Caledonia Police Department

  • Agency: Caledonia Police Department
  • Address: 6900 Nicholson Road, Caledonia, 53108 WI
  • Chief:
Phone: 262-835-4423
Fax: 262-835-4799

Caledonia Police Department is located at 6900 Nicholson Road, Caledonia, 53108 WI. The Caledonia Police Department phone number is 262-835-4423.

Caledonia Police Department News

On 2-22-18, officers and investigators with CAPD were made aware of an incident at Gifford School in which a 6th grade student threatened to harm several of his classmates. This threat was deemed to be NOT CREDIBLE after a very long investigation. The student is being dealt with right now and we want to remind parents and students that there is NO active threat to the school. Officers will be present at the school on 2-23-18 to alleviate any concerns. Again, this threat was not credible and is being handled by law enforcement and school officials.

Can anyone help us identify this person? He is suspected of stealing from a vehicle after forcefully entering it at Quick Cable here in Caledonia, and then using the victim's credit card at Walgreens located at 4810 Washington Ave in Racine. If so, contact Officer Vannucci at (262)835-4423 ext 197. You can also contact Crime Stoppers at 1-888-636-9330 and reference Caledonia Police case 18-2798

***PRESS RELEASE*** ***Pursuit*** On 1/20/2018, at about 1:40am, Caledonia Police conducted a traffic stop on a black Nissan 4 door. As officers began to approach the vehicle, the operator of the vehicle backed into the squad and began to flee. A pursuit began 5800 block of STH 32 and at one point in the pursuit, the Operator of the Nissan intentionally struck the squad a second time. The operator of the Nissan eventually stopped and fled from the vehicle. A person of interest has been identified as Gary L. Booker, 4/29/1980, but he is not yet in custody. The officers were not injured. The other occupants of the vehicle were taken into custody when the driver ran from the car in the area of Three Mile Rd. and Erie St. in the City of Racine. Caledonia Police were assisted by the Racine Police Department, Racine Sheriff’s Office and the Wind Point Police Department. Caledonia Police are asking for assistance in locating Booker. Information can be called in to 262-835-4423 extension 139. Crime Stoppers 888-636-9330

Sgt Trongeau and Ofc Tingwald had the pleasure and privilege to speak to Cub Scout Pack 199 at St Michaels Church this past Monday. Today the group was thoughtful enough to come and present us with some thank you cards they made. Sgt Mueller is pictured with one of the scouts here. We sincerely appreciate the group thinking of us in these times. Officers are always willing and eager to speak with the youth in our community. If there is ever a need or desire for an officer to speak to a group, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Very good advice from our neighbors to the North.

As a reminder with the snowfall we just received, the Winter Parking rules have been in effect since December 1st and will remain in effect until April 1st. Parking on village streets between the hours of 6am-6pm will be limited to odd numbered sides of the street on odd numbered calendar days, and the opposite on even numbered calendar days. Officers will be out checking today and may be issuing citations to vehicles found not in accordance with Village Ordinance. Please refer to the Village of Caledonia website,, for further details. Thank for helping us and the highway department make sure the streets are cleared as timely as possible.

Does anyone recognize this man?

UPDATE: Mr Sommers has been located and is safe. *** SILVER ALERT *** Our department is currently searching for Robert Sommers, an 83-year old male from our Village. *LAST SEEN DRIVING: '01 GREEN F0RD TAURUS 245-WRY *LAST SEEN WEARING: BRIGHT BLUE KNIT HAT NAVY BLUE H00DIE AND FLANNEL JACKET He has been missing since approximately 1pm today when he left for the laundrymat. His possible destination was either Erie & 3 Mile Rd or Rapids Dr & Northwestern Av. Due to his age, weather conditions, and possible medical conditons, he is believed to be in danger. Please contact dispatch at 262-886-2300 if you encounter him or his vehicle. You can reference CAPD Case # 18-45.

Can you identify the male in these photos? He is suspected of stealing several bottles of liquor from Pick N Save on Douglas Ave on December 23rd. If you can offer any assistance in helping us identify him, please call (262)835-4423 ext 197 and leave a message for Officer Vannucci. Thank you very much and happy holidays!

On 12/24/17, our second shift officers took a female and a male suspect into custody for the theft of the Salvation Army kettle from Walgreens that occurred on 12/21/17. Both suspects are in their mid 30's and are from Kenosha. Both suspects confessed to the crime and are currently being held at the Racine County Jail. Thank you again for all the tips that assisted our officers in making these two answer for stealing from such a notable charity!!!

Attention any citizens along the Klema ditch area or in the Crestview Neighborhood. We took a report of a home being forcefully entered and Christmas gifts stolen between 7:30pm and 8:00pm tonight. The packages were opened and the containers discarded in the Klema ditch line. It is believed the offender, who is described as a white male, may have been using the Klema ditch to move around without being noticed. Please keep your eyes open for any suspicious activity as always.

