Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 9239 S US 129, Trenton, 32693 FL
  • Chief:
Phone: 352-463-3410
Fax: 352-463-3183

Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office is located at 9239 S US 129, Trenton, 32693 FL. The Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office phone number is 352-463-3410.

Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office News

On 11/05/2018, Timothy Langford, Jr, 42 year old white male of Newberry, FL, was arrested during a routine Traffic Stop by Investigations Sergeant Stephen Stalvey on the following charges: Count 1: Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. Bond $75,000. Count 2: Possession of a Firearm/Ammunition by a Convicted Felon. Bond ROR. Count 3: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Bond $5,000. Count 4: Driving While License Suspended/Revoked. Bond $5,000. Our units are out there patrolling to keep Gilchrist County safe. Please remember to watch for our lights and slow down when you see us on the side of the road.

On 10/24/2018, Donna Matney, 29 year old white female of Trenton, FL, was arrested during a routine Traffic Stop by Investigations Sergeant Stephen Stalvey on the following charges: Count 1: Trafficking Methamphetamine 28 grams or more but less than 200 grams. Bond $50,000. Count 2: Possession of More Than 20 grams of Cannabis. Bond $5,000. Count 3: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Bond $2,500. The Sheriff would like to remind those that want to bring drugs through Gilchrist County that it WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. You will be found and prosecuted.

The Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office announces the arrest of 25 year old Nicholas Edmonds by Investigations Sergeant Windy Ponce. Edmonds is a W/M from Old Town, FL. Edmonds was arrested on November 1, 2018 in Gilchrist County for one count of Lewd or Lascivious Molestation on Victim 12 years of age up to 16 years of age Offender 18 years of age or older, bond set at $50,000; and one count of Obscene Material, bond set at $25,000. Anyone with information pertaining to crime within Gilchrist County, please contact the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office at (352) 463-3181. Callers may remain anonymous if they so choose. Or contact Gilchrist County Crime Stoppers at (352) 463-STOP (7867), calls to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and may be eligible for a reward.

Today, K-9 Deputy Railey and his partner, Ace, conducted a K-9 demonstration at the Trenton Elementary School for Red Ribbon Week. The classes were taught about the role and daily duties of K-9 Ace.

Tune in tonight at 11:00pm on WCJB TV20 as Sheriff Schultz will be answering questions from today's Murder Trial The State vs Michael D Porter

Sheriff Bobby Schultz would like to remind everyone about school bus safety. Please take the time to look over the flyer below. One Team, One Mission Be Safe Gilchrist County

Sheriff Schultz holding two of our newest little GCSO babies tonight at trunk or treating. Baby Colson 💕 Baby Rome 💙

What a great night in Trenton. 🍭🎃🍭🎃🍭

Let’s see those pictures! 📷

A few pictures from tonight’s trick or treating in The Town of Bell.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to report any suspicious activity, please contact the GCSO at 352-463-3410 and if it's an emergency please dial 911.

🎃PLEASE BE SAFE TRICK OR TREATING🎃 Sheriff Bobby Schultz would like to remind everyone that Bell and Trenton have designated Tuesday night (tonight) for trick or treating in Bell, and Wednesday night in Trenton. Both nights starting at 6:00 pm. We encourage motorist to be mindful of heavy pedestrian traffic starting around dusk. We also encourage pedestrians to be mindful of traffic at all times. Parents or adults are encouraged to keep their children within sight and sound at all times. Be Safe... Have Fun... and Don’t forget to find our Deputies, they have lots of CANDY! 🍭

Today, the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office helped celebrate the 5th birthday of Noel Ramirez III, the son of one of our fallen deputies, Sgt. Noel Ramirez. We were grateful to be a part of Noel’s special day! Happy birthday Noel!

