Pembroke Pines Police Department

  • Agency: Pembroke Pines Police Department
  • Address: 9500 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, 33024 FL
  • Chief: Dan Giustino (Chief of Police)
Phone: 954-431-2200

Pembroke Pines Police Department is located at 9500 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, 33024 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Dan Giustino. The Pembroke Pines Police Department phone number is 954-431-2200.

Pembroke Pines Police Department News

Do you recognize these lost dogs? The female Pomeranian was found near 7700 Sheridan Street, wearing a pink collar but no microchip or tag. The male Yorkie was located near SW 12th Court & 180 Avenue; no collar, tag, or microchip. Please contact our PPPD Animal Assistance Program or Pooches in Pines at 954-431-2200 if they are yours.

Several of our PPPD Public Information Officers - including Sergeant John Baker, Sergeant Viola Judon, and Officer Joseph Brown - are attending the 2018 Florida Law Enforcement PIO Association (FLEPIOA) Conference. Learning from other Florida PIOs helps our agency maintain a high level of service when it comes to keeping our community safe & informed.

Over the weekend members of our PPPD Code Compliance Unit - Marco Aguilar and Thomas George - traveled on a relief trip to Mexico Beach to drop off supplies and to assist with recovery efforts in the area. This trip was made possible by the support of City employees, local businesses, and residents who helped our Code Compliance Officers gather approximately $8,000 worth of supplies for those affected by Hurricane Michael. If you are willing and able to assist those in need during this time of recovery, the American Red Cross is accepting monetary donations through their website:

‪Pines Night Out is THIS FRIDAY! Please join our officers & members of PPFD Local 2292 at the Charles F. Dodge City Center Pembroke Pines from 6PM to 9PM for this family-friendly community event! 👮‍♂️🎃👮‍♀️‬

Early this morning/late last night our officers assisted Hollywood Police Department in locating a stolen vehicle suspect who had fled into the Walnut Creek community. The suspect attempted to escape police by entering the community lake. The suspect was not armed and there was no safety concerns for residents at the time. The suspect was safely removed from the lake and taken into custody by Hollywood PD. Please follow us on Twitter for emergency notifications (@PPinesPD), as our Twitter account is accessible by our patrol supervisors on a 24/7 basis for critical incident updates.

Our Community Affairs Unit is out at Amscot (352 S Flamingo Road) from now until 2PM assisting with a Kid’s Bike Helmet Giveway. Any parent or guardian who brings their child to the event will receive a free bicycle helmet and fitting.

Yesterday our Community Affairs Unit had a great time showing our “Stranger Danger” Puppet Show to the students of West Charter Preschool. The presentation addresses basic safety tips for children, as well as fire safety information.

MEDIA RELEASE: Domestic Violence, Aggravated Battery, and Animal Cruelty CASE NUMBER: 2018-066919 SUSPECT(S) - 1) Juan M. Gonzalez; DOB 06.02.1978; White Male; Pembroke Pines VICTIM(S) - 1) White Female 2) Chihuahua INCIDENT SUMMARY: On Thursday, October 18th, 2018, at 11:53PM members of the Pembroke Pines Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance. Our investigation revealed the Suspect (Juan M. Gonzalez) battered Victim #1, who is pregnant, causing minor injuries. The Suspect also intentionally picked up the family’s elderly & disabled dog (Victim #2) and knowingly tossed the animal into a pool. This act occurred with the Suspect having an understanding the dog could not swim, and resulted in the animal’s inhumane death. Investigating officers arrested the suspect and transported him to the Broward County Main Jail. The Pembroke Pines Police Department investigates all reports of criminal activity, and we would like to remind our community that there is no excuse for any act of domestic violence or animal abuse.

While working the School Resource Officer detail at Charter FSU Elementary, Officer Rendell Almeria (a former Charter FSU student from 2002 to 2005) had the opportunity to reunite with his former school principal, Dr. Libidinsky. Several of our PPPD employees share similar experiences as long-time Pembroke Pines residents who are proud to serve & protect the community that raised them.

ATTENTION DRIVERS: Entry into the Salvation Army plaza (Johnson Street & NW 81st Avenue) is being temporarily diverted due to a motorcycle fire in the area. Officers are on scene & FD is en route. There are no injuries at this time.

