Meade County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Meade County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 1400 Main St, Sturgis, 57785 SD
  • Chief:
Phone: 605.347.2681
Fax: 605.347.6824

Meade County Sheriff's Office is located at 1400 Main St, Sturgis, 57785 SD. The Meade County Sheriff's Office phone number is 605.347.2681.

Meade County Sheriff's Office News

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Happy Memorial Day! In honor of those that gave their lives for our country. We will not forget.

Good morning! We wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Please drive safe and buckle up!

Click it or Ticket! Deputies will be participating in the Click it or Ticket campaign over the next several weeks. Buckle up and drive safely!

Congratulations to all the Sturgis 5th Graders who celebrated their DARE Graduation today!!!! Sturgis Officer Hatzenbuhler was also honored by Chief VanDewater for serving the DARE students for 24 years! Congratulations Officer Hatzenbuhler and Thank You!!!!

Joint training with Sturgis Ambulance, Sturgis PD, Summerset PD, Ft Meade Fire. Great to get more interagency training and team building. We have awesome people in Meade County and it is an honor to be out serving with them.

This week Deputy John Rhoden and Gary and Amy Cammack were presented with Lifetime Achievement and Dedication to the Community awards at the 39th Ag Trade Show in Union Center. The award was presented by Rural Meade Ambulance Service. Deputy Rhoden has been a valuable asset in this area helping the citizens of Meade County for many years. Congratulations to all of you from MCSO! We thank you for your service and dedication.

Building teams and relationships tonight. The Meade County Sheriff's Office was very honored to get the opportunity for Deputy Jon Tish to be invited to teach a class at the Piedmont Fire and Ambulance on Excited Delirium, as well as share information on Mental Health Committals and other topics. Working together we better serve the citizens of Meade County. If we can help your group or organization with information or classes please contact us. We have a staff full of great people trained in many areas. We would love to have the opportunity to team up with you as well!!!!

This week is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. Thank you to our dispatchers for everything you do!

The Meade County Sheriff’s Office wants to share a special Thank You to Sturgis Taekwondo. Over the last four weeks they have graciously allowed us to use their facilities to conduct self defense training for the Sheriff’s Office staff, the Meade County jail staff, Sturgis Police Department Officers and Summerset Police Officers. The opportunity to enhance our training and build community relationships is invaluable to us!!!!

Piedmont Valley was kind enough to invite Deputy Jon Tish to speak at their student of the month assembly. He was asked to speak about the character trait of Honesty. The Meade County Sheriff's Office is very grateful for the opportunity to meet the kids and interact with them.

Safe travels to everyone as you head out for the holiday weekend. Drive safe and enjoy!

The Meade County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all of those who have called and messaged the office recently regarding the dog property between Summerset and Black Hawk along Sturgis Road. The owner of the dogs has been in contact with our office and made it very clear that these animals are being regularly fed, watered and exercised. The owner recently completed a sled dog race in Alaska and takes great care in making sure the dogs are happy and healthy. As with any report of animal abuse or neglect the Sheriff’s Office has reviewed this specific situation and determined that no enforcement action will be taken at this time. Should the conditions change in the future, another evaluation will be conducted and the proper action will be taken.

Alice Training completed today for the county employees. thank you Deputies Morgan, Torres and Sgt. White. Also thank you Meade County employees for attending. Sheriff Ron Merwin

A huge thanks to the Bureau of Land Management for allowing some of our deputies to train with one our 4x4 vehicles equipped with this wheel driven track system. This potentially life-saving track system was purchased several years ago with funds provided by a grant to help assist the Sheriff's Office with various search and rescue situations. Bureau of Land Management - Montana/Dakotas

