Astoria Police Department

  • Agency: Astoria Police Department
  • Address: 555 30th St, Astoria, 97103 OR
  • Chief: Pete Curzon (Chief of Police)
Phone: 503-325-4411
Fax: (503) 325-4897

Astoria Police Department is located at 555 30th St, Astoria, 97103 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Pete Curzon. The Astoria Police Department phone number is 503-325-4411.

Astoria Police Department News

In the last couple of days the Astoria Police Department has received several counterfeit $100 bills. They all have the same serial number, HF01744518C. Please be aware of the safety features of these bills. These current fakes have the watermark and the security threat but they are placed incorrectly on the bill. See the link below to the website that shows all US currency with their individual features by amount and date of their series. If you come across any of this fake currency or have any questions please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Congratulations to Officer Alex Whitney who just graduated from the DPSST Public Safety Academy in Salem. Sixteen long weeks of intensive training but Alex was up to the challenge and performed well. Looking forward to three to four months of field officer training before he is able to serve the community on his own. It was nice getting to know his family and friends who traveled all the way here from New York. Nice job, Alex. Chief

**UPDATE: Bridge is now open** Warrenton Police Department is handling a 3 vehicle accident on the Warrenton side of the New Youngs Bay Bridge. Please expect delays and use an alternate route if possible.

Members of the Astoria Police Dept are doing a fundraiser for a cure for cancer. Police Department employees participating in "No Shave November" to benefit cancer research. Very few people have not been affected by the scourge of cancer. Members have shaved Oct 31 and will not do so again til after December 1. Each participant has donated funds to the Prevent Cancer Foundation in order to be involved. Pics will be posted to show their progress. The two dogs will not be participating. Many of you have asked how you can contribute to benefit cancer research. Here is the information: Online Donation: . By Check Prevent Cancer Foundation 1600 Duke Street, Suite 500 Alexandria VA 22314 Via Phone 800 227-2732 Email Thank you Astoria Police Department

Happy Halloween from Astoria Police Department! 🎃

Astoria Professional Firefighters Local 696 are participating in a Halloweeen uniform swap this week!! We tricked Astoria Fireman Tom Jaworski into putting on a police vest at the range today so we could snap these pics and give him a hard time!! #copsvsfiremen #teamwork #afdrocks