Jackson Police Department

  • Agency: Jackson Police Department
  • Address: 150 E Pearl Ave, Jackson, 83001 WY
  • Chief: Peggy Parker (Chief of Police)
Phone: 307-733-1430
Fax: (307) 733-3241

Jackson Police Department is located at 150 E Pearl Ave, Jackson, 83001 WY. The Chief of Police of the department is Peggy Parker. The Jackson Police Department phone number is 307-733-1430.

Jackson Police Department News

Press Blotter April 9-15, 2018 Quote of the day: The police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest. Case Number Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP180400022 04/09/2018 13:40:00 A vehicle was parked in a local parking lot. Owner noticed damage to driver side front panel which appeared to have been caused by another vehicle. No contact information left on scene. No leads. PDP180400023 04/09/2018 14:26:00 Third part reported sexual assaulted approximately 5 years ago. Victim has not spoken with law enforcement about the assaults. PDP180400024 04/10/2018 13:08:00 Responded to apartment complex for two former employees who were squatting in a vacant apartment. Neither subject had permission to be on property. Both cited and released on scene. PDP180400025 04/10/2018 21:09:00 Male was trespassed from the listed address after a disturbance occurred that involved the a woman and her daughter. PDP180400029 04/11/2018 7:47:00 10 year old child was neglected by parent again, and protective custody was taken. PDP180400026 04/11/2018 9:33:00 A man was caught shoplifting from a store. The man was issued a trespass notice and a citation. PDP180400028 04/11/2018 9:50:00 Credit card found in front of Ranch Inn. Card destroyed per Discover employee Miranda. PDP180400027 04/11/2018 10:33:00 A man reported that his parked and unattended vehicle had been damaged in an apparent hit and run collision. PDP180400031 04/12/2018 11:24:00 Yellow and black Rocky Mountain bicycle locked to bike rack at Ranch Inn all winter. PDP180400032 04/12/2018 15:05:00 A man was stopped for using his cell phone while driving. The man was found to be intoxicated and was later arrested for driving under the influence and open container. PDP180400033 04/13/2018 10:18:00 Subject reported being assaulted and threatened with a knife. The incidents happened a period of time ago. PDP180400034 04/13/2018 12:15:00 Male subject reported girlfriend stuck him on a prior occasion while living in Jackson. PDP180400035 04/13/2018 13:58:00 Employee at a local business stole over $1,000 in cash from their employer. Employee was later located and arrested for felony theft. PDP180400036 04/13/2018 18:44:00 Officer's responded to a separate incident and located a male subject with a Teton County Warrant. Subject arrested. PDP180400037 04/14/2018 2:38:00 Driver stopped for red-light violation. Driver found intoxicated, failed field sobriety testing and arrested. PBT=.14% PDP180400038 04/14/2018 10:15:00 A man's truck tires were slashed while it was parked in a private parking lot. Investigation on-going. PDP180400039 04/14/2018 18:21:00 A vehicle was stopped for speeding. The Officer contacted the driver and smelled marijuana. The passenger was later arrested for possession of controlled substances. PDP180400040 04/15/2018 7:51:00 Damaged window from what appears to be BB gun. PDP180400041 04/15/2018 15:23:00 An eleven year old girl was bit and injured by a small dog as she was walking on the sidewalk in front of an apartment building. She received medical treatment and the dog's owner was cited for the bite. PDP180400042 04/15/2018 19:02:00 Cold report of person in violation of protection order. Due to being a repeat offender, arrest warrant written. Total Records: 20 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

Press Blotter April 2-8, 2018 Quote of the day: The police sent me a picture of me speeding. I sent them a picture of a check. They sent me a picture of handcuffs. :( Case Number Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP180400004 04/02/2018 12:06:00 Cold Hit and Run report. Un-occupied vehicle struck on private property. Damage less than $1000. Suspect vehicle located. Suspect's insurance information given to victim. PDP180400005 04/02/2018 18:01:00 A collision was reported which occurred on a city street which an unknown vehicle struck a parked vehicle. A note was left but cannot be read. Insufficient information to investigate. PDP180400006 04/02/2018 19:47:00 An intoxicated male ordered 50 dollars of food from a restaurant. The male then fled the restaurant without paying. PDP180400007 04/02/2018 22:24:00 An adult female reported being punched in the face by another female at a local restaurant. PDP180400008 04/03/2018 1:42:00 Vehicle was driving south bound on Redmond St and went to turn right onto west bound E Kelly Avenue and slid off the road and crashed into the stop sign. The vehicle was driving too fast for conditions and the driver did not have proof of insurance with him in the vehicle. PDI180400009 04/03/2018 9:35:00 A package was delivered to a home and its residents that was not ordered by them and charged to them. Restitution has been made to the residents from their financial institution and arrangements have been made to get the product back to the company VIA FEDEX. PDP180400010 04/03/2018 11:08:00 Complaint by local residence of TOJ of emergency access gate in another HOA development being left open for unauthorized non-emergency traffic. Currently being reviewed by multiple departments, and under investigation by JPD. PDP180400011 04/03/2018 19:18:00 Responded to a collision, driver had a warrant. Warrant arrest. PDP180400012 04/04/2018 0:01:00 Reddi report made about a vehicle driving erratically and off of the road. The male driver was contacted and probable cause was discovered, that the male driver was DUI. PDP180400013 04/04/2018 0:33:00 Officers responded to a trespass issue at a local hotel. One of the parties had a warrant, warrant arrest. PDP180400015 04/04/2018 16:07:00 Notified of a possible life safety building/electrical issue at an employee housing unit via city attorney and a lettered complaint to Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Council. Currently under investigation. PDP180400016 04/04/2018 18:47:00 Possible domestic violence between boyfriend and girlfriend. PDP180400017 04/04/2018 23:06:00 Officers called to home for false suicidal juvenile. Officers mediated a solution. PDP180400018 04/05/2018 6:20:10 Traffic collision. PDP180400019 04/05/2018 9:45:00 Found property (Bike) at local retailer. No leads to owner. Stored in PD Found/Lost property. PDP180400020 04/06/2018 23:20:00 Female received a call from someone whom she believes she has a protection order against. PDP180400021 04/07/2018 10:44:00 Initiated a traffic stop on vehicle traveling 47 in 30 zone. The odor of marijuana was present inside the vehicle. A vehicle search was performed and marijuana was located. Subject was cited and released in field. Total Records: 17 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

The Jackson Police Department's newest police officer. Please welcome Officer Elijah Mattson to our ranks. He will be attending the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy for the next few months, so you won't be seeing him for a bit, but we're glad to have him with us.

Press Blotter March 26 to April 1, 2018 Quote of the day: A police officer pulls a speeding car over; COP: I've been waiting for you all day. DRIVER: Yeah? Well I got here as fast as I could. Case Number Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP180300116 03/26/2018 8:00:00 Local business reported a shoplifting. Offense caught on camera. While investigating, the suspect arrived at the location. Suspect detained and cited for the offense. No Trespass also issued for the location. PDP180300117 03/26/2018 8:38:00 A vehicle stopping on the roadway to assist a disabled vehicle backed into another vehicle and left the scene. PDP180300118 03/26/2018 11:51:00 Fresh marring and paint transfer discovered on a vehicle that had been parallel parked on a town street. PDP180300119 03/26/2018 18:12:00 Subject under 21 attempted to pass a forged identification in order to gain access to a local bar. Subject cited. PDP180300120 03/27/2018 0:16:00 Male was found passed out at the bus stop in front of Miller Park. Male had a pool of vomit at his feet and reeked of alcohol. Male was arrested and cited for Public Intoxication. PDP180300122 03/27/2018 13:28:00 Unauthorized use of a debit card. Two online purchases: one for $177.06; one for $183.78. PDP180300123 03/28/2018 1:40:00 Officers responded with medics to an unconscious male. Male had taken pills, and had cuts on his arm. Subject taken to hospital for mental evaluation. PDP180300124 03/28/2018 5:28:00 Subject called in for welfare check for walking in snowy, wet weather with no shoes or jacket. Subject located and found to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages while being only 20 years of age. Subject arrested for MUI. PDP180300125 03/28/2018 10:03:00 Officer's responded to a disturbance in a Town Park. The two individual's involved were cited for Unlawful Contact. PDP180300126 03/28/2018 12:43:00 Several juveniles were caught shoplifting toys from a local business. One juvenile cited and all released to parents. PDP180300127 03/28/2018 17:52:00 A man was observed using a cell phone while driving and was pulled over. The man was found to have no driver's license and also had multiple priors for no driver's license. The man was arrested for no driver's license. PDP180300128 03/29/2018 0:33:00 Person was trespassing at a local business when they had been given a previous no trespass order. PDP180300130 03/29/2018 13:42:00 A man reported that his flower pot and garbage can had been damaged in an apparent hit and run collision. PDP180300132 03/29/2018 15:27:00 A woman reported that a sign marking her houses address had been destroyed in an apparent hit and run collision. PDP180300133 03/29/2018 18:41:00 One year old child was bitten by a dog while visiting at a friend's house. The child was seen at the doctor with a small puncture wound. Police contacted the dog owner and verified the dog was current on vaccinations. PDP180300134 03/31/2018 1:46:00 Man seen stumbling and falling on the boardwalk, showed signs of impairment and was arrested for public intox. PBT .364 PDP180300135 03/31/2018 13:04:00 Officers responded to a call about a Protection Order Violation. After a foot pursuit ensued, a male subject was arrested for Protection Order Violation, Felony Stalking, and Interference with a Peace Officer. PDP180400001 04/01/2018 2:16:00 Female assaulted male at a hotel. PDP180400002 04/01/2018 22:37:00 Found gas can on sidewalk corner filled with unknown liquid. Took can to city shops for safe keeping. PDP180400003 04/01/2018 23:14:00 Two males dragged a plastic buffalo from a hotel parking lot. Both males ran off before they could be contacted. Hotel staff stated the buffalo was worth less than $1000. Total Records: 21 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

