Fox Valley Metro Police Department

  • Agency: Fox Valley Metro Police Department
  • Address: 200 W McKinley Ave, Little Chute, 54140 WI
  • Chief: David Peterson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 920-788-7505
Fax: 920-788-7385

Fox Valley Metro Police Department is located at 200 W McKinley Ave, Little Chute, 54140 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is David Peterson. The Fox Valley Metro Police Department phone number is 920-788-7505.

Fox Valley Metro Police Department News

Congratulations Marcia! A wonderful role model in our community!

UPDATE: The owner of the dog has been identified. The dog has been returned home. Thanks for your help! This dog was found and brought to he FVMPD this morning. He does not have a microchip or vet tags. He does have a battery powered collar. If you know who he belongs to or you are the owner please come to the PD to pick him up.

Mother Nature is going to make this the Monday of all Mondays! The current weather forecast predicts we will be seeing some very icy roadways later today into tomorrow. Rain switching to freezing rain, and possibly snow will cause diminishing road conditions. If you must travel please leave yourself extra time. Pack an emergency kit and remember to check on pets and elderly neighbors. For current road conditions check out #DriveSafe

***UPDATE*** Doggy has been returned to owner ***UPDATE*** Thanks to all of our followers for helping out our furry friend! This PUP needs help getting home. Found wandering by Simon’s Cheese, Freedom Road/Highway N area, in Little Chute and could not remember the way home. We would appreciate assistance locating dog’s owner.

Officers distributed gift cards to random people we encountered during our shift. We were challenged by La Crosse County Sheriff's Office to come up with an idea for Random Acts of Kindness Day on Saturday, February 17th. Some highlights about people receiving gift cards: -A bartender who serves responsibly and provides safe rides home. -A teacher making sure the Kimberly HS dance was a success. -A citizen we woke in the middle of the night while investigating a gas leak. -Several citizens stopped for traffic violations. The son of one of the drivers said he was going to use the card to buy hot chocolate after going sledding. #RAK #CopsCare #SpreadKindness

What should we do for #RAK day? We’ve been challenged by La Crosse County Sheriff's Office for Random Acts of Kindness Day. Check out their page for to see what they did and we will post what we come up with tomorrow morning.

On February 15, 2018, Kimberly Daisy Troop #2421 received their Respecting Authority Petal after receiving a tour of the police department and speaking with Officer Oster about why it’s important to respect authority, especially your parents. As a thank you, Kimberly Daisy Troop #2421 graciously dropped off these donuts! As you can see, we did not go hungry! Thank you for the donuts and congratulations girls!

While getting ready for night shift we found Officer Weisnicht practicing curling in the garage, he still doesn't understand what he's doing. At least his squad is clean. #WinterOlympics #CurlingInWisconsin

Lt. Ulman rescued this eagle, which was found injured in the 2100 block of East Main Street in Little Chute, today. The eagle was believed to have been injured after a run in with power lines. After the rescue, the eagle was turned over to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay for treatment.

Over the next few weeks officers from FVMPD will be conducting firearms and DAAT training. Here is a snippet from the qualifications test. Stay tuned for more videos!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! ❤️🍩

Cookies, Candy and Cards We met Emma & Addison a few weeks ago when Emma wasn’t feeling well 🤒. We showed up to assist Gold Cross Ambulance 🚑. Emma & Addison made Thank You Cards and helped ‘Nana bake cookies. From all the officers 👮‍♀️ 👮 at FVMPD we appreciate the gifts. We are happy you are feeling better 😄!

Little Chute Fire Department responded for an active structure fire. The property suffered significant damage. Only minor injuries were reported. Assisting agencies: Outagamie County Sheriff's Department Outagamie County CERT Gold Cross Ambulance

Recently we have seen more complaints of parking concerns around our schools. We understand it is cold out, and parents want to park close to the school, however please be considerate of crosswalks(15 feet.) This photo was sent to us by another parent. Thank you for your efforts to keep our schools safe.

Night Shift Trivia The answer to yesterdays question is......11:00PM. Let us know if there are any other trivia topics you would like to see?

Night Shift Trivia We often encounter citizens in our park after closing hours. What time do Village of Little Chute and Village of Kimberly parks close? Stay tuned to our page tomorrow for the answer!

We do not have jurisdiction in space but we do on Evergreen Drive. Recently our officers have noticed (and written tickets) for speeding violations well over the posted 35 mph speed limit. Let’s all pay attention to the posted speed limits and drive safe everywhere!

Press Release

FVMPD wasn’t the only Village Staff working early this morning. Village of Little Chute Street Department had a crew of 12 out removing over 60 loads of snow from downtown.

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Only one week left! The application deadline to apply for our upcoming Police Officer process is due one week from today. Join our team, and start the rewarding career you have been looking for!

Earlier this afternoon, Fox Valley Metro Police along with Little Chute Fire Department, Grand Chute Fire Department and Gold Cross Ambulance responded to a three vehicle accident at the intersection of CTH OO and French Road. No one was seriously injured. The driver of the SUV on its side was wearing their seatbelt, otherwise this could have had a different outcome. ALWAYS wear your seatbelt. Thank you to everyone who slowed down while driving by, making it safer for all emergency personnel on scene. Also, thank you to Nick Ott, a good Samaritan who stopped to help and assisted until police arrived.

Little Chute Dance Team & Kimberly Dance Team both had excellent performances at the Eastern Regional dance competition hosted yesterday at Kimberly High School Little Chute Kick & Pom first place Kimberly Jazz first & Pom third place Congrats to all and good luck at state!

Have you joined yet? If not check it out! Nextdoor is a social media platform that helps you connect and network with your neighbors. The platform requires address verification to ensure you are in the correct network. There is also a Law Enforcement overlay that allows us to push information out to specific neighborhoods. Don’t worry we cannot see the conversations you are having in your neighborhood, we only can see discussion on the information we push out. We plan on using Nextdoor in the coming weeks to disseminate polls collecting the communities input on several topics, don’t miss out on this opportunity sign up today! Follow the link below:

Night Shift Trivia! The answer to our earlier question is......4 Feet. Another FAQ is whether or not vehicles are prohibited from blocking mailboxes. The answer is No, we do not have an ordinance restricting parking near mailboxes. Most mailboxes, but not all do fall within 4 feet of a driveway. Please use common courtesy and do not park blocking someone's mailbox.