Pensacola Police Department

  • Agency: Pensacola Police Department
  • Address: 711 N. Hayne Street, P.O. Box 1750, Pensacola, 32501 FL
  • Chief: John Mathis (Chief of Police)
Phone: 850-435-1855
Fax: 850-435-1999

Pensacola Police Department is located at 711 N. Hayne Street, P.O. Box 1750, Pensacola, 32501 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is John Mathis. The Pensacola Police Department phone number is 850-435-1855.

Pensacola Police Department News

Afternoon. Thank you all for coming today. I’d like to take a minute to address the quality of the box lunches I have been stealing from the Gulf Power Company trucks. #pensacolasfinest #gulfbreezepolice #michael2018 #yogihasanattitude #picnicbasket #clawandorder

It's like you are there! The folks at Apple Market Inc. are having waaaay too much fun with our Pensacola Police Midnight Shift coffee. Pick it up wherever fine De Luna Coffee is sold. Each bag goes to support Rally Pensacola. But you'll have to make your own sound effects. #pensacolasfinest #opposingsolos #farvel #smellofcaffeineinthemorning

Lots of cool stuff going on around town tomorrow; NAS Pensacola Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show, Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, University of West Florida Football, and some sausage festivals here and there. Right in the middle of all that, the President of these United States will be at Pensacola International Airport. The doors open at 3pm. Important Fine Print: -Langley Avenue between Tippin Avenue and Hilltop will be closed to through traffic beginning at 1 pm. -All event parking, ADA included, is in the huge grass field on Langley Avenue at the end of the runway. You can enter from any of the three entrances on 9th Avenue. -Ticket holders will be shuttled to the venue where they will be screened and given the once over by the stern men in dark suits. -You must take the shuttle to the venue. You can't walk, bike, hoverboard, or Segway your way in. -There is no seating at the venue. And you can't bring chairs. Keep this in mind if you have trouble standing for a long time. -As always, if you have to ask, "Can I bring ______?", the answer is "No". And we'll add this for the new folks: Please be courteous, kind, and patient. Find common ground with someone you disagree with. It's the Pensacola Way. #pensacolasfinest #potus

Halloween always reminds us of that time our sister was on a date with this, let's just say odd, fella. He was walking her home a little after midnight when they cut through the old cemetery. Well, he must have been allergic to peanuts or gluten or whatever, because he starts having convulsions. Our sister tries to help, but she's no nurse, so that does him no good. Anywho, he ends up morphing into a zombie or werewolf or what have you. But overall, she's had worse dates, so she wants to see where this goes. But then...then the music starts. And let us just tell you, that were-zombie starts shaking what his mama gave him, some undead join in, and they all end up going to Funkytown for 14 more minutes. You know, just another Wednesday in Pensacola. There wasn't a second date. Which brings us to our point. Drugs are bad. Also the kiddos will be out and about tonight. Put down the phone and pay attention to them. They're all sugared-up and dressed-up and for certain won't be using due caution. You're the adult, they're counting on you to look out for them whether you're driving, walking with them, or handing out last year's Easter candy. Make this a great night for them. If you want to sit in the bushes with a water hose, we're not telling you not to, just use some common sense and don't soak their mom. #pensacolasfinest #thefunkoffortythousandyears #namebrandonly #thrillerdanceisthebestdance

FRIDAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR DONATIONS Wow. You people. When we put the call out for donations you answered. And then some. Our donation drive is coming to an end this Friday. If you have any new items that you would like us to take to the Panama City area, get them to the gleaming glass tower that is PPD headquarters by Friday afternoon. #pensacolasfinest #operation850 #michael2018

Look what we found. Pensacola Police Midnight Shift Coffee is starting to show up in stores in the tri-county area. These particular bags are at Apple Market Inc., but you can also find them at Smallcakes: A Cupcakery & Creamery - Pensacola, FL and Palafox Market of course. We have not tried the combo of PPD Coffee and Vampire Wine, mainly because we have to leave the house today, but feel free if the mood strikes you. And one dollar from each bag goes to Rally Pensacola. You might get your deposit back on the wine bottle. We're not sure. #pensacolasfinest #midnightvampiregetit #mixwell

