Hendry County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Hendry County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 101 S Bridge St, LaBelle, 33935 FL
  • Chief:
Phone: 863-674-4060

Hendry County Sheriff's Office is located at 101 S Bridge St, LaBelle, 33935 FL. The Hendry County Sheriff's Office phone number is 863-674-4060.

Hendry County Sheriff's Office News

IMPORTANT Traffic advisory announcement: Traffic Escort – Oversized Load On November 7, 2018, Hendry County Deputies will be assisting with the escort of an oversized load movement from State Road 80 at the Hendry/Lee County line to the Hendry/Palm Beach County. Hendry Deputies will begin assisting the movement of concrete bridge sections that are estimated at 40-50 ft in length and 12’ wide, from State Road 80 at the Hendry/Lee County Line at approximately 8:30am and arriving at the Hendry/Palm Beach County Line at about 12:30pm. The move is expected to cause lengthy delays along the route of travel. Motorists are urged to avoid the route of travel for these vehicles if possible or to expect lengthy delays.


Sheriff Whidden took some time to join the HCSO ten member team in Gulf County.

UPDATE: State Road 80 at Everhigh Road is now back open. Please drive carefully thru this area while first responders are on scene. STATE ROAD 80 CLOSED DUE TO FOUR VEHICLE TRAFFIC CRASH AT EVERHIGH ROAD AND STATE ROAD 80 Hendry County Deputies are currently on scene of a four vehicle traffic crash at State Road 80 and Everhigh Road. Deputies on scene have reported minor injuries and complete road blockage. If you are in the area or must travel this route plese prepare to expect delays. Updates will be provided as they become available.

UDPATE: State Road 80 is back open for traffic. EASTBOUND LANES OF STATE ROAD 80 AT 27 & 80 CLOSED Hendry County State Road 80 at US 27 eastbound lanes have been closed due to a fuel spill. We will provide updates as they become available.

10 HCSO Deputies working in Gulf and Bay Counties.take time to greet local children for Halloween 2018.

Couple of Shenanigans that we hope brought a smile to some faces that otherwise face difficult times in Gulf County.

Happy Halloween, the little Ghouls, Goblins, Princesses and Superheroes were certainly out in force tonight and we've visited many of them. But tonight many children are still without power and the comforts we often take for granted. Tonight the ten member team from HCSO did there best to work with others in Gulf County to bring about some normalcy tonight. We are so very proud of these individuals. Thank you for doing such awesome things.

HCSO wants to remind everyone to keep safety in mind this evening as families are out Trick or Treating. There are several Trunk or Treat functions around Hendry County today, Felda, Pioneer, Clewiston along with the celebration at the LaBelle Rodeo Grounds. Have a safe and enjoyable evening!

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After leaving early Sunday morning headed to Gulf County, Hendry Deputies arrived safely, got settled and received their assignments. In an effort to familiarize themselves with Gulf County they took a ride and were still amazed at the devastation of Hurricane Michael. Lt Mike Favara: "you know I thought I knew what to expect, we went thru Irma last year and yeah, I knew this was a stronger storm but I couldn't believe what I saw! Homes that were left standing, completely empty, completely gutted. Their personal belongings left on the curb. But, tonight the town of Wewahitchka got power back! It's pretty awesome right now."

UPDATE: Deputies have opened Jaycee Lions Road is now open. TRAFFIC CRASH CLOSES JAYCEE LIONS IN LABELLE Hendry County Deputies are on scene of a traffic crash, vehicle vs pedestrian. The roadway between the entrance of Pollywog Apartments and Zac's Friendship House. Please avoid this area. It is unknown how long the road will be closed. Updates will be provided as they become available.

Hendry County's finest has arrived in Gulf County, FL to assist with recovery efforts.

UPDATE: FHP has reopened the roadway. If FHP and other emergency personnel are still on scene, remember to MOVE OVER-ITS THE LAW!! TRAFFIC CRASH CLOSES DAVIDSON ROAD IN CLEWISTON Hendry County Deputies along with emergency response personnel are currently on scene of a vehicle vs pedestrian crash on Davidson Road. Davidson Road between Hookers Point and Nall Court are closed. Please avoid this area if at all possible. It is unknown how long the roadway will be closed. Updates will be provided as they become available.

We'd like to encourage everyone to come out and support Central Elementary School's Chili Bingo. There's a great time, lots of fun to be had and great gifts to win tonight.

