Cleveland County Sheriff's Office - Shelby

  • Agency: Cleveland County Sheriff's Office - Shelby
  • Address: 100 Justice Pl, Shelby, 28150 NC
  • Chief:
Phone: 704-484-4888

Cleveland County Sheriff's Office - Shelby is located at 100 Justice Pl, Shelby, 28150 NC. The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office - Shelby phone number is 704-484-4888.

Cleveland County Sheriff's Office - Shelby News

Students from North Shelby School came to visit us in the squad room. They brought us the pie and thanked us for our service.

Congratulations to the following three employees for being nominated for the CCSO employee of the quarter! Thanks for all that you continue to do daily for the Sheriffs office and being a step above what is needed. Detention Officer Sherri Wray Detective Matt Sadler Detective Jessica Etters

Congratulations to Detention Officer Heather Childers on being recognized for her achievement in physical fitness during DOCC.

Congratulations to the Detention Officers from Cleveland County, Gaston County, Catawba County, and Lincoln County Sheriffs Offices for successfully passing the Detention Officers Certification Course.

October 29, 2018 As Halloween approaches, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has undertaken a collaborative effort with the other law enforcement agencies in the county to check on the 318 registered sex offenders residing in Cleveland County. Sheriff’s Office investigators, community interdiction team and school resource officers have been knocking on doors throughout the year to verify sex offender compliance with North Carolina laws. During the most recent checks, the Sheriff’s Office identified one sex offender who was out of compliance and charged him with a felony. So far this year, charges have been made or are pending for seventeen sex offenders who were found to be out of compliance. While nothing in the North Carolina Sex Offender & Public Protection Registration Programs specifically addresses Halloween, there are provisions in the law which prohibit certain persons required to register from certain locations and certain activities. Certain locations include schools, children’s museums, child care centers, nurseries, and playgrounds, as well as any place where minors frequently congregate, including, but not limited to, libraries, arcades, amusement parks, recreation parks, and swimming pools, when minors are present. Certain activities include activities in the sex offender’s home where the sex offender accepts a minor or minors into his or her care or custody from another. The NC State Bureau of Investigation maintains a website,, where you can find offenders residing near any location within the state. Similarly, the U.S. Department of Justice maintains a website,, where you can search for offenders residing near your location anywhere in the country. Another website, Family Watchdog, is available at, this site has free and paid options available. Parents are encouraged to utilize these websites/apps to find where sex offenders reside in their communities. Cleveland County Sheriff Alan Norman recommends the use of these websites as one tool to protect this county’s children. “This is a good precaution anytime of the year; not just Halloween. As always, parents should know where their children are and ensure a responsible, trusted adult is with them,” Sheriff Norman said. While parents are encouraged to do their part, Sheriff Norman added, “I have been out working with my deputies to ensure sex offenders in the county are in compliance.”

Congratulations to the October 2018 Do The Right Thing Honorees! This program honors young people in Cleveland County schools who distinguish themselves from others by showing honorable traits and acts of kindness to others. Elementary School Winner: Trey Milsaps from Casar Elementary School Middle School Winner: Isaiah Lee Warren from Shelby Middle School High School Winner: BJ Ross from North Shelby High School

