Delafield Police Department

  • Agency: Delafield Police Department
  • Address: 115 Main St., Delafield, 53018 WI
  • Chief:
Phone: 262-446-5070
Fax: 262-646-6242

Delafield Police Department is located at 115 Main St., Delafield, 53018 WI. The Delafield Police Department phone number is 262-446-5070.

Delafield Police Department News

Tonight Officer Kate Ressman was honored by NAMI of Waukesha County with the Officer Excellence Award. Kate was given this award for an incident where she was able to de-escalate a person who was in severe crisis. Kate has consistently shown the ability to help people in crisis throughout her career and this award is well deserved. We are all very proud of you Kate! @namiwaukesha

This is a newer drug trend, but one we have already seen in Delafield.

**Dog is back home!*** A black lab is missing from West Shore Dr. Please call dispatch if found or sighted at 262-446-5070. Dog is old and friendly.

Although it's hard to capture in a photo, we want to point out the great work these runners are doing to stay visible to drivers. These ladies had reflective gear on in multiple places, including on places that move and catch attention, steady and flashing lights of different colors, and high contrast and/or neon clothing. Great work!

Please help out our friends at the library by taking a few minutes to fill out their survey.

This accident was recently captured by one of our squad cameras. Just before the accident the officer is traveling at approximately 60 mph due to slippery road conditions. This is a straight section of roadway. A vehicle will pass the officer on the left and lose control while doing nothing more than driving straight. It was later learned the striking vehicle in this accident had been reported as a reckless driver a short time prior to the accident. Thankfully no one was injured and hopefully this video will be a reminder to others to be aware of road conditions and adjust your driving accordingly.

This time of year we see a drastic increase in the number of IRS scams and identity thefts related to tax returns. The IRS does NOT initiate contact with people over email, text,or social media. Scammers may call you and threaten you with overdue taxes that must be paid immediately by a third party gift card or wire transfers. They may also try to get your credit, debit, or bank account information by saying your refund may be delayed. Some dead give aways to a scam are a pushy or insulting person who threatens you with arrest. Messages with spelling errors or unusual sender information can also provide clues. Please DO NOT send any money to people calling you and stating they are from the IRS. Please tell your elderly family members and neighbors as well, as they can be very susceptible to this kind of scam. Check out for more information.

While this is at the other end of the county, good advice is given here. Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle if possible. If not, secure them out of sight. We often see purses, wallets, laptop bags, backpacks, cash, checkbooks, and other items valuable to thieves in plain view in a vehicle. Lessen your chances of becoming a victim by removing these things from easy view.

The City of Delafield Police Department has an opening for a full time police officer. Please see the attached document for details on qualifications and benefits. Submit DJ-LE-330 (including 3 essay questions), Resume, and Cover letter to Captain Robert Hagen before 4:00pm February 23rd, 2018. You can obtain the current version of the DJ-LE-330 at

Our department has recently been notified of what appears to be an increase in phone calls requesting money to assist a family member of the person receiving the call. The request is for money to be exchanged to assist a relative, usually due to a legal issue. Our department would remind all citizens of our community that these calls are attempts to defraud you by playing on your concern for your family. Almost entirely, any calls from a third party requesting funds be transferred are fraudulent in manner and should be ignored. If you think a call of this nature is legitimate, you should confirm the veracity of the request with the family member in question or request a call back phone number to confirm. Do not immediately transfer any funds to a caller requesting you do so. If concerned, please call our department and we can attempt to verify the call is fraudulent.

Do you recognize this person wanted for retail theft in Waukesha?

Due to the potential of overflow parking this weekend due to the Candlelight Hike scheduled at the Lapham Peak Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, our department will be restricting parking on Lillian Court, on the west side of CTH C/Genesee St north of the park and sections along Cushing Park Rd adjacent to the park. Signs will be posted in the restricted areas. Vehicles parked in violation will be subject to citation and towing.

Have you ever come across counterfeit drugs? They can be especially dangerous, as there is no guarantee as to what they contain. If you have concerns about suspicious drug activity, call our dispatch at 262-446-5070 to speak with an officer.

Snow! The precipitation will be continuing throughout the day today. Please give yourself extra travel time to get to your destination. As a reminder, no snow may be placed onto streets or sidewalks as it is removed. A fine of $187 plus DPW costs may be assessed for violations.

Congratulations Judy from all of us at the police department.

Here is our December installment of our monthly drug education series. To report drug activity call non-emergency dispatch at 262-446-5070.

Officers Ressman and Kuehl donated blood yesterday at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin drive organized by Lake Country Fire & Rescue. Thanks for organizing, LCFR, and thanks to all the donors!

Officers from our department donated cash, food and toys for Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) in Waukesha. Administrative Assistant Lynn Hughes and Captain Bob Hagen dropped the donations off this morning. It was tough getting Lynn out the door without her new kitten friend.

On Saturday 12/9 officers and helpers from around the area took children out on a shopping trip! Our event would not be possible without all the people who selflessly volunteer their time. Thank you!