Torrance County Sheriff's Department

  • Agency: Torrance County Sheriff's Department
  • Address: 205 S 9th Ave, Estancia, 87016 NM
  • Chief:
Phone: 505-544-4900
Fax: (505) 384-1277

Torrance County Sheriff's Department is located at 205 S 9th Ave, Estancia, 87016 NM. The Torrance County Sheriff's Department phone number is 505-544-4900.

Torrance County Sheriff's Department News

May 26, 2018 - Identity Theft & Fraud Ring (Moriarty/Edgewood) The Torrance County Sheriff's Office and the Seventh Judicial District Attorney's Office is currently investigating a large-scale check forgery ring that has been active in the Moriarty, Edgewood, and Albuquerque metro areas. Over one hundred forged New Mexico ID's and several hundred personal/business checks have been recovered as of this date. The Sheriff's Office is requesting that any Moriarty or Edgewood residents who have experienced any fraudulent financial activity or the known theft of financial documents from May 2017 to current, to please contact the Sheriff's Office to determine if a link can be made to this investigation. Please call 505-544-4908 and leave a message or send a message through this page with your name and contact phone number. This information will be cross-referenced to the investigation and you will be contacted immediately if a link can be established. This is an active investigation so information that can be released without compromising it is limited at this time. Updates will be posted as available.

Neil Mertz Judicial Complex (photo courtesy of MVtelegraph)