Press Blotter March 19-25, 2018 Hill Climb Is Over! Take a quick peek at what we did during the week. Case Number Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDI180300076 03/19/2018 8:13:00 While working the Rendezvous Concert on the Town Square an unknown individual handed officers a Wells Fargo Visa Debit Card that was found. Item has been taken to local Wells Fargo to be returned to its owner PDI180300077 03/19/2018 9:51:00 Found ski pass at Rendezvous Concert. Located owner in Cody Wyoming. Sent pass back VIA US Mail. PDP180300078 03/19/2018 19:22:00 Officers called to home for disturbance between parents and an incorrigible juvenile. Officers mediated a solution. PDP180300079 03/20/2018 0:30:00 REDDI report led to an arrest for DUI. Driver was arrested .145% BAC. PDP180300080 03/20/2018 18:17:00 Officers responded to a disturbance. When contacting one of the involved parties at his residence, officers smelled burnt marijuana. Several containers with green marijuana residue seized. No citations issued. PDP180300083 03/20/2018 19:20:00 Found Wallet with identification but no contact information. Owner retrieved property. PDP180300082 03/20/2018 23:47:00 A man was observed driving a vehicle the wrong way on a one way street, contact was made by police. The driver was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for driving under the influence. PDP180300081 03/21/2018 0:09:00 Two male subjects fought inside a bar. One male suspect cited and released. PDP180300084 03/21/2018 10:57:00 Man discovered his hunting rifle was missing and assumes it was stolen. Male has not seen his rifle for 6 months, but assumes the suspect was one of his roommates' numerous one night stands. Rifle had been stored in an unlocked closet in the victim's home. PDP180300085 03/22/2018 8:39:00 Parents called to report juvenile was acting out and possibly suicidal. Information obtained supported need for emergency detention by law enforcement. Juvenile detained and transported to Hospital. PDP180300086 03/22/2018 11:10:00 Phone owner misplaced her phone while in town. Searched for phone, but could not locate. Believes it to be stolen but no information about who would have done it. PDP180300087 03/22/2018 22:23:00 Stopped vehicle for multiple traffic violations. Driver appeared, sounded, and admitted to drinking alcohol. Driver performed poorly on SFTs. PDP180300089 03/23/2018 16:19:00 Lady playing with a dog, she reached for a toy as the dog went for the same said toy, was bitten on the right thumb. PDP180300090 03/23/2018 17:52:00 Officer stopped vehicle for a traffic infraction. After testing, driver was arrested for DWUI. PDP180300091 03/23/2018 20:44:32 Traffic collision. PDP180300092 03/23/2018 21:56:00 A passerby alerted officers to a female that was laying on the boardwalk. Officers went to check on the female and discovered she was heavily intoxicated. The female was arrested and booked into jail for public intoxication. PDP180300093 03/23/2018 22:00:00 Vehicle stopped for exhibiting NHTSA cues of impaired driving. Driver admitted consuming wine with dinner. Driver failed field sobriety tests. After being arrested driver provided a breath test sample of .22%. PDP180300094 03/23/2018 22:22:00 Officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle who ran a stop sign. When contact with the driver was made, the odor of marijuana was present. Officer searched the vehicle and seized marijuana and paraphernalia. Passenger was taken into custody for PCS. PDP180300095 03/23/2018 22:32:00 Female passed out at bar, unknown if related from alcoholic drink. Female refused to go to hospital and have blood drawn. Under investigation. PDP180300096 03/23/2018 23:18:00 Intoxicated male reported at the Rose. Male was located and found to be under the influence of alcohol and under the age of 21. Male was booked into jail on charges of minor under the influence of alcohol. PDP180300097 03/23/2018 23:44:00 Intoxicated female provoked physical fight at local bar with bar staff and was arrested for public intoxication. PDP180300098 03/23/2018 23:44:00 As officers were driving by a local bar, a large active fight was observed. As officers were trying to break up the fight, punches were still thrown and subjects interfered with officers. Three subjects were arrested. PDP180300099 03/24/2018 2:16:00 A woman approached law enforcement during a traffic stop and began to speak with an Officer. The woman was found to be heavily intoxicated, could not care for herself and was arrested for public intoxication. PDP180300100 03/24/2018 3:15:00 A woman attempted to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. The woman was taken to the hospital for an involuntary mental hold. PDP180300101 03/24/2018 8:40:00 Punctured tire. Appears probable that the damage is intentional. PDP180300103 03/24/2018 12:19:00 Reporting person believes two male juveniles entered the store she works and took her keys. PDP180300102 03/24/2018 15:45:00 Damaged mirror discovered on a pickup that had been parallel parked and unoccupied. No suspect driver or vehicle information. PDP180300104 03/24/2018 18:45:00 Subject was instigating fights and was arrested for public intoxication outside a local business PDP180300106 03/24/2018 19:15:00 Observed female subject stumbling down the side of road, contacted and observed numerous signs of intoxication. Unable to provide physical address to destination where she was going. Arrested Public Intoxication. PBT .224 BrAC. PDP180300107 03/24/2018 23:34:00 Shadow box containing antique gambling chip taken from the wall at a hotel. Video footage showed an unknown female suspect taking the item and leaving at the E. Broadway entrance. Unknown total value of the item taken. PDP180300108 03/25/2018 0:43:00 Female found passed out on the street. PBT .308%. Taken to hospital and released back to officer's custody. PDP180300109 03/25/2018 0:46:00 A vehicle was stopped for speeding 51 mph in a 25 mph zone. The driver said he was driving to the airport in Utah to return to his home country. Speed that fast requires a court appearance. The driver was taken into custody and then posted bond for the citation and released. PDP180300110 03/25/2018 1:34:00 Noise disturbance in a local hotel PDP180300111 03/25/2018 1:39:00 Unknown male suspect kicked front driver side of taxi, causing damage to the door that it does not properly secure. Unknown total damage to the door. PDP180300112 03/25/2018 2:13:00 A vehicle was stopped for failing to use a turn signal. The driver of the vehicle was found to be impaired by alcohol, performed poorly on Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and was arrested for DUI. PDP180300113 03/25/2018 3:13:00 Domestic violence between uncle and nephew. PDP180300115 03/25/2018 19:42:00 Call of a male subject with warrant out of Teton County Idaho. Confirmed warrant was valid with extradition out of Teton County, Wyoming. Male subject arrested without incident. PDP180300114 03/25/2018 20:04:00 Police responded to a report of a fight outside a local business. Upon arriving, officers separated two intoxicated males who were fighting. The primary aggressor was arrested for public intoxication. Total Records: 38 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

WHAT'S WITH THE CAMERA CREW? Some of you may have seen camera crews following our female officers around town. This is for a documentary series called, Women On Patrol, "...following female officers on patrol across America. It features brave women--shown as real people, making real sacrifices--as they protect and serve their communities." Women On Patrol is produced by Lifetime Network and Big Fish Entertainment. The series' producers have extensive experience in law enforcement, including: LIVE PD; Killing Fields; Crime Scene Uncovered; Manhunters:Fugitive Taskforce; Dead Again; The First 48; The Mathis Project; Serving Life; Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan. The Jackson Police Department currently has three female officers who are participating in this project. We appreciate this opportunity to highlight these outstanding public servants and their contributions to our community.

