Two Rivers Police Department

  • Agency: Two Rivers Police Department
  • Address: 1717 East Park Street, Two Rivers, 54241 WI
  • Chief: Joseph Collins (Chief of Police)
Phone: (920) 686-7200
Fax: (920) 793-5500

Two Rivers Police Department is located at 1717 East Park Street, Two Rivers, 54241 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Joseph Collins. The Two Rivers Police Department phone number is (920) 686-7200.

Two Rivers Police Department News

At the funeral of our good friend Captain Joe Jasmer the 4 Police Chiefs from 1981 - present were all together. Chief Randy Ammerman (2002-2004) , Chief Mike Lien (1986-2001), Chief Joe Collins (2005 - present), and Chief Jim Tome (1981-1986).

R.I.P. Captain Jasmer

Officer Andrew Lade and Officer Bradley Dimmick were both sworn in last night at the Two Rivers City Council meeting. Chief Collins also pinned their badges as they joined the Two Rivers Police Department. Welcome Officers!

Manitowoc County Drug Disposal Program Residents may bring unwanted drugs and medications to this program free of charge. October 21, 2017 from 10 AM to 3 PM Crime Prevention Day Manitowoc County Expo - Merchants Building 4921 Expo Drive, Manitowoc, WI Acceptable Items: -Prescription Medications -Over the Counter Drugs -Veterinary Medications -Controlled Substances -Supplements Guidelines: Place pills in a “ziplock” style bag that is quart size or less. Liquids, creams, powders, and medical inhalers can stay in their original container with caps tightened. Pill bottles and boxes are NOT accepted. Cross out your personal information and dispose or recycle them at home. Needsles, sharps, lancets, mercury devices, chemical waste, electronic glucose monitors, non-medical inhalers, and personal care products like shampoo and cosmetics will NOT be accepted. DO NOT bring medications to drug disposal events before or after the listed times. Practice safe storage by keeping your medications in a secured location. Practice reduction by consulting with your physician about your medication needs. Never share your prescriptions with another person.  . For information on this or other programs call the Recycling Center at 920-683-4333 or visit Sponsored by the Manitowoc County Metro Drug Unit and the Manitowoc County Drug Disposal Collaborative

So what kind of people work for the Two Rivers Police Department? Glad you asked. Yesterday a family from Texas with an infant were stranded in Two Rivers with no where to stay, no money to get home, and no money for food. One of our officers worked with a local charity to get bus fair covered for the family to return to Texas. The officer learned it was a 2 day bus ride and the family had no money for food for themselves or their infant child. This officer and his partner provided money to pay for their food during their entire trip back to Texas. Thanks Officers!

Please drive safely so our kids can have a great school year!

"I was going through my Dad's old photo album and came across this photo. It was taken when my Uncle Warren Stuebs was on the force (just a few years ago)." Wendy Navani Fleury. So who can identify the year of this squad?

We are committed to giving our citizens our best. With that in mind we often we receive complaints/ concerns messaged to us on our Facebook page that should be addressed immediately or directly by an officer by contacting our dispatch center. Our citizens have come to expect and deserve the best we can offer so it is important that in order to receive this level of service they contact us through the appropriate channels. If there is non-time sensitive information you wish to share, a general concern, question or statement about something of a non emergency nature please feel free to continue using our private messages as it is a great communication and feedback tool and we will respond to you as quickly as we can. We recently added the statement below to our terms of use section of our page- The Two Rivers Police Department Facebook page is a tool and resource for our agency to receive and share information, but it is not monitored 24/7. If you have a complaint, concern or something that needs to be reported immediately please contact our dispatch center at (920) 686-7200 and an officer will be dispatched to address your concern. In the event of an emergency please call 911. Thanks everyone!

Community Care Day has moved inside the Community House because of the rain. Please stop in and say hi.