NATIONAL TEEN DRIVER SAFETY WEEK – OCTOBER 21 – 27 Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden and the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office along with The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor vehicles and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are recognizing October 21-27 as National Teen Driver Safety Week, along with other agencies. Parents have a lot of anxieties when it comes to their kids. How are they doing in school? Are they making friends? Are they happy and healthy? If you’ve got a teen who has or is about to get a driver’s license, you’re probably worried about their safety out on the road; so don’t rely just on driver’s education. Lay down the rules for getting and keeping the keys to the car. National Teen Driver Safety Week, which runs from October 21-27, is a great time to start a conversation about the six major dangers affecting teen drivers. Let them know that obeying the rules of the road is a prerequisite for the privilege of driving. Breaking the rules means hoofing it, riding the bus, or going back to begging for rides from mom and dad. Drive Sober or Not at All In 2016, nearly one out of five teen drivers involved in fatal crashes had been drinking alcohol—despite the fact that it’s illegal everywhere in America to drink if you’re under 21. Make it clear that driving impaired by any substance—alcohol or drugs—is deadly and against the law. Buckle Up Roughly half of those 16 to 20 years old who died in motor vehicle crashes in 2016 weren’t wearing seat belts. In 85 percent of the cases when the teen driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt, their passengers were not wearing seat belts either. Tell your teen driver they must buckle up, every ride, every time. No Distractions About 10 percent of all teen drivers involved in fatal crashes were distracted at the time of the crash. Explain the dangers of driving distracted by phones and texting or anything else, and that driving attentively is essential for safe driving. No Speeding Speeding was a factor in about one-third of all fatal teen driver crashes. Faster speeds rob inexperienced teen drivers of the extra reaction time they may need to avoid a crash. Emphasize that they must obey posted speed limits. Passengers Passengers can serve as another distraction for inexperienced teen drivers. That's why many States’ graduated driver licensing (GDL) restrictions prohibit any passengers in vehicles with teen drivers. GDL laws also set other limits on teen drivers for safety. Drowsy Driving Between school, sports, activities, and part-time jobs, a teen’s schedule can cut into much needed sleep, which can lead to drowsy driving. People are most likely to feel drowsy between the hours of 2:00pm and 6:00p.m., which is generally when teens are driving home from school. Explain the dangers of driving drowsy before your teen driver takes the wheel. Don’t Just Set the Rules—Set the Example You’re a role model. When a teen driver sees you obeying the rules of the road, they get the message. If you’re not, they adopt those behaviors when on the road. Check yourself: assess how you’re driving and think about what your driving communicates to your teen driver. Teen Driver Safety Week is a great reminder to discuss safe driving as a family. Keep the conversation going year-round. If you do, you’ll not only better protect your young driver, you’ll be contributing to safer roads in your community. For even more information, visit https://www.nhtsa.gov/road-safety/teen-driving to see how we can work together to deliver safer roads.

UPDATE: FHP has opened eastbound lanes of traffic on State Road 80. When law enforcement and emergency personnel are on scene... REMEMBER TO MOVE OVER - IT'S THE LAW! UPDATE: At this time eastbound lanes of traffic on State Road 80 and Congen Curve will be closed for approximately the next 4 hours due to a fuel spill. Currently, all traffic is being redirected to Ft. DeNaud Road, State Road 80-A. More information will be provided as it becomes available. SECOND TRAFFIC CRASH BLOCKS EASTBOUND SR 80 LANES AT CONGEN CURVE Hendry County Deputies and emergency personnel are currently on scene of a second traffic crash on State Road 80 in the area of Congen Curve. At this time it has been reported that both eastbound lanes of traffic are blocked. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. When emergency response personnel are on scene, Remember to Move Over - It's the Law.

UPDATE: Both north and southbound lanes of traffic are currently open. Use extreme care while driviing thru this area. FHP and Deputies are still on scene. Remember to MOVE OVER - IT'S THE LAW! UPDATE: FHP is currently on scene. Estimated time for lane opening is approximately 1 hour. TRAFFIC CRASH AT SR 29 AND JIM KULCZY DRIVE BLOCKS BOTH TRAFFIC Hendry County Deputies and Emergency Response Personnel are currenlty on scene of a traffic crash at State Road 29 and Jim Kulczy Drive. Both north and southbound lanes of trafficare blocked. If you must travel in this area prepare for traffic delays and use extreme care. Additional informaton will be provided as it becomes available. When emergency response personnel are on scene, Remember to Move Over - It's the Law.

Thank you Sugarland Masonic Lodge #281!! You all sponsored an excellent tournament and we'll see if we can keep this trophy again next year.

Gov. Scott Thanks Walt Disney Company for $1 Million Donation for Hurricane Relief TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott and Volunteer Florida today thanked the Walt Disney Company for its support and generous donation of $1 million to the Florida Disaster Fund, which was activated by Governor Scott to aid those impacted by Hurricane Michael. The Florida Disaster Fund, administered by the Volunteer Florida Foundation, is the State of Florida’s official private fund established to assist Florida’s communities in times of disaster. To make a contribution, visit www.FloridaDisasterFund.org or text DISASTER to 20222 to make a donation of $10. Governor Scott said, “We are extremely thankful for Walt Disney Company’s support of the Florida Disaster Fund. This funding will support disaster response and recovery efforts and help Floridians affected by Hurricane Michael. This funding will go directly towards relief efforts in areas impacted by Hurricane Michael.” Walt Disney Company CEO Robert A. Iger said, “All of us here at Disney have the families and communities impacted by this powerful storm in our hearts. Florida has been our home for almost 50 years, and our contribution will support our neighbors as they rebuild their communities in the wake of this powerful storm.” Volunteer Florida CEO David Mica Jr. said, "Right now, so many people are watching the news, seeing the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael and asking what they can do. This is what they can do – donate to the Florida Disaster Fund and provide both immediate relief and long-term recovery for their friends, neighbors and affected Floridians." About the Florida Disaster Fund: The Florida Disaster Fund is the State of Florida’s official private fund established to assist Florida’s communities as they respond to and recover during times of emergency or disaster. In partnership with the public sector, private sector and other non-governmental organizations, the Florida Disaster Fund supports response and recovery activities. How to Donate: Donations to the Florida Disaster Fund are made to the Volunteer Florida Foundation, 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and are tax deductible. Donations may be made by credit card on the secure website https://www.volunteerflorida.org/donatefdf/ or by check to the below address. Checks should be made payable to the Volunteer Florida Foundation and should include “Florida Disaster Fund” in the memo line. Volunteer Florida Foundation Attention: Florida Disaster Fund 3800 Esplanade Way, Suite 180 Tallahassee, FL 32311 For additional questions about the Florida Disaster Fund, please contact info@volunteerflorida.org or call (850) 414-7400.