During the week of October 8th to October 14th our officers made a total of 22 arrests. Though the majority of these crimes occurred throughout the city, any crime or safety alerts regarding a specific area or development will be listed below. Of those arrested, their charges include the following: Drug Possession Possession of Drag Paraphernalia Violation of Probation Grand Theft / Petit Theft Active Warrant Domestic Battery / Battery Fraud Carrying a Concealed Firearm Criminal Mischief Driving While Under the Influence DUI Crash with Property Damage DUI Crash with Serious Injury Providing False Information to Police Felony Traffic Offenses On Sunday, October 14th, at approximately 3:13AM the Pembroke Pines Police Department responded to the 1500 Block of NW 186 Avenue regarding a vehicle crash. Our investigation revealed that the driver had drifted from the roadway into the swale, before colliding with a sign and tree. Driver distraction is being considered as a contributing factor; drugs & alcohol are not believed to be involved. An unrestrained 24-year old rear passenger of the vehicle received severe injuries during the crash, and was transported to a nearby hospital for medical care. Sadly, the passenger was later pronounced deceased. The driver and an additional passenger received non-life threatening injuries. (Case # 2018-065823) We want to remind all roadway users to please wear seat belts when traveling in a motorized vehicle. Unrestrained passengers inside of a car can obtain significant injuries due to the force of impact, and can even be ejected from the vehicle. Please do not take the chance with your life or the lives of your passengers - ALWAYS buckle up. Officers are investigating a residential burglary that occurred in the Summit Portofino community (NW 108 Avenue & NW 2nd Street) between Friday, October 12th, and Saturday, October 13th. During these times an unknown suspect entered into the resident's screened rear porch & attempted to pry open a sliding glass door. At this time it appears as though the attempts were unsuccessful, and entry into the home was not gained. (Case # 2018-065688) We're advising residents to routinely check the windows and doors of their home for possible burglary-related damage, and to report any suspicious persons, vehicles, or activity to 911 or 954-764-HELP (non-emergency). In the overnight hours of October 13th to October 14th an unknown suspect broke into a vehicle that was parked at the Fairfield Inn Hotel (1650 SW 145th Avenue) by shattering two windows. During the burglary, the victim's unloaded firearm was stolen from within the vehicle. This case is being actively investigated at this time. (Case # 2018-065804) We'd like to remind residents to please follow the #9PMRoutine which is a nationwide movement to cut down on vehicle burglaries across the country. Anytime you leave you vehicle unattended, especially during the overnight hours before you go to bed, remember to remove all valuables from inside - ESPECIALLY firearms! Set a daily reminder in your phone to double check that you cars are locked, all alarms are enabled, and that valuables are removed (including purses, wallets, electronics, spare keys, firearms, garage openers, etc.). If you see something suspicious, whether it be a person or a vehicle, report it to 911. Thank you to our residents for continuing to supply our officers with tips & information, and thank you to our officers for another week of outstanding police work! For more information on crime in your area, check out our detailed interactive crime map here:

Exciting news for local families in need during Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc. has partnered with the Humane Society of Broward County to open a pet-friendly shelter later this Fall.

Do you recognize this lost dog who was found last week near the area of 1300 S Douglas Road? Please contact Pooches in Pines via 954-431-2200 if she is yours.

Please join us in welcoming Officer Pamela Zorksy, Officer Mario Cicatello, and Officer Giorgio Gramegna to our agency. Officer Zorsky joins us as a School Resource Officer for Somerset Academy (North Campus), and Officer Cicatello joins us as a School Resource Officer for Renaissance Charter Elementary. Officer Gramegna was previously a supervisor with our PPPD Code Compliance Unit, and now joins us as a road patrol police officer. Thank you for choosing to serve & protect Pembroke Pines!

Members of our SWAT Team, Dive Team, Motor/Traffic Unit, and Community Affairs Unit teach the students of Pembroke Pines Charter West Elementary about law enforcement during their Career Day presentation. 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️

‪K-9 Argos takes a break from fetching criminals by fetching toys instead. 🐶 Want to see our K-9 Unit in action? We’ll be hosting a public demonstration at Pines Night Out 🎃 on Friday, October 26th, at the Charles F. Dodge City Center Pembroke Pines (6PM to 9PM) - we hope to see you there!‬

Help us prevent vehicle burglaries and follow the #9PMRoutine - 🔒 LOCK YOUR DOORS 👛 REMOVE ALL VALUABLES 🔫 REMOVE ALL FIREARMS 🔑 REMOVE SPARE KEYS 🚨 ENABLE YOUR ALARMS Remember to always report suspicious activity to 911!

