police Department
  • Address: 721 Oxford Avenue, Suite 1400, Eau Claire, 54703 WI
  • Chief: Jerry Matysik ( Chief of Police)
Phone: 715-839-4975

Eau Claire Police Department is located at 721 Oxford Avenue, Suite 1400, Eau Claire, 54703 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Jerry Matysik. The Eau Claire Police Department phone number is 715-839-4975.

Eau Claire Police Department News

Police officers are trained observers. Yup, we are trained to recognize unusual behavior…including signs of intoxication. Around 2:00 a.m. this morning (aka “bar close”) an Eau Claire Police Officer was inside the Kwik Trip on W. Madison Street when he observed a male and female “stumble” into the store, along with the strong odor of alcohol. In addition to these visual and olfactory observations, the clerk provided an audible clue to the officer after overhearing the couple whisper about getting out of the store “before the cop”. The couple was successful in leaving the store first, but not so successful in leaving the scene. As the male, Cory Thompson attempted to get into the driver’s seat of the vehicle with ignition key in hand, our officer proactively contacted Thompson. Thompson informed the officer that he had been drinking and had driven to the Kwik Trip after leaving a local bar. Thompson failed Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and was arrested for OWI (2nd Offense) and cited for Operating While Suspended. Officers are trained to protect our community. Stopping those who choose to drive while intoxicated is one of many ways our officers proactively serve and protect.

Meth is still an issue in our community, and it is important we continue to talk and learn from each other. Please mark your calendars and come to this event.

Thank you to the Wisconsin Association of Women Police for a great conference at The Lismore Hotel! The training about critical incidents and emotional survival was invaluable. We are also appreciative of all of the women who serve and are proud to have women serving Eau Claire!

When someone makes comments to Officer Riley McLennan calling her a “sweet little thing” or questions her involvement in law enforcement due to her gender and size, she responds with humor. McLennan knows she is small, but she is driven to help her community as the newest female officer to join the force. Despite her small stature, McLennan knew she wanted to join law enforcement ever since she was a little girl. McLennan grew up in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, and her mom tells stories of McLennan's desire to be a police officer since before she can remember. (Of course at that time she also wanted to be a singer, but that dream dissolved once McLennan realized you had to be good at singing) She also has two older brothers who physically helped her get ready for the career: aka roughhousing. McLennan has always been active and knew the career would provide her with a variety of experiences. The job is a "different day, every day," McLennan advised. This career choice led McLennan to attend college at The University of Wisconsin - Stout where she studied Criminal Justice, Rehabilitation Services, and Spanish (McLennan is fluent in Spanish.) She was hired by the ECPD as a patrol officer in December 2016. Once McLennan completed her field training she worked on the afternoon shift responding to hundreds of calls for service while gaining invaluable knowledge from each. This year, McLennan is working on the midnight shift where she is enjoying more unobligated time to conduct self-initiated policing that meets the department’s district initiatives. In addition to enjoying self-initiated police work, McLennan likes the ability to help victims. This is an element of policing where McLennan feels that being a female gives her an advantage. She has found that many female victims are more comfortable talking to female officers about certain topics. She believes this connection has allowed her to more effectively communicate with victims of domestic abuse, sexual assaults and other sensitive cases whether they have been through it before, or are going through it for the first time. All officers are trained to communicate effectively with the public, but sometimes it’s the inherent tools that set certain officers apart. As she continues to grow in this profession, McLennan is excited to learn more about the intricacies of the job from a female perspective. This week at the Wisconsin Association of Women Police Conference being held in Eau Claire, she will be able to learn a little bit about this. The conference will bring valuable training and networking connections to the many female officers who will be in attendance. McLennan is looking forward to talking with and learning from the varied experiences of her counterparts from across the state. McLennan is one of 7 female police officers with ECPD, and one of over 1500 female officers in the state. ECPD is proud to have Officer Riley McLennan on our team!

Our Saint Patrick's Day Patrol Line-up: Everyone is Irish on March 17th! Happy Saint Patty's Day.

