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Dixie County Sheriff's Office is located at 214 NE 351 Highway, Suite L, Cross City, 32628 FL. The Dixie County Sheriff's Office phone number is 352/498-1220.

Dixie County Sheriff's Office News

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Florida: As Florida sheriffs we have taken an oath to serve and protect the citizens of this great state and are obligated to warn you of the dangers of Amendment 2. Our desire is not to debate the validity of marijuana as a medicine, but to inform you that Amendment 2 is still a wolf in sheep's clothing riddled with loopholes large enough to float a battleship through. Amendment 2 is a slippery slope toward full legalization of marijuana. Medical marijuana is already legally available in Florida by statute. It is available for the very sick and dying. The law also allows for medical marijuana use for children with seizures, cancer patients, Parkinson’s patients, those suffering with ALS, and the terminally ill. There are already six approved and regulated dispensaries growing and delivering medical marijuana to qualified patients. There is no need to put medical marijuana in our State Constitution; it must not be a constitutional right to smoke pot. Dozens of medical associations do not support smoking pot as an effective medicine: The American and Florida Medical Associations, American Cancer Society, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, American Glaucoma Society, the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychiatric Association, American Society of Addiction Medicine, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Epilepsy Society, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Who should Floridians believe when it comes to the health and safety of our state? Hundreds of medical professionals and the law enforcement agencies that protect them, or a pro-pot lobby run by those who would make millions from opening their own dispensaries and an over-the-top ambulance chaser? Amending the Florida Constitution is a dangerous proposition; it gives regulatory authority to state agencies, rather than the Legislature. There is no mechanism in the amendment for the Legislature to step in and place regulations beyond the amendment language. This means that when, not if, problems and abuse arise from the passage of this amendment, there is no legal way for the Legislature to solve the problem. Their hands will be tied, as will those of state and local law enforcement agencies. This experiment is a threat to you as a citizen of Florida, and we cannot stand idly by without warning you about the dangerous side effects of legalization and the irreversible dangers it presents. We hope that you will vote your own conscience and keep Florida the great state we all love. Sincerely yours, Sheriff Larry Ashley, Okaloosa County Sheriff Susan Benton, Highlands County Sheriff Jerry Demings, Orange County & President of the Florida Sheriffs Association Sheriff Joey Dobson, Baker County Sheriff Don Eslinger, Seminole County Sheriff Emery Gainey, Marion County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, Pinellas County Sheriff Bobby Haddock, Washington County Sheriff Wendell Hall, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Dewey Hatcher, Dixie County Sheriff Mark Hunter, Columbia County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, Brevard County Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County Sheriff Brain Lamb, Lafayette County Sheriff Daryl Loar, Indian River County Sheriff Bill Leeper, Nassau County Sheriff Bobby McCallum, Levy County Sheriff Al Nienhuis, Hernando County Sheriff Bill Prummell, Charlotte County Sheriff Tom Knight, Sarasota County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk, Collier County Sheriff Lou Roberts, Jackson County Sheriff Bobby Schultz, Gilchrist County Sheriff Will Snyder, Martin County Sheriff Ben Stewart, Madison County Sheriff Brad Steube, Manatee County

September 8, 2016 On September 4th, the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office received a call reporting an assault and sexual battery. When the deputy arrived he discovered the victim required transportation to a medical facility and the Dixie County Emergency Services transported the victim to an area hospital. During the ensuing follow-up investigation, the Gainesville Police Department assisted the Sheriff’s Office with the evidence obtained at the hospital while Dixie County deputies located witness(s) to be interviewed. According to the complaint, the victim and another male were at the suspect’s, Randall D. Fowler’s, home between September 1st and September 4th. During that time the parties engaged in using illegal drugs after which Fowler became violent. Fowler then armed himself with a firearm and threatened both parties with harm while forcing them, a 20 year old male and 53 year old female, to engage in sexual intercourse while he watched the sexual act. After this was done, Fowler refused to allow the two victims to leave the residence. While Fowler had the two parties still inside the residence, which is a small camper trailer, Fowler left to go to a next door neighbor’s home. When he left the trailer, he padlocked the outside door preventing the two victims from leaving. Fowler returned from the neighbor’s home and again refused to allow the two victims to leave the residence. Fowler later himself required medical treatment, and when he left for this treatment, he failed to lock the door behind him which is when the two victims were able to leave the trailer which is when law enforcement was called. On September 7th, Fowler was arrested on the charges of Forcible Sexual Battery while Armed with a Deadly Weapon, Aggravated Assault with a Firearm 2 counts, False Imprisonment 2 counts and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. On September 8th, Fowler was also arrested by the Department of Corrections Probation and Parole for a Violation of Conditional Release involving Sexual Battery which stems from Fowler’s previous prison sentence and parole from a previous Sexual Battery in Marion County in 2004.

