Canton Police Department

  • Agency: Canton Police Department
  • Address: 112 N Washington St, Canton, 73724 OK
  • Chief: William "Chip" Jones (Chief of Police)
Phone: 580-886-2424
Fax: 580-886-2666

Canton Police Department is located at 112 N Washington St, Canton, 73724 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is William "Chip" Jones. The Canton Police Department phone number is 580-886-2424.

Canton Police Department News

The Officers, family and I would like to say thank you to the fine folks of the Baptist Church for the wonderful dinner they fed us last Saturday.

Sharing this information from our neighbors to the north at the Lake

National Walk to School Day, always a fun event with the Canton School kids

The metal bridge on Santa Fe is now open for traffic. The height of this bridge is 10 feet. It is still just a 8 ton weight limit.

K9 Orkan amd myself visited the 2nd grade classes today. Lots of good questions and laughs. Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to next time.

Just an update, the old metal bridge on Santa Fe is not intended for traffic larger than 8 tons or 16,000 pounds. Signs have been placed informing traffic of the bridge limatations. Please heed the warning.

Orkan thinks he sees something.....

Both N. Canadian bridges East of Canton on Hwy 58 will be closed 6+ months beginning Sept. 24. They will be replacing the bridges. Travelers will have to use the old metal bridge ( 8 ton weight limit ) on Santa Fe, accross the dam, or S.E. of Canton 2500 road and 690 road, river bridge.

Save the date.

INFORMATION NEEDED On 15 Aug around 1:35 am a bumper pull 16 ft flat bed trailer was stolen from Gilchrist Construction. On the trailer were 2 poly water tanks and a Honda GX120 water pump, missing the pull start assembly. A extended cab pickup with tinted windows driven by a male subject took the trailer. A smaller female passenger can be seen exiting the truck and helping guild the truck as the male driver backs up to the trailer. The pickup truck left the area headed north on HWY 58 in the direction of Longdale. Any and all information should be directed to the Canton Police Departments non-emergency line, 580-886-2424

In an emergency, please call 911.

Weather is rapidly approaching. Right now the main threat is up to 70 mph wind, hail and rain. For those who wish to seek shelter We will be opening up the saferoon at the school now. We do not fore see any other threats but it is Oklahoma So we are getting prepared now

The IRS phone scam is still going around. If you receive a call from “Officer Ryan Smith” or any other name, with the “IRS Internal Revenue Service” and informs you you are under federal investigation for not paying your is a scam. Please remember, the IRS will not call you. If they make contact with you, it will be by mail. Do not share your personal information with anyone you do not know over the phone.

There is a water main break on the south side of town. The water is going to be completely shut off for an undetermined amount of time. We are sorry for this inconvenience

The Canton Public Pool is open today, now until 6pm.

This is not the Canton Police Department in Canton Oklahoma. This is Canton Ohio.

The Canton Police Department would like remind everyone about the Carnival happening tonight and tomorrow. We want everyone to enjoy a good time with their friends and family. Please leave all pets at home. Animals running free will be picked up and taken to the pound. Animals running at large is a $250.00 citation, this is a Town Ordnance that will be enforced.

A adult male attempted to pass a fake $20 at the One-stop here in Canton. Please be watchful

FYI......the Safe Room at the Canton School is now open for those who wish. School officials state NO pets allowed.

11:45 AM weather update: Thunderstorms are forming already across the northeast Texas panhandle These are expected to move northeast and may graze far northwest Oklahoma between now and 2pm. More storms are expected to develop in the eastern Texas panhandle and into southwest Oklahoma between 3 and 4 pm. The atmosphere across western Oklahoma and western north Texas will support all types of severe weather between 3pm and 7pm, including tornadoes. Stay tuned!

9:00 AM severe weather update: We are still expecting severe storms this afternoon and evening, with the risk of large hail, strong winds and possibly a few tornadoes. This is one of those days when you should really be paying attention to your local weather, especially after 3:00 PM. Review your severe weather safety plan and make sure you have more than one way to get a warning. Don't rely on Facebook as your primary warning source. Check the graphics below for the risk areas and expected storm timing.

Should the weather this afternoon warrant it, the SafeRoom at the school will be open to the citizens after school has been dismissed. NO pets will be allowed in the SafeRoom. Keep watch here for the latest weather updates.

All is quiet this evening, but a reminder that severe weather is expected late Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night. Be prepared.

Final fire update