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Brevard County Sheriff's Office is located at 700 S. Park Ave, Titusville, 32780 FL. The Brevard County Sheriff's Office phone number is 321-264-5201.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office News

AMERICAN MUSCLE CAR MUSEUM HONORS THOUSANDS OF BREVARD VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES Earlier today I was in attendance at the American Muscle Car Museum Veterans Day Event that attracted thousands of Veterans and their families to tour the world’s premier Muscle Car Museum. The event that was hosted by Mark and Tetiana Pieloch in collaboration with Shay Rowe of Mercedes Benz Melbourne was held to honor our Veterans and to make sure that they know our community will never forget our heroes. During the event Mark and Tetiana who are two of the most giving people I have ever met, gave away over $50,000.00 to our Veterans through raffle drawings. And as if that were not amazing enough, at the conclusion of the event, the Pieloch’s partnered with Shay Rowe to give away a two year lease on a beautiful Mercedes that was won by a member of the United States Coast Guard. I tell everyone that Brevard County is one of the most amazing places on earth to live and it’s events like this one that demonstrate just how true that statement is!! Please join me in thanking Mark and Tetiana Pieloch for their amazing generosity, not for just this event but for the many events they host each year to help charities throughout Brevard County!! And of course in also thanking Shay Rowe for his generosity as well and for making sure our Veterans know how much they are loved!! Sheriff Wayne Ivey

THE BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE WISHES TO THANK OUR VETERANS FOR THEIR SERVICE As we awaken on this beautiful morning, the proud men and women of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Veterans of our Armed Forces for their amazing service to our country!! As citizens of the United States of America we are blessed to live in a nation that is like no other in the world!! While our Constitution guarantees our individual rights and freedoms, it is the men and women of our Armed Forces who have guaranteed them with their sacrifices as they protect us at home and abroad. Regardless of which branch of service, our Veterans served our great nation with honor, dignity, and pride. In fact, many of them, like those who work for our agency, continue to serve even after leaving the Armed Forces as Law Enforcement Officers where they now stand as the first line of defense for their communities. So on behalf of our entire agency and our community we say “thank you” to our Veterans and their incredible sacrifices as we honor them on this Veteran’s Day and hold them in our hearts each and every day of the year!! Sheriff Wayne Ivey

LONGTIME BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S SERGEANT CHARLIE PARROTT RETIRES AFTER 25 YEARS OF SERVICE Earlier today our agency celebrated the retirement of Sergeant Charlie Parrott who proudly served our agency and community for over 25 years. Prior to serving with our agency Sgt. Parrott served in the United States Airforce and then gained employment with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office as a member of our Court Security Unit. Sgt. Parrott served as a Deputy Sheriff, Corporal and ended his career as a Sergeant in Court Services. In addition to his assigned duties, Sgt. Parrott also served as a proud member of our Honor Guard that brought dignity and honor to thousands of events throughout his career. Sgt. Parrott or “Shake and Bake” as I like to call him will be missed as he is a well respected member of our team and a friend to everyone he meets. Fortunately, Sgt. Parrott is going to continue to serve our agency and community as a Volunteer Reserve Deputy with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Please join me in congratulating Charlie for a job well done and for his retirement after 25 years of service to our citizens and community!! Sheriff Wayne Ivey

IF YOU ARE GONNA MAKE THREATS TO HARM PEOPLE IN BREVARD COUNTY YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL!! ​​ Yesterday evening, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office arrested 65-year-old, Daniel Chen of Melbourne, after he called in a bomb threat to the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections Office. The investigation began yesterday afternoon when the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Supervisor of Elections who advised that a telephone call was received from a male who was upset because he was receiving unsolicited calls from political candidates. The male subject threatened to “blow up” the Supervisor of Elections Office because of the calls. Sheriff’s Agents were able to subsequently identify and locate Chen who was confirmed as the person responsible for the threat. Chen was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Brevard County Jail were he was detained for False Report of a Bomb on a $15,000.00 Bond. Note to self...if you make threats to harm people in this county you just bought yourself a ride to the Brevard County Jail!! Sheriff Wayne Ivey


BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE STARTS NEW INNOVATIVE REHABILITATION PROGRAM FOR INMATES IN PARTNERSHIP WITH HOMEBUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION OF BREVARD Yesterday morning our agency launched a brand new rehabilitation program for inmates that are incarcerated in the Brevard County Jail. The program that is in partnership with the Homebuilders and Contractors Association of Brevard is designed to prepare inmates to gain employment in the construction industry once they are released from our facility. The program was created as the sudden boom and demand in the construction industry has created a significant need for employees that are prepared to work as labors and other skilled areas of the industry. Prior to gaining employment, potential employees must complete a 10 hour OSHA Training Course, so our agency in partnership with the Homebuilders and Contractors Association is now teaching the course to inmates that volunteer to get the certification. Yesterday’s class had 33 inmates in attendance and we currently have a waiting list of inmates who have volunteered to undertake the training so that they can gain employment upon their return to society. In addition to the training the partnership is also providing the inmates upon their departure a list of companies that can offer them immediate employment. Our ultimate goal is to provide the training to as many inmates as possible so that we can continue to lower our recidivism rate while also continuing to lower our Crime Rate. By giving the inmates an opportunity to gain employment we give them an opportunity to be a productive member of society. I would like to personally thank Suzanne Cummings and Michelle Masline of the Homebuilders and Contractors Association for their development of the program, Al Bleakley of FIT for teaching our first class and Corrections Deputy Ray Short for serving as our agency instructor in all of our future classes. Another great program created by our team and another great partnership with our community!! Sheriff Wayne Ivey

SHERIFF’S AGENTS ARREST TEXAS MAN FOR CONSPIRING TO SEXUALLY ASSAULT AND MURDER A CHILD Earlier today our agency was live on Facebook as we held a Press Conference to announce that a joint investigation between the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and Immigration Customs Enforcement/Homeland Security Investigations (ICE/HSI), has led to the arrest of 21-year-old, Alexander Barter of Joaquin, Texas. Barter was arrested on Friday, October 19, 2018 in Texas on charges of Criminal Solicitation, Criminal Attempt: Capital Murder, Conspiracy to Commit Capital Murder and Criminal Attempt: Sexual Performance of a Child. The investigation began when an Undercover Agent from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office who is a member of a ICE/HSI Task Force observed a post on the Internet where Barter was looking for anyone who would allow him to commit necrophilia and cannibalism. The Undercover Agent, who was posing as an interested participant responded to the post advising that he had a minor child he could provide. Over the course of several days, the Undercover Agent and Barter communicated, with Barter asking if he could kill the child and detailed the gruesome acts that he would do to the intended victim before and after her death. Barter actually encouraged the Undercover Agent to expedite his travel to Texas as he was unsure if he could continue to control his “bloodlust.” After further conversation, Barter created a plan where he could meet the Undercover Agent and potential victim who would be taken to a rural area where the child would be sexually assaulted, killed and then cannibalized. The BCSO Agent subsequently travelled to Texas for the meet with Barter who believed the Agent was bringing the child with him. Barter showed up for the meeting and was taken into custody without incident. At the time of his arrest, Barter was found to be in possession of a knife and plastic trash bags to portion and transport the human remains. Barter subsequently confessed to his intended actions and actually thanked the Agents for stopping him from committing these horrific acts as he was unable to stop himself. The investigation was culminated with the outstanding assistance of the United States Attorney’s Office, Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, the Texas Department of Public Safety, Nacogdoches Police Department and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. If convicted, Barter faces a maximum penalty of Life in Federal Prison. The case is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office East District of Texas. It is hard for me to imagine that we have monsters walking among us who masquerade in human costumes as they prey upon our children!! In my 39 years of Law Enforcement I have never seen a more disgusting case!! I am so thankful to the members of our team who brought this individual to justice, without question saving the life of an innocent child who could have fallen victim to his desires. Those who investigate these crimes are real life superheroes. They work night and day behind the scenes to unmask the predators who are all too often invited into our homes by way of the internet. Please join me in thanking everyone involved in this investigation for all they do to protect our most precious of citizens, our children!! Sheriff Wayne Ivey

