Punta Gorda Police Department

  • Agency: Punta Gorda Police Department
  • Address: 1410 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda, 33950 FL
  • Chief: Albert A Arenal (Acting Chief of Police)
Phone: (941) 575-5519
Fax: (941) 575-5502

Punta Gorda Police Department is located at 1410 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda, 33950 FL. The Acting Chief of Police of the department is Albert A Arenal. The Punta Gorda Police Department phone number is (941) 575-5519.

Punta Gorda Police Department News

TRAFFIC CRASH FATALITY AT SUNLOFT CENTER ON SATURDAY NIGHT On Saturday, November 10, 2018, officers responded to the Sunloft Center, located at 201 West Marion Avenue in downtown Punta Gorda, in reference to a single vehicle crash that occurred inside the parking garage. The driver of the vehicle, 80 year old Donald Stamp, was pronounced deceased on scene. Traffic investigators are working to determine the cause of the crash. Security footage shows the vehicle came to a stop on Herald Court and that the driver activated the emergency flashers. The vehicle is then seen slowly moving toward the intersection of Herald Court and Taylor Street before accelerating for unknown reasons. The vehicle is seen crossing Taylor Street, driving up the ramp of the parking garage, and striking a wall. There is no evidence at this time that drugs or alcohol were a factor. It is unknown if the driver had suffered from a medical emergency prior to the crash, but autopsy results are pending.

UPDATE: Police are investigating a possible suicide and we can confirm that the deceased individual suffered from a self inflicted gunshot wound. There was no robbery committed or any evidence at this time that the individual intended to commit any crime against another person. Punta Gorda Police Department officers and detectives are investigating a death that occurred at the Circle K, located at the intersection of US 41 and Aqui Esta Drive. There is no threat to the safety of the public, but portions of that area may be shut down while the investigation is being conducted. Please avoid the area if possible.

Here are our top 10 ATM safety tips. Please take a moment to read and share with neighbors, friends, and family. 1. Always pay close attention to the ATM and your surroundings. Don’t select an ATM at the corner of a building — corners create a blind spot. Use an ATM located near the center of a building. Do your automated banking in a public, well-lighted location that is free of shrubbery and decorative partitions or dividers. 2. Maintain an awareness of your surroundings throughout the entire transaction. Be wary of people trying to help you with ATM transactions. Be aware of anyone sitting in a parked car nearby. When leaving an ATM, make sure you are not being followed. If you are, drive or walk immediately to a police or fire station, or to a crowded, well-lighted location or business. If you feel you are in danger, call 911! 3. Do not use an ATM that appears unusual looking or offers options with which you are not familiar or comfortable. 4. Do not allow people to look over your shoulder as you enter your PIN. Memorize your PIN; never write it on the back of your card. Do not re-enter your PIN if the ATM eats your card — contact a bank official. 5. Do not wear expensive jewelry or take other valuables to the ATM. This is an added incentive to the assailant. 6. Never count cash at the machine or in public. Wait until you are in your car or another secure place. 7. When using a drive-up ATM, keep your engine running, your doors locked and leave enough room to maneuver between your car and the one ahead of you in the drive-up line. 8. Maintain a supply of deposit envelopes at home or in your car. Prepare all transaction paperwork prior to your arrival at the ATM. This will minimize the amount of time spent at the machine. 9. Closely monitor your bank statements, as well as your balances, and immediately report any problems to your bank. 10. If you are involved in a confrontation with an assailant who demands your money, COMPLY.

Punta Gorda Police Detectives are asking for your help in identifying the male pictured above in regards to a burglary and grand theft occurring at Emerald Point Condos boat storage, 25188 Marion Ave, Punta Gorda on November 2, 2018, at approximately 4:30 a.m. The suspect cut two holes in the fence after parking his silver or light colored four door pickup in the business next door on Orchid Dr. The truck can be seen in the video in the top right hand corner. The suspect entered one vessel taking a Garmin Echomap Plus. He then entered a shed containing tools. Two power washers were taken and a bag of tools including four red and black Milwaukee drills. If you know the identity of the male please forward any information to Lieutenant Cochran tcochran@pgorda.us or by phone at 941-575-5527. As always, your assistance in this investigation is greatly appreciated.

PLEASE SHARE! Our very own K9 Chase, the first K9 School Resource Officer in Punta Gorda, is a contestant in the 1st Annual Best In Show contest to support the Animal Welfare League! Visit https://www.gogophotocontest.com/bestinshow today to vote for Chase! All proceeds go directly to the Animal Welfare League!

Lieutenant Davoult with a future PGPD recruit who was trick-or-treating tonight in the Historic District! We are happy to announce that (despite recent reports to the contrary) once again everyone had a fun and SAFE Halloween in Punta Gorda! We love this town!

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween! Remember that there will be lots of trick-or-treaters in Punta Gorda tonight! Especially in the Historic District and Burnt Store Meadows! Drive slow, be alert, and help make sure that everyone has a fun and safe holiday! Be safe Punta Gorda!

Be cautious! Watch for children walking in the streets, especially if there are no sidewalks in the neighborhood. Drive slowly and make sure that you are paying attention! Be safe Punta Gorda!

