Florida Department of Corrections

  • Agency: Florida Department of Corrections
  • Address: 501 S Calhoun St, Tallahassee, FL
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Phone: 850-488-7052

Florida Department of Corrections is located at 501 S Calhoun St, Tallahassee, FL. The Florida Department of Corrections phone number is 850-488-7052.

Florida Department of Corrections News

FDC staff are dedicated to securing our communities by ensuring the care, custody and control of inmates and offenders placed under our supervision. In addition to this commitment to provide safety and security to the communities where we work and live, more than 2,500 staff members have also made it a priority to serve our country as a member or veteran of our armed forces. Their unyielding sacrifice of their time and comfort with family and friends, speaks volumes about their character, priorities and personality. We hope that on this 2018 Veterans Day, each of you know how much we appreciate your willingness to protect and serve our country and our agency. Thank you for all that you do!

FDC has announced cancellation of weekend visitation at the following institution effective through November 13. •Reception and Medical Center Main Unit (RMC, Lake Butler) The secure operation of our correctional institutions is the Department's chief priority. FDC has zero tolerance for inmate misconduct or the introduction of contraband into our secure facilities. The Department is taking proactive measures to ensure these institutions can continue normal operations and that the safety of staff and inmates can be upheld. The Department looks forward to resuming normal visitation as quickly as possible.

Florida Gateway College’s Second-Chance Pell Pilot Program is a first-of-its-kind partnership between the College and the Florida Department of Corrections that allows inmates to pursue postsecondary education so that, upon release, they will be better prepared to enter the workforce and provide for their families and themselves. This past semester, 30 inmates were recognized for their high grades and featured as student scholars on the president’s honor roll. For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2PjvT9p. #CBPA18 #FLCollegeSystem

Have you ever wondered who to contact for assistance with locating and verifying FDC information? Our Office of Citizen Services provides a resources directory on their website to help determine who to contact, based on the type of questions or concerns you may have. Visit http://www.dc.state.fl.us/citizen/index.html for more information.

Martin CI’s Veterans Dorm Program participants hand-made approximately 300 cards for several occasions including birthdays, get well and thank you for service. The cards will be delivered to a regional Veterans Administration representative, who will distribute them locally to vulnerable groups, including disabled veterans.

On Halloween, FDC probation officers partner with law enforcement to ensure sex offenders on supervision do not partake in any Halloween-related activities. This includes frequent visits by officers, covert residence monitoring, and increased surveillance. In addition to the increased security, supervised sex offenders are expected to strictly abide by specific restrictions which include: • Do not give out candy or other treats. • Turn off porch lights, close blinds. • No outside decorations to attract children. • Do not answer the door to trick-or-treaters. • Do not dress in costumes or masks. • Do not attend events where children will be present. If you suspect an offender may be in violation of the conditions listed above, contact local law enforcement.

Staff from Walton and Okaloosa CI cooked and sold steak dinners last Friday, to raise money for staff members affected by the hurricane. The surrounding community showed tremendous support, as 841 plates were sold, and an additional $4000 was raised for the Corrections Foundation! Thank you to all of those who participated and supported this event.

Update! Normal visitation statewide this weekend - with the exception of South Bay CF. South Bay Correctional Facility’s visitation has been cancelled for October 27, 28. For more information: www.dc.state.fl.us/ci/405.html.

Visitation will resume at all facilities statewide this weekend. Please be sure to verify the inmate's location before visiting, in the event he/she was relocated due to the storm. www.dc.state.fl.us/ci/visit.html

Great work, Corrections Foundation! Thank you for all you've done to support our officers and staff... and a BIG thank you to all who have donated.

The Teaching Animals & Inmates Life Skills or TAILS program brings together rescue dogs from the non-profit organization TAILS and inmates from Baker Correctional Institution Re-Entry Center. Graduating dogs are crate trained, housebroken, spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots and micro-chipped. Through programs like TAILS, the Department of Corrections focuses on teaching inmates valuable job skills that will lead them to productive employment and law-abiding lives upon release. To adopt a TAILS graduate, contact Pit Sisters in Duval County at (904) 710-6728 or you may visit their website at https://www.pitsisters.org/

Congratulations to Suwanee CI’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) for winning first place overall in the Region II competition held at RMC on October 5. These events provide key training and competition while allowing leadership to evaluate the proficiency and quality of training conducted by RRTs. Cross City CI placed second and Lancaster CI took third place.

FDC staff participated in the annual Pinellas Ex Offender Re Entry Coalition (PERC) Showcase of Services. This annual Showcase features reentry services from providers throughout the area that are in place to assist offenders after release from prison, or while on probation. Support staff from the department also volunteered to assist with resume’ typing for offenders, to provide another resource for obtaining gainful employment.