***UPDATE*** This guy, Devoris A. Lang, was arrested while breaking into more cars. He ran and tossed a gun while running. We caught him and scooped up his gun. He has been charged with many things, including seven burglaries. Thanks for all your tips, help, and shares. ****** This guy. This guy right here is why we ask you to lock your car doors. While you were sleeping, this guy was creeping outside your house. He stole a lot of things that were important to a lot of people in the area of 9th Avenue & Creighton Road, all from unlocked cars. So, not only is he a thief, he is not even working that hard. If you think you might know who he is, call Detective Burns at 435-1979. Or call Crimestoppers at 433-7867 to remain nameless and make some early Christmas money, honestly. #pensacolasfinest #9pmroutine #lockitdown #seriouslylockyourdoors

PPD's Midnight Shift coffee--It once beat the hosedraggers at your Pensacola Fire Department in a bench press competition. You'll also be able to recite the correct lyrics to every Def Leppard hit from the 80's by drinking it. In stores soon, and $1 from every bag sold goes directly to Rally Pensacola fighting childhood cancer. And you can't say no to that. #pensacolasfinestbrew #rallypensacola #delunacoffee #livinlikeamotherwitharediphone #themostinterestingcoffeeintheworld

Pensacola— Your support for our neighbors to the east is overwhelming. At this time we are only able to accept new/unused donation items for redistribution in the Panama City area. You guys rock. Thank you. #pensacolasfinest #operation850 #michael2018

OPERATION 850 We’ve been very deliberate about what we post regarding Hurricane Michael donations. We do not want to cause any unintended problems in Panama City. Your PPD team on the ground there has now made contacts, defined the need, and established a network to get supplies to those who desperately need it. If we are going to do this, we are going to do it right. So LET’S DO THIS! Starting now, you can drop off items at the gleaming glass tower that is PPD Headquarters, 711 N. Hayne Street. It is best if they are in an unsealed box or container. We are not in a position to take money, but the Salvation Army Pensacola Corps Page is. Donate at The most useful, easily transportable items that are in high demand are: • Toiletries • Feminine Hygiene Products • T-shirts (plain black or white) • Baby wipes • Underwear • Socks • Contact lens supplies • Small packaged snacks that aren’t crushable • Any size clothes( athletic shorts, shower shoes, etc.) • Paper goods(cups, to-go containers, etc. ) • Rubbermaid-type containers (heck, just pack your donations into a container and drop it off. Save us a step) You get the idea. Of course, there are many different items needed, but other agencies are handling those. For instance, our brothers that we don't speak of in polite company, the Pensacola Fire Department is taking care of baby supplies, go to Pensacola's Bravest Operation Baby Supplies for details. We will ferry your donations of brand new, wrapped supplies and put them in the hands of First Responders and those in desperate need. No wasted supplies. No wasted movement. Maximum effect. #pensacolasfinest #michael2018 #panhandlestrong #operation850 *****URGENT— Your outpouring of support is overwhelmingly. At this time we are only able to accept new/unused items for redistribution in the Panama City area******

Let's say that you're a Mom with four kids all under the age of four. What do you need? Well, a nap and one dadgum moment of peace and quiet, that's what. We can't really help you with those, but we can offer you some mighty fine "Pensacola Police Midnight Shift Coffee" from the beautiful minds at De Luna Coffee, to get you through today. The extra caffeine will power you through missed nap times, dropped chicken nuggets, and random meltdowns. Look for it in better stores in the next few days. Every purchase helps Rally Pensacola fight childhood cancer. In the meantime: Breathe. #pensacolasfinest #parentingsfinest #remarkablywellbehavedkids #turnthebagaroundkid

One of our Hurricane Response Team members wrote this and we think it deserves sharing: I can’t begin to explain in words the devastation in Panama City. We can say “that’s terrible” which it is but it’s these people’s lives. These police officers I have had the privilege of working with today and tonight have lost everything. Many have no home to go to at the end of their shift. They have no running water, power, any basic necessities. Their police department is destroyed, half the roof and ceiling is just gone. Yet they come to work and patrol their city, knowing at the end of the shift they have no where to go. One of their officers asked me (but in a roundabout way because he was embarrassed) for a pair of socks. Of course I gave it to him but something so basic he doesn’t have cause he lost everything. They have a long road ahead of them. #pensacolasfinest #michael2018