Sheriff Norman is pleased to announce the: ARE YOU O.K.? TELEPHONE CALLING SYSTEM October 24, 2018 As your Sheriff, I am pleased to announce the renewal of a service that will soon be available again to the public, that will be provide through the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. The name of the service is called Are You O.K.? As some of you may recall, the Sheriff’s Office offered this program before, however we have since upgraded the system to improve the service. Are You O.K.? is a computer program designed for older adults, disabled persons, shut-ins who live alone. This computerized telephone calling system will operated free of charge, by the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. The system calls each enrolled subscriber every day of the year at the same time of the day. When the subscriber picks up the phone he or she will hear a voice message asking “Are You O.K.?” If the subscriber fails to answer the phone after several tries, of if there is a busy signal several times in a row, the computer immediately notifies the law enforcement dispatcher who will then notify a family member or keyholder and/or send a patrol car to check on the persons well being. During holidays, vacations, or any other time the subscriber plans to be away from the home for an extended period of time, a simple call to the Sheriff’s Office will stop the calls for as long as needed. This system is not intended to take the place of Lifeline, Lifephone, or any other type of service which a person is now using. In Fact, we urge people to these services, if they desire to do so. This service is just an additional service that I am making available to the citizens of Cleveland County. The calls made from the system will be made in the morning between 7:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Each subscriber will be asked to choose an hour during which he or she prefers to be called. The calls will always be made in the same order, so people will quickly learn exactly when to expect them. Everyone who signs up for this service will be asked to fill out a short form providing medical and other information which law enforcement may need in an emergency. This information will be totally confidential; it will be secured at the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and only used by the Sheriff’s Deputies if needed. If you wish to sign up for this service, it is necessary that you fill out the three forms listed below: 1. Are You O.K.? Field Interview Form 2. Waiver and Release from Liability 3. Emergency Consent Form These forms may be obtained at the Sheriff Office Monday – Friday between the hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or the sheriff’s office website and click on the link titled “Are You O.K.?” Upon completing the forms, you can either mail or drop these forms off by the Sheriff’s Office. To help us in processing your application, please be sure to mark your envelope Attn: Are You O.K.? Our address is as follows Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office 100 Justice Place P.O. Box 1508 Shelby, NC 28150 Attn: Are You O.K.? I hope that many of you will find this service to be beneficial to your needs. Sincerely, Alan Norman, Sheriff

Monthly Stats for September

Our work to find Asha Degree doesn't stop. Today, we are making a new plea for assistance to help us find out what happened to "Shelby's sweetheart." Please watch the video and call us if you recognize the items of interest that might offer new clues to help #FindAsha #NKOTB If you have any information regarding Asha's disappearance please contact the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office at 704-484-4822.

Congratulations to the following "Do The Right Thing" winners! Jacob Hawkins - Washington Elementary Cierra Dawkins - Burns High A'mari Nashir Rankin Littlejohn - Burns middle

The doors for the Cleveland County Courthouse will open tomorrow at 8am and the administrative offices for the Sheriffs Office will also be open at 8am.

Monthly Stats for the month of August

Deputy Tim Sims meeting with President Donald Trump today in Charlotte. We appreciate President Trumps support for law enforcement.

Congratulations to Lt. Shane Ledbetter on his retirement from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Photos of Deputy Tim Sims visiting the nurses and doctors at Carolinas HealthCare System/Atrium Health in Shelby to thank them for taking care of him after he was injured in the line of duty on August 14th, 2018. Photos: Courtesy of Spectrum News North Carolina

Deputy Tim Sims arriving home

Deputy Sims is coming home from hospital. We hope to go live with his arrival back home around 1 -1:15.

Sgt. Robinson ,Deputy D. Collins, Cpl. M. Haynes Officers: E. Thomas, P. Thomas, J. Smith, Albernathy, C. Mauney, C. Glover,& Bridges presenting book bags filled with school supplies at Fallston Elementary School.

Please pray for Deputy Tim Sims and a speedy recovery.

Special thanks to The Dover Foundation of Shelby for presenting the Sheriff's Office with a check to purchase the department two thermal imagers. The Sheriff's Office has big plans for the use of thermal imagers. It will help with Officer Safety, Warrant and Fugitive Services, Surveillance, Hidden Compartments, Search and Rescue, Locating Evidence, and Tactical Operations. Again thank you Dover Foundation.

Congratulations to Detective Amy Stroupe and Administrative Support Assistant Annie Jackson on receiving the Second Member of the Quarter award. Thanks for all you have done for the agency, it is greatly appreciated.

It has been brought to our attention that several citizens in Cleveland County have received a call in which they are asked to call the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office at 704-284-5001. When person calls the number back there is a lady (voicemail) who identifies the number called as the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office she will ask you leave a message, then when the scammers call you back they demand money. This is a SCAM!!!!

The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office joined forces with Crossfit Shelby today for a one-of-a-kind of event WOD for Inclusion. All over the state CrossFit Gyms joined with local law enforcement to raise money for Special Olympics North Carolina. We would like to take this time to thank everyone who participated and a special thanks to CrossFit Shelby! The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office raised more than $1,500 for Special Olympics North Carolina during this event.