Cavalier Police Department

  • Agency: Cavalier Police Department
  • Address: 308 Court House Dr #2, Cavalier, 58220 ND
  • Chief: Kenneth L Wolf (Chief of Police)
Phone: 701-265-4122
Fax: 701-265-3194

Cavalier Police Department is located at 308 Court House Dr #2, Cavalier, 58220 ND. The Chief of Police of the department is Kenneth L Wolf. The Cavalier Police Department phone number is 701-265-4122.

Cavalier Police Department News

This scared kitty was apprehended by the Cavalier high school on the 400 block of east 2nd Ave N at approximately 2000 hours. Through extensive investigations I Officer Knapper was unable to Locate the parents to this wild feline. When asking some street cats in the area they either ran away from me (probably because they have warrants) or all they said is "MEOW" Which is cat for "I aint no snitch". This cat is for the most part very calm but will not answer any questions. Which is a big indicator to us that this may not be his first encounter with Law Enforcement. Please help us with locating the parents to this kitty cat so that he can be released from kitty jail and brought home. ~Officer Knapper

I need to make citizens aware of the growing stray animal situation. Now that Park River Vet is closed, we no longer have a vet who is willing to take stray/lost animals. None of the other vet clinics in the area will accept them unless its an emergency biting of a human. Pet owners in the city limits of Cavalier are required to license their pets at the City Admin office for the very small fee of $3.00. You must provide proof of vaccination at that time, or it won't be licensed. THEN ATTACH THE TAG TO YOUR ANIMAL'S COLLAR...and/or along with your own ID tag if you wish. This will allow us to return the animals to the owners quickly. Since we have no place to take the animals, we now need to find owners or an adoptive home for the animals more than ever. Therefore it is even more important that you have vaccination and identification on your animals. We do not have a micro chip reader, so the best method is keeping tags on them. Any unidentified animal WHO HAS BITTEN A HUMAN BEING, and whose owner can not be quickly located in order to verify vaccination, must be immediately taken by us to a vet so that rabies testing can be done. In order to test for rabies, the animal must be put down by the vet and taken to Bismarck for testing. We can not take any chances when it could put a human life at risk. The City gets billed for this process, so if an owner is later located, the City may bill that owner. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS. PLEASE VACCINATE, TAG, AND LICENSE YOUR PETS WITH THE CITY. IT COULD SAVE A HUMAN LIFE AND THE LIFE OF THE PET. Thank you Chief Osvold

It was a nice sunny day yesterday, so before the white stuff started to fall, Chief Osvold and Sheriff Meidinger took advantage of this photo opportunity in front of the American flag bales at North Star Coop! Thanks to North Star Coop and to Bella and Lakyn for the request and photography! We would also like to remind motorists to be extra careful during this harvest season as always!

Today Duane "Butch" Indridson was laid to rest after a dedicated lifetime of service on the Cavalier Fire Department and to his family, friends and community. We thank Butch for his service and we also thank his family for their support and understanding as he served. We offer our condolences to them in their time of sorrow, and wishes of healthy healing. Thanks Butch! Rest easy. Chief Jeff Osvold Officer Cole Schmidt Officer Dalton Knapper

I know it is not a very good image but if anyone has any information about who this may be, we would like to hear from you. Please call Dispatch at 265-4122 and they will put us in contact with you. Please do not give names on this post. This is a person of interest in a burglary attempt during the early morning hours of 9-9-18. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you! Chief Osvold

As I was at the school for the first day, I took it upon myself to conduct an impromptu seat belt survey. The results were: 183 Children/Students observed 103 (56%) were buckled 80 (44%) were not buckled 168 Parent/Non-School Adults observed 76 (45%) were buckled 92 (55%) were not buckled A reminder that everyone under the age of 18 must be in appropriate vehicle restraints regardless of where they sit in a motor vehicle. Adults are required to be restrained in the front compartment of the vehicle. I would like to do these surveys throughout the year and see the numbers improve. You just never know what I'm up to as I sit there! Mostly just waving I suppose! Thank you and drive safe! Chief Osvold

