Tomah Police Department

  • Agency: Tomah Police Department
  • Address: 805 Superior Avenue, Tomah, 54660 WI
  • Chief: Wes Revels (Chief of Police)
Phone: 608-374-7400
Fax: ​608-374-7413

Tomah Police Department is located at 805 Superior Avenue, Tomah, 54660 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Wes Revels. The Tomah Police Department phone number is 608-374-7400.

Tomah Police Department News

Date: March 8, 2018 For Immediate Release Contact: Kevin Croninger, Monroe County District Attorney (608) 269-8780 [SPARTA WI] Monroe County District Attorney Kevin Croninger announced today that the actions of Deputy Jesse Murphy of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office on January 07, 2018 were lawful and reasonable acts of defense of others. Therefore, there will be no criminal charges in relation to the incident resulting in the death of Skyler D. Burnette, on January 07, 2018 in the City of Sparta. Wisconsin law allows all persons, including police officers, to use deadly force in an act of selfdefense or defense of others if the person reasonably believed that he or another person faced an unlawful interference that created a risk of death or great bodily harm. If, as here, the person’s actions are privileged under the law of self-defense and/or the defense of others they cannot be convicted of any crime. At approximately 09:58 a.m. on January 07, 2018, the Monroe County dispatch center received a phone call from a distraught female on Saint Anne Street in the City of Sparta, the information provided by the female was not entirely clear. The female stated that the father of her children wanted to see the children and would “only stop if he sees his kids.” Screaming and crying could be heard on the phone call. Officer Marc Nelson and Officer Christopher Welker of the City of Sparta Police Department, were the first officers to respond. While officers were enroute, a separate call was received from another female caller. The caller advised her son had a knife to the throat of his girlfriend and the caller previously removed a different knife from the male. This information was immediately relayed to responding officers. Officers were also advised that the male and female were still in the residence and that the second 911 caller was outside the residence. Upon arrival at the residence, Officer Marc Nelson briefly spoke with the second female caller and then proceeded to the apartment. Upon arriving near the entrance to the apartment, Officer Nelson could hear a female screaming and crying within the residence. Officer Nelson and Officer Welker attempted to gain entrance to assist the female but were initially unsuccessful as the door was barricaded with a couch. Officers were eventually able to gain entry to the apartment. Within the apartment, officers observed Skyler Burnette holding a knife and holding a female hostage. Officer Nelson, Officer Welker, Sergeant Booker Ferguson of the City of Sparta Police Department, along withDeputy Jesse Murphy of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office entered the apartment. Burnette and the female were seated on the floor near the hallway. Over the course of the next 18 minutes or so, the officers attempted to deescalate the situation and negotiate a resolution with Burnette. Review of body camera footage of involved officers displayed that during that 18 minutes, law enforcement ordered Burnette at least 44 times to drop the knife, Burnette was also ordered numerous times to release the female victim. These orders were made while officers directed their firearms towards Burnette. Burnette consistently and repeatedly refused to do so, demanded to see his children and at times appeared to have delusions about what was occurring. Furthermore, Burnette told officers the female victim was pregnant and made comments about a suicide attempt and wanting law enforcement to shoot him. During this time frame, officers were unable to exercise any type of force on Burnette as doing so would have endangered the life or safety of the female victim. After approximately 18 minutes, Burnette appeared to further escalate the situation as he changed his position and held the knife in a manner as if he was about to attack the female victim. Burnette’s movement created a line of sight for Deputy Jesse Murphy who fired a lethal shot to the right ear area of Burnette. Burnette was still holding the female victim hostage with a knife to her throat at the time he was shot. Burnette was immediately incapacitated by the round. Officers quickly moved forward, removed the now lifeless body of Burnette from the female victim and quickly removed her from the residence. First responders arrived in the apartment shortly thereafter. However, little help could be provided to Burnette, as it was immediately obvious the injury sustained was not compatible with life. In an interview following the incident the female victim indicated she believed Burnette was going to kill her. An autopsy was conducted on January 08, 2018 at the University of Wisconsin Hospital Anatomic Pathology Laboratory by Dr. Robert Corliss. The autopsy revealed there was one gunshot wound to Burnette. This gunshot wound was to the head, through the right facial skull, pharynx, second cervical vertebra and upper left back. Initial toxicology results reflected that Burnette had methamphetamine (1020 ng/ml), amphetamine (92.1 ng/ml) and Cannabinoid THC-COOH (4.4 ng/ml) in his system at the time of his death. The Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation conducted a thorough investigation into the shooting that resulted in the death of Skyler D. Burnette. District Attorney Croninger completed a thorough review of all evidence in relation to this incident. Based on that review, District Attorney Croninger has conclude that all officers involved, including Deputy Jesse Murphy were reasonable in their beliefs that there was imminent danger of death or great bodily harm to the female victim. These beliefs were reasonable because of Burnette’s actions of holding the female victim hostage at knife point, his refusals to comply with any police orders including orders to drop the knife and orders to release the victim, and Burnette’s escalation of the incident in the moments immediately preceding the firing of one round by Deputy Murphy. The use of deadly force by Deputy Murphy was reasonable under the circumstances and therefore privileged under Wisconsin law. Public copies of the reports from the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation are available at

