Everett Police Department

  • Agency: Everett Police Department
  • Address: 3002 Wetmore Ave, Everett, 98201 WA
  • Chief: James I Scharf (Chief of Police)
Phone: 425-257-8400
Fax: 425-257-6500

Everett Police Department is located at 3002 Wetmore Ave, Everett, 98201 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is James I Scharf. The Everett Police Department phone number is 425-257-8400.

Everett Police Department News

Reminder! There are two distinct public safety levy measures on the November 6th General Election: Everett’s Proposition 3 for the City’s Emergency Medical Services and Snohomish County’s Proposition 1 for the 911 Emergency Communication System. Please get out to vote. More information about each can be found in your voters’ pamphlet: https://bit.ly/2zomouA

Reminder! There are two distinct public safety levy measures on the November 6th General Election: Everett’s Proposition 3 for the City’s Emergency Medical Services and Snohomish County’s Proposition 1 for the 911 Emergency Communication System. Please get out to vote. More information about each can be found in your voters’ pamphlet: https://bit.ly/2zomouA

Happy Halloween! Here is safety tip #5: Set a time for trick or treaters to be home and remind them to call 911 if there is unlawful or suspicious activity. Have fun & be safe!!

At about 9:45 p.m. last night, a woman called 911 from a farm in the 6900 block of Larimer Rd to report her Subaru was stuck in the mud and on fire. Arriving officers were informed the woman and her 2 year-old son had been at the farm to give animals water but got stuck at about 6:30 p.m. Several tow companies had been unable to reach the Subaru because of the mud. After maneuvering the car for several hours, a fire started underneath it. With assistance from @Everett Fire, the fire was put out but the Subaru was totally destroyed. Officers got a child’s car seat from a local station and transported the mother and son home safely to Lynnwood. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Halloween is tomorrow, here is safety tip #4: Children should obey all traffic signs and look before crossing the street. Never cross between parked cars, in the middle of a block or diagonally through intersections.

The Everett Police Department is looking for citizen volunteers! If you are interested, visit our website http://bit.ly/2zlgWL0 or e-mail Sgt Brett Yeadon at byeadon@everettwa.gov for more information.

At about 6:30 a.m. yesterday, officers responded to a business alarm in the 2700 block of Walnut St. The first arriving officer saw a man walking from the business and observed him trying to hide in the bushes near a red Honda. The man was contacted, as was his wife who was in the Honda - with the engine running. In the back seat, officers saw a pair of bolt cutters with a portion of a lock still in the tool. During the course of the investigation, it was learned that video surveillance caught the man cutting the lock to a storage yard gate, entering the yard and selecting tools that he staged outside the fence for pickup. A police K-9 track confirmed the man entered the yard and he eventually confessed to the crime. The Honda was impounded pending a search warrant to recover evidence. Both the 49 year-old man and his 50 year-old wife were arrested and booked into jail for burglary.

Halloween is this Wednesday, here is safety tip #3: Only trick or treat in neighborhoods where you know residents and at houses with porch lights on.

Halloween is only 5 days away, here is safety tip #2: Check your children’s candy before they eat it! Send them out with safe “starter” candy.

In July, the Community Outreach & Enforcement Team (COET) received a referral for an 83 year-old Marysville man living in his vehicle after his family asked him to leave their home. The man had untreated medical issues and a non-working car. Employees of a business near the parking lot where the man parked allowed him to use their bathroom during business hours and local residents brought him food. COET arranged the removal of the vehicle and transported the man to the hospital for medical services. After months of hard work, the man has been successfully placed in an adult family home in Lynnwood. Many thanks to all those who helped this member of our community!

With Halloween fast approaching it is important to inform your children about Safety! Safety tip #1: Tie small glow sticks or use reflective tape on your child’s costume so they are easily seen in the dark. Watch for more tips throughout the week!

At 6:30 p.m. last night, a 36 year-old woman ran across 75th St SW at Seaway Blvd in the crosswalk - but against the light. She was struck by a northbound vehicle driving on a green light and suffered multiple broken bones. The woman was taken to Harborview for non-life threatening injuries. The driver cooperated and showed no signs of impairment. Seaway Blvd was closed for an hour during the investigation by detectives. We remind pedestrians to use crosswalks & obey traffic signals.

On October 13th, Officer Hackett investigated a vehicle prowl that occurred in the 700 block of W Casino Rd. He located and arrested the suspect, who confessed to the vehicle prowl, and impounded the suspects’ vehicle. While in jail, the suspect made phone calls about having a gun in the vehicle that would be found during the search. Snohomish County Sheriff's Office notified Everett Property Crimes detectives of the information and a stolen .45 Sig Sauer handgun was discovered under the driver’s seat. Everett detectives interviewed the suspect a second time and he confessed to having the gun and knowing it was stolen. Great job by Officer Hackett, Snohomish County Sheriff's Office & Property Crimes detectives!