On 12/21/17, our department responded for a report that the Salvation Army donation kettle inside the foyer at Walgreens was stolen. It was learned through video surveillance at the store that an unknown female, who appears to be in her late 20's to early 30's, stole the kettle. The theft occurred at 6:30pm. We ask the public to look at these photos and see if you recognize the offender. She and her accomplice are believed to be driving a red Kia or Chrysler minivan. Please call the police department at 262-835-4423 with any information. Thank you for your help in making this person answer for this crime. You can also send us a message through FB. The Salvation Army does a lot for the communities and for someone to take advantage of that, especially ar Christmas time, will not be tolerated!

A big thank you to our friends at Racine PD for putting on another great event and allowing our officers to be a part of it!

With snow once again in the forecast, please remember that the Winter Parking Ordinance will be in effect until April 1st on all Village roads. The ordinance requires that vehicles be parked on the even numbered side of the street on even number calendar days and the odd numbered side of the street on odd number calendar days. This is in effect between 6:00 am and 6:00pm. We thank you in advance for your cooperation!!

Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful community. Enjoy the time with your family & friends, and remember to save room for dessert! Please keep in mind those hard-working officers that will be working the streets today!

Update on Theft From Vehicles/Vandalisms: On 11/9/17, Caledonia PD took two juveniles, ages 14 and 15, into custody for these incidents. Both juveniles admitted to their involvement. Officers were able to recover firearms that were stolen in these incidents, but a handgun is still unaccounted for. We would like to thank the community as a whole for their cooperation and assistance in identifying the suspects involved. If anyone has any further information about these incidents, please contact Captain Brian Wall at (262)835-4423 ext 139. Please take these incidents as a reminder to always keep your vehicles and homes locked and to take any valuables out of the vehicles as well. Firearms should NEVER be left in a vehicle overnight, regardless of it being locked or not.

Over this past weekend and over the last couple days, we have once again taken a large number of entry to UNLOCKED vehicles and vandalism to vehicles as well. The following areas have been hit: 1. Gallant Fox Lane 2. Hialeah Dr 3. 4 Mile Rd 4. N Meadows Drive 5. 4 1/2 Mile Rd 6. Whirlaway Lane area 7. Wagon Trail area 8. 7 Mile Rd 9. Emmertsen Rd area Please keep your vehicles locked at all times and keep exterior lights on if you have them at your house. Please share this with anyone who may not have social media. If you, or anyone you know in these areas, has any surveillance systems in use, please contact Racine County dispatch at 886-2300 if you observe anything suspicious. You can also contact our department directly at 835-4423 before 5pm. The majority of the incidents happened in the overnight hours between 11/4 and 11/5.

Trick-or-Treating is from 5:30pm-7:30pm in Caledonia today. Please have a safe and enjoyable experience if you and your children will be participating!! If you are not participating and will be on the road during those times, please be extra cautious of all the kids that will be out tonight and SLOW DOWN, especially in the neighborhoods.

Over the last week our department has taken numerous complaints of entry being made to unlocked vehicles and items stolen from those vehicles. We have also taken several vandalism to property and vehicles in several neighborhoods. As a reminder to all citizens, keep your houses and vehicles LOCKED!!! Also keep your eyes open for any strange persons in the area and call POLICE if any suspicious activity is observed.

Never forget.

If you're going to be traveling through the area of Douglas Av and Four Mile Rd, give yourselves some extra time as the traffic lights are currently out due to a crash at the intersection. Remember to slow down and buckle up.

Crime Bulletin/Scam Alert The Caledonia Police Department has received several fraud complaints where the victims have wired money to Texas, Georgia, and Florida for a puppy they found for sale on the internet. Four victims have been scammed for a total of $2655. The victims were told as soon as they wired money to the seller, their puppy would be transported by air and delivered to their doorstep. 🚩🚩🚩RED FLAGS from this investigation🚩🚩🚩 Depending on the breed, puppies can be expensive. Be cautious if someone is willing to sell you a puppy that normally costs over a thousand dollars for half that amount. Fake Transport companies. If the seller states they use a transport company that is based in the USA, and has branches around the world, Google it. Foreign accents when discussing the purchase and grammatical errors in written correspondence. Sometimes foreigners have a hard time translating the English language which results in strange grammar and incorrect punctuation. This could indicate the seller/scammer is outside of the US. Fake microchip numbers. There is a website that you can enter your pet's microchip number to see if it is a valid number. There are many reputable breeders all over the country. If you want to purchase a puppy from someone you don't know, get references and do research on them. Call people who have purchased pets from seller/breeders, ask questions!