Thank you to the person that submitted this to WKBT and to the Tomah Culvers for providing the Police Department with the "Caught Doing Good" Culvers certificates. Great job Officer Keller for catching someone doing good!

Parents and other adults are invited to an auditorium-style presentation of the WAKE UP CALL, which is a life-size exhibit of a teen’s bedroom with more than 50 “red flags” that can signal drug or alcohol use. The bedroom identifies spots where teens may hide drugs, household items that can be used as drug paraphernalia and ways teens try to cover up drug and alcohol use. This is an educational opportunity is for ADULTS AGE 21+ and youth will NOT be allowed into the presentation.

TOMAH FIRE DEPARTMENT - NEWS RELEASE On 3/4/2018, the Tomah Fire Department was paged out at 14:32 to a report of a structure fire at 1315 Butts Ave. Upon arriving at the scene we had heavy flames coming from the northwest corner of the multifamily apartment building. The building was being evacuated as fire crews were getting on scene. Fire fighters made an interior attack through the front door but were forced back out due to the intense heat and flames that were coming through the roof. At this time fire crews went into a defensive mode and used the department’s ladder truck to knock down the heavy flame spread that was coming through the roof of the structure. Multiple other hand lines were deployed to protect the adjacent structures. Fire crews were able to get the fire under control within 45 minutes. Fire Chief Tim Adler called in Oakdale Fire Department to be on standby in case there was another fire in the city as he had most of his people and resources tied up at this call. There were no injuries to report although a cat was found alive and was given air by the firefighters and EMS through our pet rescue kit and then later taken to Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter. Chief Adler says all four apartments are uninhabitable due to fire, water and smoke damage. There were 32 fire fighters on scene for nearly three hours. The Tomah Fire Department was assisted at the scene by the Tomah Police Department, The Tomah Area Ambulance Service and the Tomah Water Department. The American Red Cross was call in to assist the 8 people that were affected by the fire. At this time the fire is under investigation. Tim Adler Fire Chief Emergency Manager City of Tomah 819 Superior Ave Tomah, WI 54660

Update: Butts Avenue is back open! Thank you to those who avoided the area. The Tomah Fire Chief will be putting out a news release at a later time that we will forward on our page. We can report that there were no injuries to the occupants of the apartment as they had safely evacuated. Those displaced from the fire are being assisted by members of the American Red Cross. Sgt. Jacob Jones #98 3.4.18 532PM

Structure Fire The 1300 block of Butts Avenue is closed for an active structure fire. Please avoid the area and allow the Tomah Fire Department room to extinguish the fire. Sgt. Jacob Jones 98 3.4.18 250PM

Snow is expected to impact the evening commute tomorrow. Plan ahead and slow down if the roadways become slippery or snow covered. Give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination safely.

Monroe County Weight Restrictions begin Monday, March 5, 2018.

We are proud to be participating in this event tomorrow while showing our support for the students and staff of the Tomah High School and Tomah Middle School! See you tomorrow!