The 2018 World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb is here! With that in mind the Jackson Police Department would like to make a few suggestions: 1. Drink responsibly. Don't let your intoxication get to the point where the police need to be involved. We want you to enjoy your weekend in Jackson and a night in jail shouldn't be part of that. 2. Be proactive in thinking ahead as to how you will get home if you intend to drink. 3. Know where you're staying. If you're contacted by the police for being too intoxicated, this can be the difference between going to jail or having the officer help you get to your destination. 4. Carry money for a taxi. Keep the number for a taxi service in your phone or in your pocket. We have more taxis in Jackson than anywhere else in the state and we would encourage people to take advantage of that. 5. Walking is always an option...but. Sometimes, as you may have seen in the weekly blotter, walking is not a good option for those who drink to the point they cannot safely do so. We’ve had previous incidents of intoxicated pedestrians being struck by vehicles, one resulting in death and the other in significant life changing injuries. 6. Secure your property. Most crimes in Jackson are crimes of opportunity. Lock your vehicle/trailer/ bicycle and secure valuables out of sight. 7. For our lady visitors and locals: There is safety in numbers. Watch out for each other. Guard your drinks. Do not consume drinks that are given to you by people you do not know. Do not leave your drink unattended with someone you do not know. Don't leave your group or allow a member of your group to leave you. IN SUMMARY: We would encourage people to have fun and enjoy themselves, but to do so responsibly and respectfully. We often see significant incidents of property damage, theft, vandalism, sexual assaults, and fighting in addition to increased DUI’s and public intoxications, and minors under the influence. All of these types of crimes generally boil down to people becoming intoxicated to the point that they make poor decisions. Be safe and have fun. https://snowkingmountain.com/event/snow-king-hill-climb-2018/

Press Blotter March 12-18, 2018 Quote of the Day: When you're young, you think you dad is superman. Then you grow up and realize he's just a regular guy who wears a cape. Case Number CFS # Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP180300045 1803-1099 03/12/2018 0:38:00 Report of a male individual passed out on the sidewalk. Male subject displayed indicators of intoxication and was physically unable to care for his own needs. PBT .242%. Subject arrested. PDP180300046 1803-1101 03/12/2018 1:42:00 Male subject was spotted attempting to open rear door of a locked patrol car, parked on the street. Male subject displayed indicators of intoxication and stated he was looking for his friend. Male subject's friend was arrested for public intoxication earlier on the same night. Male subject PBT is .227%. Subject arrested. PDP180300047 1803-1131 03/12/2018 6:30:00 Woman discovered fresh scratches to her car after it had been parked in an apartment parking lot for about 30 minutes. Woman suspects someone may have been upset because of her parking location. PDP180300049 1803-1132 03/12/2018 10:46:00 Non injury two vehicle collision on private property. One driver cited for no driver's license and unsafe backing. PDP180300050 1803-1156 03/12/2018 12:59:00 Subject refused to be properly screened at the Jackson Hole Airport. Subject became disorderly and disruptive, and was arrested. PDP180300051 1803-1161 03/12/2018 13:48:00 An unknown vehicle hit a parked and unoccupied pickup truck somewhere in Teton County or the Town of Jackson, Wyoming. The owner of the truck drove it for about two days over the weekend before noticing the damage. There are no suspects. PDP180300052 1803-1242 03/13/2018 10:44:00 Subject struck in the face but refused to file charges against the suspect. PDP180300053 1803-1293 03/13/2018 16:33:00 Traffic collision. PDP180300055 1803-1325 03/13/2018 22:02:00 Suspicious circumstances at middle school. Under investigation. PDP180300054 1803-1330 03/14/2018 0:02:00 Call for a Protection Order Violation leads to Warrant arrest. PDP180300056 1803-1344 03/14/2018 8:54:00 Vehicle hit and run in parking lot of local business. PDP180300058 1803-1358 03/14/2018 10:45:00 Debit card was used fraudulently to purchase goods in local business's. PDP180300057 1803-1395 03/14/2018 15:22:00 Woman passed out in her car found during parking rounds. Arrested for DUI. PDP180300060 1803-1548 03/15/2018 23:46:00 Suicidal subject called police asking for help for mental health issues. Subject was transported to St. John's Hospital for evaluation. PDP180300061 1803-1561 03/16/2018 2:24:00 Officer responded to a residence for the report of domestic violence. After investigation Officers discovered that a domestic assault had occurred between ex-boyfriend and girlfriend and a domestic battery occurred between two house mates. The primary aggressor in both incidents was taken into custody. PDP180300062 1803-1619 03/16/2018 16:13:00 Man called to report he had been hit in the face with a closed fist at a local motel. PDP180300063 1803-1661 03/16/2018 21:53:00 Contacted 3 intoxicated male subjects in front of the Cowboy Bar. One male became difficult and would not follow directions. Unable to find means of getting to hotel in Teton Village. He had slurred speech, glassy eyes, smelled of alcohol and had difficulty standing. PBT .297% BrAC. PDP180300064 1803-1672 03/16/2018 22:47:00 A man was found intoxicated in a public place, he had been observed wandering around for some time prior to being contacted. The man did not know where he was staying. The man was arrested for public intoxication. PDP180300065 1803-1675 03/16/2018 23:10:00 Pedestrian stop for public intoxication. Subject urinating on wall. Arrest. PBT .26% PDP180300066 1803-1687 03/17/2018 1:33:00 A man was asked to leave a business by the manager but would not. The man was then told by Officers to leave the business and not come back until the morning when he was sober. The man initially left the business, then returned and entered after Officers left the area. The man was arrested for trespass. The man was found to be in possession of controlled substance after he was arrested. PDP180300067 1803-1691 03/17/2018 2:05:00 Two males arrested for public intoxication and urinating in public. One of the males was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. PDP180300069 1803-1831 03/18/2018 0:28:00 Report of a fight at a local hotel. After investigation one party arrested for JMC 9.16.020 Assault and Battery. PDP180300070 1803-1835 03/18/2018 0:51:00 Two females were contacted by police when officers observed one female trying to help another female who was laying in the road. Both females were found to be under the influence of alcohol and under the age of 21. One of the females also had a fake ID. The females were booked into jail. PDP180300071 1803-1838 03/18/2018 1:25:00 Female subject stumbled into traffic, began taking her pants down and urinated on the wall of a restaurant. Female subject was highly intoxicated and was arrested for urinating in public and for public intoxication. PDP180300072 1803-1851 03/18/2018 4:33:00 Contacted pedestrian who was staggering while walking in a public parking lot. The subject was unable to give officers a valid hotel or room where he was staying for the night. The subject was taken into custody and submitted to a portable breath test at the jail which showed a .23% PDP180300073 1803-1856 03/18/2018 7:41:31 Destruction of property resolved civilly. PDP180300074 1803-1889 03/18/2018 14:21:00 Two unknown female subjects took items from a local clothing store and did not pay for them. PDP180300075 1803-1898 03/18/2018 15:43:00 One couple was walking their dog while a lone female was walking hers. The two dogs met and were involved in a brief fight. While breaking up the fighting dogs, the lone female was bitten by the couple's dog. Information report only. Total Records: 29 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

ST. PATRICK'S DAY IS ALMOST HERE! As you prepare to head out for the festivities this St. Patrick’s Day, remember: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. Make a plan to get home safely before you ever head out for the party! That green beer may taste weak, but you may be more buzzed than you think. Everyone’s tolerance level is different, but even one drink can be too many. Remember: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. In 2016, 60 people lost their lives in drunk driving crashes during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Don’t become a statistic. Remember the life-saving message: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. Think you need to outdrink that Leprechaun? Just make sure you have a sober ride home. Remember: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving, which is why you must always arrange for a sober designated driver before you head out to a party. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Drunk driving killed 269 people during the 2012-2016 St. Patrick’s Day holiday period. End the deadly cycle. Today, and every day, remember: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. Drunk driving is not worth the risk of injury, time in jail, your death, or the death of another. As you head out to the St. Patrick’s Day parties, remember: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. Sometimes, even one drink is one too many. This St. Patrick’s Day, and every day, remember: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. The luck o’ the Irish won’t be with you if you choose to drink and drive. Remember: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. It is illegal in all 50 States and the District of Columbia to drink and drive—St. Patrick’s Day and every day. Remember: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving.

