Platteville Police Department

  • Agency: Platteville Police Department
  • Address: 165 N 4th St, Platteville, 53818 WI
  • Chief: Earl A Hernandez (Chief of Police)
Phone: 608-348-2313
Fax: 608-348-4916

Platteville Police Department is located at 165 N 4th St, Platteville, 53818 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Earl A Hernandez. The Platteville Police Department phone number is 608-348-2313.

Platteville Police Department News

The Platteville Police Department is seeking information on the identities of the two persons in this photo. They are persons of interest in a theft case from September of 2017. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. **11/13/2017 Thank you for the responses. We believe we have identified the suspects.**

City of Platteville Police Chief Doug McKinley and University of Wisconsin-Platteville Police Chief Joe Hallman stand outside the Platteville Piggly Wiggly during the Stuff-The-Cruiser event held last Saturday. We would like to thank all those who contributed food and money to the food drive. All of the donated items will go to the local Platteville Food Pantry.

Today is Sweet Treats on Main! For the safety of everyone participating, Main Street will be closed to vehicle traffic from about 10:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. This closure will be from Water St./Hwy. 80 to Chestnut St./Hwy. 81. There will Community Service Officers helping pedestrians cross these intersections. Please pay extra attention during this time!

At approximately 12:45 PM, on Friday, October 20, 2017, Platteville Police officers responded to a hold up alarm from American Bank & Trust. It was determined a bank robbery had occurred. The suspect is described as a white male, in his 40’s, about 5’7” – 5’8” tall with a clean shaven face and head. Suspect was wearing a black baseball hat, sunglasses, a tightly fitted black t-shirt, and blue jeans. No weapon was displayed and no one was injured during the incident. Suspect was last seen on foot, leaving the area with an undisclosed amount of cash. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Platteville Police Department, (608)348-2313.

Help us Stuff-The-Cruiser on October 28th at Piggly Wiggly in Platteville from 10 am to 12 pm

Officer Paul Rehlinger receives a $500 donation to the PD's Shop with a Cop Program from Pastor Cheryl Weaver and the Youth Group at the Platteville United Methodist Church.

Incident Type: Assault with a Weapon Incident Date: 9-25-2017 Arrested: Mitchell Robert Floerke, 17, Platteville, WI On September 25th at 7:40 pm, Platteville Police Officers were called to a residence on Lancaster Street for a report of a stabbing. When officers arrived, they were informed by the 31 year old male victim that the suspect had fled the scene and identified him as Floerke. The victim received wounds to his back, chest and arms during the struggle with the suspect. Approximately an hour after the incident was reported, the suspect, surrendered peacefully to police outside a residence on East Madison Street in the City of Platteville. Floerke was taken to the Grant County Jail. The investigation of this incident is ongoing and charges will be referred to the Grant County District Attorney once it is complete. As with any criminal case, the suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

**********COUNTERFEIT MONEY ALERT********** The Platteville Police Department has received reports from local businesses and organizations conducting sales that they are receiving counterfeit currency. The bills are in $10, $20 and $50 denominations. There are multiple serial numbers on the bills. Please have employees/volunteers check all money for authenticity. Security features to look for are: 1. Subtle Background colors (these colors vary depending on the denomination). 2. Size: All bills should be 6.14" by 2.61". Printing will be centered and in alignment with the paper edges. 3. Color shifting ink in the lower left corner. 4. A watermark of the center image will be visible from both sides of the bill when held up to the light. 5. Security threads embedded in the bill. 6. Raised ink. 7. Micro printing around the center image (may need a magnifying glass to see). For more specific details of these security features for each particular bill visit If you have received a bill that does not seem to be authentic, contact police immediately.

Join the Platteville Police Department for FREE hotdogs, soda and lawn games, all while getting to know your neighbors! Officers will be answering questions and providing helpful tips to make this a successful school year!

The Platteville Police Department is seeking assistance in identifying the subject in the attached photo. He is a person of interest in a theft case here in Platteville and for thefts also in Dodgeville and Dubuque. All persons are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Run your errands early, or in the afternoon, if you want to get through town tomorrow! Dairy Days parade starts at 9:30 AM, some streets closing at 8!

Reminder tomorrow is the Dairy Days Parade plan on delays and congested traffic in and around Main Street. Areas for staging will be closed beginning at 8 AM. The Parade starts at 9:30 AM. The RED area in the map below shows the parade route and streets that will be closed to vehicle traffic. ORANGE on the map shows where traffic will be allowed to cross Main Street as breaks in the parade allow. Expect long waits on Chestnut and Water Streets. GREEN shows the suggested detours. ***Eastbound traffic on Main Street should turn North on Washington Street, East on Union, North on Hickory then East on Cedar Street. ***Northbound traffic (except for heavy trucks) on Water Street should turn east on Pine Street, North on Cora, West on Main Street then continue North on Broadway.

