Brighton Police Department

  • Agency: Brighton Police Department
  • Address: 139 N Main St, Brighton, 38011 TN
  • Chief: Gary Penner (Chief of Police)

Brighton Police Department is located at 139 N Main St, Brighton, 38011 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Gary Penner. The Brighton Police Department phone number is 901-476-8661.

Brighton Police Department News

Don't forget to stop by the Brighton Police Department tonight from 6-8pm!!

Congrats to Brighton High School!

The Drone caught the Brighton Elementary School Children watching the Elcipse today.

The Drone caught the Brighton Elementary School Children watching the Eclipse today.

I would like to address this article that was published in the leader that has so many people talking and commenting on it. First off, I see many comments from citizens bashing our police department and it's officer's. While everyone is open to free speech, remember that these officer's that you are bashing are human just like you. Second, it was a statement that was made, and has everyone's attention. The tunnels in Brighton are a concern, speeding in Brighton near the tunnels is a concern. Both will be handled with the utmost respect to the Brighton Citizens, and all Citizens who pass through Brighton. If you ever feel that you are not treated with courtesy and respect by any officer from the Brighton PD, the Chief and Captain are always available. Please remember that these officer's and this department not only have traffic enforcement in our job duties every day, but we also respond when YOU THE CITIZENS call for us. So while bashing our department and our officer's may come easy, just remember these are the same officer's that respond when your house alarm goes off, your vehicle has been broken into, your child is missing, when you and your spouse decide that marriage isn't fun anymore, etc. In closing, the Brighton PD has a job to do for it's citizens every single day, and we will continue our mission.

Congratulations to Officer Jimmy Joyner who was promoted to Investigator today. He has earned it and will continue to work hard for the citizens of Brighton.