Press Blotter February 26- March 4, 2018 Quote of the Day: Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out a live anyway. Case Number CFS # Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP180200102 1802-2610 02/26/2018 1:03:00 Drunk male was kicked out of the bar numerous times and was warned by officers to not return. Drunk male returned to the bar and was arrested. PBT result .276%. PDI180200104 1802-2649 02/26/2018 12:23:00 Box truck was rented with a bad credit card. PDP180200105 1802-2653 02/26/2018 12:48:00 A 71-year-old man was found dead on the floor of his motel room by his brother. Nothing suspicious about the scene. No evidence of foul play. PDP180200106 1802-2660 02/26/2018 13:46:00 Subject intoxicated to the degree he was unable to communicate. PBT = .233% BrAC. PDP180200107 1802-2755 02/27/2018 12:02:00 A woman came to a man's residence while he was away and asked his teenage daughter for permission to use the restroom. The man believes the woman was looking for prescription medication. Woman later contacted and issued a criminal trespass notice. PDP180200108 1802-2762 02/27/2018 13:22:00 Two week old collision hit and run, no leads. PDP180200109 1802-2784 02/27/2018 17:33:00 Subject arrested for public intoxication after he was found intoxicated at a bus stop. PBT=352.%. PDP180200111 1802-2794 02/27/2018 19:57:00 Adult Male subject reported missing after not having any contact with any persons locally within the last week. Subject located in out of state jail. PDP180200112 1802-2859 02/28/2018 18:33:00 An Officer observed a man shove a woman to the ground during an argument. The man refused to identify himself to the Officer and was arrested for Domestic Assault and Interference. PDP180300001 1802-2880 02/28/2018 21:28:00 Anonymous report on possible illegal psilocybin mushroom grow, leads to a search warrant recovering large amount of illegal controlled substances. Offender arrested. PDP180300002 1803-0048 03/01/2018 12:54:00 Vehicle collision hit and run in front of local business. PDP180300003 1803-0056 03/01/2018 13:29:00 A handgun was reported stolen from the back seat of a locked truck. No obvious damage. PDP180300004 1803-0065 03/01/2018 14:20:00 Hit and run collision in parking lot. PDP180300005 1803-0084 03/01/2018 16:53:00 Traffic stop for stop sign violation. Probation violation arrest, for possession of controlled substance. PDP180300006 1803-0128 03/02/2018 0:55:00 At approximately 0055 hours, Jackson Police Officers observed a male that they believed was intoxicated cross Pearl Street near Bubba's BBQ. While the male was crossing the street he fell down. Officers continued to watch the male as he picked himself up off the street, and circled Bubba's Restaurant two times looking in the windows and tapping on the glass. When Officers made contact with the male he ran a short distance before stopping and complying with Officers. The male stated to Officers he was trying to get into "the McDonald's" not realizing he was at Bubba's BBQ and Bubba's was closed for the evening. The male was subsequently arrested for Public Intoxication. PDP180300007 1803-0134 03/02/2018 2:15:00 A man was observed staggering on the sidewalk and street. The man was contacted and was later arrested for public intoxication. PDP180300008 1803-0164 03/02/2018 13:15:00 Fraud. Under investigation. PDP180300010 1803-0187 03/02/2018 16:13:00 Two vehicle collision. No injuries both vehicles were able to drive away. PDP180300011 03/02/2018 22:07:00 Vehicle two was stopped at the intersection of W Broadway and Hwy 22. Vehicle one was pulling up behind Vehicle two and began to slide on the ice. Vehicle one was unable to stop and struck Vehicle two in the rear. Ambulance responded for complaint of pain. The driver of Vehicle one was cited for driving too fast for conditions. PDP180300013 1803-0225 03/03/2018 0:13:00 A woman was found passed out in a business lobby. The woman was incoherent and another woman stated that she believed the woman may have been "drugged" while at a bar. The woman was transported to the hospital. PDP180300012 1803-0226 03/03/2018 0:17:00 Officer called to a bar for a female refusing to leave. Upon arrival management informed Police that they had asked this female to leave several times and they just wanted her out. Female initially went with officers toward the exit then sprinted back into the bar. She was escorted to the exit where she grabbed onto the door attempting to pull herself back into the bar. One female arrested for municipal code criminal trespass. PDP180300014 1803-0237 03/03/2018 2:41:00 A vehicle was stopped for not using a turn signal and for having a broken taillight. The driver of the vehicle was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for driving under the influence and for driving with a suspended license. During the arrest of the driver, another man interfered with Officers and was arrested for interference. PDP180300015 1803-0242 03/03/2018 6:25:00 V1 failed to stop at stop sign due to icy conditions. Collided with V2 who was traveling in intersection. Cite for stop sign fail. PDP180300016 1803-0257 03/03/2018 9:51:00 Welfare check on subject turned out to be miscommunication. PDP180300017 1803-0274 03/03/2018 12:18:00 Person was placed on bulletin as dangerous to law enforcement. Was posting on social media he wanted a confrontation with law enforcement. There was a warrant for his arrest. Located and arrested. PDP180300018 1803-0366 03/04/2018 13:27:00 Suspected marijuana seized at airport for destruction. Total Records: 26 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

Press Blotter February 19-25, 2018 Quote of the Day: I don't mean to brag, but I put together a puzzle in 1 day that said 1-2 years on the box. Rocked it! Case Number CFS # Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP180200075 1802-1953 02/19/2018 2:44:00 Observed vehicle driving without headlights. Driver displayed indicators of intoxication. Driver failed field sobriety test. Driver arrested. Breath test result .152%. Vehicle towed. PDP180200076 1802-1955 02/19/2018 5:57:00 Victim reports unauthorized use of his vehicle. Suspect walking eastbound. Victim takes vehicle and goes to work before Officers respond. Unable to locate a suspect. Victim claims no damage to vehicle. PDP180200078 1802-1962 02/19/2018 9:30:00 This is a report of a theft of a vehicle booting device. A towing company discovered a parked vehicle at Aspen Meadows Apartments without a valid parking permit and installed a vehicle boot on said vehicle so it could later be towed. When the tow company returned to impound the vehicle, the vehicle along with the booting device were gone. Follow up was conducted which resulted in the apprehension of the offender. The offender was issued a citation to appear in Circuit Court for one count of theft under $1000.00 for the theft of the vehicle booting device. PDP180200079 1802-2022 02/19/2018 19:27:43 Collision hit and run. PDP180200080 1802-2071 02/20/2018 12:41:00 Woman reported that she was sexually assaulted in Jackson approx. 22 years ago. PDP180200081 1802-2126 02/20/2018 23:45:00 Observed driving behavior. Traffic stop initiated. Subject displayed objective signs of intoxication. Subject did not complete SFST's and was arrested for DWUI. PBT result of .19% at the Jail. Subject refused the Breath test and a search warrant was obtained. Subject then refused to give blood and was also charged with interference. PDP180200082 1802-2128 02/21/2018 0:16:00 Female was found lying on the boardwalk, passed out, in front of a bar. Female subject displayed indicators of intoxication and was physically unable to care for her own needs. Female arrested for public intoxication and taken to the hospital after providing breath sample result of .36% PDP180200085 1802-2175 02/21/2018 14:43:00 Officers observed male subject illegally crossing a busy intersection. The impaired subject was then observed damaging the hood of a parked vehicle. Subject was arrested for Property Destruction and Pedestrian Under the Influence. PDP180200087 1802-2181 02/21/2018 15:45:00 Subject brought in prescription medication to be destroyed. PDP180200086 1802-2214 02/22/2018 0:34:00 Officer stopped vehicle with no taillights. Driver was intoxicated and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Driver was arrested for DWUI. PDP180200089 1802-2249 02/22/2018 11:23:00 Man came in to PD believing to be poisoned by Russian Government Officials. PDP180200090 1802-2291 02/22/2018 18:09:00 Officers called to home for disturbance. PDP180200091 1802-2318 02/22/2018 23:29:00 Minor under the influence. Nineteen year old male was brought to the lobby of the Jail by his mother. The male had been consuming alcohol under the age of 21. The male was arrested and booked into jail on charges of Minor Under the Influence. PDP180200092 1802-2319 02/22/2018 23:39:00 A man reported that his roommate had punched him in the face several times. After investigation, it was determined that this report was unfounded. Several items of paraphernalia were taken for destruction. PDP180200093 1802-2328 02/23/2018 3:29:00 Male called to turn himself in for a probation violation. Had been dealt with for public intoxication earlier in the night. Admitted to lying to Officers about his identity because he didn't want to go to jail at the time. Still highly intoxicated, bloodshot glassy eyes, strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person and poor balance. Stated he would not find a place to stay and planned on sleeping on the sidewalk. One male taken into custody for Public Intoxication and Interference. PDP180200095 1802-2389 02/23/2018 17:56:34 Code enforcement. PDP180200094 1802-2396 02/23/2018 18:40:00 A woman called to report an Internet scam in which she lost $1000. PDP180200096 1802-2434 02/23/2018 23:58:00 Responded to a disturbance at the Cowboy Bar. Man had been refusing to leave. Arrest for Public Intoxication. Refused portable breath test. PDP180200097 1802-2440 02/24/2018 1:19:00 A man was observed driving a vehicle and a consensual contact was made by police. The driver was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for driving under the influence. PDP180200098 1802-2535 02/24/2018 23:00:00 A disturbance call involving a male and female arguing led to an investigation which was unable to produce probable cause a crime occurred. PDP180200099 1802-2546 02/25/2018 0:55:00 During a traffic stop on a vehicle operating without tail lights at night two 19 year old occupants were found to be minors under the influence of alcohol. They were cited for MUI and released. PDP180200100 1802-2560 02/25/2018 4:44:00 Intoxicated male broke the door handle and the door frame of a local business while attempting to enter after hours. Subject was later found and cited for destruction of property. PDP180200101 1802-2573 02/25/2018 11:21:00 Woman reported purse missing. Purse later found on garbage can of hotel room under trash bag. Cash reported missing. Total Records: 24 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

