Frazeysburg Police Department

  • Agency: Frazeysburg Police Department
  • Address: 68 N State St, Frazeysburg, 43822 OH
  • Chief: Nick Garver (Chief of Police)
Phone: 740-828-2911
Fax: 740-828-9485

Frazeysburg Police Department is located at 68 N State St, Frazeysburg, 43822 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Nick Garver. The Frazeysburg Police Department phone number is 740-828-2911.

Frazeysburg Police Department News

We send our deepest condolences to our friends and partners in Dresden. Their loss is felt by all of us, and our thoughts are with them and Officer Romine’s family. Rest easy, Officer, we have the watch.

***PRESS RELEASE*** On Friday 11/02/2018 at approximately 10:00 AM, a silver 2006 Honda Accord lost control while heading eastbound on W 3rd St, crashing into the front awning of Fallsburg Pizza before striking a tree. The driver, Jack Dickerson (76, of Nashport), reportedly lost control due to a medical condition and suffered minor injuries. He was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital in Newark by Frazeysburg EMS, and was later released. Two dogs that were also in the vehicle at the time of the crash were unharmed and picked up by family members. Fallsburg Pizza may be closed or in limited operation during repairs, so please contact them prior to visiting.

As many of you know, trick or treat is still scheduled for tonight from 5:30 to 7:00, rain or shine. Please be safe out there and watch for children crossing the streets! On a related note, if anyone needs a last minute costume idea, given tonight’s weather forecast, I might suggest the Gorton Fisherman.

As a former marching band member myself (though in a different county), I understand the hard work all these kids, teachers, and volunteers put in to make an amazing show. Congrats to Tri-Valley, and we wish you luck on your journey to State! —Ofc. Marohl

Black and white pit bull found this evening at the intersection of W 1st St and S State St. If you think this dog is yours, please send us a private message or contact us through the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office.

Yeah, what they said. 😁 🏫 🚗💨 = 🚗 🚓

Severe weather is beginning to ramp up off to our west. Current models show only a marginal risk for the Frazeysburg/Muskingum County areas, but be sure to keep an eye out for changing weather conditions through the late evening and overnight hours. The strongest storms are expected further west along the Indiana-Ohio border, as well as further south of that, but severe weather can strike anywhere within the risk area, which could include strong winds, hail, torrential downpours, and even an isolated tornado. Further information can be found in the link below, and be sure to follow your local news media for any updates.

Happy 4th, everyone! Savor your cookouts, be careful with those fireworks, and enjoy your freedom responsibly!

Here’s a couple of reminders for everyone today. (Because we all need more on our plate first thing Monday morning, amirite?) First, today starts the new process for obtaining a driver’s license/ID card. When your renewal comes up, you’ll still head to the BMV, but your new card will be mailed to you in about 10 days. You’ll be given some temporary documentation in the meantime, so be sure to hang onto that until your new card comes. Here’s some more information if you have questions: Second, Canal Rd between Frew Park and Vickers Hill will be closed starting around 9:30 for the fireworks show tonight. And no, the “I just live right down there!” trick will not work. Sorry. You’ll have to back up and put it in reverse, Terry. Other than that, have a nice week, stay hydrated outside, and enjoy all the fireworks! 🇺🇸 💥 🎊 💥 🇺🇸

Lots of rain in our area right now, and it looks to continue for some time. Please be careful while driving, and watch for flash flooding on low roads.

Hope everyone is having a good time at Homecoming. In the meantime, check out our new aerial unit! #GetToDaChoppa #EyeInTheSky #ColumbusGotNothingOnUs

WHAT I LEARNED IN BOATING SCHOOL IS: That Krusty Krab pizza may be very important, but not this important! Share this with your friends and family as a fine example of what NOT to do while driving. (Video courtesy of The Ohio Department of Transportation.)

Our thoughts are with our brother at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, who was wounded in a shootout on the west side of Columbus. Thankfully, his wounds are not life-threatening, but on the one-year anniversary of Kirkersville Chief DiSario’s death, it serves as a reminder of how dangerous police work is, from the biggest cities to the smallest of towns. Get well soon, Deputy!

Just a heads up for anyone who may take Shannon Rd to work or school!

Reminder from the FD. Please take note, as we will enforce this! Effective hours are 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day until June.

Changes are coming to Ohio’s driver license and ID cards. Beginning in July of this year, you will no longer receive a card at the registrar’s office, but instead will receive the card in the mail within 10 days. For DLs, you will be given a temporary card that shows you have driving privileges, so you can still drive immediately after being issued one or renewing your current one. There will also be two kinds of cards, a standard card and a Federally compliant card. The main difference is that the compliant card will allow you to fly domestically without any additional documentation, and both cards will cost the same. If you fly at all, be sure to get your new card before October 2020, which is when the new compliance laws go into full effect. The new DL-ID cards will still be valid for 4 years, and will not cost any more than the current cards do. For more information on this change, please see the included link from the BMV. Drive safe, everyone!

Our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues in Westerville, OH. Two officers were shot and killed responding to a domestic violence call this afternoon, and the suspect is currently in custody.

From the inbox: "I would like to say thank you again to the officer who took time out of his day today to make sure my children and I made it home safely! It really means a lot to me knowing that we have such wonderful officers in out community! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! Be safe out there everyone!" Not only is it our job, we pride ourselves on making our community a great place to work, play, and live. Thank you for your kind words!

Many of you are already aware at this point, but as a reminder, Tri-Valley Schools are releasing early today. The high school and middle school are loading buses at 12:30, and the elementary is loading busses at 1:45, though parents pay pick their children up at 12:30. Rain, ice, and snow are expected to make travel very difficult later this afternoon into tomorrow morning, especially on our hilly county roads. We could experience several inches of snow, along with a thin layer of ice hidden underneath. Please ensure that you drive safely, leave plenty of stopping distance between vehicles if you must head out, and dial 911 in the case of an emergency. We will update you with any additional information as it comes available. With that being said, have a nice and safe holiday weekend! (Forecast images from the National Weather Service in Wilmington.)

Happy New Year to everyone in the Village and beyond! We hope everyone has a safe--and warm--night!

Be careful out there on the roads tonight, as we’ll see our next accumulating snowfall. Be sure to give yourself plenty of extra stopping distance, and watch for slick spots. Light snows can be especially dangerous, since drivers may think they can still drive normally; however, roads can still be very slick even with only an inch or so of snow, so be safe, and report any crashes or disabled vehicles to your local authorities.