BONNIE HERMAN RETIRES AFTER 30 YEARS OF SERVICE Longtime agency member and Executive Assistant to the Sheriff, Bonnie Herman recently retired from our agency after serving our community and citizens for over 30 years. While Bonnie was originally hired in 1988 as a member of our Court Services Team, Bonnie’s legacy will be for serving as the Executive Assistant to three different Sheriffs during her tenure with the agency. Bonnie first took on the role of Executive Assistant to the Sheriff under then Sheriff Jake MIller in 1988 where she continued to serve throughout Sheriff Miller’s tenure and for 8 additional years under Sheriff Phil Williams. In 2004, Bonnie took on a new role in Staff Services where she served until 2013, when I stole her back from Staff Services to once again serve as Executive Assistant to the Sheriff. It was without question one of the best decisions I made and I am so thankful for Bonnie keeping me on track and out of trouble for the past 5 years!! Bonnie was an amazing part of our team as she knows everyone in the community and is a wealth of knowledge about the history of the agency and the Office of Sheriff. While we are all truly excited for Bonnie, we are all deeply sad to see her go. Bonnie is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and I can honestly tell you that I never once saw her without a small on her face and passion in her heart for the members of our agency and community!! Please join me in wishing Bonnie well in the next chapter of her life and in thanking her for her amazing commitment and service to me, our agency, and community!! Sheriff Wayne Ivey

THIS WEEK'S PATRIOTIC MOMENT BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEMBERS OF BURGER INN OF MELBOURNE This week's "Patriotic Moment" is the Pledge of Allegiance by members of Burger Inn of Melbourne. Burger Inn is an amazing business that supports our agency and community each and every day!! If you would like to help us show our patriotism each week by having your business or family perform the Pledge of Allegiance or a patriotic song just send us a video to with a brief description so we can include it in our weekly "Patriotic Moment!!" Sheriff Wayne Ivey


CORPORAL PAM HIBBS NAMED “CRIME PRACTITIONER OF THE YEAR” AT THE 2018 SOUTHERN STATES CRIME PREVENTION CONFERENCE Last night Corporal Pam Hibbs was recognized by the Florida Crime Prevention Association at the 2018 Conference by being named “Crime Practitioner Of the Year” for her hard work and dedication to the citizens of Brevard County. Corporal Hibbs is responsible for the coordination of our Annual Shop With A Cop Program as well as administering crime prevention outreach programs and presentations throughout Brevard County. In 2017 alone, Pam provided crime prevention education at over 300 events and conducted over 100 residential and business security surveys. Pam also provided awareness for 42 Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse presentations and assisted the Crime Prevention and Community Relations Units with countless other programs and events. . Corporal Hibbs is truly a model Deputy whose outstanding efforts have made a positive difference in our community, lowered the crime rate and made Brevard County a safer place to live. Please join me in congratulating Corporal Hibbs for her hard work to our community and everything she does on a daily basis to make our agency shine. Sheriff Wayne Ivey

BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE “INMATE CHAIN GANG” HELPS CLEAN UP PUBLIC AREAS IMPACTED BY FISH KILL Early yesterday inmates from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office “Inmate Chain Gang” worked in the public access areas of our beaches from Satellite Beach to Melbourne Beach in an effort to clean up dead fish that were the result of the Red Tide. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office “Inmate Chain Gang” is the only “Chain Gang” in the state of Florida and one of very few in the country. Inmate labor saves taxpayers approximately $175,000.00 each year in labor costs and assists our community with clean up of devastated areas, landscaping of County owned facilities, cleaning kennels at the Animal Care Center and even walking dogs that are available for adoption. As part of the program the inmates work hard to pay back their debt to society but also take great pride in helping our community. They have previously assisted in delivering sand bags during hurricanes, construction projects and are also an intricate part of our innovative program “It’s Time To Be A Parent Again” where they share what parents can do to help keep their kids from getting in trouble. Please join me in thanking the inmates for working to clean up our beaches and also our Corrections Deputies Corporals Davis and Vennard who are responsible for the safety of the inmates and our community. Sheriff Wayne Ivey