Our officers work hard and risk their personal safety every day: Yesterday afternoon officers responded to the area of America's Best Value in for a 911 call. A female reported Mauro Martinez had threatened her with a rifle, and was circling the building in his car. When officers responded to the area they located Martinez. They searched his vehicle and found 2 pounds of marijuana and a loaded 9mm magazine. When officers searched his hotel room a HI Point 9mm Rifle was located along with drug paraphernalia. Martinez is also a felon, is on probation, and it is illegal for him to possess a firearm! While all of this was occurring a female related to the case, Shayla Goetzka, became confrontational with officers. She spit on officers, was resistive, and was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine. Martinez and Goetzka were arrested for multiple charges and are scheduled for court tomorrow. (The ECPD maintains positive relationships with hotels and motels, and continuously patrol their lots to ensure the safety of Eau Claire residents and visitors.)

Members of the ECPD Crime Scene Unit are at the Wisconsin Association for Identification annual conference learning new evidence processing techniques (3D video capturing of crime scenes, electric vehicle forensics, fentanyl safety, footwear impressions, etc....)

Finding great officers for our community doesn't come without work. Thank you to UW Platteville Criminal Justice Association for hosting today's recruiting fair. We've been successful with UW-Platteville alumni and we're hoping for more.

Our Crime Scene Unit helps collect the proper evidence in a more efficient manner. This helps with successful case resolvement. Please let us know if you have questions: We are happy to answer them!

Thank you to everyone who attended the community forum at Delong Middle School tonight! Your input was heard and appreciated.

Is ECPD is involved in a very important community conversation tonight at Delong Middle School = School Resource Officers and the proposed Eau Claire Area School District policy involving them. We appreciate the communities feedback, and the partnership with the school district.

Detective Justin Greuel may be following in his father's footsteps but he is breaking new ground with his work on our Crime Scene Unit. Greuel was born in Two Rivers, WI but grew up in Oshkosh, WI. His father worked for the Oshkosh Police Department and served as the Chief of Police from 2007 until he retired in 2016. Having a police officer for a father influenced Greuel to serve. Greuel stated he knew growing up that law enforcement was a rewarding career that would allow him to positively influence a community and it would provide variety. Greuel chose the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire for college, and fell in love with the town. He knew he wanted to work in a mid-size city with a reputable police department, and Eau Claire offered just that. Greuel was hired as a patrol officer with the ECPD in 2006. Since that time he has experienced the job variety he was hoping for. Greuel is currently a General Crimes Detective and has served as a Police Training Officer, Crisis Negotiator, Instructor for Emergency Vehicle Operations, and is involved with Crisis Intervention. He is also a member of the Crime Scene Unit. Greuel joined the Crime Scene Unit in 2008 and was drawn to CSU because of his interest in forensic science and the ever changing developments of science. Greuel stated "something that wasn't even thought of 15 years ago is now common practice." These advancements, and what the next 15 years will bring, are something that intrigues Greuel. He is also intrigued by the value physical evidence has on a case. Greuel stated people can lie and be deceitful but physical evidence doesn't lie. The certainty small hairs, a big shoe print, surveillance video, or DNA evidence provides are invaluable to cases: "You were here because your DNA was here," stated Greuel. As part of CSU Greuel has worked numerous cases ranging from homicides to property crimes. One of the most rewarding cases he has been involved with was a burglary that occurred to Mike's Star Market. A rock had been thrown through a window and the suspect was able to reach in and unlock the door. Greuel swabbed the edges of the broken glass for DNA. The suspect's skin cells had transferred onto the glass, and the DNA swab was sent off to the state crime lab. The lab was able to identify a suspect, and detectives obtained a confession from them. This case proved to Greuel how a simple DNA swab can solve an otherwise static case. It also helped bring closure to a business that lost money and a sense of security. All of Greuel's, and other CSU team members' knowledge, requires specialized training. When an officer initially joins CSU they receive 80 hours of initial training for crime scene and evidence processing. They also receive additional training on new or specialized techniques every year. This week Officer Greuel will be attending the Wisconsin Association for Identification conference which will teach him new evidence practices. He will be able to bring these new skills back to ECPD so we can better serve the city. (2nd photo provided by Travis Dewitz Commercial)

In Partnership with Our Community! In 1980, we began a great partnership with the Eau Claire Area School District. At the time, one police officer served all Eau Claire schools. In 1995, we were ultimately able to expand the number of Police School Liaison Officers (now titled School Resource Officers) to four through a U.S. Federal DOJ grant. In 2016, we realigned staffing to add one additional SRO to have one assigned to each high school and middle school, while also working with the elementary schools in their school district boundaries. In this joint relationship, the Eau Claire Police Department and the Eau Claire Area School District split the funding of these positions. Today, our SROs serve 11,300 students in 20 schools.