Question of the Week: "What are the quiet hours in the City?" Answer: The City Ordinance 41.02(2) regarding the Prohibition of Loud and Unnecessary noise states: No person shall make or cause to be made any loud sounds or noises which tend to annoy or disturb another in any public or private place. This means that there are no designated quite hours in the City of Platteville, although a level of reasonableness is taken into consideration for each call. A violation of the ordinance can be reported and enforced at any time. This is true whether you are on private or public lands. What you may consider reasonable, may be unreasonable to another person or a neighbor. If the level of noise is considered annoying or disturbing to another party, a violation has occurred. Be a good neighbor. If you are going to have a gathering, speak to people in your neighborhood and let them know in advance. Give them your phone number or welcome them to come and knock on your door if they have an issue. The best solution is often the one reached between members of the public without having to get Law Enforcement involved. In 2016 the Platteville Police Department took 207 calls related to loud noise violations. Our goal is that this number is greatly reduced. Thanks for reading.

Back to school!! There will soon be tears shed by parents as our kids head back to school. Some tears will be shed as anxious parents send there little ones of to school for the first time. Some tears will be tears of joy as the parents are happy the kids are back in school after a LONG summer. Either way, don't let your tears be because you weren't safe around our schools. Please pay attention near crosswalks and slow down in school zones. We will be around the schools to make sure everyone is safe as school is back in session. Have a safe, successful year Platteville Hillmen!

Question of the week: I remember in the past the police department handed out trading cards to kids. Are you still doing that? Funny you should ask! Once again this year the Platteville Police Department has partnered with the Green Bay Packers and will be handing out an awesome set of Packers trading cards to kids. Each card features a Packer player or coach and on the back includes the player's profile along with an important safety tip. To get a set of cards just have your child ask a Platteville Police Officer when they see them out in the public. Each officer will have the cards with them. Our officers love this program, as do the kids of the community. Ask soon as they are usually gone fast! GO PACK GO!!!!

On August 29 and August 31, the Platteville Police Department will be conducting Rescue Task Force training in partnership with the Platteville School District. The training will involve realistic scenarios which should not be mistaken for actual incidents. Signage indicating that Police Training is taking place will be posted at the School District buildings where the training is being held.

Question of the Week: How do I pay a parking citation issued by the City of Platteville Police? There are three options by which to pay parking tickets: 1)Platteville Police Department Lobby: - Stop in anytime between 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). The secretaries can accept payment for parking tickets. Payments are accepted through the following methods: Cash (Exact change is not required. Coins are not accepted.) Personal Check (exact amount owed for the citation is required) Money Order (exact amount owed for the citation is required) Credit or Debit Card (A 7% service fee will be added to the total of the transaction.) 2) Platteville Police Department Dropbox: A secure drop box is located just inside the front door to the police department. It is accessible to the public 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Envelopes are provided for depositing payments in the box. Please include the following information inside the envelop with the payment or on the outside of the envelop: -Name of the individual the citation was issued to -Phone number at which the above individual can easily be reached -Citation number -If the citation number is not available, please provide as much as possible of the following: -License plate number the citation was issued to -The date of the citation -The location where the vehicle was ticketed -The type of violation for which the citation was written Preferred Payment Methods: Personal Check Money Order Cash is also accepted, but exact change is required. 3)Online payment for parking tickets is also accepted. (A 7% service fee will be added to the total of the transaction.) To pay a parking ticket online, follow these steps: Log on to the city’s website: In the upper right hand corner of the homepage, locate the search box. In the search box, type “pay a fine”.Hit enter The first result is the information/link for online payments. Click the link for GovPay which will take you to another site. Follow the prompts to pay the citation What to do if you do not believe that you should have received a parking citation: Fill out a Parking Ticket Review Form. These forms can be obtained in person at the police department lobby during the secretarial hours listed above. This form can also be filed online on the city’s website. Search “parking ticket review”. Follow the directions on the form. All forms will be reviewed by a lieutenant who may decide to uphold, reduce, or void the ticket. Please allow ten business days for a parking ticket review to be completed.

Question of the week: My ex and I do a child exchange every week at the same time. I would like an officer to help with the exchange to make sure everything goes smooth. How can I do this? Answer: The Platteville Police Department can assist you in ensuring that the child exchange happens in a safe and smooth manner. Here are some guidelines to remember: -Absolutely every effort must be made to perform the exchange at the Platteville Police Department. (If this is not possible, arrangements need to be approved ahead of time by a supervisor at the department). -Police supervision during child exchanges is dependent on call volume and officer availability. Involved parties are welcome to exchange the child(ren) in the police department lobby at any time (regardless of officer availability). The lobby of the police department is always under surveilannce. An officer will be present if requested and available at the time of the exchange. -In order to coordinate with the officer, a courtesy call to the police department an hour or more prior to the exchange (on the same day) allows the officer to plan to respond to the exchange. -Timeliness is beneficial to all parties involved. If the time of the exchange has changed from the original plan, please notify the police department as soon as possible, and we will make every effort to accommodate the new time. -Child exchanges are a civil matter. This means that unless there is a criminal act, the police department’s role is only to facilitate a peaceful exchange.