FOUND: Jenny has been located and reunited with family. Thank you! - Sgt Jacob Jones #98 2.28.18 530PM

UPDATE: 530PM FOUND: Jenny has been located and reunited with family. Thank you! - Sgt Jacob Jones #98 2.28.18 530PM Missing: Facebook Fans. We are currently looking for a missing elderly female. She is 77 years old and goes by the name Jenny. She was last seen around 330PM by the Tomah High School. She is described as having grey hair and about 5'4 tall. She was last seen wearing a black puffy veat, blue jeans, a grey hat and grey shoes. If you locate her, or have seen her after 330PM, please contact the Tomah Police Department. Thank you! -Sgt Jacob Jonea #98 2.28.18 520PM

Congrats Sgt Jeffrey Leis! Jeff retired after giving his final radio call today from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. Jeff served 30 years for the residents of Monroe County and could be called upon to help in the City of Tomah when needed. Good luck Jeffrey Leis in the next chapter of your life! Chief Mark Nicholson

Be careful on your morning commute. All City, County, and Town roads in the area are ice covered and slippery. The Monroe County Highway Department has been working on keeping the Interstate and State Highways clear. Thank you Officer Corcoran for the icy road demonstration!

Fraud Alert forwarded from the Timberwood Bank - Timberwood Bank has received reports that consumers have been receiving fraudulent phone calls from someone who claims to be calling from Timberwood Bank Account Services. During the call, the caller requested card information for verification. If you receive a phone call or email of this nature, do not respond or provide any personal information. Timberwood Bank will not make calls of this type and will not request personal identifying information such as card information when initiating a call to a customer. If in doubt, hang up and call the bank back (608) 372-2265. As always, please use caution when opening emails from an unknown source and do not trust unsolicited phone calls. Never provide personal information or bank account information to an unknown, unsolicited source. If you have any questions, or if you feel that you were a victim of this type of fraud, please contact Timberwood Bank immediately at (608) 372-2265. Looking for extra Fraud Protection? Download CardValet today! Find out more by visting the CardValet page on our website where you can find a tutorial and quick reference guide: Interested in additional information on protecting your identity? Visit our website and click on the Online Education Center tab. Sincerely, Alicia Weinshrott Timberwood Bank (608) 372-2265

Facebook Friends, does this person look familiar? This person is accused of trying to steal a couple items from Walmart. He left one item when confronted as he was trying to leave but departed with another. If you have information you can contact Officer Marshall at 374-7414 or by email Thank you!

For those that haven't been outside within the last 1-2 hours, the roads are getting very slippery. Please use caution if you NEED to go out.

Shared from the Sparta Police Department.

*****UPDATE***** We've received many tips and they all point to the same person. We thank you all for your continued support. Great work!!!

Does this person look familiar? This person is accused of taking items from Walmart and then departing in the vehicle pictured below. Date of theft was 01/25/2018 at 1430 hours. Two Boxes of Mucinex DM were stolen. Please contact Officer Corcoran at or his desk at 608-374-7503 with any information. Thank you!

The Tomah Police Department is asking for your help in identifying the person in these photos. He is a suspect in a theft from Walmart. Date of theft was 01/07/2018 at 2325 hours. A BB gun and a box of shotgun shells were stolen. Please contact Officer Corcoran at or his desk at 608-374-7503 with any information. Thank you!

*** MISSING *** The Tomah Police Department is looking for: HAROLD ANDERSEN Male / White / AGE: 80 Photo Attached - Family says that the photo is a few years old and Harold has longer hair. Family is concerned about Harold as he has not been seen or heard from since the end of November of 2017. Harold resides in Tomah and was frequently seen in the downtown district as well as many other establishments around the downtown area. We need your help with any information on where Harold is, when he was last seen or any acquaintances. If you have any information, please contact the Tomah Police Department at 608-374-7504 or Officer Kuhn at BKUHN@TOMAHPOLICE.COM / RE: Case #18-0019. Thank you for sharing.

Great news! As of today, all the bears have found a new home!

Last night if you saw a Police escort of a Holland semi truck on N Superior Avenue, it was nothing to be alarmed about. In fact, it was probably one of the safest trucks around... The Tomah Police Department was able to celebrate a 3 MILLION MILES OF SAFE DRIVING milestone with Sam Maier who has been driving for over 40 years! In return, the Police Department made sure he safely made it to the Interstate. Congrats sir on your dedication to safe driving! We hope that you have many more safe years to come. Holland

The Tomah Police Department is selling Multiple L3 Mobile Vision in-car Video Camera Systems. If you or someone you might know are interested in purchasing these items, please visit: You can either search by "tomah" or by the auction number "96154". The auction ends February 19, 2018. Thank you for bidding!