Delafield Police Department

  • Agency: Delafield Police Department
  • Address: 115 Main St., Delafield, 53018 WI
  • Chief:
Phone: 262-446-5070
Fax: 262-646-6242

Delafield Police Department is located at 115 Main St., Delafield, 53018 WI. The Delafield Police Department phone number is 262-446-5070.

Delafield Police Department News

FYI - I94 in both directions will be closed tonight at approximately 2am for a power line installation. The roadway will be closed for an estimated 10-15 minutes. Please adjust your travel accordingly.

As a reminder, winter parking restrictions went into effect on November 1st. Officers have been placing warnings on vehicles to help remind people they can not be parked overnight on the streets. Vehicles in violation may be cited or towed.

Great job to all who carved pumpkins this year; they are beautiful!

We're not sure who is having more fun here, Officer Barber or these adorable trick or treaters! Thanks for the photo Kelly!

Winter parking restrictions begin 11/1. No street parking is allowed from 2am-6am on any City streets. See the complete ordinance at

Here is our monthly drug education installment. This month's topic can help parents or family members recognize drug paraphernalia used with heroin.

Congratulations to Kettle Moraine for defeating Oconomowoc 31-0 on 10-13-17 to finish out the Delafield Police High School Football Challenge. Captain Hagen seems to be taking this loss a little better than the last. For the challenge Arrowhead finished 2 - 0, Kettle Moraine 1-1, and Oconomowoc 0 - 2. Good luck to both Kettle Moraine and Arrowhead in the playoffs.

Officer Jacobs is joining Lake Country Fire and Rescue for a safety display at Home Depot on Hillside Dr today.

We are proud to stand with The Women's Center during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. By joining together as a community, we can break the silence and break the cycle. #EndDomesticViolenceNow

Congratulations to the Arrowhead Football team for defeating Oconomowoc 44 - 7 this past Friday. We think the captain may be taking this loss a little too hard. It is a hot day for a sweatshirt, make sure to hydrate! More congratulations to the Arrowhead team for making a clean sweep during our high school football challenge. The last game in the challenge is on October 13th when Kettle Moraine travels to Oconomowoc.

Our monthly drug education post is on synthetic cannabinoids, or synthetic marijuana. This substance has been seized in our area, and several medical assistance calls have been received for issues related to it.

Officers Ressman, Barber, and Kuehl are attending training on drug impaired driving this week. Continued training and education helps our officers learn about new drug trends and ultimately keeps our roads and communities safer.

Please see the attached image related to an event coming up at Waukesha Fire Department, Station 1 this weekend. Anyone who wants to make sure their child safety seat is installed correctly should try and make it. Appointments are encouraged so give them a call.

Press release with additional information from the fatal car accident on 09-10-17.

Congratulations to Arrowhead High School for winning the first game in the Delafield Police 2017 High School Football Challenge! They beat Kettle Moraine this past Friday night 28-26. Chief Kehl is the representative for Kettle Moraine so he is donning the winning team sweatshirt. Next game in the challenge is September 22nd when Oconomowoc and Arrowhead square off.

We remember.

Please refer to the attached press release related to a fatal motor vehicle accident this morning.

So after posting about our internal high school football challenge yesterday we realized there may be a long lost relative to Chief Kehl out there. He doesn't agree, but you can decide for yourself.

2017 Football Challenge! The Arrowhead, Kettle Moraine, and Oconomowoc School Districts all serve the City of Delafield. Now that they are all in the same conference some of our administrative staff have a fun wager going on for the football season. Captain Bob Hagen will represent Oconomowoc, Administrative Assistant Lynn Hughes is representing Arrowhead, and Chief Erik Kehl is representing Kettle Moraine. During the football season when any of the schools play each other the representative of the loosing school will have to wear a sweat shirt of the winning school to work. We will post a photo of that representative here to share with all. Good luck to all the teams and players. Stay tuned next week as the first game is tomorrow night between Arrowhead and Kettle Moraine!

*** UPDATE - owner found! *** Is this your dog? Female found with collar in the 1600 block of Genesee Street. Please call dispatch at 262-446-5070 to claim your pup.

*** UPDATE - owner found!*** This dog was found and turned in, and will be picked up by Humane Animal Welfare Society - HAWS of Waukesha shortly.