PIEDMONT, S.D. – The South Dakota Department of Transportation says two miles of the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 from Exit 44 at Piedmont, going west, will be closed beginning March 5, 2018. This work is Phase 4 of a five-phase plan to reconstruct I-90 and replace bridges between Exits 40 and 44. During this phase, work being done includes grading, concrete surfacing and the construction of new bridges at Exit 44 and over Little Elk Creek. Eastbound traffic will be routed to the westbound lanes of I-90 where traffic will be in a two-way configuration. Exit 44 will be closed with a detour route provided via Exits 40 and 46 along with the Spring Valley Road service road and Sturgis Road. The closure is anticipated to remain in place through late July when the interstate will be reopened for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Work already completed includes; Phase 1 included box culvert extensions along the westbound lanes; Phase 2 involved the reconstruction of the westbound lanes near Exit 44, going west for about two miles, as well as new bridges at Exit 44 and Little Elk Creek. Phase 3 was completed after the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally last year and included the reconstruction of the remaining portion of the westbound lanes to Exit 40. Phase 5 will reconstruct the remaining portion of the eastbound lanes of I-90 to Exit 40. As part of the project, grading for three lanes in each direction will be done, however, only two lanes will be paved in each direction now. There is no current timetable for paving of the third lanes. Motorists are asked to be prepared for suddenly slowing traffic and merging traffic, as well as construction workers and equipment adjacent to the roadway. Heavy Constructors, Inc. of Rapid City is the prime contractor on this $29 million project. The overall completion date for the project is June 14, 2019.

The Meade County Sheriff's Office will be conducting ALICE training for county employees next week. This active shooter response training is available to businesses and groups in Meade County. If you are interested, please contact the Meade County Sheriff's Office. We have several instructors and would be excited to share our knowledge with you!!!!

D.A.R.E. Graduation was this morning at Piedmont Valley Elementary. The Sheriff's Office was honored to have the opportunity to go into the classroom and learn and share with these wonderful kids. Our graduation was focused on the voices of these kids, below are some quotes shared from their essays. Also a special Thank You to the Summerset Police Department for coming and supporting the kids!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Now, I must start on my own because Officer Tish is not going to be by my side to guide me the rest of my life” - Jacinta ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “You want to know what you’re going to say and be prepared for anything!” – Paige ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Just one thing you learned in DARE can change the path of your life!” – Azlyn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “It is good to have self confidence” – Jayda -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Confident Communication is when you deliver the sentence smoothly, but that’s not all you have to do! You have to be nice and kind to the person you are speaking to. – Joscelyn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DARE made me think about the decisions I will make when I get older – Clara -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I plan to use DARE now and in the future. I will understand any challenges that may arise, decide what choices I have, make a choice, and support my choice. I will also try to help others make good decisions too. – Morgen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will always remember that I have responsibilities and that I have Freedom. I have to use them carefully. In DARE I learned that we all come from a different story and background and that we have all messed up. I learned in DARE to be careful about what you do and always show integrity toward others. – Paige -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The model asks you what the problem is, then what choices do I have. After reviewing your choices you make a choice, hopefully the correct choice and then think about the choice you made. I think we use this model every day without even knowing it! – Malory ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will use my skills I learned to make good choices and overall have a good life – Max -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I looked at what I did and had a great feeling inside me – Christian -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DARE is not only about drugs, it can also be about being in the right group, hanging with the right people, how to solve situations that you don’t want to be in, or even having the right things to do if your nervous or scared to do something like act on stage or talking to the class – Alan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m gonna stick up for people when I need to. I am gonna be the best I can be. I will always help out people when they need it. I’m gonna always help stop bullying. I am gonna play with people who want someone to play with. I will be friends with as many people as I can. – Jessy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I learned that the most harmful weapon isn’t a gun, rpg, knife or bomb, but your voice. I learned that words are the most harmful weapon. – Mason -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I liked learning how to made good decisions for myself. Being safe and responsible is hard work. – Parker -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I think DARE has improved my attitude towards people and I have learned to take responsibility for my actions. – Kamea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have used the DARE decision making model to make safe and responsible decisions. I want to make the right choices. – Stephen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Things that I learned in DARE was that a gun shot can’t hurt you more than words. I know that is is true that words can hurt you more than anything. When I heard Officer Tish say that it made me sad but happy. So, I’m writing this because it inspired me. – Cooper --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------