September 5, 2016 Shortly after 2:00am the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a complainant on NE 349 Hwy in Old Town. According to the complainant, he had a family member, Charles Randall Miller, at his residence who had been creating a disturbance. When the deputy arrived, Miller had left the scene and returned to his property which is separated by a small wood area. While the deputy was in the complainant’s front yard talking with the complainant, there were several rounds of gunfire in their direction. The deputy then placed the complainant and another witness behind his patrol unit for cover and identified himself as law enforcement. At that time Miller again fired several rounds at the deputy at which point the deputy returned fire. Miller retreated back into the wooded area and once in the wooded area again fired additional rounds. At this point the deputy requested additional assistance to the shots fired. Additional Dixie County Sheriff’s units responded along with six Seminole County Sheriff’s units that were in Dixie County’s coastal areas working the hurricane Hermine detail. The first responding Seminole County units were able to hear Miller inside his residence yelling at law enforcement to come in and get him. These responding deputies secured the perimeter surrounding the home and removed the complainant and witnesses from the area. Additional Dixie County Sheriff’s personnel were called to the scene and attempts were made by them and Sheriff Hatcher to establish communication with Miller. After being unable to establish communication with Miller, Sheriff Hatcher requested the assistance of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office’s SWAT team at 4:10am. Alachua County requested that Dixie County also request the assistance of the Marion County SWAT team as supplemental personnel. Along with the outside Sheriff’s Office’s, additional agencies involved included the Dixie County Emergency Medical Services and the Cross City and Mayo Correctional K-9 teams. The SWAT teams were deployed around the home while the initial Dixie County deputy met with the State’s Attorney and Judge in order to secure arrest and search warrants. After all efforts to establish communication with Miller failed, the SWAT teams breached the front the entry of the home and during this time, Miller surrendered to law enforcement. Miller was arrested on two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Firearm and one count of Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer with a Firearm. Miller, 60 years of age from Old Town, is currently being held in the Dixie County Jail awaiting his first appearance in court. During the subsequent search of Miller’s residence several firearms and various rounds of ammunition were recovered as evidence.


The Florida Sheriff’s Conference, which was held this week, not only included mandatory training for the Florida Sheriff’s, but it was also time for the election of various officers. The tri-county area will be represented well for the coming term as our Sheriff’s serve on the Board of Directors. Sheriff Bobby Schultz, Sheriff Bobby McCallum and Sheriff Dewey Hatcher will all three be on the board. They will be representing Districts 2 and 3 of the Florida Sheriff’s districts which encompass thirty-four counties and stretches from the Florida Georgia line as far south as Brevard County. This is believed to be the first time that all three tri-county Sheriffs have been elected to serve on the Board of Directors at the same time.

On April 7th of last year Sheriff’s officials arrested Buddy Morris and a codefendant in connection with an incident at Sand Hill Cemetery. Morris and the codefendant were arrested and charged with: Disturbing the Contents of a Grave, Abuse of a Dead Human Body and Disturbing or Removing a Monument. On January 13th, Morris entered a plea agreement in which he entered a plea of guilty to the charges and as a result of this agreement, Morris was sentenced to 2 years in prison on the charge of Abuse of a Dead Human Body and sentenced to probation on the other two charges.