Its school time once again, which means its also time to remind citizens to pay better attention to their driving around the school. The school speed zone signs have been upgraded. The speed zone around the school at all times is 15 mph. When school is in session, the fines for speeding in the zone are $40 minimum. When not in session, the fines are normal for a 15 mph zone. We intend to increase our enforcement of these zones! The zones in and out of the city park are also 15 mph. Also with school and nice weather, brings the idea that its ok to operate dirt bikes (Class 1), 4-wheelers (Class 2) and side-by-side (Class 3) off highway vehicles (OHV's) to and from school. Class 1 and Class 2 OHV's are NOT permitted to be operated within the city limits of Cavalier. The only permitted operation of them in town is to go directly from residence to out of town, or to go to a gas station. Driving them otherwise is a violation of city ordinance. The Class 3 OHV's are allowed to be driven in town among normal traffic IF the operator has a valid ND Driver's License. Safety certificates are NOT sufficient to drive them in town. Also, if you are under 18 years of age, helmets must be worn at all times (even on the Class 3 which has seat belts). In summation then, DO NOT drive your OHV's to school unless it is a Class 3 (side-by-side) and you have a driver's license. All vehicles must also be registered and insured. We will be paying attention to this and issuing citations when appropriate. We have hired a new officer as previously posted, so while he is in training, it will be difficult to consistently be present during all school arrival and release times, but we will stabilize that as soon as possible. Please be safe drivers and extra careful around the school. Enjoy your school year! Thank you, Chief Jeff Osvold

I would like to introduce to Cavalier its newest Police Officer. Dalton Knapper is a native of the Pekin, ND area and is excited to be starting his law enforcement career with the Cavalier Police Department. I was happy to attend his graduation from the Lake Region Peace Officer Training Program in Grand Forks on Wednesday. He was a member of Class #91. (I was in #24. Uff, time flies!) You will be seeing him around the community within the next few days as he begins his departmental training. Welcome aboard, Dalton! -Chief Jeff Osvold

It seems as if there is yet another scam going around. The caller claims they are from Publisher's Clearing House and that you have won the grand prize but they need you to send them money in order to reserve it. Needless to say, THIS IS NOT LEGITIMATE! IT IS A SCAM. Please continue to be vigilant about potential scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Never send money to strangers or unknown organizations! Unfortunately, once money is sent out, it is likely unrecoverable. Thank you, Jeff Osvold, CPD

I just want to take a moment to thank Mayor Ken Briese for his 20 years of service to the city of Cavalier, both as a councilman and as its Mayor. I will always be grateful for his steadfast support of the Police Department through thick and thin. He had the backs of every city employee during his tenure and he always made it a point to make time for coffee and conversation. He served us nobly as Mayor, and I wish he could continue to serve on forever, but he has truly earned his retirement. I'm actually pretty jealous. Is there an application process for retirement? Where can I find one of those? Is there an HR person I need to call? But seriously, I wish him all the best and hope the Walleyes he catches are plentiful and the Bloody Marys are tasty. We will take it from here, Mr. Mayor. Thank you for everything. - Chief Ziegler

Another yearly big THANK YOU to Enbridge and their Safe Community Grant. Jamie Nelson stopped by the city today to present Mayor Briese and Chief Ziegler with a check for $1,000 to help the Police Department with upcoming radio upgrades. This grant is incredibly helpful for small agencies like us, and their yearly assistance is always appreciated.

Had some fun today with some very inquisitive Kindergartner's today at City Hall. Our topic was "Helping Hands" and they learned about what it takes to be a responsible and civic minded community member. Don't litter. Volunteer. Helping your neighbors were just a few of the topics we got to talk about. Elena Longtin gave a great presentation and clearly missed her calling as a teacher. They all got some Cavalier Police Department goodies and each were promoted to Junior Officers. And to top it off, afterwards we had a red and blue lights processional to Main Street Floral for some ice cream! Jealous? Well, that's understandable.

