Hermiston Police Department

  • Agency: Hermiston Police Department
  • Address: 330 South First Street, Hermiston, 97838 OR
  • Chief: Daniel J Coulombe (Chief of Police)
Phone: (541) 567-5519
Fax: (541) 567-8469

Hermiston Police Department is located at 330 South First Street, Hermiston, 97838 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel J Coulombe. The Hermiston Police Department phone number is (541) 567-5519.

Hermiston Police Department News

Thank you Veterans!!!! We want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all veterans (past and present) and their families, for all of your service and sacrifice in supporting and protecting this great Nation of ours. We are also so proud to have sixteen current members of the Hermiston Police Department, who are all veterans of our country’s military, and still choose to serve all of us within our community today. -Captain Scott Clark

With the cold weather of winter upon us, taking the time to prep areas around your house can help reduce any loss of services, damages, or costly repairs that might occur from those frigid temperatures. Attached is a flier from the Hermiston Water Department, letting you know the City has already taken care of your water meters (but it still might be a good idea to check). If for some reason you don’t have insulation around your water meter, contact City Hall (very soon) at 541-567-5521, so insulation can be installed (at no cost). Be safe, and have a great day Hermiston! -Captain Scott Clark

Today's post from the Oregon State Police, directly ties into my post from yesterday regarding distracted driving. As we see from this incident, distracted driving can "come in many forms" and have many different consequences. Thankfully, neither this driver or anyone else were seriously injured as a result. Be safe, and have a great day Hermiston! -Captain Scott Clark

Distracted Driving in Oregon is a continuous problem that results in thousands of injuries and dozens of avoidable deaths each year within this State. The Oregon Department of Transportation and other entities such as Oregon Impact, are taking proactive measures to heighten awareness surrounding the dangers of distracted driving activities. Below, is information taken from ODOT’s website, which shows the “human” impacts distracted driving collisions cause within our communities. “Distracted Driving” is a dangerous behavior for drivers, passengers, and non-occupants alike. Distraction is a specific type of inattention that occurs when drivers divert their attention from the driving task to focus on some other activity instead (per NHTSA). • From 2012-2016 there were 10,814 crashes resulting in 70 fatalities and 16,503 injuries caused by crashes involving a distracted driver in Oregon (all ages) • From 2012-2016 there were 1,040 crashes involving a driver (all ages) reported to have been using a cell phone at the time of the crash. This resulted in 19 fatalities and 4,497 people injured. • From 2012-2016 there were 100 crashes involving drivers ages 16-18 reported to have been using a cell phone at the time of the crash. This resulted in 0 fatalities and 138 people injured. • From 2012-2016 there were 30 crashes involving, but not limited to, a pedestrian using a cell phone. This resulted in 4 fatalities and 26 people injured. • From 2012-2016 there were 12 crashes involving, but not limited to, a peda-cyclist using a cell phone. This resulted in 0 fatalities and 12 people injured. If you would like to learn more about distracted driving statistics or any prevention education tools available, check out the Oregon Impact and ODOT websites listed below. http://oregonimpact.org/index.htm https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Safety/Pages/Distracted.aspx Be safe, and have a great day Hermiston! -Captain Scott Clark

Weekend Recap: Here’s a rundown of our cases from night shift Friday, through night shift Sunday. As always with these recaps, this is mostly a summary of reports/arrests taken, and only represents a fraction of the activities and other calls for service handled by our officers. -11 theft related cases (identity, fraud, shoplifting, from vehicles, other) w/multiple arrests -3 informational reports -3 motor vehicle collisions -3 vandalism complaints -1 warrant arrest -2 disorderly conduct arrests -1 hit and run crash -1 lost/found property call Be safe, and have a great day Hermiston! -Captain Scott Clark

Great news from the state crime lab!