Shortly after 11:00pm on Tuesday night the Dixie County Sheriff’s Dispatch received a call from a female caller who said that someone was knocking on her door and requesting them to call 911. The caller who lives on NE 173 Avenue in Old Town could not provide any details and a deputy was dispatched to the area. When the first responding deputy arrived, she found a white male subject in a driveway across the street from the original caller. After determining the nature of his complaint, the deputy and another responding deputy entered the residence and discovered a white female identified as Donna Williams, 56 years of age from Old Town. Deputies quickly determined that Williams was the apparent victim of a homicide and checked the other locations on the property where they found another victim in a shed outside of the primary residence of the home. This second victim, a male subject was unconscious and the apparent victim of an attempted homicide. Dixie County EMS arrived minutes later and transported the male victim to a designated landing zone where they met a responding medical helicopter who transported the male victim to an area hospital. Investigators requested the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Crime Scene Unit and the 8th Circuit Medical Examiner from Gainesville to respond to the scene and assist investigators with the processing of the scene. Throughout the night, investigators were able to identify acquaintances and contacts of the victims. During the course of the day, a suspect living in the Fanning Springs area of Levy County was identified and during the course of identifying him, investigators were able to establish enough facts to obtain a search warrant for the property where he lived. While this was occurring, other investigators located the suspect in another area of Levy County. Dixie County investigators then traveled to Gainesville to obtain a search warrant for the Fanning Springs property, which is in the 8th Circuit, while Levy County deputies maintained security on the property. After returning with the search warrant, at approximately 6:30pm on Wednesday evening, investigators with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office executed the warrant on behalf of the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office. As the two agencies worked to search the property, items of evidence were recovered, that even further linked the suspect to the homicide. As a result of this investigation, Joasa Roy Ware, 27 years of age from Trenton, has been arrested and charged in this homicide. Ware is currently being held in the Dixie County Jail and is charged with Murder, Attempted Felony Murder and two counts of Grand Theft. Ware is still awaiting his initial court appearance at this time. The second male victim, is still in an area hospital and unable to communicate with investigators.

Shortly before noon on Thursday morning a deputy was south bound on U.S. 19 just north of Old Town when he clocked a small silver car traveling at 82mph. When attempted to make the traffic stop on the car, the driver u-turned in the median and headed back to Old Town at a high rate of speed. With the deputy now pursuing the car, the driver made and abrupt turn at Pro-Tire into that neighborhood before turning back onto 349 South in front of the old Hitchcock’s building. At that point, the driver continued to flee south on 349 South toward Suwannee. The driver continued fleeing at high rates of speed and during the pursuit, the deputy observed a passenger sit up in the front passenger seat. The chase continued south bound with additional deputies responding. It wasn’t until the driver, reached the end of 349 South in Suwannee that he realized he now had nowhere to go and that he had run out of road. At this point the driver and passenger fled on foot. After a brief search of the area, deputies found both the driver, Devante Lang and his passenger, Marquise Neal, both of Clearwater, FL, hiding in a canal behind one of the home in the area. Lang, 20 years of age, whose driver’s license was suspended in May for Fleeing and Eluding Officers was again arrested for felony Fleeing and Eluding an Officer, Resisting an Officer without Violence, Possession of less than 20 grams of Marijuana and Driving on a Suspended/Revoke License. Neal, 20 years of age, was also arrested for Possession of less than 20 grams of Marijuana and for Resisting an Officer without Violence for his actions when he fled the scene on foot.

FDLE investigating Dixie County Officer Involved Shooting For Immediate Release October 30, 2015 OLD TOWN, Fla. – The Dixie County Sheriff’s Office responded to 688 Northeast 368 Avenue, Old Town, Fla., last night after receiving a 9-1-1 call that a resident was receiving death threats. While Deputies were on scene, the suspect arrived in his vehicle and the deputies heard gunfire from the vehicle. DCSO deputies fired their weapons at the suspect. For reasons unknown at this time, the vehicle caught fire with the suspect inside and deputies pulled him from the burning car. The suspect, Larry Busby, 52, of Old Town, Fla., was pronounced dead at the scene from apparent gunfire. Earlier in the week Busby was interviewed by DCSO detectives and was the suspect in an ongoing sexual battery investigation. At the request of DCSO, FDLE is investigating the officer involved shooting. Additionally, the State Fire Marshal’s is investigating the cause of the vehicle fire. The State Attorney’s Office, 3rd Judicial Circuit will review the findings.

