Shawano Police Department

  • Agency: Shawano Police Department
  • Address: 125 S Sawyer Street, Shawano, 54166 WI
  • Chief: Ed Whealon (Chief of Police)
Phone: 715-524-4545
Fax: 715-524-2786

Shawano Police Department is located at 125 S Sawyer Street, Shawano, 54166 WI. The Chief of Police of the department is Ed Whealon. The Shawano Police Department phone number is 715-524-4545.

Shawano Police Department News

It's a great day to visit Charlie's Brat Barn! We're here until 5pm today. We have even called in some reinforcements!

Come visit the Shawano Professional Police Association at Charlie's Brat Barn today and Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm. BRATS for a BUCK! The master grillers are busy!

SHAWANO SNOW EMERGENCY EXTENDED The city of Shawano is extending the snow emergency until 7 a.m., Wednesday, April 18, 2018. No vehicles will be allowed to park on any city street between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. This will allow our public works employees an opportunity to remove snow safely and efficiently from key areas of the city. Vehicles parked on city streets during those hours may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Additionally, we will not be issuing citations for failure to properly clean sidewalks of snow. We do encourage residents to do the best they can with their sidewalks. -Chief Dan Mauel

We have been receiving calls from residents concerned they will not be able to properly clear their sidewalks within the 24-hour time restriction. Due to the magnitude of the storm this weekend and keeping in mind this is mid-April, we will not be issuing citations. We do encourage folks to do the best they can with their sidewalks even if that is just a walking path. If a resident has a snow blower, a neighbor without might appreciate help with their sidewalk. Our officers have seen a lot of neighbors helping neighbors this weekend and that is what makes this community great. Please be safe and patient. – Chief Dan Mauel

Some additional information regarding city of Shawano closures.

CITY OFFICES CLOSED MONDAY Update: Park & Rec will be open Monday at 9 a.m. Due to this weekend's storm, all city offices will be closed Monday, April 16, 2018. This includes City Hall and the Police Dept. business office. The safety of our employees is our highest priority. All essential employees will be working. This includes emergency responders, streets and utility crews.

Officers Hoffman and Cartwright spent some time today in the snow. They, along with public works employees and Shawano paramedics, helped clear a path at a medical call. They also shoveled the snow from around a furnace vent for an elderly resident. Great job Brandy, Heidi, Shawano Ambulance and DPW. - Chief Dan Mauel

Travel in the city is still hazardous and not advised. If you absolutely need to be on the streets please use caution and drive with common sense. Turn on your lights and make sure all of your lights are clear of snow. You may have to do this frequently. If you get stuck and your vehicle is a traffic hazard, please do not just leave it. Call us and we will assist you. City officers have responded to over 60 calls for service since 9 p.m. Friday evening, including 22 vehicles stuck in the snow. Your cooperation is appreciated. - Chief Dan Mauel

With the large snow accumulation, high winds, and drifting it is extremely important to check your home's furnace exhaust pipes. Clear the snow from the area and monitor them throughout the day. Snow can block the proper airflow and cause a buildup of carbon monoxide within your residence.

April 14, 2018 SNOW EMERGENCY DECLARATION Effective immediately, the city of Shawano is declaring a snow emergency. The snow emergency will be in effect until 6 a.m. Monday, April 16, 2018. During the snow emergency, no vehicles will be allowed to park on any city streets. Vehicles parked on the street may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. The Shawano Police Department is encouraging everyone to stay off the roads and only travel if it is absolutely necessary. Emergency vehicles, including snow plows, have been having problems getting through the snow. We thank everyone for their cooperation. Authority: Chief Dan Mauel

Road update from Shawano County Sheriff's Office.

FROM SHAWANO COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE: UPDATE on the roads. Roads are still impassable in Shawano County. There is a TOW BAN in place at this time for all of Shawano County. All vehicles will be left in the ditch and you will be taken to a gas station to wait out the storm. Vehicles will only be towed if it's a traffic hazard. Please do not travel unless it's absolutely necessary.

