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  • Agency: Naples Police Department
  • Address: 355 Riverside Cir., Naples, 34102 FL
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Phone: 239-213-4844
Fax: 239-213-3000

Naples Police Department is located at 355 Riverside Cir., Naples, 34102 FL. The Naples Police Department phone number is 239-213-4844.

Naples Police Department News

The Naples Police Department has experienced an increase in counterfeit currency incidents. We would like to make the public and local businesses aware that persons committing these crimes use large bills to make relatively small purchases. It is important to rely on the bill’s security features such as the watermark, security thread, and serial numbers to identify counterfeit bills. If you use counterfeit detector equipment, it is recommended to have them on display and within the customer’s view. Keep in mind that counterfeit detection pens are not always accurate. Here are some quick tips to detect counterfeit bills: 1. Hold a bill up to a light and look for a holograph of the face image on the bill. Both images should match. 2. Looking at the bill through a light will also reveal a thin vertical strip containing text that spells out the bill's denomination. Checking Newer Bills (Series 2009 and Later) 1. Look at the serial numbers. 2. Feel Franklin's shoulder. 3. Check for color-change ink. 4. Hold the bill up to the light. 5. Check the blue security ribbon. 6. Look for the watermark portrait. 7. Use a magnifying glass to find the microprint. To learn more about security features and knowing your money, please visit the U.S. Currency Education Program at and the U.S. Secret Service at

Investigation Yields Arrest for Possession of Counterfeit Currency The Naples Police Department announces the arrest of Jeffrey William Forget, 36, of Lakeland, Florida. On October 10, 2018 the Naples Police Department Crime Suppression Team conducted a traffic stop leading to an investigation of counterfeit currency. During the traffic stop it was learned that Mr. Forget had 3 warrants for his arrest from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Marshal’s Service related to counterfeiting and forgery. During a search incident to arrest, detectives located 19 counterfeit one hundred-dollar bills in Mr. Forget’s possession. Additionally, 37 one-dollar bills that had been chemically destroyed along with an inkjet printer, and bill washing chemicals were located. Forget was charged with: Possession of 10 or more forged bills; making or possessing instruments for forging bills, damaging bank bills, willfully and maliciously, and providing a false name to a law enforcement officer. Additionally, he was charged with the 3 outstanding warrants for his arrest. The Collier County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Marshal’s Service assisted with this case.

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Welcome Officer Jacob Forlenza!

They’re Back! Collier County Schools are back in session TODAY! Please, be extra careful and plan your commute accordingly. Allow extra time to get where you are going, and DO NOT speed through school crossing zones. The Naples Police Department, along with our law enforcement partners across the county, will be closely motoring these areas as the new school year begins.

Tomorrow is the big day! Collier County Schools are back in session. PLEASE be safe and plan your commute accordingly. Allow extra time to get where you are going in the morning and afternoon. As a reminder, here are some school bus 🚌 safety reminders.

School starts for Collier County students this Wednesday, August 15th! Here is a reminder on when and IF to pass a stopped school bus. The attached image explains it well. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a PM.

Members of the Naples Police Department participated in the City of Naples Back to School event today. Food, fun, backpacks and school supplies were handed out to those who attended. Yes, it's really that time. #BackToSchool #WhereHasTheSummerGone

Thieves take mail to obtain your checks, credit cards, and personal information for the purpose of identity theft. Please follow these crime prevention tips to avoid becoming a victim.

***ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY*** Retail Grand Theft – NPD Case # 18-0001341 On July 1, 2018 at approximately 1:15 p.m. two white male suspects committed a retail grand theft at Sunshine Ace Hardware, 141 9th St. N., Naples, Florida. The suspects stole two fishing rods valued at over $300.00. The Naples Police Department is requesting assistance in identifying these suspects. If you can identify the above pictured individuals, please contact Detective Pablo DeBien at (239) 213-4830 or via e-mail at

The Naples Police Department sends its heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of FMPD Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller, and the entire Fort Myers Police Department. The loss of any officer impacts us all, as we are a family connected by the Thin Blue Line. Please keep all those impacted by this tragic loss in your thoughts and prayers.

Naples Police and Fire Youth Academy learns to SCUBA!!!

Naples Police and Fire Youth Academy confined space training.

Naples Youth is introduced to SCUBA and under water rescue techniques!

We are hiring! Apply at

Naples Police and Fire Youth Academy 2018.

Naples Daily News came out and spent some time with the kids of the Naples Police and Fire Youth Academy this morning!