At approximately 6:00pm Friday night April 6th, staff at Cross City Correctional Institution confirmed with the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office that they in fact had an escape from a work squad detail assigned to the construction of the new prison annex. Members of the Cross City Correctional K-9 Team quickly confirmed the location of where the inmate, Troy R. Edwards 24 years of age, left the facility in a southwesterly direction toward the old Georgia Pacific Plant. Dixie County Sheriff’s deputies and Cross City Correctional officers were stationed on a perimeter and two additional deputies were stationed at the Dixie County Little League field where games were being held in order to check those vehicles leaving the parking lot. Edwards was tracked and K-9 officers informed those involved that he was now traveling back in a northeasterly direction away from Georgia Pacific and heading toward Sanchez Farms east of Cross City. Several units from both the Sheriff’s Office and Cross City Correctional were posted throughout Sanchez Farms and members of the Sanchez family were on hand to assist officers with the layout of the farm and were opening various gates that needed to be opened. During the course of the search, while officers were tracking a wooded area on the northwestern side of the farm, Mrs. Sanchez pointed out that there was a structure on the northeastern corner of the farm that was unattended. At this time Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez along with a deputy decided to go and perform a security check of this structure. While traveling across the farm toward the northeastern border, Mrs. Sanchez saw Edwards hiding behind a small stand of trees and pointed him out to Mr. Sanchez and the deputy. Edwards was taken into custody and secured at this location until officers with Cross City Correctional Institution arrived at this location. After having medical staff from Cross City Correctional evaluate Edwards’ condition, he was transported to the Dixie County Jail where he was booked on his arrest for Escape from a Correctional Facility. After being booked on this additional charge, Judge Koberlein gave Edwards his first appearance hearing and Edwards was released back into the custody of the Florida Department of Corrections Friday night for transfer to another facility elsewhere in the State.

Late Thursday evening, Sheriff’s investigators received information about the manufacturing of methamphetamine at a location in the Suwannee Gardens Subdivision in Old Town. Investigators were able to secure a search warrant for the location on Friday morning and shortly after noon on Friday, deputies and investigators executed the search warrant at a residence on SE 902 Street in Old Town in the Suwannee Gardens Subdivision. Investigators were able to seize various items of drug paraphernalia and over 200 grams of methamphetamine in its production stage. Sheriff’s investigators arrested two occupants in the home who were identified as William Garris, 26 years of age from Old Town and Kimberly L. Land, 27 years of age from Old Town. Both Garris and Land were charged with Manufacturing of Methamphetamine and Trafficking in Methamphetamine. After receiving information Tuesday about the manufacturing of methamphetamine, Sheriff’s investigators were able to establish enough facts that led them to obtaining a search warrant for a residence on NE 516 Avenue. During the execution of this search warrant Tuesday night, investigators were able to locate several items in the home that are used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Along with these items, investigators were also able to locate a jar hidden outside with the mixed ingredients of methamphetamine. The mixed contents weighed in excess of 300 grams. Three of the home’s occupants were arrested for Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Trafficking in Methamphetamine. Those arrested included: Debra S. Anderson, 43 years of age from Old Town; Justin D. Davis, 33 years of age from Old Town and Reeva S. Hatchel, 25 years of age from Old Town. All three suspects are currently in custody in the Dixie County Jail.

On Monday evening, a Dixie County Sheriff's deputy was contacted about an individual's attempts to sale several thousand dollars worth of construction tools. After learning that the Trenton Police had received a report over the weekend involving the theft of tools from a construction trailer, arrangements were made to purchase the tools in a parking lot in Old Town on Monday night. When the defendants, James M. Pierson and Bernard A. Benway, arrived deputies acting as potential buyers looked at the tools and confirmed indeed that that they fit the description of the stolen items. The owner was then summoned to the scene where he identified the stolen items. Both Pierson and Benway were then transported to the Dixie County Jail where they were booked on the charge of Dealing in Stolen Property. Most of the 8,500.00 worth of stolen items have now been recovered as result of this operation.

The Dixie County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant on Wednesday morning at a residence in Old Town in connection with an ongoing Video Voyeurism investigation. During the execution of the search warrant, deputies seized various cameras and computer equipment from the home. The investigation began when a camera was discovered hidden and filming in a Dixie County business’s restroom and other areas with an expectation of privacy. Review of the video disclosed that this business was not the only establishment on the film and witnesses were able to disclose a suspect. On Wednesday morning during the search warrant, investigators arrested Ronald A. Everett, 45 years of age from Old Town on three counts of Video Voyeurism. Everett works for a contract cleaning firm based out of Gainesville. According to preliminary reports, the firm does contract cleaning work for various governmental and commercial properties. Items recovered will be forwarded to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Digital Recovery Unit in order to be analyzed for additional evidentiary items. Additionally, efforts are being made to determine which establishments Everett would have had access in to order to determine if any similar events have taken place and gone unreported.