At about 6:45 p.m. last night, several people called 911 to report a man had parked his vehicle on the sidewalk in the 1700 block of Merrill Creek Pkwy. Arriving officers found a Nissan Pathfinder in the landscaping with an intoxicated man explaining that "vandals" left it there with a dead battery. As no one saw the man driving and a neighbor agreed to get him home, he was released with the vehicle remaining at the scene. At 8 p.m., a victim reported the same Pathfinder had struck his vehicle in the intersection of 41st St & Colby Ave but drove off. The victim tried following the Pathfinder, but lost it in north Everett. A few minutes later, witnesses reported the Pathfinder crashed at Hewitt Ave & Wetmore Ave when it ran a red light, jumped the curb. The vehicle then sheared off a fire hydrant and knocked over two traffic control vaults before getting high centered. When bystanders helped the driver out of the Pathfinder, he ran from the scene but was captured by two witnesses and brought back. The man was arrested for DUI and booked into the Snohomish County Jail. To assist with traffic control, stop signs were placed at the intersection while crews work to fix the lights…

At about 11:00 a.m. yesterday, officers patrolling the 100 block of E Casino Rd saw a vehicle they believed had been stolen because of its distinctive blue rims. Before the vehicle could be stopped, the driver parked and ran into Fred Meyer (8530 Evergreen Wy). As officers converged, the man changed his appearance and tried walking out of the business. Patrol officers contacted, arrested and booked the 39 year-old into jail after confirming the vehicle had been stolen. Great heads-up work by officers!

Just a few days ago, Everett Police said a fond farewell to Officer Ramon Del Castillo after 30 years of dedicated service! Being a Hawaiian Islander, Ramon brought his humor and lingo to Everett in September of 1995, after 7 years with Honolulu PD, and we will miss his style. Wishing you the best in retirement Ramon!

Teamwork for the win - thanks for the assist Marysville Police K-9 Unit!

This week the Everett Police assembled their newly formed Gang Response Unit, which includes Gang Education and Prevention Officer Fletcher and Andre Graham from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County. The Gang Response Unit aims to reduce gang related criminal activity, improve the quality of life for citizens and maintain safe and healthy neighborhoods through improved education, response, and pro-active enforcement. The Gang Response Unit will work with the Criminal Intelligence Unit to identify gang related crimes and individuals then develop and deliver suppression, prevention, and intervention strategies that promote positive youth development and holds individuals involved in gang related criminal activity accountable. The newly developed PIVOT & PAY prevention programs will play a large role in the City’s prevention efforts. The Gang Response Unit is part of Mayor Cassie Franklin’s directive focused on youth, gun violence and gang reduction. Information on PIVOT/Pay can be found at: www.everettwa.gov/youth

Everett Police introduces Chief’s Community Advisory Board https://everettwa.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1421

We are excited to announce the selection of Officers Burns & Duncan as the two newest members in the Downtown Bicycle Unit. This unit consists of highly mobile uniformed officers who address specific criminal issues - specifically in the densely populated downtown business core. Officers are very proactive with respect to law enforcement and are not driven by calls for service, as they are self-directing with input from community groups, crime analysis sources and the police administration. Bicycle Unit officers are the primary liaison with business owners and customers in the downtown core and strive to maintain open communication and exceptional customer services to people in this area. Say “HI” if you seem them pedaling around downtown!

At 2 a.m. yesterday, a victim in the 1100 block of Lombard Ave called 911 to report someone had just been inside her home after finding the front door open. Arriving officers found no suspects but learned that personal property and a Subaru Forester were missing. Just before 3 a.m., another victim called 911 to report he believed people were inside his home in the 1800 block of McDougall St. The man also reported he had been burglarized the night before with personal property and a Toyota Highlander taken. Arriving officers located the stolen Forester in the alley behind and detained four people. During the investigation, suspects provided statements on why they were in a stolen car. Officers gathered evidence that placed the three at the crime scenes and responsible for the stolen vehicles/burglaries. The Highlander and Forester were impounded pending a search warrant/owner consent to recover stolen property. Officers believe the three are responsible for multiple burglaries and car thefts in the north Everett area. Property Crimes detectives are continuing the investigation. Three of the detained people, a 16 year-old male and two 15 year-old females, were arrested and booked into Denny Juvenile Justice Center on probable cause for two counts of residential burglary and theft of a motor vehicle. The fourth, a 21 year-old woman, was released.