Reedsport Police Department

  • Agency: Reedsport Police Department
  • Address: 146 N 4th St, Reedsport, 97467 OR
  • Chief: Mark Fandrey (Chief of Police)

Reedsport Police Department is located at 146 N 4th St, Reedsport, 97467 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Fandrey. The Reedsport Police Department phone number is (541) 271-2100.

Reedsport Police Department News

Regarding the post from Tuesday, two of the juveniles involved have been released from the hospital, and it is our understanding that the third will possibly be released tomorrow. This could have easily been a much more tragic situation and we know the families appreciate all the support given by the community.

To avoid bad information or false rumors circulating we offer the following: Three Reedsport teenagers were rushed to the hospital last night, where they were admitted and are receiving medical care. The investigation into the actions that precipitated this is ongoing, but it is felt at this time that they each voluntarily ingested medication. We are asking that the youths and their families be kept in your thoughts and prayers.

We have had recent sightings in town. Be aware and respect them.

School starts today.....please drive carefully!

Jayla has been located and is back with her family. Thank you to all who helped.

Although not the best weather for August, we had a decent turn out and a good time was had by all at the National Night Out event in Lions park today!

National Night Out event next week.

Officer Brent Snyder worked his last shift with us and has moved on to Coos Bay Police Dept. Brent has been a great officer for us and we wish him well in his new position.

As a reminder and to keep you safe, Oregon law forbids possession, use or sale of fireworks that fly, explode, or travel more than six feet on the ground or 12 inches in the air. Be cautious of fireworks purchased by mail, and know that many fireworks purchased this way are illegal in Oregon. This includes bottle rockets, mortars, roman candles, firecrackers, and M80s. Parents are liable for fireworks-caused damage by their children. We want everyone to have a happy, safe, and legal 4th of July holiday!

Liam and Katie Kidd visiting Mom’s (Jennifer (Godinez) Kidd’s) favorite hometown spots and found Officer Jerry Clark too.

Sergeant Tom Beck was honored to be a guest at Brooklyn Wilmarth’s 5th birthday party! Happy birthday Brooklyn!

Corporal Matt Smart gave a great presentation to the Rotary Club today about the School Resource Officer program.

Great weather to be out at the range for training.

We were very honored to help with the parade and other events for Memorial Day!

Our phone lines are down and we have no idea when they will be repaired. This will impact Comspan customers only.

JD and Officer Wood.

There are some counterfeit $100.00 bills being circulated in the area. Please be aware if you are presented with any. These bad bills have some type of pink colored stamps on them that appear to be Chinese. Contact the police if you are given any of these bills.

Our telephone service is out due to an accident in Winchester Bay that knocked down lines. We do not have an estimated time for repairs. This only affects business lines, 911 can still be used for emergencies, especially from your cell phones.