Officials with the Sheriff's Offices from Dixie and Hillsborough County along with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, District 8 Medical Examiner and the University of Florida C.A. Pound Lab spent the day Tuesday night and Wednesday processing two different crime scenes. This was a result of the investigation into the disapearance of an elderly Old Town man, Robert Soller, who was reported missing on September 15th. Early Wednesday morning, Thomas Conroy was arrested on a Dixie County warrant in Hillsborough County in connection with the death of Soller.

For quite some time Dixie County Sheriff’s Office investigators have been receiving information about alleged drug activity in the Suwannee Gardens area of SE 317 Highway in Old Town. Several weeks ago this investigation received a boost when a confidential informant(s) came forward and was willing to assist drug investigators with this investigation. After several weeks of working with these informant(s), investigators were able to make several purchases of prescription narcotics from at least one residence several times and other locations in the Suwannee Gardens area. On the afternoon of January 3rd, investigators returned to the area armed with a search warrant for one residence and arrest affidavits for several defendants. Between the afternoon of the 3rd and the morning of the 4th, six of the defendants have been arrested on various charges relating to the sale of prescription narcotics. At this time the following individuals are currently in custody in the Dixie County Jail as a result of this investigation: Michael A. Ealum, 48 years of age from Old Town; 7 counts of Sale of a Controlled Substance Calvin E. Moody, 60 years of age from Old Town; 2 counts of Sale of a Controlled Substance and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon Crystal J. Pounders, 35 years of age from Old Town; 1 count of Sale of a Controlled Substance Tiki M. Albrittion, 28 years of age from Old Town; 3 counts of Sale of a Controlled Substance Edward S. Kennedy, 47 years of age from Old Town; 1 count of Sale of a Controlled Substance Robert J. Wetzel, 45 years of age from Old Town; 1 count of Sale of a Controlled Substance During the course of this investigation, investigators were able to purchase and seize several controlled substances to include; Oxycodone, Crack Cocaine, Morphine Sulfate, Hydromorphone and Dilaudid.

Along with the donated plaque are photos of the previous Sheriffs who have served Dixie County since 1921.

Shortly after Chad was killed, his classmates from the F.B.I. National Academy Session 238 wanted to do something to commemorate Chad's service to his community and his dedication to law enforcement. They quickly began raising funds to donate a bronze plaque in his honor. This plaque was received by the Dixie County Sheriff's Office in late 2010 and was installed this weekend in the final fazes of the Sheriff's Office renovations in the courthouse.

This CBS Sunday Morning video aired on October 16th and discusses the illegal use of prescription medication and the problems these "Pill Mills" pose to the citizens of Florida. Florida's "Pills Mills" have also become a great concern to other states in the nation.

During a Thursday morning traffic stop, involving driver Aaron Parsells and a male juvenile, a deputy noticed property in the bed of the pick-up truck that seemed out of place. As it turned out, Parsells and the juvenile had burglarized a Dixie School bus and a trailer at the school district transporation yard the night before. Both Parsells and the juvenile were arrested for two counts of burglary and grand theft. All of the stolen property was returned to the Dixie District School System.

Shortly after noon on Tuesday afternoon, Lockler and Reaves were located in the Old Town area. During this arrest, Reaves fled on foot and after a 2 hour foot pursuit by Cross City Correctional K-9 officers, Reaves was apprehended. Both Lockler and Reaves are now in custody and are suspected in multiple burglaries since their release from prison within the last few months.

The Dixie County Sheriff's Office is currently looking for Ashley N. Lockler for a Violation of Probation warrant and additional warrants involving several other burglaries and thefts in which Lockler is suspected of being involved. Anyone who knows her whereabouts is asked to call Sheriff's dispatch at 352-498-1245.

Jackson Warren Gober, 32 years of age, was sentenced to 5 Life Sentences plus 15 years Thursday in Circuit Court in Dixie County. Judge Paul Bryan handed down the sentence after Gober was convicted last month of the "Sexual Battery on a Child Under 12" along with other sexual offenses involving children.