On Monday patrol was dispatched to a burglary at Winona State Bank in Eau Claire. The business had been broken into over the weekend -- computers, tools, money and miscellaneous office materials were taken. While investigating officers located numerous items the suspects had touched and left behind. •Clue #1 – A water bottle was located along with a Kwik Trip receipt for the water bottle purchase. •Clue #2 –The water bottle had been purchased at a local Kwik Trip within the time frame of the burglary •Clue #3 -- Officers went to Kwik Trip and obtained surveillance video of the transaction. •Clue #4 -- Officers recognized the male and female in the surveillance video. Yesterday Officers made contact with suspects Daniel Reeves and Jessica Ness. Detectives spoke with them and they were arrested for burglary. This case is still being investigated: another suspect may be involved and the stolen property has not been recovered. If you have more information about this case contact Det. Greuel at 715-839-4970.

Come and be a part of an important conversation! Our SRO program is a crucial tool to keep our schools safe.

Check out this event tonight at the library,

A great example of team work: just a few minutes ago Patrol Officers were dispatched to the North district for a female who had cut herself with a knife on her arms and neck. When Officers arrived she ran from the house. Numerous officers responded to the area to try and locate her. Detectives assisted by locating her on public space cameras. Everyone communicated with each other until she was found. EMS/ECFD then arrived on scene to provide her the help she needed.

Every year the ECPD publishes an annual report. A "snapshot" of that report is now available. Come to the ECPD lobby if you would like a copy of the 2017 Community Update pamphlet!

ECPD believes neighborhoods and neighborhood issues are very important. Here are some FAQ and tips.

Your commute home is going to be icy. Drive safely. Sadly, the sand you are going to see isn't from or at a beach!

Our new Delong Middle School Resource Officer is settling in and loving his new role! School Resource Officer Nate Ollmann has always been interested in working with kids. Ollmann grew up all over the United States, but his family settled in Wisconsin. Ollmann graduated high school from Green Bay Southwest in 2003, and attended the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, obtaining a degree in Psychology and Family Studies. During Ollmann’s last semester of college he realized that he wanted to apply his education to the law enforcement profession. Ollmann knew that he wanted to work with children and families. Since being hired with the ECPD in 2009 he has had an interest in becoming a School Resource Officer (SRO). Ollmann wanted to be able to interact and work with kids in a positive way. In January of 2018 Ollmann achieved this goal and became the SRO at Delong Middle School. In just the past few months, Ollmann believes he has made hundreds of positive contacts with students and staff. An SRO's purpose is to support and facilitate the educational process by providing a safe and secure environment by building and establishing meaningful relationships with students, staff, and families. Every morning Ollmann is in the halls waiting to greet students, he is also there at the end of the day to make sure kids feel safe when they leave. Throughout the day he makes contacts with students sent to the office. Students and staff also reach out to him directly. When an incident occurs, Ollmann and staff work together to determine if his involvement is needed. Regardless of the reason for the contact, Ollmann says he tries hard to find a way to relate and connect with the student. He often spends time shooting hoops or playing catch with students who earn a reward or need to cool down following an incident. Being an SRO also provides Ollmann the ability to go into classes to proactively talk about issues students are facing, and answer questions they may have. Ollmann stated that a majority of the incidents he sees revolve around cell phones and social media. Sometimes these incidents are handled by school staff, but sometimes they are more serious and he may need to speak with the student about how their conduct causes safety concerns and potential repercussions. Ollmann utilizes the opportunity to speak with parents about social media. He encourages them to learn about apps and the technology children are using so they can better monitor it. Although kids are usually more tech savvy than their parents, they are still kids and it is important we work together to teach them about appropriate technology use. In addition to his job as an SRO Ollmann has become part of the ECPD Tactical Response Team. He has served as a sniper on the team since 2015. He is also a Police Training Officer and an armorer for the department. The ECPD is grateful for Ollmann's diverse background and skill set, and we are excited for him in his new position!

Check out this free community event to help encourage positive activities! April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Anybody can get colon cancer = EVEN POLICE OFFICERS! Today was National Dress in Blue Day to encourage everyone to learn about the causes of colon cancer and raise awareness. #StrongArmSelfies