Cops love Donuts....and COOKIES too! ☺️ Sheriff Schultz and the GCSO want to send a “BIG” Thank you to Cookies for a Cop for stopping by and dropping off cookies to our department. We were so excited to be part of a nationwide event! 💙🍪❤️🍪💙🍪❤️ We appreciate your generosity and support! #Findyourkind #sweetkindness #cookiesforacop #oneteamonemission

Welcome the newest addition to the Gilchrist County Sheriffs Office, Officer Romes backup has arrived! Congratulations Officer Rome and his wife Rebecca on baby boy Jonah Noel Rome, Born today at 11:14am healthy 7lbs 6oz. 💙 We think he is perfect and has the right to remain cute! Baby Jonah Noel Rome was named after Officer Rome’s Best Friend, Sgt Noel Ramirez

**** A Message From Bobby Schultz**** Yesterday, a contingent of GCSO personnel, Congressman Ted Yoho, State Representative Chuck Clemons and I traveled to Gulf County to check on our men and women working hard to assist in the rescue and recovery efforts being made in that county; as well as bringing much needed life sustaining supplies donated by our wonderful community and others from through out north central Florida.The citizens of Gilchrist County would be proud of how they are representing. Our folks (Along with Our Hamilton County partners) were the FIRST outside law enforcement to arrive in Gulf County and render assistance after the tempest left, bringing with them life sustaining and necessary supplies which were donated by the Gilchrist County Commission, and our citizens which allowed the GULF County Sheriff's Office to operate. With out our quick response, help to those in need would have been further delayed. People have asked what are we doing to help other counties? Truth is, we wish we had the resources and personnel to help all the other counties as well..but I assure you, other counties (Sheriff's Offices) have been tasked to help all the different counties as well..and again we were requested to help Gulf County and help them we shall. One might ask why are we expending our limited personnel and resources to help another county when it is the state and federal governments ultimate responsibility? Well simply put... WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPERS. Our citizens continue to receive an interrupted service. We are blessed with the ability to assist for a short period of time. We in Gilchrist County also know and understand how it feels to be overwhelmed and need help. We have been the recipients of the help of other counties.. and we SHOULD and we WILL reciprocate when we can. I spoke to numerous officials and citizens in Gulf County and each asked me to convey their heart felt thanks to everyone who has contributed to their tragedy. They are all aware of how small out community is and that means all that much more to them. They are very appreciative and humbled that we cared and were the first to respond in their time of need. We will continue to do what we can to assist. Posts on what you can do to assist will be forth coming soon. But what I will ask you all to do is pray for all the counties and people effected and for the ones assisting in the recovery efforts. When I tell you it's bad...I can not accurately describes it nor emphasize it enough. Thank you to my fellow citizens for your patience, understanding and support of our efforts to assist the citizens of Gulf County ...and if you're skeptical, remember that we are only one event away from being in their shoes and hoping and praying they would do the same for us. God Bless you all. #ONETEAMONEMISSION #FLORIDASTRONG

***GILCHRIST COUNTY COLLECTION DRIVE*** GCSO is preparing to make another trip to the Panhandle with supplies from our community. Thank you to everyone for bringing in supplies for those in need! #ONETEAM #ONEMISSION

The first wave of GCSO deputies left for the Panhandle this morning to assist in rescue and recovery efforts. Another group will be headed out Saturday morning.

A Message From Sheriff Bobby Schultz: I have been on the phone with sheriff's in the panhandle area..however I have not been able to get through to all of them because of communication issues. But preliminary reports indicate catastrophic destruction to several Florida Counties. Deputies from Gilchrist, Hamilton and Lafayette Counties will be teaming up and traveling to the Panhandle to assist in rescue and recovery efforts Thursday morning. The Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office has already started accepting donations of life sustaining supplies that I personally will be escorting to the area either Friday or Saturday morning. (Or both) Please contact the sheriff's office if you wish to contribute. A list of items needed is listed on the GCSO Facebook page. The list of needed supplies will be updated when our deputies get boots on the ground. I would ask that everyone take a moment to pray for every one effected and for the many first responders and lineman who are currently working and will be headed that way and would ask each of you to keep everyone I listed in your prayers for days and weeks to come. One Team, One Mission

*****ATTENTION*****ATTENTION***** 6 PM OCTOBER 10, 2018 GILCHRIST COUNTY HURRICANE MICHAEL UPDATE Gilchrist County remains under a tornado watch until 2am. At this time, all shelters have been closed. Please continue to be vigilant and watch for downed trees and power lines, notifying Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office at 352-463-3410.

***Concealed Carry Safety Course cancelled at this time*** We are going to reschedule the Concealed Carry Safety Course that was planned for Saturday, October 13th, for a later date and time due to Hurricane Michael. We will share here when a new date is chosen.