It’s Halloween!!! I’m sharing this again because, as it turns out, Halloween advice hasn’t changed much in the last year. Please DRIVE SAFE today, keep your hands to yourself, and don’t mess with other people’s stuff. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

Obtaining copies of police reports just got easier! The link below will take you to the records section of our webpage, where you can find information about our new online records request system. You can still submit requests the old fashioned way too, however, submitting an online request is more efficient, since we can only receive carrier pigeons during regular business hours. We hope you all have an awesome Tuesday. As always, please be nice to each other and leave other people's things alone. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker https://hermiston.or.us/police/dispatch

Weekend Recap Here's a summary of our work from night shift Friday through night shift Sunday. As always with our recaps, this is mostly a summary of reports taken and it represents only a fraction of the activities and calls handled by our officers. -2 traffic crashes (crashes aren't accidents) -1 drug possession arrest -1 burglary investigation -4 warrant arrests -3 domestic disturbances -3 runaway juveniles -3 thefts from vehicles -2 hit and run crashes -1 theft/resisting arrest case -1 trespass complaint -3 vandalism complaints -2 lost/found property calls -1 agency assist As some of you may have seen, we also helped out with the Wal Mart Heart event to benefit Jazmine Ellwood, Officer Ellwood's daughter, who is fighting cancer. This was an awesome event coordinated by Wal Mart, where we were joined by Dr. Dave Drotzmann, Mayor, the Washington State Patrol, Pasco Police, Kennewick Police Department, Umatilla County Fire District #1, Stanfield Police Department, Echo Fire Department, the Oregon State Police, and the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office. It's Monday, Hermiston, so make it a great one. Please keep your hands to yourself and leave other people's things alone. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker.

With all the stores that have self-checkout stations now I think it is worth talking about. For the record, if you find money in the change or cash-back dispenser, you should give that to the nearest attendant. If you keep that money, it is theft and these stations are almost always under video surveillance. If you are checking out and select the cash-back option, don’t forget to take your money with you when you go. Even if you didn’t select the cash-back option, get in the habit of taking a few seconds before leaving and scanning for any money, your credit/debit card or purchased merchandise. This actually happened to me a few months ago. I was fortunate, because when I returned to the store about ½ hour later, they had my money. The next person up to my station, found my money and handed it to the attendant. Lesson learned for me. Now, I always scan the check-out station to be sure I didn’t leave any purchased merchandise or money. We frequently hear from people who were not so fortunate. So, look out for yourself and if you see someone else’s money or property, please do the right thing and turn it in. Posted by: Captain Travis Eynon

Good Morning! Today we would like to honor someone we have spent a good deal of time with over the years. Larry Lankford, our beloved mail carrier, is retiring! His last day will be tomorrow. He has been a great friend to us. We are so happy for Larry but will miss him terribly. We are hoping he will still stop in for a visit every now and then. Enjoy retirement Larry! You have earned it and you certainly deserve it. I have included a picture of him with some of our personnel from today. From left to right, Sergeant Kelly Parsons, Kaylene Hankinson, Larry Lankford and Tracy Johnson. Posted by: Captain Travis Eynon

Good morning Hermiston, I am posting this request for Proposal from the City of Hermiston for a food pod operator. Based on community feedback, the City is planning to conduct a pilot program for a downtown food pod. The food pod will need a manager who will be in charge of recruiting food vendors and enforcing the rules of the food pod. I have attached the request for proposal to this post. Posted by: Captain Travis Eynon