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 11, 2018 Update – Sturgeon Park School Threat A 14-year-old Shawano County teen will be referred to the district attorney after admitting to creating the school threat at Sturgeon Park. The act appears to have been a joke and we feel there was no intent to do any harm to anyone. We also do not believe the teen was involved in the first threat that was discovered at Memorial Park the previous week. The school district has been updated on the status of this investigation and we continue to work together to completely resolve both incidents. No further information will be released at this time. Authority: Chief Dan Mauel

This week is National Telecommunicators Week. We want to recognize the telecommunicators who keep our officers and the public safe each day. Shawano County has one 9-1-1 telecommunication center shared by all law enforcement, fire and rescue responders within the county. We rely on, and appreciate, everything the telecommunicators do to assist us with our mission. They are the folks that rarely get the recognition they deserve. Thank you Shawano County Sheriff's Office telecommunicators! – Chief Dan Mauel

During the early morning hours of April 5th, Officer Brent Dilge observed a vehicle travelling in front of him with a defective third brake light and expired registration. Officer Dilge stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver. During the contact, Officer Dilge detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver. A subsequent investigation determined the driver was intoxicated. The 54-year-old Shawano man was arrested for his 4th offense OWI and booked into the Shawano County jail. The man was also cited for operating with a revoked driver’s license. Great job Brent taking this repeat dangerous driver off the road. – Chief Dan Mauel

IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE SHAWANO SCHOOL DISTRICT AND SHAWANO POLICE DEPT. On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, at approximately 6:39 p.m., officers of the Shawano Police Department responded to the area of Sturgeon Park for an anonymous report of a non-specific threat to schools. Arriving officers located a message stamped in the snow which spelled out “I go shoot up school”. The Shawano Police Department and the Shawano School District are jointly releasing this advisory notice. While we are unsure of the credibility of the message, we take all threats seriously. Student and staff safety is of the utmost importance and we will continue to do our due diligence to ensure the safety of our students and staff. The Shawano Police Department will continue their foot patrols in the schools and maintain their presence outside of the schools. As in the past, the school district and police department will continue to collaborate to provide a safe environment for our students and staff. The Shawano Police Department is continuing its investigation into this matter. - Chief Dan Mauel

On Monday night, the joint Citizen's Police Academy visited the Shawano County Jail, dispatch center and Judge Kussel's court room. We also held a small graduation ceremony at City Hall and everyone graduated with honors. Pizza and desert was on the menu. Thanks to Shawano PD Officer Brandy Hoffman and Shawano County Deputies Jon Blaskowski and Nate Thornborrow for ensuring this class was informative and fun. All three spent a lot of time planning, scheduling presenters and advising the group. We are planning to have another academy sometime after Labor Day. When we have confirmed dates, we will post them here and on the Shawano County Sheriff's Office page. -Chief Dan Mauel

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At this week’s joint Citizen’s Police Academy, the participants learned about crime prevention strategies and special response teams. Everyone had an opportunity to don the heavy equipment and learned how to operate and move as a team. Our community should be assured that Shawano County has a very well trained and equipped Special Response Team staffed with members from the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department, Shawano Police Department and Stockbridge-Munsee Police Department. Thank you to Stockbridge-Munsee Police Chief Jim Hoffman and the Shawano County Sheriff's Office Special Response Team for their presentations. -Chief Dan Mauel

The Shawano Police Department is actively investigating a non-specific threat to area schools. A message was located on a picnic table within Memorial Park yesterday evening. The message did not contain a specific date or location. Again, this is an active investigation and we are working in collaboration with Shawano School District and the Shawano County Sheriff's Office to ensure the safety of students, staff, and community.

Thank you to everyone that joined us today for Coffee with a Cop and for our gracious host, Glas Coffee House. Today we had several agencies and community members that joined us for good conversation.

Stop in at Glas from 8:00 - 9:00 am tomorrow for Coffee with a Cop.

radKIDS know more! Twelve children are participating in this session of radKIDS. They are learning how to be safe at home, at school, while out and about, as well as when they are online. Firefighter Flaig visited the class and discussed fire safety. radKIDS were able to see the gear and tools firefighters use when fighting a fire. radKIDS are cool kids who know the No one has the right to hurt them, because they are special!