Since you asked: The best thing you can do for the storm victims RIGHT NOW is to stay away and make cash donations. #pensacolasfinest #michael2018

Yesterday was a life-changing day for our neighbors to the east. Going forward they will mark every event as, "before Michael" or "after Michael." We've been there and we cringe thinking about what they are going to face. But for a few weeks at least, we will be there with them. We deployed teams made up of PPD & Gulf Breeze Police Dept. officers this morning. Some are pictured here. We will be supporting the Panama City Police Department and Gulf Power Company however possible. Say a prayer, donate money, and when the cameras have all packed up and moved on to the next tragedy, don't forget about our neighbors and the long road they face. #pensacolasfinest #michael2018

Don’t underestimate this storm. #pensacolasfinest #michael2018

Go ahead and charge up all of your devices, phones, and flashlights. #pensacolasfinest #michael2018

There’s still time to get everything done. Remember: Calm is Contagious. #pensacolasfinest #michael2018

In case you haven't heard... As usual, anything could happen with this track, so don't get lulled into thinking we are in the clear just yet. Pay attention, don't panic, and stay tuned. #pensacolasfinest #michael2018 #wellletyouknowwhentopanic

Well, we went and did a thing. After the focus groups gave the thumbs down to our Chief Lyter Chia Pet and PPD Pepper-Spray scented Body Spray, we went back to the drawing board. So we are now proud to introduce "Pensacola Police Midnight Shift Coffee." The baristas at De Luna Coffee created a full-bodied, five-bean blend with an extra kick of caffeine for us. Since we've been drinking it, we have re-grown hair, learned all of the words to "We Didn't Start the Fire", and can shake exactly two Tic-Tacs out every time. Around November 1st, or sooner, you can purchase it wherever fine coffee is sold. A dollar from each bag goes straight to Rally Pensacola for childhood cancer research and helps our youngest cancer fighters. Last night we held the formal kick-off at the brand new Urban Swinery (motto: "Go pig or go home"). A great time was had, pigs were eaten, and a good bit of money was raised. Thank you to everyone who has supported this effort so far, and an even bigger thanks to Red Iron Design House for doing the heavy lifting and Steven Gray for documenting it all so well. Coffee for a cause! Bottoms up! #pensacolasfinest #coffeewithacop Law Enforcement Today Florida Police Chiefs Association, (FPCA) Florida's West//East Central Emergency Network Bangor Maine Police Department

Photo: Steven Gray

Coffee and Chorizo Burrito with a Cop was a blast. We made approximately 112 new friends and solved 20% of the world’s problems. All before 10am. #pensacolasfinest #coffeewithacop #chorizoagoodwaytostarttheday.

October 3rd is the anniversary of East and West Germany re-unifying, the first fax being sent, and is something called "Mean Girls Day". And perhaps just as important as the whole Germany thing, it's National Coffee with a Cop Day! We will be at the Dog House Deli Downtown from 8 to 10 in the morning to just hang out with you, answer some questions, and maybe figure out this "Mean Girls" conundrum. We are also giving out some very limited-edition PPD/ Centennial Bank coffee mugs that make great gifts for your German friends. See ya' there. #pensacolasfinest #coffeewithacop #firstfaxin1922 #sofetch

Sergeants Harnett and Stackpole were eating at Siam Thai Friday evening. They were well into their Chicken Satay and Drunken Noodles when their server slipped them this note. Just in case we haven't mentioned it in the last twenty minutes, we love that you support us and take every opportunity to show it. And we're fairly certain that it was just the Red Curry causing their eyes to water. #pensacolasfinest #nonalcoholicnoodles

The Pensacola Seafood Festival is this weekend in Seville Square. Come on down and enjoy formerly swimming creatures in their various prepared forms. But a word of warning: watch where you park. Do not block fire hydrants, driveways, or fire trucks. We have enlisted the help of this seal to give you what for if you do. As a backup, we also have a surly raccoon that will place old shrimp shells in your A/C vents. You’ve been warned. #pensacolasfinest #walkalittle #cityseal #surlyraccoonwouldbeagoodbandname

#tbt back to circa 1997, and a young, future Lt. Adam McCoy learns there are fewer duties more reviled than directing traffic. Bonus PPD gift shop points if you can tell us where this pic was taken. #pensacolasfinest #sodanghot #buckfifteenagallon