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Cairo Police Department is located at 123 Angelo Canna Park, Cairo, 12413 NY. The Cairo Police Department phone number is 518-622-2324.

Cairo Police Department News


May 10th, 2018 Four Cairo kids did a great job after a naked stranger entered and remained in their residence. Per Sgt Busch " Fortunately we were able to respond quickly and secure the scene, this incident could have quickly turned into a much worse situation, the entire incident was handled with nobody getting hurt. We are still investigating a mental health aspect to this so we cannot release names at this time. The fact that Police arrived first was key to preventing a much worse outcome. I am proud of the Officers actions at the scene. The kids were terrified and still managed to call 911 and provide information to the trained dispatchers. A Sheriffs Deputy raced to the scene to assist Cairo Police and I saw the Deputy hand a stuffed animal to a child before he cleared. It is a good feeling when we arrive and realize that kids were desperately counting us to get there fast, and we did not let them down. We also understand that any parent would be emotional when they get word that a naked stranger entered their house with their kids. Good job to the Cairo Officers, the Greene County Sheriffs Deputy, the 911 dispatchers, and the kids" At about 4 PM Cairo Police responded to a 911 call reporting a naked man in a residence. Police arrived to a little boy yelling for the Police. Cairo Police discovered a naked man in the residence who was a stranger to the four kids between the ages of 7 and 13 years old. Other kids had locked themselves in a back bedroom after calling 911. The suspect was discovered to be holding stolen items in his hands from another building on the road. The suspect was not known to any of the residents. Cairo Police charged the suspect, a Greenville man, with Felony Burglary, criminal trespass 2nd degree, exposure of person, 3 counts of petit larceny, and 4 counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Police are still investigating the incident, no further information released at this time.

05/06/18 IRAS (Initial Response to Active Shooter) training completed. Eight Cairo Police Officers attended three full days of training Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at three different locations, that included numerous scenarios that were both mentally and physically challenging. Training of Law Enforcement is a commitment that continues throughout the career and never stops. It is a commitment by each Officer and the Agency that each Officer is employed. Our Cairo Town Board was also supportive of Cairo Officers attending this training. This course was instructed by instructors who are certified to instruct the course. Cairo Officers who completed the training for DCJS certification include Officers, Clevenstine, Saad, Rogers, Clark, Plank, Yates, Orso, and Sgt Busch. Certification and training are paramount in todays world for everything. The training was initiated by Durham PD who coordinated with Delhi PD. Thank you Captain Small of Delhi PD for the intense and exhausting training. Officers do not only walk away with certification but the Captain made sure that we earned the certification and learned from it, and he also made sure that nobody was injured during the training. Attendees and Instructors came from, Durham PD, Delhi PD, Windham PD, Fallsburg PD, NYS University Police, NYS DMV, NYS Racing Authority, Nassau County, Delaware County, Hamden, Roxbury, etc. Cairo Police would like to say THANK YOU to Durham PD for initiating the training, and to the many instructors from many agencies for the professional and legitimate training. We are looking forward to future trainings with the same intensity, and the same passion from certified instructors who make sure that the training is no joke, safe, and is performed correctly. We shared a few photos but due to intensity and high safety standards we had minimal down time and opportunity for photos.

May 2nd, 2018 Thank you very much CATSKILL PD, Lt. FRASCELLO, and instructor ZIMMERMAN for inviting Cairo Police to the Naloxone/Narcan DCJS Law Enforcement certification. We also obtained additional kits at the training. Cairo Officers have received basic training in the past to be able to administer Narcan and we have administered Narcan in the town. We get the exposure of just about every nature of call that we can think of in Cairo, and this epidemic is not going away anytime soon. Thank You

DEA DRUG TAKE BACK 2018 Going great again at CVS in Cairo, once again a couple of boxes filled up so far. Twin County Recovery Services joined Cairo Police at CVS today. The event ends at 2 PM and anyone who didnt make it can continue to dispose of medication at Cairo PD or any other disposal bins around the county. We would also like to thank the DEA Office and Lt. Quinn at The Greene County Sheriffs Office for coordinating with local PDs for the event. The next Drug Take Back Event will be in October.

A few photos to share, As usual with warmer weather, complaints, walk ins, and calls directly to the Cairo Police Department increase to the point that we steadily sift through the work load by priority. We would like to start off the warmer season by saying thank you to the Town and the Town Board for the new 575, a 2018 Ford Explorer. Safety is a priority and our patrol fleet is safe and up to date. Thank You for the support. Also, April 27th Cairo Police joined many other agencies on Blue Friday at R C Lacy Ford in Catskill.

April 3rd 2018, As the community is aware 2 adults and 3 children of the community have lost their lives in a fire on April 2nd. First and foremost our thoughts are with the Mammano family during this tragedy. Cairo Police interact with children of the community on a daily basis at the Cairo Elementary School, and as with the rest of the community we are deeply saddened by this tragedy. The Cairo Durham School District has prepared to deal with this tragedy especially when the children arrive back from break, school staff including Superintendant Taibi and assistant principal Czech attended the vigil last night. They also have resources posted on the Cairo Durham School web page. We would like to add that we are not counselors, but keep in mind that as adults, we understand why we feel the way that we do about this, but this is all new to some children. Please keep in mind when speaking to your children, some of them will be returning to a few classrooms next week to an empty seat in their classroom, and to teachers that have lost those students.