Press Blotter February 12-18, 2018 Quote of the Day: Laughing is the best medicine, but if you're laughing for no reason you may need some medicine. Case Number CFS # Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP180200046 1802-1206 02/12/2018 0:16:00 Two males caused a disturbance at a local bar and were subsequently arrested for public intoxication. PDP180200047 1802-1211 02/12/2018 2:53:00 Intoxicated male subject found lying on the floor of a local establishment. Subject arrested for public intoxication. PDP180200048 1802-1234 02/12/2018 10:09:00 Resident of Jackson did not pay his hotel room bill for the last month. PDP180200050 1802-1271 02/12/2018 15:04:00 Traffic stop for cell phone violation. Municipal citation for cell phone and warning for registration. Circuit citation for driving while suspended/revoked. Report to document probation violation for DWUS. PDP180200051 1802-1288 02/12/2018 17:25:00 Disturbance called turned into a Domestic Violence arrest. PDP180200052 1802-1301 02/12/2018 19:01:00 An outdoor retailer set up a trailer on the Town Square and was peddling merchandise without a business license. They were shut down. Case to city attorney for review. PDP180200053 1802-1322 02/12/2018 22:49:00 RP reports being physically attacked by roommate. Roommate denies physical contact with RP. RP does not have any physical markings. RP refuses to leave residence for his own safety. No evidence of physical altercation. PDP180200054 1802-1337 02/13/2018 8:57:00 Two unrelated subjects had items taken from their motel room. Both subjects believe the same person took the items. No evidence the person took the items. PDP180200057 1802-1359 02/13/2018 12:30:00 An Apple Ipad was found on a START bus a few days ago, no further information. PDP180200055 1802-1362 02/13/2018 12:54:00 A person walked into the Police Dept for a VIN inspection and to have a malfunctioning firearm destroyed. PDP180200056 1802-1365 02/13/2018 13:29:00 Vehicle was broken into sometime over the weekend at a local condo parking garage. Items were taken. PDP180200058 1802-1466 02/14/2018 13:02:00 Reported multiple ID's taken from coats left unattended at the Rose Bar. No Suspects at this time PDP180200059 1802-1484 02/14/2018 15:12:00 Vehicle hit a bicycle that was crossing the intersection in the crosswalk. Vehicle was cited for failing to yield to a bicycle while turning right. Bicyclist was transported to St. John's hospital for an apparent leg injury. PDP180200060 1802-1523 02/14/2018 22:55:00 A man attempted to enter a bar with a fake ID, the bar refused and the man fled when police arrived. After a foot pursuit the man was caught and he resisted arrest. The man was charged with interference, minor under the influence and possessing a false ID. PDP180200061 1802-1525 02/14/2018 23:08:00 Subject believes friend stole her coat containing keys and phone as retaliation. PDP180200063 1802-1600 02/15/2018 17:22:00 Second hand report of child abuse. Report was unfounded. PDP180200062 1802-1604 02/15/2018 17:52:00 Reported suspicious vehicle with fogged up windows in a public parking lot. Contact was made with a male subject present and was later arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance plant and liquid form. PDP180200064 1802-1647 02/16/2018 3:22:00 A man was reported to be passed out in the lobby of the emergency room, the man believed the emergency room to be his hotel. The man was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for public intoxication. PDP180200065 1802-1655 02/16/2018 8:31:00 Vehicle was power-sliding through the fairgrounds parking and slid into the north west side of the fairgrounds arena building. Vehicle caused moderate damage to the building. Vehicle drove away without making a report of the accident or contacting the property owner. PDP180200083 1802-1692 02/16/2018 15:36:00 Local bank reported a check fraud that was in progress. Under investigation. PDP180200066 1802-1731 02/16/2018 21:47:00 Driver stopped for weaving, driver performed poorly on SFST's, driver arrested for DUI, search warrant applied for and blood sample obtained. PDP180200067 1802-1744 02/17/2018 0:08:00 Vehicle stopped for traffic violation. Officer detected the odor of marijuana and searched the vehicle. Driver was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. PDP180200068 1802-1749 02/17/2018 2:30:00 During a traffic stop, the driver performed SFSTs poorly and was arrested for driving under the influence. PDP180200069 1802-1750 02/17/2018 2:31:00 Disturbance between former spouses. Female intends to apply for protection order. PDP180200070 1802-1794 02/17/2018 16:57:00 REDDI report subject was contacted while walking. During contact officer observed what appeared to be shoplifted items and smelled marijuana. Investigation revealed person had shoplifted from at least two stores and was in possession of marijuana. PDP180200071 1802-1804 02/17/2018 18:48:00 Dog bite occurred at the airport. Dog owner was cited. PDP180200073 1802-1861 02/18/2018 2:51:00 Noise disturbance turns into felony level possession of controlled substances. PDP180200074 1802-1914 02/18/2018 16:06:00 Police and EMS were called on a possible cardiac arrest. Upon arrival it was found that an elderly woman had passed away while in her sleep. Coroner responded to the scene. Total Records: 28 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

Press Blotter February 5-11, 2018 Quote of the Day: Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it. Case Number Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP180200018 02/05/2018 9:09:00 Possible attempted fraud via Facebook. There is no victim in this case as the complainant did not divulge any personal information. No further action will be taken. PDP180200021 02/06/2018 15:34:00 Call for service on attempt to locate a suicidal subject. Suicidal subject was located by Police in the Town of Jackson parking garage. Subject was detained and transported to St. Johns Medical Center. PDP180200022 02/06/2018 15:55:00 Vehicle 1 collided with Vehicle 2 and failed to stop and exchange information. Driver of vehicle 2 provided Vehicle 1's license plate and driver of Vehicle 1 was found and cited. No follow-up needed. No injuries reported. PDP180200023 02/06/2018 16:54:00 Cold report of a collision hit and run, unsure where it happened, no leads. PDP180200024 02/06/2018 18:10:00 Took report of lost wallet founder under suspicious circumstances with cash missing. PDI180200025 02/07/2018 11:41:00 Burned old K-9 program narcotics. PDP180200026 02/07/2018 13:25:00 Vehicle damage was observed. Owner was notified and reason for damage was unknown. Info only. PDP180200027 02/07/2018 23:09:00 A vehicle was stopped for several traffic violations. The driver of the vehicle was found to be impaired after poor performance on standardized field sobriety tests and was arrested for driving under the influence. PDP180200028 02/08/2018 11:04:00 Complaint of local store employees throwing sharp objects at a building, across a public alley, and from the public right of way within the sidewalk easement. Currently under investigation. PDP180200029 02/08/2018 16:20:00 Probation and Parole contacted law enforcement for a warrant arrest. The suspect was contacted and arrested. PDP180200030 02/08/2018 18:21:00 Juvenile charged with possession of controlled substance PDP180200031 02/08/2018 23:15:00 Report of a male screaming and pounding on an unoccupied apartment door. Male is highly intoxicated, does not live there and is uncooperative. After investigation it is discovered that the male has an active warrant for his arrest. Male arrested on warrant and cited for public intoxication. PDP180200032 02/09/2018 1:40:00 A vehicle was stopped for traffic violations. The driver of the vehicle was found to be impaired after poor performance on standardized field sobriety tests and was arrested for driving under the influence. PDP180200033 02/09/2018 8:53:00 Cold battery occurred at a business. Victim and suspect who were co-workers were both interviewed. After completing both interviews and reviewing the video evidence, the suspect was cited for battery and given a trespass notice of the business. PDP180200035 02/09/2018 10:55:00 Collision in gas station parking lot. PDP180200034 02/09/2018 15:02:00 Hit and run collision in apartment complex parking lot. Unknown suspect. PDP180200036 02/09/2018 19:05:00 Two juveniles ran away from Van Vleck House on foot. PDP180200037 02/09/2018 20:47:00 Collision. Driver at fault cited. PDP180200038 02/10/2018 1:46:00 Man cited for hit and run of town property. PDP180200039 02/10/2018 5:45:00 Officers responded to cardiac arrest, began CPR, EMTs arrived and provided advanced medical care, patient transported to hospital. PDP180200040 02/10/2018 5:54:00 Call of a collision between a vehicle and town property. Vehicle was located on nearby at parking lot with damage that is consistent with damage to town property. Follow-up will be needed in an attempt to locate the R/O and security footage. PDP180200041 02/10/2018 15:19:00 Various construction tools taken from vehicle parked in public garage. Front door found opened. No damage seen around car doors. Lifted partial prints around vehicle. Security cameras located facing direction where vehicle was parked. Follow-up needed. PDP180200042 02/10/2018 20:58:00 Theft reported from a locked vehicle. Wallet, tools, and stereo system taken. Value over $1000. PDP180200043 02/11/2018 3:19:00 Officer's responded to reported male subject passed out and disoriented in a public place. Subject was unable to care for himself and did not know where he was staying for the night. Subject was arrested for Public Intoxication. PDP180200044 02/11/2018 10:04:00 Trailer hitch missing from rear of a vehicle. Victim suspects ex-boyfriend was involved. No witnesses on scene. Contacted ex-boyfriend who stated he had nothing to do with the missing item. Price value is $75.00. PDP180200045 02/11/2018 11:52:00 Citizen complaint of a someone smoking marijuana inside an apartment complex. Resident admitted having marijuana and a pipe which were voluntarily handed over to police. Resident was cited. PDP180200049 02/11/2018 16:28:00 Cash found and turned into the Department. Total Records: 28 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