BCSO COMMUNITY SERVICES UNIT TEAMS UP WITH KIWANIS CLUB TO DISTRIBUTE SHOES TO CHILDREN A big thank you to our local Kiwanis Club who is on a mission to help children around the world and right here in in our local schools, who are in need of shoes!! The Kiwanis Club of Rockledge has been donating and fitting needy children with brand new shoes since 1978 when they took on the task of administrating the “Nester Hebert Shoe Fund” (which began initially in 1947). All shoes are purchased with donations and monies raised during their annual Golf Tournament. One hundred percent of donations go directly to shoes, with all administrative fees being paid directly by the club and its members. Each year the Kiwanis Club places approximately 800 – 1,000 shoes on children at approximately 12 local participating schools. Even more exciting is that on November 16, 2018, Kiwanis Club of Rockledge will be placing their 100,000th pair of shoes on a child since taking over the initiative. During distributions, The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Community Services Unit sends team members out to help fit the shoes and to interact with the children, while helping to build stronger relationships within our community. Thank you to all of our local Kiwanis Club members who are making such a positive impact on our youth. As I always say “it takes a community to protect a community!!” If you are interested in volunteering or if you have any questions about the Kiwanis of Rockledge Shoe Distributions, contact Fred Reitz at or by phone at 321-557-0275. Sheriff Wayne Ivey

BREVARD COUNTY DEPUTIES ARREST VIOLENT FELON FOR POSSESSING FIREARM A violent Brevard County felon has been arrested and charged in relation to a shooting that occurred in Port St John in June 2018. Donovan Adkins, age 25 was arrested on October 17, 2018 after a judge issued an arrest warrant for the charges of Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Felon in Possession of Ammunition. The investigation started after a 911 call was received from a residence in Port St John advising that a firearm had been discharged within the residence. Responding Deputies located multiple shell casings and a firearm in a bedroom that was occupied by Adkins. It was subsequently discovered that Adkins was a convicted felon and laboratory tests confirmed that the spent shell casings were discharged from the firearm located in Adkins’ room. During the conduct of the investigation Deputies further determined that Adkins had been displaying violent behavior and had been bragging about his participation in the incident. Adkins was transported to the Brevard County Jail where was detained on a $100,000 bond. This case is another great example of the work our team members do every day to keep our community safe and the dangers they face while serving as Law Enforcement Officers. Great Job!! Sheriff Wayne Ivey

THIS WEEK'S PATRIOTIC MOMENT BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEMBERS OF G.I. TAX SERVICES OF WEST MELBOURNE This week's "Patriotic Moment" is the Pledge of Allegiance by members of G.I. Tax Services of West Melbourne. G.I. Tax Services is an amazing business that supports our agency and community each and every day!! If you would like to help us show our patriotism each week by having your business or family perform the Pledge of Allegiance or a patriotic song just send us a video to with a brief description so we can include it in our weekly "Patriotic Moment!!" Sheriff Wayne Ivey

BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPUTIES HEAD TO PANAMA CITY BEACH FOR “HURRICANE MICHAEL” LAW ENFORCEMENT MISSION Early yesterday morning a number of Deputy Sheriffs from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office left for Panama City Beach to assist Bay County residents with law enforcement patrols and recovery efforts. As relief efforts continue following the devastating damage sustained by Hurricane Michael, law enforcement resources from across the state of Florida and country are being systematically deployed. Our Deputies will be assisting local law enforcement officials by augmenting patrols and manning traffic control points in the affected area. Many of the local first responders have been working nonstop since the deadly storm made landfall, while also trying to take care of their own families and homes that were also impacted by this tremendous storm. Our team is expected to be deployed to the impacted area for a minimal of one week and I am extremely proud of them for standing ready to help others during a time of need. Please join me in thanking, from left to right Deputy Bobby Johnson, Corporal Travis Fitzgerald, Deputy Keith Grosse, Sgt. Dennis Casey, Deputy Michael Hoffman, Deputy Lance Behringer, Deputy John Hubinger, and Emergency Operations Liaison Mark Warner. Sheriff Wayne Ivey