Chandler Police Department

  • Agency: Chandler Police Department
  • Address: 250 E Chicago St, Chandler, 85244-4008 AZ
  • Chief: Sherry Kiyler (Chief of Police)
Phone: (480) 782-4000

Chandler Police Department is located at 250 E Chicago St, Chandler, 85244-4008 AZ. The Chief of Police of the department is Sherry Kiyler. The Chandler Police Department phone number is (480) 782-4000.

Chandler Police Department News

The Chandler Police K9 Unit has been nominated to receive a grant by @Aftermath90. We need the #Chandler community's help with votes. Please access the link below and click on"K9 Grant"at the top of the page. Help us RT!

This video provides some vehicle burglary prevention tips.

It's National School Bus Safety Week: School bus transportation plays a critical role in the education of our nation's students. Here are some tips, courtesy of the #NAPT for parents with children who use the school bus: When walking to the bus stop... • Walk young children to the bus stop or encourage children to walk in groups. There is safety in numbers & groups are easier for drivers to see • Practice good pedestrian behavior: walk on the sidewalk, and if there is no sidewalk stay out of the street. If you must walk in the street, walk single file, face traffic & stay as close to the edge of the road as you can • Stop & look left, right & then left again if you must cross the street. Do the same thing at drive -ways & alleys. Exaggerate your head turns & narrate your actions so your child knows you are looking left, right & left

It's National Teen Driver Safety Week: Teens: Parents can be the biggest influencers on your choices behind the wheel – but it’s ultimately up to you to make the right decisions. There are a number of risks to consider before you make the decision to drive: While you’re too young to legally buy, possess, or consume alcohol, in 2016, nearly one out of five teen drivers of passenger vehicles involved in a fatal crash had been drinking. In 88% of fatal crashes involving a teen driver & alcohol, it was the teen driver who was killed. But alcohol isn’t the only substance that can keep you from driving safely: Marijuana, like many other drugs, affects a driver’s ability to react to their surroundings. Driving is a complex task, & marijuana slows reaction times, affecting the driver’s ability to drive safely. Illegal, prescription, or over-the-counter drugs can impair driving & have deadly consequences as well.

Homicide Suspect Apprehended In the early morning of October 21, 2018 18-year-old Joseph Caballero and 30-year-old Matthew Vacaneri arrived at the residence located at 801 N. Dakota St. with two females. Joseph and Matthew brought the females to the residence with the intent to sell their services for the evening to 29-year-old German Roman Medina. During the transaction, an argument broke out over the price German was charged for the females. The argument then escalated into a physical altercation. During the fight, Joseph brandished a handgun and allegedly pointed it at German. Matthew grabbed the gun from Joseph and, after firing one round in the air, allegedly fired at German, striking him in the chest. After German was shot, Joseph and Matthew fled the scene in a vehicle with the two females. German was transported to a local hospital and pronounced deceased. With assistance from the U.S. Marshal’s Office, Tempe Police Department, and the Mesa Police Department, detectives from the Department’s Criminal Apprehension Unit arrested Joseph in San Tan Valley around 5:30pm. Matthew was apprehended later that evening in Chandler. Joseph and Matthew were both booked into the Maricopa County Jail on one count of Aggravated Assault and 1st Degree Murder, respectively.

Today is the 1st day of National School Bus Safety Week: According to the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT), more than 25 million children ride a school bus every day in the U.S. This campaign serves as a reminder for students, parents, teachers, & the community to keep school bus safety in the forefront. The NAPT provided the following tips regarding getting ready for school for parents with children who ride the bus to & from school: • Have your children put everything they carry in a backpack or school bag so that they won’t drop things along the way • Encourage them to wear bright, contrasting colors so they will be more easily seen by drivers • Make sure children leave home on time so they can arrive at the bus stop before it is due, ideally at least five minutes early. Running after or in front of a bus is dangerous

Great way to highlight our community participation this weekend in #Chandler for the #GAIN 2018 events.

It's the 1st day of National Teen Driver Safety Week: This campaign will emphasize the top rules that teen drivers need to follow to stay safe behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. These rules address the greatest dangers for teen drivers: alcohol, inconsistent or no seat belt use, distracted & drowsy driving, speeding, & having passengers in the vehicle. TOO MANY TEENS ARE DYING ON OUR ROADS • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens (15-18 years old) in the United States – ahead of all other types of injury, disease, & violence • In 2016, there were 2,082 teen drivers of passenger vehicles involved in fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes

The Chandler Police Department's Moments of Truth philosophy views each citizen contact as an opportunity to prevent crime by earning the respect, trust, & support of the community. Recognizing the community is the first line of defense against crime & the most essential component in preventing it, Moments of Truth contacts will reinforce the community’s resolve to help develop safer neighborhoods through community partnerships & participation. This week's MOT features Crime Analysis Supervisor Nancy Mitchell. For more MOTs, please visit us at

If you're out tonight enjoying a few drinks & you still need to get home, please do not drive. Even one or two drinks can impair your ability to operate a vehicle safely. It's not worth the risk; don't make tonight a life-changing event for you or people you don't know. Call for a ride. Please, get home safe.

We're one week away from National Prescription Drug Take Back Day! On Saturday, October 27, 2018 stop by the #Walgreen's located at 1919 N. Dobson Rd. or 1975 S. Alma School Rd. between 10am & 2pm to turn in any unwanted or expired prescription drugs.

Have a safe weekend & remember...

It's 10-19 Day! There are many reasons why police officers would 10-19 throughout the day. Patrol officers in Chandler 10-19 when their shift is over. Why else do you think an officer would 10-19?

The Department's main station received a very special treat from a group of young ladies. These girls made these cookies from scratch, which took hours of their time. Why did they do it? The girls just wanted to put a smile on a few faces. Thank you girls!

The Chandler Police Department was well represented recently at the Chandler Chamber of Commerce Women in Leadership luncheon. Forensics Service Section Manager Rita Dyas, Lieutenant Melissa Deanda, Sergeant Sara Rozema, & Sergeant Donna Reno attended & participated in a Q & A session.

On November 3, 2018, select employees of the Chandler Police Department sworn and civilian employees will participate in the 2018 Dancing With Dignity Event, benefiting Chandler Regional and Gilbert Mercy Medical Centers. Team Chandler will compete against Team Gilbert Fire in a dance off at the Chandler Center for the Arts. Dignity Health has developed a donation page for Team Chandler Police. While tickets are available to purchase at for $125, if you donate $75 to Team Chandler Police, your donation is equivalent to a ticket in the balcony seats. This is a great opportunity to donate for a great cause and support Team Chandler Police. All proceeds will go directly to the Neurowellness Program at Dignity Health. Interested in donating? Great! Click on the link...

**Reminder, no public fingerprinting today. But, public fingerprinting will be available on Tuesdays from 5-7 PM. Thursday fingerprinting will resume on October 25th.

Recently, Sergeant Sieczkowski (Yes, that is how you really spell his last name) gave little Lexi a chance to sit in the Department's new patrol supervisor pick-up truck!

Congratulations to the newly promoted and quarterly award recipients.

It's 10-17 Day! Why do you 10-17?

ATTENTION ALL COFFEE DRINKERS! The date for the Department's next scheduled Coffee with a Cop has changed. Please join us at the Wildflower Bread Company inside the Chandler Fashion Center on November 14th at 9am!