Thank you to the students of Mr. Grist's 7th Grade Activity Class at Bellingham Memorial School in Massachusetts, who sent us a stack of pen pal letters addressed to our officers. Many of these letters included questions about law enforcement & day-to-day living in Florida. Both our Day/"Bravo" shift and Afternoon/"Charlie" shift patrol units took the time to write responses for each letter before they'll be sent back to our surprise pen pals in Massachusetts. 👮‍♀️💙👮‍♂️

ATTENTION RESIDENTS: Our agency has been made aware of several feral cat colonies within the city, specifically in the West Pembroke Pines areas near 202 Avenue, 196 Avenue, and the Laguna Isles community along Sheridan Street. Our Animal Assistance Program has been working alongside several local catch & release rescues - including Notch Your Typical Cat Rescue which was founded by Pembroke Pines Officer Michele Fanelli - to humanely neuter & spay these colonies. Despite these efforts, these colonies may still expand as non-sterilized abandoned cats join them. If you are aware of a feral cat colony, free Spay & Neuter Programs are available via Broward County. To apply for this free program, go here ➡️ ***Please be aware - The cats in question must be unowned. Indoor/outdoor pets are not eligible for this program. Residents can also contact these local Animal Care providers for Spay & Neuter services regarding feral cats ➡️ Notch Your Typical Cat Rescue is also available for trap & release operations within the Tri-County area, and is currently in the process of obtaining status as a 501(c)(3) charity organization. Please help our Animal Assistance Program safely minimize the amount of feral cats in our community, and contact the above Spay & Neuter service providers to alert them to cat colonies in the area. PET OWNERS: Please be responsible & spay and neuter your animals. Never release an unwanted cat into the wild - it is your responsibility to re-home your animal, or take it to a trusted rescue or drop-off shelter.

Late last week Community Affairs Officer Andrew Feldman & Traffic/Motor Officer William Sands attended Career Day at the Pembroke Pines Early Development Center. The students learned what it's like to be a police officer, and received an up-close look at some of our PPPD vehicles 🚓 & equipment.

Officer Victoria Lima and Community Affairs Unit Coordinator Prenes Chevelon volunteered this morning on behalf of the PPPD at the Safe Kids’ “Car Seat 4 Kids” Event at Aventura Mall. The event provided car seats to lower income families, and our trained volunteers assisted in the installation. Members of our PD Community Affairs Unit are available via appointment for car seat inspections at our East PD Headquarters (9500 Pines Boulevard). Please contact 954-436-3274 to schedule an appointment.

Despite today’s rainy weather, you can still take time to enjoy the Pembroke Pines sunset. ☀️

ATTENTION BICYCLISTS: We have received several complaints regarding unsafe roadway practices along US-27. Please practice safe bicycling habits and adhere to the following: 🚴‍♀️ Bicyclists MUST stay within a designated bike lane. 🚴‍♂️ If a bike lane is unavailable, you MUST ride within a single lane of travel & as close to the edge of the roadway as is reasonable. 🚴‍♀️ Riding more than two abreast is never allowed, unless upon a roadway exclusively designated for bike travel. Our Traffic Unit and road patrol officers will be focusing an enforcement & education campaign along the US-27 corridor that runs through Pembroke Pines. Any violators will be charged for unsafe bicycling habits. Please travel safely!

ATTENTION DRIVERS: Traffic lights are reportedly out in all directions at multiple intersections, including 172 Avenue & Pines, 178 Avenue & Pines, 186 Avenue & Pines, and 184 Avenue & Sheridan. FPL has been advised. Please treat downed intersections as 4-way stops.

On Thursday, October 5th, Police Service Aide German Araujo was waiting in line at a local CVS when he noticed a customer standing at the register who seemed to be in distress. The gentleman was speaking to someone on his cellphone, while at the same time attempting to purchase $900 worth of cash cards. Observing this exchange, PSA Araujo had a gut instinct that he was witnessing a person possibly being scammed. As the gentleman was attempting to read the cash card activation codes to the person on the phone, PSA Araujo intervened. When questioned, the individual stated that he received a message from "FPL" advising that they were going to shut off his power unless he immediately purchased the cash cards and provided the activation code information to the person on the phone. PSA Araujo asked permission to speak to the "FPL" employee, whereupon the unknown person on the phone hung up as soon as PSA Araujo identified himself as a member of the Pembroke Pines Police Department. Due to the quick intervention of PSA Araujo this gentleman avoided becoming a victim of a scam, but fraudulent activity of this nature runs rampant throughout the South Florida area. We're asking residents to please be mindful of any businesses / companies who contact you demanding immediate payment on an outstanding bill. These scams may come in the form of robocalls, emails, or letters left at your home. Be aware that no legitimate company would accept payment via cash cards or prepaid cards. DO NOT give out financial information over the phone. If you have elderly family members or friends living in the area please make sure that you pass along this information - the elderly are prime targets for scam artists. If you believe you may have received a fraudulent message from FPL, contact FPL directly using contact information provided on their official website ( Contact police immediately if you are a victim of fraud.