Muskego Police Department

  • Agency: Muskego Police Department
  • Address: W183 S8150 Racine Ave, Muskego, 53150 WI
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (262) 679-4130
Fax: (262) 679-4113

Muskego Police Department is located at W183 S8150 Racine Ave, Muskego, 53150 WI. The Muskego Police Department phone number is (262) 679-4130.

Muskego Police Department News

Congratulations Carl “Skip” Wojnowski on your tenure as Fire Chief for 24 years with Tess Corners Fire Department. Stepping down from that position and handing over the reins after 24 years can’t be easy. But knowing you have done everything you can to make the fire department the best it can be and allowing it to serve you and the citizens of Muskego in the future!!!

Classes are starting to fill up. If your interested in attending either Boater Safety or Hunter Safety courses, please contact Muskego Parks department to sign up. If you have questions pertaining to either class, please contact Officer Jones at:

**If you need to eat dinner tonight, why not go to Culvers....

Congratulations to our Explorer Post who competed in the state wide skills competition last week. They came home with four trophies, including a first place trophy with the only perfect score in the competition.

****UPDATED INFO**** Owner was located and they are on their way to pick up their doggy. ****UPDATED INFO**** If you recognize this sweet girl who was found - contact us 262-679-4130

Safe travels in this snowy weather!

HomeSnacks has again ranked Muskego in the top 10 of the state's safest place to live!

Muskego Residents ~ Be advised Advanced Disposal will be focusing on Christmas Tree collection the week of February 5th through February 9th!

Vehicle/ATV/Snowmobile Operation on Muskego Lakes: You are allowed to operate a Vehicle/ATV/Snowmobile on Little Muskego Lake as long as you take the most direct route from the boat launch/access point directly to the ice. We understand that you will have to drive across exposed lake bed to get to that area. Once you reach the frozen lake you need to remain on the ice until you decide to exit the lake. Contact WI DNR if you need further explanation to their state statute. Below are the rules for Vehicle operation on Muskego Lakes: Muskego Municipal Code: 20.07 OPERATION OF MOTOR VEHICLES ON ICE (1) Operation prohibited on Bass Bay. No person shall use or operate any automobile or other motor driven vehicle in excess of 750 pounds gross vehicle weight upon the ice surface of that part of Big Muskego Lake known as Bass Bay, which is the Bay located at the Northwest end of said Big Muskego Lake. (2) Operations Regulated. No person shall use or operate any automobile or other motor driven vehicle upon the ice surface of any lake or part thereof located in the City: (a) In any manner so as to endanger persons engaged in skating or in any other winter sport or recreational activity being engaged in upon the ice. (b) At a speed in excess of 10 miles per hour (c) When more than 4 persons occupy said vehicle. (d) To tow, pull or push any person or persons on sleds, skis, skates, toboggan or device or thing of any kind. (e) Between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. (Am #94) (f) Unless the operator of the motor vehicle has a valid operator's license, if the motor vehicle is an automobile, truck, motorcycle or moped. (Ord. #597 - 03-03-88)

Just to remind people that Little Muskego Lake was drained this fall and now the lake bed is exposed. The lake hasn’t been frozen that long and the ice is only safe enough for people to walk on and possibly ATV/Snowmobile traffic in certain areas. First – It is a DNR violation to “Operate a Motor Vehicle on Exposed Lake bed”. Second – The DNR has ordered a “Fishing Ban” on Little Muskego Lake, until the water level returns to normal. So with this being your reminder:

It is happening again! Scam artists at their best. We have been receiving numerous calls reference people getting a phone call from a family member who is in jail, or was in an accident and need money. We have also been getting several calls from people who won a significant amount of money and need to send money to get their winnings. Please make sure you do not give out any personal information, and do not send money to anyone. If you have any questions feel free to contact our department at 262-679-4130.

Congratulations to the 5th Grade Class at St. Leonard's School on their DARE Graduation!