March 24th, 2018 Cairo Police were assisting New York State Police involving a vehicle that was left abandoned, in the road, at an intersection of State Route 23 in Acra. New York State Police K9 Cotter arrived with Trooper Alberts. Cotter took to the woods and tracked a male from Cohoes NY who was navigating through the woods in Acra. After further investigation the male was arrested by NYS Police and was also charged with driving while intoxicated. Thank You Cotter NYSP case, no further information is available.

March 24th, 2018 The basketball game was awesome Great turnout, thank you everyone for coming to the game and helping raise money for the kids. Both sides of the gymnasium filled up at game time. WE HAD A BLAST. It is great to see everyone come together for the kids and also have a ton of fun in the process. Thank You Cairo Durham School Teachers, staff, parents and kids for choosing to spend your Saturday night at an event for the kids. Thank you Law Enforcement from The Cairo Police Department, New York State Police, and Windham Police for coming to the Cairo Durham School and volunteering to play in the game that is all for the kids.

New York City, St Patrick's Day Parade March 17th, 2018 On the Police end, Once again thank you very much Cairo Officers PLANK and YATES for accompanying Cairo Durham School students to the St Patricks Day Parade in Manhattan. As always Cairo Durham School students did an awesome job representing the Cairo Durham School district and students. We are very proud of the students as they represent the entire area at this event, they should be very proud of themselves. Cairo Police Department Officers YATES and PLANK never fail representing Local Law Enforcement as they meet Officers from around the world. They are always happy to go with the students and join them in whatever mother nature has in store. Excellence at its best. Additional photos will be added to this page in the near future.

Here it comes!!!!!! The famous annual basketball game to benefit the kids in our community. School Staff vs Law Enforcement GAME DAY March 24th, 2018 at 5PM Cairo Durham High School

Date: 3/13/2018 Another snowy day, On 03/12/2018 at about 5:30 PM Cairo Police responded to reports of a vehicle being operated erratic, and located a matching vehicle. After investigating further with State Police Catskill, Richard Thevenet 30 of Hastings NY was arrested and charged with Misdemeanors Driving while intoxicated, Driving while BAC above .08, operating while registration suspended, and violations of unlicensed operation, operating without insurance, and other Uniform Traffic Tickets. Sergeant Richard Busch #110 Town of Cairo Police Department

Power outage SouthCairo, Central Hudson has been notified, Cairo Police and Fire responded to a fire near 67 and Orchard Drive. It was related to trees on power lines and the fire is out. Other calls are coming in for trees and wires down in the area.

March 7th, 2018 2nd storm in less than a week going good so far

State Route 32 is closed between Halfmoon Drive and Canniff Road, all Southbound traffic is diverted onto Canniff Road, all Northbound traffic is turned around at Halfmoon drive, due to a utility pole with wires down in front of jrs Transmission. March 3rd 1145 AM State Route 32 is still closed, Central Hudson is at the scene working on it. 32 has been reopened.

March 2nd 2018 This is a wet heavy snow, please drive slow and have patience with Service crews, First responders, and Plows. Use caution, trees are down, go slow around turns you never know whats around the corner. FYI Some traffic lights are now out.

Sharing link from Cairo School in reference to todays incident.

February 7th, 2018 Notable incidents that citizens have inquired about. Cairo Police responded to a crash in Acra involving a van vs utility pole. The vehicle sustained extensive damage but luckily no injuries to report. Cairo Police responded to a crash on State route 32 North involving a pick up truck striking and snapping a utility pole and trees. Again luckily no injuries to report. Cairo Police were assisted at the scene by New York State Police, Greene County Sheriffs, Thank you Central Hudson crews for a rapid response, State DOT cleaned a safe passage for one lane traffic, Schindlers Auto removed the truck from the trees. State Police charged the male driver of Cairo with Misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated and numerous other traffic infractions. Yesterdays crash on State route 23 was a property damage car crash into a guide rail, no injuries to report. The female driver of Windham was issued numerous vehicle and traffic tickets. Sunday night Cairo Police responded to a 911 report of a domestic dispute, and discovered that a male at the location had been assaulted by another male with a claw hammer. Nature of Injuries were non life threatening. State Police charged the suspect with Felony assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and endangering the welfare of a child.

MAIN STREET STATS October 28th, 2017 upon request of Cairo Police the Greene County Sheriffs Office parked their speed data trailer on Main Street in front of the Elementary School. The trailer recorded stats through December 7th, 2017. The equipment included a calibrated radar unit and statistical recording device. The unit recorded Westbound traffic only, Total vehicles 119,067 Average Speed 29.85 MPH Vehicles at or under the speed limit 61,171 Vehicles 1 MPH over or more 57,896 Busiest time on weekdays was 3pm to 4pm Busiest time on weekends was 11am to 6pm steady ANOTHER NOTICE Mohammhed Minhajuddin the property owner of the empty lot on Main Street across from the Elementary School, advised us that the delayed construction is now beginning and the lot will be fenced off in the next week. This is being posted on the Police page for awareness of Main Street parking, and because the empty lot gets used often by the public for parking.