Kronenwetter Police Department

  • Agency: Kronenwetter Police Department
  • Address: 1582 Kronenwetter Drive, Kronenwetter, 54455 WI
  • Chief: Daniel Joling (Chief of Police)
Phone: 715-693-4215
Fax: 715-693-4228

Kronenwetter Police Department is located at 1582 Kronenwetter Drive, Kronenwetter, 54455 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel Joling. The Kronenwetter Police Department phone number is 715-693-4215.

Kronenwetter Police Department News

*****Police Activity Yesterday Afternoon***** Yesterday afternoon, many of you may have noticed a heavy police presence in a few areas in Kronenwetter: First along I-39 and the Compass Insurance/American Asphalt area and then shortly thereafter in the Timber Creek subdivision. Various agencies were engaged in an effort to apprehend a subject wanted on a pair of felony crimes. Wausau PD had felony charges of criminal damage to property and EVPD had a charge of fleeing an officer. Shortly after the suspect fled from EVPD, they terminated the pursuit at Camp Phillips and Highway 29. The suspect continued on the highway until his vehicle broke down along I-39 south of Kowalski Rd, at which point he left on foot. The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office provided K-9 assistance in an effort to track the suspect; however, initial efforts to apprehend him were unsuccessful. MCSO Deputies later located the subject and took him into custody.

Big thanks to the Samuels Group for delivering cookies the other day! We really appreciate their hospitality.

Congratulations to everyone who attended this school, including KPD Officer Soua Xiong. Officer Brad Wolff graduated from an earlier session, which gives us two KPD officers certified in this discipline.

***REMINDER: Kronenwetter ordinance 496-24 (no overnight parking from 2am-7am)*** Overnight parking restrictions start today and run until May 1st, 2018. If you have friends or family visiting during this timeframe, please make them aware of the parking rules. Thank you.

Parents please check your children's candy once they get home and discard anything that is open or looks strange. In case you get this issue that Menominee Tribal Police had, please call your local police department.

Trick-or-Treat in Kronenwetter will be Tuesday October 31st from 4pm to 7:30pm. Come out and have some fun.

Congratulations to Captain Schultz! This is a very well deserved promotion and Captain Schultz will do a great job with EVPD!

***Found Toys at Sunset Park*** Today a good collection of found Tonka and Fisher Price toys were found at Sunset Park. If you know who could have lost these fun toys, please call the Kronenwetter Police Department at (715) 693-4215 or stop in. Thank you.

Big congratulations to Deputy Chief Bliven for being chosen as the next chief for Wausau PD!! Deputy Chief Bliven is an outstanding selection and he's going to do a great job leading that department.

Join our Fire Department on October 8th and have some fun.

KPD HIRES NEW PART TIME OFFICER We are happy to announce that Officer Greg Bean has been hired and is currently on field training. Officer Bean is a full time Stevens Point Sergeant and has 24 years of law enforcement experience. He has served as a drug investigator, Detective Sgt, SWAT member, and Training Sgt. His years of experience will serve the village well and we feel fortunate to have him on board!

Well it's that time of year again and let's review the rules of the road for approaching and passing school buses. Let's keep our youth and everyone safe.

KPD officers are also participating in this safety campaign with hopes that we have a safe end to the summer!

Enjoy some donuts and say hi to everyone involved.

Please contact Wausau PD if you know anything.

Please contact the village if you are interested in being a crossing guard.

***UNLOCKED VEHICLE CASE SOLVED*** On July 11th, your Kronenwetter Police Department identified four juveniles that admitted to entering more than 30 vehicles in a three day crime spree on Eva Road. Due to the ages of the suspects, we cannot give out any information about them. Four juveniles are being charged with theft. Items from the thefts have been recovered and returned to the owners. We are still conducting follow-up investigations to make sure every victim has their items returned to them. We are asking the Kronenwetter residents to contact us if you had any items taken from your vehicles on Eva Road between July 7th and July 10th. We want to thank everyone that shared our Facebook post and WSAW news for posting this story. We are very proud to serve this community. Thank you Village of Kronenwetter residents!!! Officer Wolff

***ATTENTION*** Our Department has taken reports of theft from vehicles. Please remember to lock your vehicle doors. If you see something suspicious, please report it. As always don't leave valuables in plain sight. Kronenwetter PD (715) 693-4215 M-F 8-4:30p Marathon Dispatch (715) 261-1200...anytime you can't reach a Kronenwetter Officer Officer Wolff

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Good evening Kronenwetter!!! Tonight I had the privilege to meet a great group of kids while patrolling the village. I was approached on Woodgate Lane and Setter Drive by some eager young kids wanting to see the police car. Each one had their opportunity to sit in the squad car, run the emergency lights and siren. The kids enjoyed exploring the squad car’s front and back seats. All of them had the opportunity to try on my ballistic gear (vest and helmet). I can’t express how great it was to spend some time with the local kids in Kronenwetter. Our belief here at your Kronenwetter Police Department is “Community Focused, People First”. Officer Wolff

***KPD OFFICERS BRAD WOLFF AND MATT LOVELESS AWARDED LETTERS OF RECOGNITION*** On 06/15/2017, Your Kronenwetter Police Department awarded Officer Brad Wolff and Officer Matt Loveless with Letters of Recognition for outstanding performance. Officer Wolff was presented a Letter of Recognition by Lt. Smart for his investigation into a child sexual assault. Officer Wolff demonstrated excellent communicational skills with everyone involved in the case and his ability to reflect, analyze and implement steps in the investigation was outstanding. Officer Loveless was presented a Letter of Recognition by Lt. Smart for his strong work drive in making traffic stops. On May 1st, 2017 Officer Loveless conducted a traffic stop on I-39 after the registered owner returned revoked and displayed an active warrant. Officer Loveless was assisted by a K9 unit and returned with a positive alert on the vehicle. Officer Loveless ultimately arrested the driver for two felony drug and three misdemeanor charges all of which were drug related. We are extremely proud of all of our officers here at the police department. Congratulations to both Officer Wolff and Officer Loveless on receiving these letters. Both letters are attached for everyone to read.

***Door to Door Salesman*** Your Kronenwetter Police Department has taken few complaints about a suspicious male party going door to door selling items. Officers have verified the identity of the party as Breyden Main. Breyden works for Southwestern Advantage as an Independent Product Representative. The Village of Kronenwetter requires that a person needs to obtain a permit for solicitation in the village. Breyden does have a current permit on file through our department. Safety Tips: If someone comes to your door selling items, you can always call the Kronenwetter Police Department (715) 693-4215 during normal business hours of M-F 8-4 or call the Marathon County Dispatch Center at (715) 261-1200 and ask for a Kronenwetter Officer to come to the area and check on the person. 1) You don't have to answer the door for anyone that you don't know. 2) Never allow the unknown person to enter your residence. 3) Never give out personal information (social security numbers, date of birth, credit card numbers as a few examples) Thank you to everyone that had reached out to us on this matter. Officer Wolff