Good Morning friends! I hope you all are enjoying our beautiful weather. Today I want to remind everyone about the vast amount of scams we are seeing daily. Every day I receive at least one telephone call attempting to scam me. Usually it involves the threat of a warrant being issued for my arrest if I do not call them back and take care of the issue at hand. Please remember, the scams come in all forms. Sometimes they are over a period of time from a person you met on-line who professes their love for you and eventually asked you to wire them money. You should ALWAYS be suspicious of anyone requesting you send them money. We have even seen this happen to people who believe they are talking to an actual relative. ALWAYS verify who you are speaking with before you agree to send even a close family member money. There are a number of ways to verify, you may have a pre-arranged family password, you may call another close relative who can reach out the alleged caller independently and verify they are the one with the issue and they are asking for a loan or for money, you may also (and do something like this at the bare minimum) ask the person a question only that person would know the answer to. (like, if you are my cousin Hank, where did our family vacation together when we were children). Bottom line is this…. Be 100 percent sure of who you are talking to and they are a close family member with a legitimate need before you agree to send them money. Do not ever send money to someone you have only met on-line. If you do this, please know you are gambling with your money and may never see it or hear from the person again unless it is to request more money. We talk to people several times per week who have had an attempt and occasionally we deal with folks who have actually sent money. It never ends well for those people. If you do not recognize the phone number, maybe don't even answer the call. If you do answer and it is a recording or a person you do not know, hang up the phone. If you receive a message requesting a call-back back, don't call back unless you know who the caller was. There are other means to reach you if the need or call is legitimate. Please safeguard your money, you worked hard for it and you need it. Posted by: Captain Travis Eynon

Good Morning! Here are some highlights from our weekend: We responded to two motor vehicle crashes, One of these was a hit and run where the female driver fled the scene after a rollover. She was later arrested for fail to perform the duties of a driver at the scene of a crash. The other was a driver who was suspected of driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII). In this case, we suspected controlled substance. The driver was arrested for DUII, Possession of a controlled substance, reckless driving and several counts of reckless endangerment. We also responded to a few disturbances, several reports of suspicious circumstances, one fight and one report of an alleged assault. We took one theft report, one runaway report and assisted one suicidal person In getting connected with services. We arrested 7 people for outstanding warrants, two people for possession of methamphetamine, one person for a suspected sex crime and two people for disorderly conduct. That was our weekend in a nutshell, I hope yours was fantastic. Posted by: Captain Travis Eynon

Walmart; Walmart Transportation #6837; and the Walmart Heart Program, have shown so much generosity and support for a young member of our extended HPD Family. We are so thankful for everything they do, not only for members of our community, but everywhere their kindness may reach. The attached flier is regarding an upcoming fundraising event (sponsored by Walmart Transportation #6837 and the Walmart Heart Program), for Jasmine Ellwood, whose battle with cancer has been a long and difficult process. If you can, please join everyone at the Walmart Supercenter (1350 N. 1st Street, Hermiston) on Saturday, October 27th, from 10am to 12pm and show your support. ***If you would like to learn more about what the Walmart Heart Program is about, check out the link below and watch the short Youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOPd0AGsf_w Be safe, and have a great day! -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

***Oregon 811*** If you are intending to dig around your own home, or for a work related purpose, please “call before you dig”. You can contact the Oregon Utility Notification Center (to schedule a locate) by calling “811”; or go to their website at https://digsafelyoregon.com/ to submit your locate request online. Taking the time to get this done (prior to any digging); can save lives, save thousands of dollars in repair costs, and not unnecessarily tie-up those (already) limited and valuable public safety resources. Be safe, and have a great day! -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

***Guardian Care Center’s-Fall Fundraiser*** The Guardian Care Center in Pendleton, is Umatilla County’s only child abuse assessment center. The center works directly with area law enforcement agencies and child protective services to provide a safe, neutral, child-friendly site for medical examinations and forensic interviews of children, who have been victims of physical and/or sexual abuse. If you have any questions or wish to purchase tickets for this event, please contact the Guardian Care Center at 541-276-6774. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

Continuing to stay: JASMINE STRONG!!!

***Happy National Boss Day-Chief Jason Edmiston*** Your passion, dedication and leadership within this organization is very much appreciated! Thank you! -From your HPD Team and Family

Good Monday morning Hermiston, If you ever find yourself with questions regarding our city’s Code of Ordinances, but you don’t necessarily want to speak with an officer about it; you can research all of our ordinances at your leisure (at the quick link below), which are located on the City of Hermiston website. https://hermiston.or.us/code-of-ordinances Be safe, and have a great day! -Posted by Captain Scott Clark