Based on complaints of drivers disregarding the speed limit, officers will be spending more time enforcing the 15 mph speed limit on Pitt Street (Legion Field), Sylvia Street (pool), and the downtown section of Main Street. FYI as we prefer people to follow the speed limit on their own. Thank-you!

Question of the week: Help! I locked my keys in my vehicle. Can you unlock my car? As a service to the community, the Platteville Police Department provides assistance to individuals locked out of their vehicles and residences. Here are some helpful guidelines if you find yourself in this situation (and you will....) Vehicle Lockouts -Please do not dial 911 for a vehicle lockout unless an emergency is present. Such emergencies can include but are not limited to: individual trapped in the vehicle, the vehicle is in an unsafe location, the vehicle is in gear and may roll from its current position, or a medical emergency is occurring inside the vehicle. -When calling for a vehicle lockout, dial the non-emergency number, 348-2313, and have the following information ready for the dispatcher: Location of the vehicle License plate number and state Caller information: First name, Last name, Middle initial, Date of birth -When the officer or community service officer arrives to perform the lockout, the caller will be asked to fill out a form with identifying information. He/she will also be asked to sign a release of liability of any damages incurred to the vehicle during the lockout process. -This is a service provided by the police department at no cost to the community. Residential Lockouts -Unless an emergency is present inside a residence, officers are not able to assist in manually gaining access to residences. -Every effort should be made to obtain the contact information for the landlord or property owner. If other individuals are authorized to have access to the location, have their contact information readily available as well (coworkers, keyholders, roommates, etc.) The Platteville Police Department maintains a call out list for professional locksmiths in the area if there are no other parties that can be reached. These services are subject to availability and fees assessed by the respective businesses.

Sometime today or tomorrow, the UW-Platteville will be testing a new speaker system at the stadium. FYI of those that live in the proximity.

Question: People occasionally ask questions about 911 but rather than addressing a single question, following is a summary of what one could say is “911 Etiquette” Answer: 911 was implemented nationwide to provide people with a universal phone number to dial in an emergency. Speak clearly and know your location. Dispatchers handle hundreds of calls per day on both the 911 system and non-emergency lines. Our standard questions begin with location and the nature of the emergency. We will ask you for your name and phone number as well as the patient’s name and date of birth (if someone other than you is in distress). If we are not familiar with where you are, we will ask for directions. If you are out of the Platteville emergency district, we will transfer the call. Please stay on the line as it will take a few seconds. The general understanding of dialing 911 is that someone is in crisis. It is imperative that the dispatcher be able to understand what you need. Take a deep breath and compose yourself so services can be dispatched immediately. The information you provide can save your life of that of a loved one. Stay on the phone when you dial 911. The call must hit a cell tower and then transfer to a dispatcher. It might seem like a long time, but actually is only seconds. If you dial 911 in error, please stay on the phone so that the dispatcher can confirm that the call is in error. If you do not stay on the line, the dispatcher will call back the number and send an officer to check on you. If you are calling about being involved in, or witnessing of an accident, we want to know the location, if there are any injuries and if the street is blocked. We’ll also ask if anyone is trapped in a vehicle so that we can have the fire department respond with JAWS – yes, the dispatcher handles all 911 calls for police, fire and the ambulance. If you are calling about a car/deer accident, which happens quite frequently, please call yourself. Do not call a family member first and have them call, call us direct. We need to ask questions that only you can answer. We will ask the standard questions, but also if the deer is in the roadway. If you are going to allow a small child to play with your de-activated phone, please remove the battery. De-activated phones are still able to dial 911. When someone dials 911 repeatedly without an emergency (which happens occasionally), there is the potential to be issued a citation for Misuse of 911 which will cost $263.50, a court date and a potential criminal record. 911 is a great tool to report emergencies, please use it for such. We are here to get you the help you need.

We had a great time handing out "speeding tickets" to those who wanted to show off their skills at this year's Southwest Health Berry Fest.

Our second question/answer submission. Question: What city parks am I allowed to take or walk my dog within the city of Platteville? Does my dog have to be on a leash? Even if it is with me? Answer: The long and lengthy answer to these questions can be found on the City of Platteville website under chapter 6 of the municipal code. Here is the short and sweet answer. Dogs are allowed to be off a leash at the Dog Park located on Valley Road. The Dog Park and Mound View Park are the only two parks within the city that dogs are allowed however dogs at Mound View Park must still be leashed. Dogs are allowed on the walking path of Smith Park (by the pool) if kept on a leash. Dogs are also allowed to be off leash on the owner's property, as long as the dog is under control. Dogs are to be on a leash everywhere else within the city.