2018 WINTER SPECIAL OLYMPICS: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH - 2:30PM – PRESENTATION OF PROCLAMATION BY MAYOR PETE MULDOON AT THE TOWN SQUARE 2018 is off and running – the Law Enforcement Torch Run to benefit Special Olympics Wyoming are doing amazing things – Help raise funds for the Special Olympics athletes in your community by participating in the various events in your area!! There are so many ways to get involved. Jackalope Jumps, Law Enforcement Torch Run, Truck Pulls, or supporting special athletes that are representing our state at USA or World Games. This is a great chance for peers of all ages to support their Special Olympic Athlete friends. For more information visit www.specialolympicswy.org or email development@specialolympicswy.org

Press Blotter January 22-28, 2018 Quote of the Day: "Marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than you so they won't eat all of yours." Case Number CFS # Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP180100101 1801-2339 01/22/2018 9:04:00 An unattended dog was attacked by a larger dog and injured. No person was bit and the dog was treated at a local veterinarian's office. Citation issued. PDP180100102 1801-2355 01/22/2018 11:44:00 A large package was mailed to a person in Jackson and was delivered to the wrong PO Box. The package was picked up, but not returned to the proper recipient. Investigation ongoing. PDP180100103 1801-2389 01/22/2018 18:24:00 Vehicle slid off roadway at an intersection hitting and knocking out the traffic light control box. No injuries, only one car involved, and the driver was cited. State report completed. PDP180100104 1801-2396 01/22/2018 20:38:00 Advised of a male subject with possible warrant. Subject located, identified and arrested without incident. PDP180100105 1801-2399 01/22/2018 21:45:00 A welfare check was called in about a female who might be suicidal and cutting herself. The female was contacted and determined to be fine. However, the police took her marijuana and glass pipe. No charges filed. PDP180100106 1801-2401 01/22/2018 21:52:00 Officer initiated a traffic stop on vehicle that was called in for a REDDI report. Driver was found to be intoxicated and arrested for DWUI. PDP180100108 1801-2437 01/23/2018 12:04:00 Drug paraphernalia found. Taken for destruction. PDP180100109 1801-2442 01/23/2018 12:40:00 An unknown vehicle driven by an unknown person hit a parked car in a private apartment parking lot. No information was left on the parked car. There were no security cameras, witnesses, and no suspects. PDP180100112 1801-2592 01/24/2018 21:16:00 A woman notified law enforcement that she had been contacted by a man who she has a temporary protection order against. PDP180100113 1801-2671 01/25/2018 14:01:08 Collision Hit and Run. PDP180100114 1801-2690 01/25/2018 16:03:00 A juvenile was found to be in possession of tobacco products and was cited. PDP180100115 1801-2728 01/26/2018 1:42:00 Driver stopped for traffic violation found to be intoxicated. Driver performed poorly on field sobriety testing and was arrested. PDP180100116 1801-2751 01/26/2018 10:56:00 Woman had a fur coat go missing from her hotel room. Woman had no idea who took it or what time it actually went missing. PDP180100117 1801-2766 01/26/2018 13:40:00 Woman who banks at a bank in Jackson had her credit card hacked and a person in Greece bought a $2113.95 plane ticket. PDP180100118 1801-2783 01/26/2018 15:43:00 Student entered school after hours. PDP180100120 1801-2852 01/27/2018 1:10:00 During a traffic stop, a man was arrested for driving under the influence and no drivers license after he performed poorly on standardized field sobriety tests. PDP180100121 1801-2853 01/27/2018 1:21:00 Verbal domestic dispute. No arrests. PDP180100122 1801-2854 01/27/2018 2:45:00 Intoxicated male went into wrong condo, passed out, took firewood and flag, cited for public intoxication. PDP180100123 1801-2902 01/27/2018 16:29:00 Man passed out drunk on the floor of Lucky's Market Liquor Store. PBT .30%. Arrested for public intoxication. PDP180100125 1801-2931 01/27/2018 23:17:00 Report of a missing person. Left taxi and went missing. After contacting acquaintances, found residence. Was unable to make contact with subject. PDP180100126 1801-2949 01/28/2018 10:19:00 Bicycle was abandoned on the sidewalk in front of the location. Taken as found property. PDP180100127 1801-2978 01/28/2018 15:14:00 Reporting party suspects her husband is violating protective order. Total Records: 22 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

Press Blotter January 15-21, 2018 Joke of the week: Sorry, folks. We ran out of non-offensive police jokes. How about a "Quote of the Week" to get you going before you read about what your police department did this week? Quote of the Day: "I don't want to adult today. I don't even want to human today. Today, I want to dog. I'll be lying on the floor in the sun. Please pet me and bring snacks." PDP180100075 01/15/2018 11:00:00 While training with Wyoming Highway Patrol, K9 was deployed at request of Trooper during a traffic stop. A large amount of controlled substance was seized. PDP180100074 01/15/2018 15:40:00 Fresh damage discovered to a car windshield. The car had been parked in the parking lot of a local repair service over the weekend. PDP180100073 01/15/2018 15:59:00 Male subject was pulled from flight due to being intoxicated. Airline representative offered voucher for hotel and booked him to a next flight for the next day. Male subject was asked to leave numerous times and said no. Male subject arrested. PBT .268% PDP180100077 01/16/2018 19:24:00 Subject reported ladder was taken from his truck. No suspects. Ladder worth approximately $100.00. PDP180100078 01/17/2018 2:59:00 Protection Order Violation. Destruction of Property to vehicle damage under $1000.00. PDP180100080 01/17/2018 12:54:00 Officers were dispatched to business for a bomb threat. Officers arrived/secured area. The scene was investigated and determined there was no active threat. The investigations team started working on finding the suspect for the call while other officers conducted other security efforts. Suspect identified and arrest warrant obtained. PDP180100081 01/17/2018 13:01:00 Mother of victim called to report her daughter's social security card was being used in Jackson for employment purposes by someone other than her daughter. As a result, they were unable to secure disibility benefits. The mother and daughter live in another part of the state and do not work/live in Jackson. The suspect was contacted and an investigation is underway. PDP180100082 01/17/2018 20:27:00 A two vehicle non injury collision occurred in a parking lot. Damage over $1000 PDP180100083 01/17/2018 22:51:00 Vehicle one made a left hand turn onto W Broadway when the roadway was not clear to do so. Vehicle two struck vehicle one as it entered the roadway. No injuries, one vehicle towed, driver of vehicle one cited for Failure to Yield, State Accident Report complete. PDP180100084 01/17/2018 23:22:00 Officer responded to call about intoxicated male in the street, officer found subject stumbling, with injury from falling, subject unsteady on feet, unable to care for self, arrested for public intoxication. PDP180100085 01/18/2018 1:48:00 Bicycle theft outside local business. Look at video footage at the Virginian. PDP180100086 01/18/2018 12:06:00 Contacted an intoxicated male. Warrant arrest. PDP180100088 01/18/2018 16:01:00 Person cited for cell phone and registration. Marijuana pipe and residue seized no summons given. PDP180100089 01/18/2018 16:11:00 Collision hit and run. PDP180100090 01/18/2018 16:59:00 Home owner called to report female visitor acting out and intoxicated. Female was transported to the hospital for medical evaluation. PDP180100091 01/19/2018 1:41:00 Driver stopped for running stop sign. Driver found to be intoxicated, failed field sobriety tests and arrested. PDP180100092 01/19/2018 10:56:00 Respondent of a protection order violated the order once again. The Petitioner asked for no further contact and has asked for our assistance. Arrest warrant to be completed. PDP180100093 01/19/2018 21:51:00 Man used fake ID to try to get into local business and the ID was confiscated and charges were filed. PDP180100094 01/20/2018 15:40:00 Collision hit and run. Suspect vehicle left roadway, hitting vehicles in a driveway. PDP180100095 01/20/2018 20:46:00 Misdemeanor monetary amount stolen from home. PDP180100096 01/21/2018 0:53:00 Traffic stop made for speeding, driver performed poorly on field sobriety tests and driver was arrested for DUI. PDP180100097 01/21/2018 3:44:00 During the course of a traffic stop, a small amount of controlled substance and items of paraphernalia were located. The driver was cited for possession of controlled substance. PDP180100098 01/21/2018 11:31:00 Subject stopped for traffic violation. Driver arrested for possession of a controlled substance. PDP180100099 01/21/2018 17:08:00 Possible destruction of property and rude insolent touching call, but victim doesn't want to press charges. Total Records: 26 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

NEW POLICE OFFICER Justin Lancaster was sworn in on Monday as our newest police officer. You'll be seeing him around, hopefully with just a wave as he's patrolling our town.

A super bowl message from the Jackson Police Department.

