Fox Valley Metro Police Department

  • Agency: Fox Valley Metro Police Department
  • Address: 200 W McKinley Ave, Little Chute, 54140 WI
  • Chief: David Peterson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 920-788-7505
Fax: 920-788-7385

Fox Valley Metro Police Department is located at 200 W McKinley Ave, Little Chute, 54140 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is David Peterson. The Fox Valley Metro Police Department phone number is 920-788-7505.

Fox Valley Metro Police Department News

The “Smile” rock is located in the Village of Little Chute. The third clue is: If you haven’t caught on to our Hee Hee jokes the “smile” rock is at Heesaker park in Little Chute. Hold your horses though you don’t have to cross the bridge onto the island. 😊 The “Express Yourself” rock has been located in the Village of Kimberly. Way to go!! Remember if you find the last rock take it, and PM us with a picture of you with the rock to claim your prize.

Facebook Followers we need your help! On 11/06/2017 at approximately 7:20a Officer Nett was dispatched for a two vehicle crash on Washington Street just north of Kennedy Avenue in the Village of Kimberly. The driver of a car rear-ended a pickup truck pulling a boat with an outboard motor. The driver of the truck and boat did not know his boat was hit and drove south bound from the intersection. Since the car had some damage, we think the boat and motor might, too. The truck is thought to possibly be a Dodge Dakota and the boat was approximately 15' with an outboard motor. If this was you, please contact Officer Nett at (920)788-7505 or so we can complete a crash report and you can get your boat and motor fixed!

The “Smile” rock is located in the Village of Little Chute. The second clue is: Clay Matthews has a lot of “sacks” for the Packers he also has some beautiful flowing hair “hee hee.” Have fun walking the trails, make sure to rest at the top of the hill 😉 The “Express Yourself” rock has been located in Kimberly way to go! Remember if you find the rock take it, and Private Message us a picture of you with the rock, so we can get you a prize!

***update**** Express yourself rock has been found ***update*** Here is the first round of clues: The “Smile” rock is located in the Village of Little Chute. The first clue is: Where your family can park and have a fun/peaceful day “hee hee” 😊 The “Express Yourself” rock is located in the Village of Kimberly. The first clue is: Take a stroll down memory lane, and remember where the Makers played their football games in the early 1980’s. Remember if you find one of the rocks Private Message us a photo of you with the rock, and we will have a reward!

Let's have a little fun today! Maddy from Combined Locks stopped Officer Boucher and Officer Lambie today and gave them each a rock that she painted for the group Fox Valley Hidden Rocks. She asked that we hide them for her. We will be dropping clues over the next few days about where the rocks are located. If you find one of the rocks PM our page and there may be a prize ;)

10,000 likes! Thank you to all of our followers! 10,000 is quite the milestone. Over the past 2+ years together we have solved numerous crimes, reunited countless animals with their families, and have shared stories of joy and tragedy. Facebook has proved extremely valuable in allowing us to provide information to our community, and allowing an alternative avenue for communication. Please continue to share our page with friends and family, as we grow our Facebook family! There is still a lot of work to do!

Earlier this week members of Fox Valley Metro along with members of the Outagamie County Sheriff's Department trained crews from the Combined Locks Fire & Rescue, Kimberly Fire Department, and Little Chute Fire Department on aspects of the Rescue Task Force. The Rescue Task Force would be used to recover and treat victims during a mass casualty event. Another great example of our Mission "Partnerships in Policing."

We had a great time last night for Halloween 2017! Our officers met quite a few future cops out patrolling for candy! Some great costumes all around! What were some of the best costumes people saw?

Officer Cooper and Lt. Ulman We spotted tons of ghosts, princesses, pirates and even some firefighters.... But our favorite are future Police Officers! 📸: B. VanHaaster

It's Halloween! Take a look at some of these tips to keep kids safe this Halloween. Also be on the lookout for Metro squads out and about, they may have some sweet treats :) Have a safe and enjoyable night!

That was quick! Princess is on her way home to sort her candy!

**Update** the dog is back home! Officer Boucher found this girl roaming in the 800 block of Park Ave in Little Chute she is very friendly and has a red electric fence or bark collar. We think she was out getting a head start on trick or treating! If you recognize this pup give us a shout at 788-7505!

Halloween is tomorrow! Here are the Trick or Treat hours for tomorrow! Stay Safe!

Earlier this morning Officer Lambie was near Seth's Coffee in Little Chute working on freeing a seagull that got caught up in a power line. A citizen who was visiting Seth’s brought him a coffee, as she stated it was quite chilly out. These acts are never expected, but show what a wonderful community we serve each and every day! Officer Lambie would like to thank the women who purchased the coffee, and will certainly be paying it forward! Also for those wondering the seagull was able to get out of the wires and eventually flew away. Happy ending all around!

It's finally here! Stop out at the Village of Little Chute today between 11am-2pm to dispose of your unwanted or expired prescription drugs. We will see you there!

Get those old prescription drugs ready! Tomorrow is our take back day. Meet us at the Village of Little Chute village hall between 11am-2pm to dispose of your unwanted and expired medication!

🎃 Have a safe and fun Halloween 🎃

***Building Maintenance Today*** Our Office will be closed all day. The front lobby phone will still be available and calls will go directly to Outagamie 911 Dispatch Center.

We need your help! On the morning of October 21st this suspect rode away on someone else’s bike. The theft occurred at Little Chute Middle School. The 🚲 is pictured in the lower right corner, it was in assembled condition when the suspect took it. The bike is a red Gary Fisher. We need your help identifying the suspect and getting the bike back to its owner. Please contact Officer Tesch at 920-788-7505 or

Our drug take back event is just 1 week away. Join us next week October 28th from 11am-2pm at the Village of Little Chute, bring your unwanted or expired prescription meds to safely dispose of them.

The pup was returned home, thank you for the shares!!!

**update** the pup is now home! Do you recognize this dog? He was found in the 100 block of W. Third St in Kimberly. He has a collar and a micro chip but the owner information is not updated :( PS: He also loves peanut butter :) If you know where he belongs give us a shout!

We ain't afraid of no ghosts... FVMPD School Resource Officers were out at the 4K Center today in Kimberly talking about Halloween and Trick-Or-Treat safety! Kids learned some helpful tips for a safe Halloween and got to check out some squad cars too! What are those tips, you ask? - Kids should always Trick-Or-Treat with an adult. - Kids should stay on the sidewalk and cross at a crosswalk. - Walk, don't run door to door. - Carry a flashlight for after dark. See and be seen! - Always check with an adult before eating any of that candy.

We often get questions about when drivers have to stop for school busses. Take a look at this helpful graphic for your answers. Please drive safe around schools!

Heroin Highway Lecture series at FVTC Be sure to mark your calendars for these dates. Pay special attention to November 30th, Fox Crossing Police Department Officer Weber will be discussing current trends.