Grant County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Grant County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 219 1st St, Medford, 73759 OK
  • Chief:
Phone: 580-395-2356
Fax: 580-395-2548

Grant County Sheriff's Office is located at 219 1st St, Medford, 73759 OK. The Grant County Sheriff's Office phone number is 580-395-2356.

Grant County Sheriff's Office News

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The Grant County Deputies have received 386 calls for service this last quarter. The jail has booked 107 persons into the facility; this number includes holds for out-of-county agencies. Deputies have served 26 warrants out of 41 warrants that have been received. The quarterly stats (January 1st, 2018 thru March 31st, 2018) are as follows: 1 Abandoned Vehicles 4 Alarms 16 Animal Related 4 Burglaries 11 Check the Welfare 22 Civil Paper Service 2 Criminal Deception/Fraud 1 Damage/Vandalism 1 Death 13 Domestic Disturbances – Physical & Verbal 4 Evidence Processing 6 Fire Misc Calls 4 Gunshot 3 Harassment 1 Intoxicated/Chemically Impaired Persons 11 Investigative Follow-ups 8 Keep the Peace 6 Medical Assist 2 Message Deliveries 3 Miscellaneous Calls 11 Motorist Assist 3 Mutual Aid 1 Neglect 1 Nuisance 8 Outside Fires 1 Reckless Activity 6 Structure Fires 2 Suicide Attempts or Threats 47 Suspicious Activity 9 Thefts 1 Threat 57 Traffic Related Incidents including complaints, hazards and cattle in roadway 87 Traffic Stops 18 Transports 4 Trespassing 4 Vehicle Fires 2 Vehicle Thefts 2 Wanted Persons

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office sends our prayers and condolences to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and the family of Rick Fagan.

***UPDATE*** The smoke is clearing, if you take this route, please use caution. Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement agencies are still onscene. ***ATTENTION*** AVOID THE AREA ***ATTENTION*** Please avoid the area of CO RD 920 and Highway 11 due to a structure fire. Smoke is going across the highway and affecting visibility.

Its cold out there 😰 but our deputies are out doing firearms training with Wakita PD Chief instructed by Undersheriff Tim Wilkerson.

We're hiring! Apply now.

Grant County Burn ban. See the resolution below. You may also stay up to date on current burn bans here:

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Years! To the officers, jailers, and dispatchers working tonight :

The Grant County Sheriff's Office is accepting applications for Sheriff's Deputy. Please contact us by email or come by to receive an application.

The IRS is not going to call you and tell you that they're gonna issue a warrant if you don't settle your debt. Be wary of these callers.

Does anyone know this dog? He/she has been behind the Sheriff's Office since last night. It won't let anyone get near it. Seems to be an older dog.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office along with the Medford, Wakita, Lamont and Nash Police Departments received Law Enforcement First Responder training together to better serve our communities. The training included basic life support for trauma in the areas of Massive Hemorrhage, Airway, Respirations, Circulation and Hypothermia. This class included hands on training.

#KissimmeePD in Florida #JacksonvilleSheriffsOffice and #PennsylvaniaStatePolice Thoughts and Prayers to the officers involved.

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Highway 11 west of Medford is now back open for traffic.

Congratulations to dispatchers Kerstin Gilkey and Jessica Vanbuskirk for their outstanding achievement in becoming Internationally Certified Emergency Police Dispatchers.

Redhill Road will be closed Monday, May 15th from the hours of 7am-8pm for road maintenance.

Please use CR 880 (Redhill Road) and Hwy 81 to go around the closure