Press Blotter January 8-14, 2018 Joke of the week: Police: Where do you live? Me: With my parents. Police: Where do your parents live? Me: With me. Police: Where do you all live? Me: Together. Police: Where is your house? Me: Next to my neighbor's house. Police: Where is your neighbor's house? Me: If I tell you, you won't believe me. Police: Tell me. Me: Next to my house. Case Number Reported Date/Time Case Comments Bias Based On PDP180100043 01/08/2018 4:51:00 Male subject found asleep inside hotel lobby. Subject showed objective signs of intoxication. Arrested for Public Intoxication. PDP180100044 01/08/2018 8:37:00 Female victim reported of a domestic abuse from husband. Husband has warrant for arrest, taken into custody. PDP180100046 01/08/2018 14:11:00 Delayed report of a hit and run collision. Believed to have occurred approximately 10 days prior. No leads or suspects. PDP180100047 01/08/2018 16:50:00 Responded to a residence for potential drug use. Search warrant applied for, granted, and executed. Drugs seized. Resident issued a citation for possession of a controlled substance. PDP180100049 01/09/2018 7:12:00 Subject entered an unoccupied local residence that was not his, without the owner's permission, destroyed property at the house, and was issued a summons to court. PDP180100050 01/09/2018 8:24:00 Responded to report of graffiti on public property. PDP180100068 01/09/2018 12:34:00 Subjects damaged property at a room at a local hotel. Subjects were later found and issued summons to court. PDP180100051 01/09/2018 15:26:00 Third party call of a physical assault between two brothers. Spoke with possible victim over the phone who did not wish to cooperate and stated nothing was going on. Report has been written as information only. PDP180100054 01/09/2018 18:48:00 Child on playground hit by another child. Case to school resource officer. PDP180100053 01/09/2018 19:03:00 Unknown subject left baggie of marijuana on a counter at a local establishment. PDP180100055 01/09/2018 20:12:00 Vehicle struck in parking lot. Other driver failed to provide proper information. No leads or suspects at this time. PDP180100056 01/10/2018 16:35:00 3rd party called in a single vehicle collision with private property. The suspect vehicle left the scene before it was contacted by anyone. Hit and Run. Unresolved. PDP180100058 01/10/2018 21:08:00 Vehicle collision occurred at the Y intersection when Vehicle 1 failed to yield the right of way during a left turn. Causing a two vehicle collision. PDP180100057 01/10/2018 22:22:00 Collision hit and run. Suspect located and cited. PDP180100059 01/11/2018 14:56:00 Female slipped on sidewalk and went to the hospital for pain to her hip. Information only. PDP180100060 01/12/2018 0:09:00 Vehicle stopped for no headlights. Driver arrested for DUI. PDP180100061 01/12/2018 9:10:00 Theft from a liquor store. PDP180100062 01/12/2018 9:12:00 Victim had a trailer stolen out of his business parking lot. Trailer was abandoned by thieves at another business parking lot and towed away. The trailer was recovered and returned to the owner after the tow company cleared the trailer. PDP180100063 01/12/2018 12:28:00 Apartment Complex reported that one of its residents had the odor of marijuana coming from his apartment. Resident was contacted, odor of marijuana was detected, but no marijuana was found during the initial contact. PDP180100064 01/12/2018 17:24:00 Intoxicated Male walking in the middle of the street on Snow King Avenue. Male blew a PBT with a BrAC of .320%. Male was arrested for public intoxication. PDP180100065 01/12/2018 18:14:00 Subject took backpack from store and fled without paying for it. PDP180100066 01/12/2018 19:58:00 Two men were arrested for public intoxication when they were reported to have been urinating in the parking garage. One of the men was found intoxicated and resisted arrest and was charged with interference. The other man was found passed out and was arrested. PDP180100067 01/13/2018 6:35:00 Subject detained by another jurisdiction on a mental hold, subject became combative, officers responded to keep subject safe while at the hospital. PDP180100069 01/13/2018 23:15:00 Man and woman have a physical altercation outside of local bar. Witness calls police. Officer unable to locate couple. PDP180100070 01/14/2018 0:53:00 A traffic stop for high beams and unlawful turn yields driver with no driver's license and passenger with a small amount of marijuana. Citations issued to both. PDP180100071 01/14/2018 8:27:00 Report of a male purchasing alcohol while intoxicated and driving off in a vehicle. TCSO located vehicle traveling on city street. Traffic stop conducted and driver displayed signs of intoxication. Driver has suspended license. Driver requested medic and was taken to hospital. Driver complied with blood test and was cited and released. PDP180100072 01/14/2018 15:00:00 Noticed male subject that was cited for DUI on the same day sleeping in his vehicle in public parking garage. Individual had open container in his vehicle and admitted to consuming alcohol. Male subject gave no indication he would find a place to stay. PBT result .251%. Subject arrested for public intoxication. Total Records: 28 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

Press Blotter January 1-7, 2018 Joke of the week: Cop: "Did you Kill this Man?" Suspect: "No, a bullet killed him. Bullets are made of lead, which comes from the ground. The ground is part of nature, so he died of natural causes. Case closed. Case Number Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP180100001 01/01/2018 0:59:00 Male observed walking "two steps forward and one step back" and falling down in the snow. Male was found to be too intoxicated to use his own phone to call a ride or taxi. Male was arrested for public intoxication. PBT .204%. PDP180100002 01/01/2018 1:02:00 Officer initiated a traffic stop on Flat Creek Rd. for improper lane use while turning. Driver was arrested for DWUI. PDP180100004 01/01/2018 1:43:00 Officers responded to a local gas station for a report of a suspicious circumstance. Subject was found and arrested for public intoxication. PDP180100005 01/01/2018 1:55:00 Police and medics called to a residence for an extremely intoxicated female juvenile. Female not experiencing alcohol poisoning, just very intoxicated. PDP180100003 01/01/2018 1:59:00 Subject passed out in chair at local hotel, slurred speech, unable to stand without assistance, odor of alcoholic beverage on breath, arrested for public intoxication. PDP180100006 01/01/2018 2:32:00 Officers responded to 911 call regarding domestic violence, female victim was bloody, transported to hospital via ambulance, male subject was arrested. PDP180100007 01/01/2018 15:19:00 Responded to report of a collision hit and run in grocery store parking lot. No known suspects. PDP180100008 01/02/2018 8:43:00 Two men fought in a hotel lobby. Victim received an injury to his face but did not desire prosecution. PDP180100009 01/02/2018 8:58:00 Took report of unauthorized use of a credit card totaling approximately $6000 in purchases from an on-line retailer. Reporting party believes ex-girlfriend is the culprit. PDP180100010 01/02/2018 10:03:00 Credit card used fraudulently to obtain services, forwarded to investigations for follow up. PDP180100011 01/03/2018 10:28:00 Hit and run collision. Unknown vehicle collided with a parked vehicle in private parking. PDP180100012 01/03/2018 16:47:00 Report of a missing purse, last known location was a local restaurant, not there. Still missing. PDP180100013 01/03/2018 18:59:00 Female used false ID to enter a bar. Female was cited. PDP180100014 01/03/2018 20:55:00 Hit and run in parking lot of local business. No suspect driver or vehicle information. PDP180100019 01/04/2018 9:40:00 Reported threats made by subject armed with a gun. Investigation continuing. PDP180100015 01/04/2018 9:45:00 Female had a pencil case go missing from her hotel room. She had $1600.00 dollars cash inside the pencil case. PDP180100016 01/04/2018 13:29:00 An unknown vehicle struck the victim's truck while it was legally parked. PDP180100017 01/04/2018 14:17:00 Female passenger on the Start Bus tripped and fell on the floor of the Start Bus. Female passenger declined any medical treatment. PDP180100022 01/04/2018 18:22:00 Hit and run collision. Suspect located and cited. PDP180100027 01/04/2018 19:54:00 Fake ID was confiscated by security guard at local business. The ID was taken into police custody and destroyed. PDP180100023 01/04/2018 21:12:00 REDDI report/driving complaint. SFST performed. Arrest. PBT .12%. Additional charge of PCS. PDP180100024 01/04/2018 21:22:10 Traffic Collision. PDP180100026 01/04/2018 22:29:00 Driver stopped for speeding and erratic driving, officer smelled marijuana, officer located marijuana inside of vehicle, driver arrested for marijuana and no driver's license. PDP180100025 01/04/2018 22:52:00 Officers respond to disturbance which leads to domestic assault arrest. PDP180100028 01/05/2018 7:08:00 Female came outside and found the rear window of her Ford Expedition broken. Nothing was stolen from inside of her vehicle and no entry was made into the vehicle from the broken window. PDP180100030 01/05/2018 9:44:00 Female requested that we serve her ex-boyfriend with a trespass notice. PDP180100029 01/05/2018 10:39:56 Code enforcement. PDP180100031 01/05/2018 12:33:00 Disagreement between a citizen and a volunteer worker. No crime. PDP180100032 01/05/2018 16:19:00 Airport employee's personal car was hit by another vehicle. Unsure if the incident occurred at the airport or off site. Case unresolved. PDP180100033 01/05/2018 16:21:00 Owner of restaurant found a loaded handgun in the bathroom at his restaurant. Owner of restaurant brought the firearm to police department. PDP180100034 01/06/2018 10:27:00 Hit and run in parking lot. PDP180100035 01/06/2018 21:48:00 Man caught speeding going 42 in a 30. Had no drivers license, no proof of insurance, two children not secured in car seats. Had multiple priors for driving without a license. Arrested. PDP180100036 01/07/2018 0:21:00 Traffic stop. Vehicle search. Driver cited for PCS. PDP180100037 01/07/2018 1:26:00 Intoxicated male walking down the street was charged with possession of three different controlled substances. PDP180100038 01/07/2018 11:08:00 Unoccupied vehicle struck in a parking lot. Driver left without leaving identifying information. Suspect driver found and resolved matter civilly. PDP180100040 01/07/2018 14:31:00 Took report of magnetic door signs stolen from vehicle while parked. PDP180100041 01/07/2018 22:03:00 Reporting stolen items from local restaurant. One glove recovered by owner at parking garage. PDP180100042 01/07/2018 22:06:00 A REDDI report led to a consensual contact at the driver's residence. The subject displayed severe signs of intoxication, admitted to driving, and was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Total Records: 39 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

