Shelby Police Department

  • Agency: Shelby Police Department
  • Address: 130 W Warren St, Shelby, 28150 NC
  • Chief: Jeff Ledford (Interim Chief of Police)
Phone: 704-484-6845

Shelby Police Department is located at 130 W Warren St, Shelby, 28150 NC. The Interim Chief of Police of the department is Jeff Ledford. The Shelby Police Department phone number is 704-484-6845.

Shelby Police Department News

We enjoyed spending time at the Life Enrichment Center today, making new friends and speaking on fire and personal safety. #problemsolvingunit #teamspd

It's that time again! Thank you to Shelby High School's Drivers's Ed Program, and a special thank you to Chris Norman for giving us the opportunity to speak with hundreds of new drivers about traffic stops and safety over the past two years. We are making an impact by taking some of the mystery out of what we are doing, and answering questions about what we do in a classroom setting. #communitypolicing #drivereducation #teamspd

We want to thank Mrs. Walters’ 3rd grade class from Jefferson Elementary for their letters of encouragement.

We would like to wish our very own Lt. Chris Howington a Happy Birthday today. We are appreciative for all that you provide for our department. Have a great day.

Citizens Police Academy learning what it takes to be a Vice/Narcotics Detective and how to execute a search warrant.

Happy Birthday Officer Nick Marlow.. Thank you for your service.. We hope you have a wonderful birthday.

The Problem Solving Unit attended Walk with a Cop at Lion Senior Village this morning and this young lady walked our legs off. We love serving our community.

Happy Birthday Officer Essence Addison. We hope that you enjoy you special day.. We appreciate your service to our department.

We would like to wish one of our employees in telecommunications Katelyn Peeler a Happy Birthday. We are thankful for you and what all you do for our department.. Have a great day.

Thank you to KSM Castings for inviting us to speak about Crime Prevention for the Industrial Community, Active Shooter, Recognizing Warning Signs, and the new challenges that are facing our Industrial partners. Employers are continually facing new challenges, and we hope to keep our community ahead the curve.

Lt Chris Howington speaking to Project Safe Neighborhoods about recognizing illegal drug activity and how to partner with us to combat potential problems. You are the experts we rely on to make your neighborhood inhospitable to criminals. Thank you for your partnership. We can't solve problems without your help.

Sgt. Porter of the Problem Policing Unit speaking to students of Gardner Webb University about self awareness and personal safety.

Lt. Shannon Price speaking to the Citizens Police Academy about professional standards.

The Problem Solving Unit enjoyed speaking to some Graham School students today about the importance of following rules.

Are you registered? The City of Shelby partners with Hyper-Reach to provide a rapid community notification system for hazardous and urgent situations. This system is designed to send telephone calls, text messages, email alerts, and TTY/TDD messages to geographically targeted households in an emergency situation. This includes weather and environmental hazards, criminal activity, and missing persons. This service is not used for marketing-related notifications. Landline phones within the City are automatically enrolled, but mobile phones and email addresses are only included when individually enrolled. If you are interested in enrolling your mobile phone or email address, please visit the site below:

The Problem Solving Unit spending some time on the First Broad River Trial.

Join us in wishing Captain Brad Fraser a Happy Birthday!!!! We appreciate you and all that you do for our department. Have a great day.

Chief Ledford addressing the Citizens Police Academy on day one. Communications and Community Policing demos on day two...