FDC would like to thank Operation BBQ Relief for feeding staff at two of our major institutions that were impacted by Hurricane Michael. FDC’s North Florida staff have continued to work around the clock despite devastating damage in their communities and in many cases, their own homes. Thank you for providing a hot meal for these deserving men and women. We cannot thank you enough for your support. Please visit their website for more information about volunteering or donations https://operationbbqrelief.org

Hurricane Michael Communication Update! Phone lines and JPay kiosks remain down at Calhoun CI and Calhoun WC. Jackson CI, Jackson WC, Graceville WC, Liberty CI, and Quincy Annex have had power restored and JPay kiosks should be operational by the end of the day.

Effective, Monday, October 22nd, anyone under supervision with the Department of Corrections in Bay County will report to: Panama City West Probation Office 499 HWY 231 North Panama City, Florida 32405 Visit our Newsroom for updates at https://goo.gl/vaX1de

Probation Officers at the 14-4 Panama City West office met with offenders, despite devastation from Hurricane Michael. Their supervisory role is essential to the safety of the community, regardless of where their office visits take place. FDC is proud to recognize their hard work and commitment.

FDC STAFF Computers are available at ACI and Liberty today for staff who need a computer to apply for FEMA assistance.

Visitation Notice – Statewide FDC will resume normal visitation statewide the weekend of October 27 and October 28. Visitation is cancelled statewide October 20 and 21. FDC staff across the state are supporting intensive Hurricane Michael recovery efforts in North Florida. For updates on impacted facilities, please visit our Newsroom, Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to resuming normal visitation as soon as possible.

Starting Wednesday, October 17 inmates in FDC’s Region 1 institutions (www.dc.state.fl.us/ci/region1.html), as well as Baker, Desoto, Columbia, CFRC, and Mayo will have access to the following: - Securus will provide three phone calls (up to 15 mins each) at no charge - JPay will provide 20 free e-stamps to send messages from the kiosk or tablet This will allow inmates to touch base with family following the impact of Hurricane Michael. Please note, in order for phones and kiosks to be functional the facility needs to be off generator power and have working internet and phone. For those sites without commercial power, the free calls and free stamps will be available to those inmates once commercial power and internet is restored and stable. Phones are not currently available at Calhoun CI, Calhoun Work Camp and Quincy Annex.

FDC Sergeant Cooper was enjoying a day at the beach with his wife when he overheard chaos erupting in the water nearby. Along with some other bystanders, Sgt. Cooper responded and was able to pull a boy and girl to safety, after they had been caught in a strong tidal current. We commend Sgt. Cooper and all of our staff who act heroically when there is someone in need. Follow this link to the Tampa Bay Times full article: https://goo.gl/Nk5nsL

FDC has announced additional evacuations of inmates following structural damage to facilities caused by Hurricane Michael. Below find updated numbers and additional facility. The following facilities have been evacuated: - Bay Correctional Facility; 959 - Gulf Correctional Institution and Annex; 2,618 inmates - Portion of Calhoun Correctional Institution; 595 inmates All inmate locations will be updated on www.dc.state.fl.us within 24-hrs. For further information please visit http://www.dc.state.fl.us/comm/press/2018/10-15-Update.html

PROBATION UPDATE: Community Corrections is continuing to take proactive steps to ensure offenders under supervision are complying with their terms of supervision. Both Panama City Probation Offices will be open for offender reporting on Monday, October 15th. Anyone under supervision with the Department of Corrections in Bay County can report to either Panama City Probation Office. Offenders in Bay and Gulf County with questions on reporting should contact 850-718-6234 or 850-717-3463. All other offenders in North Florida should report as usual.

Here is a list of institutions in areas impacted by the storm who have restored phone lines. Please note that this list is subject to change at any time due to recovery efforts causing intermittent service in certain areas. Apalachee Correctional Institution East and West, Century Correctional Institution and Work Camp, Franklin Correctional Institution, Graceville Work Camp, Holmes Correctional Institution and Work Camp, Jackson Correctional Institution and Work Camp, Jefferson Correctional Institution, Liberty Correctional Institution and Work Camp South, Northwest Florida Reception Center and Annex, Okaloosa Correctional Institution and Work Camp, Santa Rosa CI Main, Annex and Work Camp, Taylor Annex (not Main), Wakulla Correctional Institution, Annex and Work Camp, Walton Correctional Institution and Work Camp. Please continue to monitor our newsroom for updates as they become available. http://www.dc.state.fl.us/comm/index.html

UPDATE: The following facilities have been evacuated: >Gulf Correctional Institution and Annex; 2,600 inmates >Portion of Calhoun Correctional Institution; 305 inmates Gulf Correctional Institution and Annex, Gulf Forestry Camp and Panama City Work Release Center are closed until further damage assessment can be completed. The evacuated facilities sustained significant damage to roofs and security infrastructure. Staff and inmates at these facilities were not injured during the storm. All inmates were secure and had access to food and drinking water through the duration of the storm. Evacuations took place as soon as the roads leading to the facilities were passable and safe for inmate transport. All inmate locations will be updated on www.dc.state.fl.us within 24-hrs. For information on Hurricane Michael Preparations and Post-Storm Deployment of Resources: http://www.dc.state.fl.us/comm/press/2018/10-12-Michael.html.