Press Blotter Dec 25-31, 2017 Joke of the week: Police chief: As a recruit, you'll be faced with some difficult issues. What would you do if you had to arrest your mother? New Recruit: Call for backup! Case Number Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP171200126 12/25/2017 2:28:00 Officers responded to a fight in downtown Jackson. One male subject was arrested for Public Intoxication. Unable to locate other parties involved. Investigation continued for the physical altercation. PDP171200127 12/25/2017 4:19:00 An intoxicated pedestrian was walking in the roadway. Arrested. PDP171200128 12/26/2017 22:02:00 Three men claim to have been forcefully pushed out of a restaurant/bar after a verbal altercation. No apparent injuries. PDP171200129 12/27/2017 10:12:00 Alcohol compliance check. Store manager sold alcohol to minor. Cited. PDP171200130 12/27/2017 10:57:00 Alcohol compliance check. Store owner sold alcohol to minor. Cited. PDP171200131 12/27/2017 10:58:28 Alcohol compliance check. Employee sold alcohol to minor. Cited. PDP171200132 12/27/2017 12:18:00 Woman reported several cold domestic assaults over the last several years. Case is being investigated. PDP171200133 12/27/2017 12:41:00 Hit and run collision. Suspect located and cited. PDP171200134 12/27/2017 12:57:19 Alcohol compliance check. Employee sold alcohol to minor. Cited. PDP171200137 12/27/2017 13:14:00 Alcohol compliance checks. 25 Completed. 4 Fails. PDP171200140 12/27/2017 17:26:00 Brown framed prescription eyeglasses found in front of the location. No reports of this lost property reported over the past few days. PDP171200135 12/27/2017 20:26:16 Theft. PDP171200136 12/27/2017 23:25:00 Car damaged by unknown person(s) while it was parked in a store lot. No suspect information available. PDP171200139 12/28/2017 10:29:00 Hit and run collision reported one week later. Suspect unknown. PDP171200138 12/28/2017 10:43:00 Two men were reported to be intoxicated at a restaurant, a restaurant employee asked Officers to have them leave. Officers contacted the men and discovered they had driven to the location. One of the men was later arrested for driving under the influence based on his statements and performance of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. The other man was arrested for public intoxication due to his level of intoxication. PDP171200142 12/29/2017 8:19:00 A snow blower, which was not locked, was stolen from out front a business. PDP171200143 12/29/2017 22:10:00 Taxi driver picked up male from local bar and attempted to get him home. When the male was unable to give a valid address, the taxi driver drove him to the jail, where he was arrested for public intoxication. PDP171200144 12/29/2017 23:00:00 Officers responded to a hotel room for a noise disturbance and found drug paraphernalia. PDP171200145 12/30/2017 1:05:00 Traffic stop lead to driver being issued citation for possession of a controlled substance. PDP171200146 12/30/2017 1:32:00 Vehicle speeding(39 in 30mph zone). Vehicle stopped and driver had signs of intoxication. SFSTs administered and driver arrested for DWUI. PDP171200147 12/30/2017 13:21:00 An unknown vehicle struck a parked and unoccupied vehicle in a local business parking lot. Driver and vehicle then fled the scene without leaving contact information. No leads. PDP171200148 12/31/2017 11:44:00 Thule utility box taken from the top of a car while parked in parking lot. Victim believes it was at Smiths parking lot. Total Records: 23 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

Press Blotter Dec 18-24, 2017 Joke of the week: A police officer came to my house and asked where I was between 5 and 6. He seemed irritated when I told him, kindergarten. Case Number Reported Date/Time Case Comments PDP171200095 12/18/2017 12:32:00 Unoccupied parked vehicle was struck by other vehicle on the front fender causing damage to the hood and grill. The occupied vehicle fled the scene. No leads. PDP171200096 12/18/2017 13:45:00 The Victim and her husband were in a bar when the Victim's purse was lost or stolen. The Victim reported the loss and later realized the purse was stolen when her credit card was used without her authorization at a nearby gas station. PDP171200097 12/18/2017 14:50:00 Unoccupied parked vehicle was struck by other vehicle on the front fender causing damage to the hood and grill. The occupied vehicle fled the scene. Possible leads. PDP171200100 12/19/2017 0:07:00 Reported possible sexual assault, incident is still being investigated. Male subject was arrested for MUI. Sexual assault determined to be unfounded. PDP171200101 12/19/2017 12:32:00 Delayed report of a domestic battery. PDP171200102 12/19/2017 14:43:00 Bicycle found at the fairgrounds. Unknown owner. PDP171200103 12/19/2017 15:43:13 Stalking. Under investigation. PDP171200104 12/19/2017 17:59:00 Theft of a snowmobile. Taken from the bed of a pickup truck that was parked in the Albertson's parking lot. PDI171200105 12/19/2017 18:56:00 Operator of an illegal taxi cited during an undercover operation. PDP171200106 12/19/2017 22:49:00 Subject attempted to enter a local bar using a false ID. Subject showed signs of intoxication, blew a .132 on the PBT, was cited and released. PDP171200107 12/20/2017 8:37:00 Unknown vehicle ran into fence causing posts to break. Unknown vehicle type. PDP171200109 12/20/2017 14:26:00 Woman had sunglasses shipped to the post office. Someone other than her, whom she doesn't know picked the glasses up. PDP171200110 12/20/2017 18:31:00 Juvenile pulled knife on family members. Juvenile battered officer while detained. Juvenile into custody. Transported to 5 county detention facility. PDP171200111 12/21/2017 2:34:00 Bystanders called policed to assist with an intoxicated male they found lying in the snow. The intoxicated male was uncooperative when officers attempted to assist him and was arrested for Public Intoxication. PDP171200112 12/21/2017 12:03:00 18 year old female attempted to purchase alcohol with fake driver's license at liquor store. Clerk recognized female and knew she was using fake ID. 18 year old female ran with fake ID but left her credit card at the store. 18 year old female was contacted, surrendered fake ID, cited and released. Trespass notice was also issued. PDP171200113 12/22/2017 0:04:00 Officers called to a local business for an intoxicated subject. Subject was arrested for public intoxication. PDP171200114 12/22/2017 15:45:00 Driver's license found by court house PDP171200115 12/22/2017 19:55:00 Male subject under the age of 21 attempted to gain access to a bar by the use of a false ID. Male was cited for attempting to be in bar by use of false ID. PDP171200116 12/23/2017 2:23:00 Male called law enforcement for possible suicidal girlfriend who was hitting him. Both contacted and evidence of DV found. Female arrested for DV. PDP171200117 12/23/2017 11:59:00 Suspicious vehicle reported. Subject located and arrested for probation violation. DRE evaluation performed. PDP171200118 12/23/2017 14:07:00 Man was discovered shoplifting by employees. Man was issued a citation and trespass warning. PDP171200119 12/24/2017 0:55:00 Officer saw vehicle make several traffic infractions. Officer contacted driver and suspected alcohol impairment. Driver went through SFSTs and arrested for DWUI. PBT result .15% on scene. PDP171200120 12/24/2017 11:09:00 A decoration was stolen in front of a place of business. PDP171200122 12/24/2017 13:10:00 Females subject attempts to shoplift 4 DVD's from a local retailer. She was confronted by employees but then sprinted out of the door and hasn't been seen since. No loss. PDP171200123 12/24/2017 13:17:00 Unknown suspect(s) stole sporting goods from a local self-storage facility sometime in the last two months. PDP171200125 12/24/2017 22:31:00 Verbal altercation between a man and a woman who cohabitate and have a 3-year-old child together. Incident occurred in their home. No probable cause to believe a crime occurred. Male party went to a friend's house for the night in order to keep the peace. Total Records: 27 ***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GRINCH? The Jackson Police Department could use some help. If you know either of these two men, give us a call. Contact Det. Pearson at (307) 733-1430.

UPCOMING TIPS TRAINING DATES: SATURDAY, JANUARY 13TH – Adam’s Canyon/EOC – 1-5PM WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24TH – JPD Training Room – 1-5PM SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH – Adam’s Canyon/EOC – 1-5PM WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST – JPD Training Room – 1-5PM Contact Sgt Michelle Weber – 733-1430 X 1214 to register for classes.