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals” A big thanks to Mrs. Jonasson's incredibly generous 2nd grade class. They recently participated in a "Piggy Pageant" alongside the NDSU extension service in which they learned about saving money. They made piggy banks which were displayed at The North Star Credit Union and community members could "vote" for their favorite pig by placing money inside. In total they all together raised $105.08 and decided together they wanted to donate their collective proceeds to help care for the sick, lost, and stray animals that are taken in by the Police Department. I was privileged to meet with this group on Tuesday and I was struck by what a noble group of young citizen's they are. I'm very proud of their big hearts and civic pride. Not to be overlooked, another shout out to all those who have helped shape these young minds into the compassionate and charitable people they are. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working. - Chief Ziegler

"In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15 falls, as National Police Week. Established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others." Thank you to everybody who is thinking of us, and all Law Enforcement, during National Police Week. And with that, a special thanks to Allen and Cindy Anderson for the gift basket of muffins they left for us this morning. We really appreciate it.

SUSPECT UPDATE FROM APRIL 18TH: The person of interest we were looking to identify from an incident at PCMH has been apprehended by East Grand Forks Police for an unrelated offense. Bernard Allen Decoteau currently resides in the Polk County Jail where he faces a number of charges across multiple jurisdictions. As always, everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Thank you to all of you who helped us in this matter. -Chief Ziegler

This male individual is a person of interest concerning a theft of personal property at Pembina County Memorial Hospital in Cavalier, ND on 4-17-18. The Cavalier Police Department would like the public's assistance in identifying this person. If you have any information, please call the Cavalier Police Department at 701 265-8600, or Dispatch at 265-4122. Thank you very much! Officer Jeff Osvold, CPD

IDENTITY THEFT AFFECTS US ALL Are you unfamiliar with the 2017 Equifax Data Breach? Here are some points you should know. Equifax is one of the three major credit reporting agencies. Whether you know it or not, they likely have all of your personal information including Social Security Numbers, Driver's License Numbers, Bank Account Numbers, as well as a litany of other financial information. In 2017, from May to July, Equifax had their servers infiltrated by criminals and the personal information of over 145 million Americans was stolen. This information can be used to access your bank accounts and can be used to open up new accounts in your name. How can you check if you were affected? You can visit Equifax's website: What can I do? The North Dakota Attorney General Website has some tips for what to do if you have been a victim of identity theft or if you want to prevent yourself from being a victim: On top of that, you can also freeze your credit by visiting each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies applying for a credit freeze. This may come with a small fee depending on where you live, but it is the ultimate way to protect anybody from opening any new accounts in your name. Of course this includes you, and if you want to open new accounts in the future, you'd have to unfreeze your credit. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Equifax Data Breach and anything else you'd like to discover about Equifax and Credit Freezes is at the tip of your fingers. As a disclaimer, please know that I am not acting as your financial adviser. I am here to illuminate this issue for those who weren't aware of this event. Stay vigilant. - Chief Ziegler

TFW your favorite mug of 10 years shatters first thing in the morning and the only thing that will help you cope is a hot cup of coffee but you don't have a backup mug so you're stuck in this caffeine-less paradox and forced to rethink your entire life. It's all uphill from here.

This green bike was found abandoned on the river by the park. If you know who it belongs to please let us know, 701-265-8600

Yesterday around 5:00 P.M. we received a call about a grey and black cat that had wandered into true value on Main St West. The cat is thought to have come from a house hold based on how trusting and friendly he is. If you hear of anyone who may be missing a cat that matches this description please call us at (701)-265-8600. -Thanks.

Good afternoon: I've been hearing some concerns about "card skimmers" in Cavalier and feel it's appropriate to clarify a point or two. The Cavalier Police Department has received a report that a person's credit card information was stolen via a credit card skimmer at a local business recently. At this time however, we have not been able verify the credit card information was in fact stolen by a skimmer, or if it was stolen by some other method. We are still investigating those details. That being said, it's a good idea for everybody to brush up on their knowledge of what a "card skimmer" is. In short, a card skimmer is a device which is designed to look exactly like a credit card slot. This ranges from devices that attach to ATMs, gas pumps, and cash registers. Some are small and only the size of the credit card slot. Others are larger and also mimic the key pad numbers of that particular reader. Card skimmers allow you to use your card to make purchases in a way that you would never know one was installed. But in doing so, they also surreptitiously scan your card's information which can then be used by criminals. They are often designed to be easily placed over the top of a card reader. A thief will install a skimmer for a period of time, and then return later to remove the skimmer which now contains credit card information of unsuspecting victims. One of the simplest methods to detect a card skimmer is to simply wiggle or pull on the device. You won't have to pull hard. If it comes off or appears loose, it is likely a skimmer. Credit card readers are not designed to be taken apart in such a simple manner. Fortunately, the new chip technology that comes with new credit cards is designed to combat this issue. Hopefully that technology proves effective long term. It's a lengthy topic to address fully in this post, but I'll attach extra comments as a quick guide for you to understand a little better. If you encounter one of these devices, your best course of action is to contact your local police department immediately. Stay vigilant out there. - Chief Ziegler