2ND MOST DANGEROUS PLACE TO TRICK-OR-TREAT??? Many of you may have seen this story that NBC-2 News reporter Joseph Ojo reported on last night about a security alarm website that ranked Punta Gorda as the 2nd "most dangerous metro area" for trick-or-treating IN THE NATION! At first we thought this was some kind of Halloween trick. Then, like many of our residents, we asked ourselves, "How could that possibly be accurate?" Well, as it turns out, it's not. We just wanted to set the record straight with some real facts. The website claims that they used 4 criteria in their rankings: the number of sex offenders compared to the number of residents, the number of violent crimes in 2016, the number of pedestrian traffic fatalities in 2016, and the percentage of the population that was between the ages of 5 and 14 in 2016. SEX OFFENDERS: There are currently only 2 registered sex offenders that reside in the City of Punta Gorda. That would make the ratio of sex offenders to residents 1 registered sex offender for every 9,398 residents. VIOLENT CRIMES: In 2016, there were 12 violent crimes reported in the City of Punta Gorda and our index crime rate was the 2nd lowest in SW Florida and 2nd lowest in the State of Florida for cities our size. PEDESTRIAN FATALITIES: In 2016, there were NO traffic fatalities involving pedestrians. Of the 567 total traffic crashes reported that year, only 9 involved pedestrians and no serious injuries of pedestrians were reported. POPULATION: The 2016 American Community Survey, which is the source cited by the website, showed that there were only an estimated 340 residents in the City of Punta Gorda between the ages of 5 and 14. That would be less than 2% of the estimated population from that same report. The median age of residents in Punta Gorda is 66 years old. We do have a large number of children that come to Punta Gorda from all over Southwest Florida every Halloween to trick-or-treat. Halloween is one of the largest events that we handle as a police department every year and has been for many years. As always, we will be in the Historic District in full force providing security, traffic control, and interacting with the kids to make sure that everyone has a FUN and SAFE Halloween! The link below no longer works, but the video of the story can still be viewed on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvQZqfKQC8A

Make sure you and your children are walking on sidewalks, using crosswalks, and looking both ways before stepping into roadways while trick-or-treating to have a safe and happy Halloween! Be safe Punta Gorda!

Stay alert! Neighborhoods that don't normally have a lot of pedestrian traffic will increase on Halloween night, particularly in the Historic District and Burnt Store Meadows. Take your time and drive slowly if you plan to be on the road Wednesday night! Be safe Punta Gorda!

We don't know who is having more fun, the students at Sallie Jones Elementary or Officer Irving and his partner Chase. Officer Irving had the pleasure of being invited to Sallie Jones Elementary today to spend some time with the students and so they could spend some time with K9 Chase.

Officer Chow had so much fun at the Trunk O' Treat event at Muscle Car City last Friday evening. Thank you to the Burnt Store Presbyterian Church for hosting the event and inviting us to attend.

Be seen! Trick-or-treating this Halloween? Make sure costumes are light in color and trim costumes and treat bags or containers with reflective tape to be clearly visible to drivers! Be safe Punta Gorda!

We are deeply saddened by the events that took place today in Pittsburgh. The Punta Gorda Police Department will be increasing patrols at places of worship in the City to help ensure the safety of our local Jewish community.

On October 15, 2018 between 5:57 pm and 6:30 pm, a female swam to the dock of a residence in PGI. Once on the dock, she accessed the boat lift panel and she appears to be trying to lower the twin engine boat into the water. The power was disconnected from the lift motor so she could not accomplish the act but remained looking for the power source and where it was disconnected. Even walking up between the houses. She reportedly re-entered the water and left the area. If you recognize the individual please contact the Detective Unit at the Punta Gorda Police department at 941-639-4111.

We wanted to reach out to the community and let you know that we have received information that scammers are using one of the Police Departments dispatch phone lines as a disguise in an attempt to defraud individuals. A message was left on a residents phone today stating that they wanted to speak to them about their credit cards. The number on the caller ID was 941-575-5553 and came up as the City of Punta Gorda. This is just reminder to not be a victim of these crimes and not to provide any personal information over the phone or the computer.

Today at Baker Center, they are kicking off their Fall Festival and they were nice enough to include our very own Officer Delgado as Doc in the festivities.

We would like to thank our friends from the Red Robbins class at Bloom Academy for sending us letters and paintings. Detective Schrader, Corporal Kleiver, Officer Richards, and Officer Trufan were excited to get their letters from the kids this morning. Thank you again.

We would like to thank the staff at Charlotte Memorial Funeral Home for hosting an event in honor of our local Clergy members. We would also like to recognize members of our Chaplain Service Reverend Klossner and Father McConnell for their service and support to not only the citizens but also to the members of the Punta Gorda Police Department.

The Punta Gorda Police Department is asking for the the publics help in identifying the male in the video. On October 8, 2018, the male suspect entered the Wal Mart located at 5001 Taylor Road in Punta Gorda and walked out with an an air conditioner, bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, soap, body wash, body spray, towels, and beer. If you know the identity of the male in the video, please contact Detective Meddaugh with the Punta Gorda Police Department at 941-639-4111.

Residents may have noticed heavy police presence in the area of the Bird Section of Punta Gorda Isles this morning. At approximately 7:00 AM we received a report of a missing 77 year old, Alzheimer's patient who left his home earlier this morning on foot. The Punta Gorda K9 unit, Marine Unit, and Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Air Unit were brought in to conduct a search. We are happy to announce that the individual was located and returned home safely!