I'd like to thank the Cavalier Elementary students for the very pleasant card I received as a part of the 100th Day of School. I'm honored to be one of the 100 random recipients! Keep up the good work! Remember you can always stop a cop and say hi! We love hearing from you! Thank you for always wearing seatbelts and helmets! Thanks again! -Officer Jeff Osvold Cavalier Police Dept.

Good afternoon. Today we want to talk to you briefly about a computer virus called "Ransomware". For those who don't know, Ransomeware attacks have been around for a few years and vary in nature, but at their core, Ransomware is designed to take your computer's files and hold them for literal ransom. If you are the target of a Ransomware attack, you'll suddenly find your computer unusable. A message will appear on your computer describing how your computer's files are locked and encrypted. The message will say if you want to unlock them you'll have a short window of time to send money to an account to unlock a password to save your files. The threat goes on to tell you that if you don't send them money that your files will be gone forever. Other message variations of Ransomware attacks will pose as Anti Virus companies and tell you that they are the only company that can clean your computer and remove the virus. Of course this comes with a hefty fee and ultimately no antivirus protection. This is a very distressing thought for many, as files on a computer can be invaluable and irreplaceable. Some people choose to pay the ransom and save their files, other will disconnect their computers from its internet connection and take them to a trusted computer technician in an attempt to remove the Ransomware without paying the ransom. Please understand that whether you do or do not pay that ransom, it is very difficult for law enforcement to track down these con artists and get you your money back. These are professional criminals who mask their names, locations, and often use middle men to launder your transactions. Many times these middle men don't even know they are part of the scam, and are often being scammed themselves. When they receive your money, they often send another wire transfer to people they've never even met before, often to other countries. They never know why, for what, from who, or to where the money is going. How can you protect yourself from becoming a victim of a Ransomware attack? As always, only visit websites you trust. Trust your internet browsers if they alert you to unsafe websites. Don't try to circumvent browser warnings. Avoid websites that don't use a secure connection with "https://", the "S" being the important part of the address. Do not open suspicious links in suspicious emails, especially from people you don't know. If you get a strange email from somebody you DO know, and it doesn't seem normal, trust your instincts. Viruses are able to infect email address books and send mass emails impersonating people you know, trying to get you to click on infected links within. Back up your files on an external hard drive and whenever possible, keep the external hard drive offline, disconnected from the internet. This will protect it from becoming infected itself, and give you peace of mind if a Ransomware attack ever befalls your system. If you do become victim to a Ransomware attack, the choice will ultimately be up to you if you want to pay the ransom or not. But if you have everything backed up, you won't have to worry about being forced to pay. Also quickly, I want to touch on another scam to pay attention for that falls into the 'it's too good to be true' category. If you're selling an item to a person and they want to send you a check for an amount that is substantially larger than what they owe you, THAT IS A RED FLAG. Their stories vary, but ultimately the gist is that they will over pay, then ask you to send them back a portion of the balance that they over paid and tell you to keep the rest. Of course the check is fake, even though they often appear very legit, and you'll ultimately lose the money you send them. That ended up not being very brief. If you made it this far, we salute you. Stay vigilant out there and trust your instincts. - Chief Ziegler

UPDATE: The owner has been found and this pup returned home. This chocolate lab was found wandering around on Valley Street. If you know who this dog belongs to or would be interested in fostering or adopting the dog, contact us at 265-8600.